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Emm Jan 2019
Give me all your pretences,
'cause i have no defences

Hide away your prejudices,
i've thrown all my dices

Put me on a pedestal,
'cause i like being the fake royal

All the time,...
... all the time...
That's how i'm fine,
all these times...

Let me know again how it feels to fly...
for i don't care if it's just your lie...
Donald Maher Dec 2018
Snit and Snat
      Part 1

    Different from me!
From a very young age, I was told what to think
What to do how to do it how to dress how to drink
When old enough to know all about this and about that
I was told by my father to watch out for the SNATs!

He told me such stories he stoked all my fears.
I just could not sleep right not for nearly a year
After all, he had told me that we were all SNITs,
We live a good life here down in the pits

Our people don’t mix with the SNATS up above
We stay down in our pit that fits us like a glove
The SNATS live above and control all the land
Some live by themselves in holes in the sand.

Some live in villages infested by rats
They eat crazy food and they even have cats
Don’t venture they said don’t stray way up there
They will soon gulp you down without even a care.

The noises they make shake our homes way down here
It makes our young children cower in fear.
Being curious I said, “I just have to know.  
How do they live and where do they go?

I must find this out I must venture up there
And find the true story, what why and where.”                                   I climbed out of the pit and on to the sand
Strange sounds I soon heard from way cross the land

It was the sound of a SNAT making way through the gloom
“SNAT! SNAT! SNAT!” he growled as he ran toward my doom.
I climbed to a place, up atop a great tree
The SNAT followed suit and sat next to me.

His skin was all furry his eyes were bright blue
He looked down at my feet and he took off my shoe
He let out a SNAT laugh and ran down the tree
I soon followed quickly and what do I see.

The SNAT was now dancing and singing with glee,
As loud as he could, SNAT! SNAT! SNAT!   1, 2, 3,
I climbed up that tree and watched for a while
The SNAT just kept dancing and showed a great smile

   He was wearing my shoe as he danced through that night
He didn’t even stop when it started to get light
He sang that SNAT song over and over
It stuck in my head even when I got older.

But what happened that day I remember like new
The SNAT stopped his dance and gave me my shoe.
He pulled me aside opened his mouth up so wide
I fast pulled away and tried hard to hide.

Was he trying to eat me, would I soon meet my doom?
I tried very hard to get out of the room
He grabbed hold of my hand pulled me out on the floor
Before I could blink, he was dancing once more

Snat showed me some steps he took it quite slow
In a very short time, I was ready to go
I grabbed the snat's hand and showed him my moves
Before very long we were hitting our grooves

He sang his Snat song, just as loud as can be
But then he just stopped and started looking at me
He grabbed my 2 hands, forced me right out the door
A tear fell from his eye and he dropped to the floor

What mystery is this? What is that Snat doing?
It was easy to tell something new was now brewing
Snat thought and thought, this I cannot admit
Had I just become friends with a Snit?

What is this now? How can this be?
Snits cannot be my friends they are different you see.
As a small child, things were made very clear
Stay away from the snits run away fast in fear

They‘re skin is not hairy their eyes are not blue
They do not know how to dance, not even soft shoe.
Snits live in a pit, Snats live on the land
Snats play in the woods, Snits play in the sand

Snits are quite different I see that is true
But just underneath they are much like Snats too.
I don’t care what they do I don’t care what they say
My new friend is a Snit I declare that today!

The Snat then approached me and made it quite clear
Saying, “I am your friend!” This was good news to hear
We sat and we talked about this and about that
He showed pictures of family and even his cat

We planned great adventures where we should soon go
Go out to the beaches and even see snow
I will tell you these stories when they do unfold
Exploring our world’s see, what treasures they hold

Now my adventure, must end I admit
I must go to my family way down in the pit
Just as I was climbing down in the sand
Snat was singing a new song as he traveled the land
Snat! Snit! Snat! 1 2 3  Snat! Snit! Snat! You and me!
Snat! Snit! Snat! 1 2 3  Snat! Snit! Snat! You and me!
Part of multi part epic
Meera Feb 2018
I love the candor
Of a mirror
It never fibs
Even when it’s broken
My messy hair
My chapped lips
My pale face
My sunken eyes
My dark circles
My tears
My fears
And my fake smile
It reflects, reveal
And unmask them all
Without pretenses
Prejudices or Delusions
Lunatic Aug 2015
I'd love to learn how do not care
About things that are so little -
Like people that weirdly stare,
So one is feeling extremely brittle.

I'd love to be that simple man
Believing that all gonna be fine.
One day I'll even drop life-plan
And rise my so distorted spine.
Jeremiah Mhlongo Apr 2015
Spitting occult lyrics to snow confusions.
I being able to slow my own notions,
Am called the Conformist.
Am not crazy. See my brain?
I swear am just eccentric.
New blessings and abilities become insanity,
Look, this is just an overflow of positivity,
Still, saying am crazy, wont back me down,,
Am just eccentrically gifted by himself different.
Why not for the sake of being admit uniqueness?
Cant change who am made, to this admit pleasing.
A poet I am, not a writer, to me commit ceasing.
Why are my unique thoughts referred 'twisted?
Omit that **** and know eccentric means gifted.

DECEMBER 13th 2014
Amitav Radiance Mar 2015
Life is but freedom
Born carefree
Simply the way we live
Nothing but love
For the beauty and acceptance
Deep within our world
We are aware of this simple rule
Acceptance, gratitude and change
Then we feared the simple
Started weaving a web of intricacies
Society was never the same
More complicated and prejudiced
Simple were looked at as insane
True love was under suspicion
Societal dogmas, mankind’s contribution
Vengeance against the tenets of life
That originally was gifted to us
Mired in numerous strings, which controls
Restricting our movement
We long forgot, life is freedom
True love is real, than ephemeral ones
We created this reality, we are in
None but us have to live like this
Until the time comes for us to break free
Go back to the unwritten golden rules
Where life should thrive
Without the fear from life itself
Amitav Radiance Feb 2015
Free the heart of prejudice
Unleash the mind from impaling thoughts
River of life, poisoned with lethal ideas
Do not bleed unto death
A stoic existence, between the dark alleys
Life will never be the same
Give freedom a chance, breathe the exuberance
Adithya Gowda Oct 2014
What do you see, when you look into
A clear lake?
When there's a ripple
From skipping stones
When waves rise golden
Against sunlight
Tell me, what do you see
When you try and fathom
With your orphaned eyes.

What do you see
Through orphaned eyes
When you open a window
When waves of warm light
Come creeping in
On dandelion wings
To reach out to you
To tell you
A tale long forgotten from
Your orphaned mind.

What do you hear, when in a meadow
With your buried ears
Footfalls on velvet green; cry of a lone wolf
That follows behind?
Do you hear?
Leaves, whispering secrets
With the coming of a cool Autumn breeze; the silence
Of the night, that leaves behind pearls
On blades of grass?
If only
You could hear anything
Anything at all; save stories
That haunt you with songs
Of a barren land.

Would you stop, nomad?
Stop yourself and breathe life
Into those flowers, trampled
In your trail.
Would you taste your misery
And seep, into
The flavors of your orphaned soul
And be whole?

Yet you abnegate
In fear, in denial
Why would you do so?
Why would you do so?

You know you stand
On fractured pieces of you.
Yet you hide behind faces
Masquerading; far away
Why would you ache
To be a wraith; drifting
When you're already home
When you're already home.
Emm Aug 2014
Oh, the price to pay to be slightly different!
To slightly walk towards a different direction from the crowd
How weary it is to go slightly against conformity!
How dreary it is to go along with conformity!
The conformance that often confines one's own creativity
The solitude that goes along in breaking free
Stemming from general envy
Of a life run free

— The End —