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Laokos Jul 28
i never seem
to get enough
these days
always waking

to start coffee,
fix my hair,
sit in bed drinking
the coffee
plumbing the depths
ways to get through
another day,

try to remember ways
that worked

maybe a quote
or a character
a poem
a song
a memory
an illusion
could even be
another person

but time draws
ever nearer
ever closer
at last
that silent cheetah
is sprinting

before i know it
i'm sitting
in my car
turning the key
with whatever
semblance and steel
i finally gathered

-a real live
cubist representation
of my
driving to work
at 3:49 a.m.

three black cats
the street
that watch me
the glowing night
in their eyes

satellites of some
indifferent future

hidden with
the devils
on the horizon
Khoi-San Jun 19
Boredom digs itself a hole,
its friends?
manages its soul.
A snare of despair
into the straits
of Hades,
Idle hands (friends?) demons substance abuse suicidal thoughts snares death hades
Seanathon Jun 17
When I breathe
You breathe
And when you look past the greening summer trees
I see
Like Julia Stone
That same essence of the world unknown
And still unknown to me
Past Nature
Ash May 26
I sang a wish to the angel in my room
She blew back cosmos from the moon
And sprinkled stars atop my head
Daring my dreams to dance outside my head
Kay-Rosa May 6
We were strong,
Our wings protected us,
Each of our feathers different,
We stood a shield forever,
We faltered, our trust shattered,
And we broke, millions of our
Divine plumage littered
Our battle ground.
Our backs featherless,
Tears of our own, a rusty blue
We rebel, and we fall.
But, we will rise again.
grace Apr 12
dance with the Angels,
they will wait for your beauty.
Aphrodite shows,
she falls in love with your soul.
the Angels feel jealous now.

sing with the Devils
they won't wait for your beauty.
Persephone shows,
she falls like Aphrodite.
the Devils could not care less.
Louis Verata Apr 12
Hellken arrived at contemplation
What if he had sided with Heaven?
A few ****** wraiths stood among the flames
Yet they did not express pain.

He awoke from his absurd folly
Went forth to the poor spirits
Therein one said:
"The ages to come no one knows but us wraiths!"

The second with a trace of solace stated:
"Life always coincides . . . you have to search and remember not to
   strain over a day. For what is a day since there is no freedom only

The third among them finally broke his silence:
"I was a just man, but let us not quibble in such matters.
   . . . Wanting to believe that I couldn't be deceived! But let me
   tell you Hellken, you wretched among devils, you a witness
   and participant to the first war ever conceived. Who like us three
   wraiths? Who among men in this dreadful place will stand tall like
   pagan gods and not cower at the very sight of eternal shade."

Hellken perplexed finally spoke:
"If only you three had taken up the pen even if it were at the end
   of thy mental decay, in the world today, you would be praised
   'but let us not quibble in such matters' as the third wraith just
   addressed. Many a man have been here, they elsewhere abide
   in a different labyrinth, their only consolation is their earthly
Inspired by The Inferno by Dante Alighieri, especially the ideal that the inhabitants of the Inferno know the future and the character Hellken.
md-writer Apr 10
Monsters dance
in my shadow,
step by calculated step
as I stumble like a
              half-spent top
                              and wobble in the
                                          splintered grain
of aging wood beneath

I've been spinning for too long and I'm about to topple, but
I don't quite fall
don't quite fall,            
don't quite                                

But still behind me, trailing like
the shadows that I drag behind me in the sun,
there's a hounding pack
of demon's spinning with me
on the floor.

Oh deliver from these wretched
sons of hell and God's
great curse.

Come and save.
April 7

We’re all in the same Hell now...
The swindlers, the believers,
The cowards, and the leaders.
We’re all in the same Hell now...
Welcome to reality,
Welcome to reality.

It’s nothing personal
You were born mortal.
Heaven watches from the skies
But Hell waits beneath the lies.
What are you going to do?
When you stand and face
The life you chose.
What excuse will you impose?

The devils are laughing
as they welcome you.
They once believed that
they were special too.

We’re all in the same Hell now...
The ******, the healers,
The judges, and the killers.
We’re all in the same Hell now....
Welcome to reality,
Welcome to reality.

What are you doing with your life?
What are you doing with your life?
Flash back to Sixteen years
Did you relish in their tears?
What’s waiting for you when you die?
What’s waiting for you when you die?
Rich or poor, we don’t care,
The weight on sin will find you here.

Did you really think that
Doing some good things
Would hide all the stains
On your grubby little hands?

We’re all in the same Hell now...
The victims, the abusers,
The winners, and the losers.
We’re all in the same Hell now...
Welcome to reality,
Welcome to reality.

Wake up! Your not dead.
Get up from your bed.
We’re still waiting,
We’re still laughing,
We’re still watching you.

What the hell is wrong with me???
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