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When the apocalypse came
it was not raining fire from the skies
no schism in the ***** of the earth,
the seas are not swirling over, nor
the rivers welling up in grief;
Quiet as tears of the early sky
we mourn - how many more
do we count lost and begone?
Shovels and pick axes say ‘no more’-
a touch and hug and a word of cheer,
who knew death comes in garbs
so dear ? there burn the pyres
endless in their dirge, painting
distant the Sun in hues of the dark
and we hope and we pray,
let this be it, Lord, if we must suffer
let this your coming be then -
for we can’t take this anymore
How many more do we lose ?
How many the logs that weary
feed the fires of the infernal?
The world, so empty
all locked indoors as the virus lingers and refuses to go away
I see the world, so inanimate, so surreal
Slowly fading away

People used to cheer, made jests, and roar
now it's silent and the roads are filled no more
so desolate, one lonely land it is
Everyone locked indoors

cheers to the essential workers who step outside to serve the world another day
cheers to the workers who step outside to serve their family some food on their plate.

In hopes for a better day
I went out to the bookstore the other day, the mall was empty, very little people were seen around.
*sanitise and wear a mask when you decide to step outdoors
Nana Alli Apr 30
How mysterious?
Cold hands of death lurks around
For no one but all.
Ashwin Kumar Apr 21
Are you a human being?
Or are you an agent of Satan?
Are you capable of any good?
Or is it utterly pointless
To keep such expectations?
You live only for money
And your employees are mere tools
To be used one day
And thrown away another day

Are you a human being?
Or are you an agent of Satan?
Your employees sacrifice so much
By burning the midnight oil
Every day, every week
Every month, every year
Some of them have to do it
Just to make ends meet
And you deny them
Such a basic thing as salary
For an entire year

Are you a human being?
Or are you an agent of Satan?
During these mad times we live in
With many people dying
And many more getting infected
You still care about work only
Of course, your employees are just robots
But, if they are robots
Why are they getting infected as well?

Are you a human being?
Or are you an agent of Satan?
With every passing day
The situation is getting worse and worse
As the virus is spreading everywhere
Including amongst your employees
Yet, you still act like Emperor Nero
Who was content to play the piano
While his beloved Rome burned
Is it not your duty
To create a safe environment
For all your employees?
Should you not make it a priority
To ensure that they all work from home?
Instead, your lust for control is such that
You would rather prefer
Your employees to risk their lives
Just so that you can watch over them
Just the way the monster Cerberus
Guards the gates to Hell

Are you a human being?
Or are you an agent of Satan?
You may be a Founder of a company
But you lack basic goodness
And unless you mend your ways
You and your husband
Will die a dog's death
The sooner that day comes, the better
So that your employees
Can start leading a normal life again
Free from your evil influence
This is a rant to the boss of my best friend, in whose company many employees have been infected with COVID19 and she still expects everyone to come to office.
Svetoslav Apr 9
Kids starting to think that wearing a mask is normal
and the people will start to riot
The country leaders act as if they are abnormal
continuing to make the people riot

Nature has tried to warn all of us
but no one was there to listen or work for us
The way things continue to go on and on
will make our lives worth nothing at all
Svetoslav Mar 29
Forbidden to speak out their minds,
people walk around with muzzles.
They don't want to get no fines.
so they got solved like puzzles.

The government doesn't care for their children.
They only wish to make money from the pandemic.
at the cost of ruining the life of their grandchildren.
Apocalypse is honored like a something totemic.

When will this madness end and we begin to live normal lives?
Calm lives where all of us get the truth without lies.
kainat Mar 13
Fear of unseen
is terrifying, every being.
men are aloof,
no matter under the same roof
your loved one is ailing
but the dread of phage is prevailing.
Alas! that lethal plight
robust mortals are losing might
Daivik Feb 19
This past year was tough
For all of us
The foreign virus
Tried to defeat our trust

We were fighting an unknown fiend
It separated us,tried to make us weak
Destroyed our economies,thwarted our means
Of livelihood.We couldn't let it win

Warriors came in coats of white
Treating without care for there own lives
Just so humanity could survive.
Some were martyred.We cannot forget the sacrifice.

Trucks ensured we had food to eat
And all other amenities
But what of those who were away from home
Those poor,migrants and forlorn
Angel descended in human disguise
Good samaritans helped them reach their home
Helped them stay alive.

We lost some.
Some lost their jobs.
Virus tried to destroy human will.
It didn't know we were made of steel.

We persevered,we fought,we strived
Though we made mistakes, made some slights
We wore masks
We wore them with pride
In this wretched quarantine.
We were one in this fight

This pandemic
Stopped the schools
But through online classes
And teacher's will
We somehow made it through

A word of gratitude to sanitation workers
The unsung heroes of this lockdown
Working in these tough conditions
You all made us proud

And somehow by following the rules
With sheer discipline
We made it through,we made it through
This one hell of a pandemic

And now we are slowly limping back to life
The past year tested us all
We lost some
Lost some fights
I hope this year we'll win the war

It will take some time
To restart normal life
But if we persevere,fight enough
I know that this year will be bright
Dark clouds will give way to sunlight.
Andrew Feb 5
News flash!
Just had the vaccine
Side effects
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