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Alienpoet Sep 3
You spit lies
you make me cry
silvery, slithers
half truths
your golden platitudes
aren’t worth your breath
you speak words of life
but you mean death.
If millions of angels can dance
on the head of a pin
How many devils are impaled
on its tip??
The Diablo sat there one day amongst his inner innocence and decided that he no longer wanted his heart broken.
The Diablo cried and cried until he couldn't no more as it started to **** him on the inside.
The Diablo said to himself that he's going to block out all emotions and love for others and cause a reckless destruction while his heart of fire turned to cold dead stone.
His fingernails grew long and black after rotting under his temptresses phony heart.
The Diablo cried out loud but no one could hear him so he started to stomp his feet on the ground and grow his white angel wings into a sharp velvet black.
The Diablo had enough, he was tired of love, tired of being treated like a *******.
Diabo finally gave up and without a care did as he wanted to keep himself happy.
The Diablo is always filled with fire, but this time he ignited on the outside to show his burning sensation from within and he slowly withered away into a corpse shell to hide into his darkness with the phantoms in the trees.
Cattatonicat Jul 2
Here I am,
Dancing with the devils
All of them,
So desperate, so desperate

Here I am,
Dancing with the devils
Letting them deceive me,
Because I want to see their true faces

Here I am,
Dancing with the devils
Looking into their eyes, into their homeless souls

Here I am,
Dancing with the devils
Looking into their eyes, into their homeless souls
They think they can make a home in Hell,
None of them know
Hell wasn’t built for them
Hell was built for refugees of Heaven
For freedom, to be away from the devils carrying out Heaven’s deeds.

Here I am,
Dancing with the devils
To take a good look at everything Heaven doesn’t want to show
Wendy Star Apr 21
I've wanted to fly way up in the sky
Through the white clouds
I've spent my time to cry
My mind creates crowds
Little devils speaking
Let me fly away from the shrieking
Legs dangling off the edge over water
Oh, I might just try
Say "goodbye my sister"
Say "goodbye my daughter"
I want to fly way up into the clouds
Oh, I might just try
I’ve never known them to care
but I still expect it
but I still expect it

shenanigans - blind trust
all these Devils call my name and yet!
here I stand, amongst them
a blind oblivion, a surrounding filled with hate
a Hell constructed of ‘loveliness’
a fool’s grave
Dez Mar 28
We stared at the stars
For that was your home
You came from heaven
To dwell with me, a heathen

Why? I’ll never know.
But at the time I never wanted to go.
Then came a devil,
And I chaste her for she was on my level.

I know not why
I was so foolish to say goodbye!
I left you alone,
And now I’m skin and bone.

For in leaving you, my love.
I lost my life, now your above!
Do not accept me back,
For sense I do lack.

I now I know I was wrong
And now do sing this sorrowful song.
I seek your forgiveness,
Accept me not for I deserve the stillness.

So this is my recognition
Of my wretched condition.
Thank you for coming to the low,
And for the part of heaven you did show.
To the breakup's that were my fault.
Dez Mar 28
Where I want to be is never were I can be
Why is the forbidden always the one I can only see
In my sight but out of my reach
And now the memory hangs like a leach.

Take of thy desires
No one will be the wiser.

Withhold thine hand
You never know where sin will land.

To the voices ever near
To which do I give ear?
They do pester me at every choice
Which do you give the greater voice?
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