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She was

Her lips
Bled lipstick

Dark hair

Hearts wine

Castled beauty



all love

You said
you loved me,
but that's
what you said.
you hurt me bad
until my heart bled.
clever May 2018
Maybe the big picture isn't as pretty when you
You can see how the colors have bled,
How the paint has chipped,
How the colors have faded.
Then, no one wants to look at the details.
They just want to see the pretty.
The distance-blurred scenery.
The seemingly sharp lines
And the seemingly vivid colors,
But the harsh reality is that nothing is pretty
When you look a little deeper
Or search a little harder
Because only then can you see
How messed up everything really is.
Meera Mar 2018
The affection that you showed
Was a bait to trap me
Behind your angelic face
Were fangs I couldn’t see
You broke my heart ant ripped my soul
Until there was nothing left in me
******* in bondages
I tried but couldn’t flee
The temptation to be loved made me fall for a devil
The devil that were you
And by the time I emerged from your ****
I was all black and blue
You stood there smiling
Watching me while I bled
Now I’ll make you pay
For every single tear I shed
Go run away from me
But I gonna chase you down
You’ll lie there repenting for your sins
While I’ll straighten my crown
we really know
carnal knowledge
really know

who's dead
'Unfulfilled Dreams'

I'm buried beneath
Unfulfilled Dreams, the rapids of cracking hearts—broken streams
Unfulfilled dreams
That left me, falling apart at the seams
They removed my aegis
Then left me with nothing but
Cut me deep
I have no more resistance, 'gainst the end of my existence

~My head is sinking
Legs treading in waters
Lost in the moments that have taken my happiness
More than knee deep
Lost in the deep-end
within my thoughts—an ocean
In the late hours,
I am drinking against the current
Whilst my body is sinking.
Thoughts, & dreams in every heartbeat - yearning to be set free,
they've stayed within my head—full of what could be, full of what I had believed.
How can someone be so full, yet feel so empty?
Abandoned &
With last hopes pushing my shaking legs,
I left,
the night stars led,
& I followed them, through mind fields, a mind filled with flowers paved in stems
Following the stars in constellations - connected like bridges, & traversed,
like dreams - at first,
they were my friends, then ~
They devoured me.
I woke, veins filled with love & lead—silver, I bled.

They left me  
with broken wings
Shoulder blades bleeding, & flapping like a sick circus of ominous scarring.
My answers must be at the end.
I can't help what I think, I can't help what I dream, dreams are pretend.

I'd rather be pulled in—reality's current, a riverbend.

A razorblade, made a longer stay - never refused when I begged.

Broken skin, was a better friend
Broken skin, unlike a heart, can mend.

By: Ashton C. Amstutz
Samruddhi Aug 2017
You had said you'd never change
Yet you just pushed me away
From your very wide range
Did you, even once, think of me before the act
You knew I would be left shattered
Yet you choose to leave our only pact
When you were gone my heart had bled
I was broke till I learnt the true reason
I could never be your's to cherish and so you had fled
Everyone has to go, came the harsh reality live
I now knew the truth that
You are remembered only when you are no more alive
Don't you ever now try to come close
You would only be killed and wounded
Because I am just a threat that you now pose
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