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Veritia Venandi Nov 2020
Whenever I look up to the night sky,
My eyes travel all the way to the dark space between two stars
Where black holes lay in hiding
To forever **** the light out of any free spirited celestial body passing by...

At such times, I am reminded of my own mind...
The dark spaces between the lobes of my brain
Where monsters lay in waiting to **** the light
Out of any happy memory that flies by...

Is it just a coincidence?
Random reflections!
Thank you for kindly taking the time to read ❤ ❤
Naveen Malhotra Oct 2020
Roger Penrose
You demonstrated
Black Holes
Direct consequence
Einstein's General Relativity Theory
And lo and behold
You get
Nobel Prize 2020
Einstein didn't
Believe in Black Holes
How ignorant
He was
He didn't know
What was hidden
In his theory
But you Penrose
Standing on
The shoulders
Of Einstein
Became a
Giant of Science
And made Einstein
A Super Giant
Being extraordinarily
Ordinary person
I have never
Dared to learn
General Theory
Of Relativity
I learn that
A Black Hole
Absorbs everything
And may lead to
Some other Universe
I am not
So lucky to
Observe a Black Hole
With scientific instruments
But I have observed
******* in this world
Whose job is to
**** and only ****
How great the
Black Holes are
They absorb everything
Roger Penrose currently associated with Oxford University awarded Nobel Prize 2020 for his research on Black Holes.
Meera Jan 2020
they say at the end of every dark tunnel
there is light
but what do you do
when the inside of your heart
is darker than darkness itself
so much so
that even LIGHT is scared of you
Black holes can be beautiful too
fray narte Dec 2019
here lies asteria.
and her falling stars —
they crash faster than they rise
here inside this starless chest —
a foreign place,
a refugee camp —
all leaden lungs and a leaden sky.

here she sleeps
under a blanket of nightfall one might mistake for the golden fleece,
but then again,
alchemy is a long, forgotten lover
all bag of tricks,
and sleight of hand,
all doves and swords
and a fickle heart.

so what of her?
what of a lonely girl?
what of her history and all her scattered bones?

what of a fallen Titaness?
what of this diaspora of all her dying stars?
what of this sepulcher for all her nameless stars?

here lies asteria
with her unbaptized stars —
here, where the dark side of the moon
goes home.
here, where wisterias and howling wolves
and stifled screams
go to die.

here inside this starless chest,
these pallid lips,
this leaden skin of mine.

here lies asteria. here lies her host.
and this is how a black hole sighs.
fray narte Dec 2019
and they say a black hole weighs millions of solar masses; i don't know where that weight comes from. maybe it's from the guilt taken off the shoulders of the primordial gods, or from the chaos of the dying stars, or from the essence of every creature to ever live in this sad, bleak universe, and in the ones parallel to it.

and yet somehow, this celestial phenomenon has found its way inside my skin, and inside yours, and inside everyone's. and in some way darling, we've become the black holes we've learned to tame.
fray narte Nov 2019
"there were black holes forming inside you, you see — all glorious, all millions of solar masses. so darling, maybe that was the time sighs started to become so heavy."
Skye Nov 2019
You sit up on your high perch
Face glowing, so beautifully
We gaze upon your light
Soaking it in and
Hoping to one day reflect it
To copy the moon and
Soon be near you

The tongues of fire worry no one
"We are safe"
They say
"What reason would they have to harm us"
And then stumble blindly towards
What they believe is good

And no,
You are not good
Nor are you bad
You are self centered
And have no awareness for others
Almost as if you
Have your own gravitational pull

And you are not kind
Nor are you cruel
You simply exist
And let the worlds revolve
Around you
Letting people get hurt
And doing nothing about it

For you
There is no good or evil
There is no light or dark
You are the light
You cast no shadow
And you live in the dark
It eats you up

You are unaffected by
Yet everything
Is effected by you

And everything wants you
So much so that
You implode
Under the pressure
And suddenly
E v e r y t h i n g

And no one can resist
Stars are black holes
fray narte Jun 2019
this is one of those
theatrical, midnight breakdowns
seen by the markers on my walls
and the cobwebs in the ceiling;
and there i was,
spilling my emotions —
like fragments of a dying star,
all over the place.

lightyears away,
some stars explode immaculately.

right here in my room,
the explosion
isn’t as beautiful;
it just hurts,
and hurts,
and hurts.
Baqir Talpur Nov 2018
Yes, I was a poem
and so were you
Written on the same page
Of an old rusty book.
Both, started with the same word.
Both, written in the same style.
Both, packing the whole universe inside
Filled with magical fantasies.
You, with light of galaxies in your heart.
Me, with deepness of blackholes in my mind.
Words, written in star dust, composing us
Making us similar in so many ways
And yet our divergent interpretations,
Making us apart from each other.
You, a poem about union of lovers
Euphoric, buoyant, and glowing
Like glittering magical stars of night.
Me, a poem about act of separation.
Crestfallen, doleful, and gloomy
Like an abandoned house
In the middle of a desert.
We were poems written in same style with same words but different interpretations
i fall and shatter into so many pieces
that leave splints and gashes in so many people
that they fall and shatter
and lay here with me
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