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There at the heart of the nation a great edifice
a temple if you will
erected to reflect the very best and greatest hopes of a nation.
While the cities burn
is it swift breaking dawn of a new age for the Republic,
or is it a last whispering death rattle of Democracy that we witness from the steps of these hallowed grounds
I tell myself not to fear
our nation has struggled through many great trials
to have found its way back from many dark days...
yet, still, the cities burn...
yet still, our nation divided...
We can only stand on these steps of Lincoln's epitaph
bear silent witness and hope
The rain welcomed me, as it was
I am to be this gray day.
Unending unraveling, seemingly,
corona's as the concrete, grey.

My roots always reaching
the rich brown Earth beneath,
strengthen my stride,

as walking through it am I.
To where or what I do not know,
for, discovery of life is stalking.
Yet, I'll be in the moment so,
if and when I can I will fly.

In each day I pray to be that I,
what, where, how, when,
who and sometimes why.
For, uplifting life isn't a task.

So, though the Sun's light is masked,
this night that's the virus' day won't last.
As it's direction, clear and bright,
does glean through the clouded
cover of covid's night.

Still, this walk that's walking me,
is what reality is to be.
And while these flaming embers glow,
I'll walk this path with life so ....

Yet, to you I do entreat,
if and when you two meet,
will you allow for the you to be,
and not recede from reality.

So, that to this day all that have gone,
leaving you this to carry on,
will have their potential realized as well,
let evolution be the bell.
(Fore soothed by All.  Thanx to Orleans for the title lyric of their great song, quoted above as title)
i am stuck in a world where the days repeat,
as the calendar looks back at me in deceit.
and even the sands of time look the same,
when the hands on the clock constantly change.

it felt like just yesterday when it was january,
when we made our hopes and wishes merrily.
blissfully naive on what was to come;
dreams, plans and lives having come undone.

alas, i am one of the fortunate ones,
allowed to continue with life since it's begun.
but in moments like this i feel really small,
confronted by life within these four walls.

i try my best to fill the silence,
while the world outside rings with sirens.
the pressure to be productive calls out in this commotion,
vacuum expanding till i'm near implosion.

and i feel guilty for feeling that way,
for there are people fighting through their days.
but i know their battles aren't mine to fight,
and till then i will focus on mine,
from within these four walls,
until there is light.
Regarding coronacation.
Adrian 3d
The leaves May be a May green,
And spring May almost be out,
But to me it is still March,
And April May never come.

May-be it will be March
Until I get back in August.
May-be March won’t ever end.
;) so that means in all of March I’ve been rejected 3 times, one of which I probably shouldn’t count.

Also I just realized that I have 72 followers. Thank you, you amazing 72 people! (I thought I still had 49)
Tyrone 5d
For the first time in history
It’s the humans in captivity
As we’re told to stay inside
And cut down on all activity

We need to let earth heal
And repair form our damage
Its a message from god
For us to stop being savage

We are a guest on the earth
It’s the only way we can live
I hope once this is all over
We can all move on and forgive

In this time of uncertainty
Don’t think about just yourself
There are vulnerable people
Who are in very week health

If we all stick together
We can make this time better
And if you don’t understand
Just please re read this letter
So What’s...
Happened To The CHATTER... ?

About... Black Lives Matter... ?!?

DON'T They Matter NOW...
That... Coronas Around... ?!?

Well It Has To Be Said...
That Our Younger Heads...
Are Those We Should Protect...

From The Virus’s Spread...
As Well As... New Tech... !!!

Like Chips Being Placed...
... INSIDE of Them... !!?!!

So That They Can Be Tracked...
By... "Governments"... !!!

Because What Matters To Them...
Has Been Causing Problems...
For A... LOT of Children... !!!

Due To Violence...
That’s Leaving Some DEAD... !!!

How About Women... ?!?

Do They Really Matter Now...
To Men Who Are Hounds...
For What They Have DOWN SOUTH... ?!?

Well Folks DON'T You Doubt...
That Men Will FLOUT...

New Laws To Get...
Their Penises Wet And To Get Some ***...
Ya See ****** Needs Will Surely Supersede...
The Need To NOT Breach Corona Policies... !!!!!!!!

If You Don’t Believe Me... ?
Just Wait And See.............................

Social Distancing........................

WON'T STOP *** Trips...
Or... Stuff Like This... !!!!!!

So Does Race Matter In Times Like These...
Where This Corona Disease Has EMPTIED Streets...
And Clearly BATTERED... Any Chance of Unity...

Racism... BELIEVE...
Will Now Be Seen On Internet Feeds... !!!
And In Communities Where Supremacists Be...

And Now...
How About The... LGBT... ???

Do They Matter As Much...
As They Would... LIKE To... ?!?

Well Their Agenda Will Run..
And Will Matter To Some ...
Which Is Clearly Now True...

But Isn’t Something Up If What They Become...
Becomes More Important Than PROCREATION..... ?!?

It’s A Funny Time To Be Writing Rhymes...
When Everybody’s Focussed On Corona Vibes... !!!!!

Does What We Write Now Matter To Minds...
The Type Now Trapped In A World of Rhymes...
Where Bats And Gats' And Dealing In Grime...

Are What Some Say Now Matter Today... !?!

So Do Those Who Entertain …
Now Matter To Brains... ?

Who Now Want MORE...
Than To Sit And Applaud...
These Entertainment ******... ?

It’s A Time To RECOGNISE...

MATTERS In Our Lives... !!!!!

That Deserves A REWIND... !!!!

It’s A Time To RECOGNISE...

MATTERS In Our Lives... !!!!!!!!

And That Would Seem To Be...
How It Is We Survive In These Days And Times...

Humanity Needs To Stop All This Greed...
And These Ignorant Breeds...
Who See SUPREMACY As A Goal To ACHIEVE... !?!

So Now That Things Are Shutdown...
Across Borders And Towns …
Where Corona SURROUNDS... !!!

There’s A Thought And A Question...
That Now Resounds Beyond Political Mouths...

And The Question Is This...

“ So Who Matters Now ?!? “ …
An interesting question now ?
it has become
the daily accessory
hated and loved alike
sign of bad times
and limited mobility

by some
   equanimously accepted
   as yet another fashion piece
for others
   a threatening symbol
   of prescribed orders from above
for many
   just a necessary nuisance
    that will go away in time

we certainly need to change
our reflexes upon the sight
of persons masked

    before Corona
         at least in our latitudes
    masks were a sign of robbers and bandits

    now it’s the good guys who wear them
    the bad guys who don’t
    and … how can we be sure of that?

a real challenge to find out
just from the movement of the eyebrows
whether you face a friend
or not
Face masks seem to be a serious problem for more people than one would think, for a variety of reasons. But they also force us to change our interpretations of visual perceptions..
Japman 7d
I saw the sun rise from beneath the ground,
And bring a time of sunshine and cheer around,
When children played around and the nature danced to its own beat,
When birds sung their melodies and butterflies came to greet,

But this joy soon faded away and the fun seemed to cease,
When the clouds stormed over and the rain destroyed the nature’s peace,
The children stopped playing and nature showed its rage,
The sky growled, the thunder rumbled and everyone returned to their cage,

The happiness ended and fear and panic spread,
And there came a time which everyone used to dread,
A time when nature roared and its fury was shown,
The time of its end decided to remain unknown,

That day is today, that time is now,
We say we advanced, but to end this problem, no one knows how.
The virus became the thunder and rain became the fear,
The days passed by, but the end was nowhere near,

Life came to a stop and nothing stayed the same,
Humans cursed each other and put each other to blame,
Nature can also take its revenge; this thought did not strike our mind,
Everyone strikes back but nature found its own way to wait till we became blind,

So that we curse others without seeing what we did,
We highlighted others mistakes but our wrongs remain hid,
We exhausted the nature and filled it with our waste for a long time,
We forgot that this is not our earth, we forgot what was prime,

That we are the earth’s servants and the earth is the queen,
That our work is not to live merrily, it is to keep the earth green.
We forgot what we used to love, the nature at its best,
We forgot to smile, to love, to help, to care for the rest,

The nature gave us chances to mend our ways,
But we didn’t listen and those useless goals, we continued to chase,
And now nature heals and starts to dance once more,
Birds chirp, leaves rustle, wind blows, and we again have the earth that we adore,

So let it stay this way for years and years ahead,
And embrace the earth we have now and let the joy spread.  
I see the sun rise from beneath the ground,
And once more, bring a time of sunshine and cheer around.
Is this Corona virus pandemic situation we are facing today due to the mere reason of bad fate? Is it just a random situation humanity has to go through? Or is it a perfectly planned lesson for humanity...
I declare by the hairs of my chinny chin chin,
10 out of 10 hypochondriacs get Covid-19.

The most impractical of practical jokes,
it's more inflated than the balloon-hoax.

Socially distance yourself and wear a mask
because you're ugly and you smell bad.  

Wear a mask and wash your hands plenty,
and vote for Deez Nuts in November 2020.
Moomin May 23
There are Angels among us
Metaphorical Angels
They have no wings to fly
No superhuman powers to call upon
And no ability to remain unseen
They dance to the tune of human need
Become a crescendo in this dark time
She leaves her little one asleep at dawn
With aching heart and weary eyes
For even Angels tire out
She enters Hell where monsters roam
Little creatures with verocious appetite
Leaving lungs and lamenting in their path
She stands her ground and grapples fear
For even angels are in need of courage
She gathers the sweat and blood and tears of strangers
And soothes them to life or death
Yet while she suffocates in misery and mask
Selfishness abounds outside
And those restrained insist on fun
They gather together in revelry
Kissing flesh and adoring sun
She sees them on the nightly news
While she strokes her daughters brow
And comforts her with unfulfillable promises
Yet though they have the right to be free
They make her burden heavy and sad
With more victims for her ordeal
Yes, they have the right to take the loaded gun
To play roulette with their stubborn lives
Yet when the game involves warheads and virus
They invite death for others too
Who did not choose to enter the deadly casino
For even angels die!
Dedicated to our wonderful nurses
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