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Endless abundance,
you are, a hidden treasure;
infused in magicks,
synchronized with Mother Moon,
divine feminine of life.
Remember when you were a little kid running down a big hill?
And you weren't really sure every single step that your feet wouldn't just collapse out from under you,
leaving you flat on your face,
with the smile still permanently glued there,
laughing into the soil,
inhaling its sweet aroma...
but you kept going because,
the rush was so much that even IF SO,
you would have ran right back to the top and did it again?
Remember when the fear was SO worth it because the way down was EXHILIRATING,
every terrifying adrenaline-packed second,
and the entire time you thought,
"This is it,
THIS is when I'm gonna fall,"
but you didn't,
and you conquered your power,
again and again?
And every time you did feel the least bit unstable in your footing,
you snapped back to bliss,
how much fun you were having,
why you were doing it,
and what you were getting out of it,
and the high was more than the fall anyway,
the journey was the destination,
because in reality,
a mouthful of dirt and grass was a tiny price to pay,
to FEEL something outside of yourself?

Yeah well,
there's someone out there,
they're going to make you feel like that,
without conditions.

Wait for them.
09-18-2019 1133a
your enigma is
draped over every part of me
as if the perception through your lens
a handbook to my darkness
prose installed into the mainframe
applying solace and wisdom to
the futility of existence

so how curious it is
how suddenly
that reality ceases to exist
i am adequate when i am not enough
i am whole when i am incomplete
i am valuable when i am worthless
i am complex when i am nothing
October 19, 2019, 1147a
Dercio Lichucha Dec 2019
lay asleep
Lifeless in shadow
Nothing but whispers of dreams

And all the flickers
And twinkles
And sparks
And flares
Too dim to pierce
Her thick veil

“Whose rays
Can torch the night
And save her from this spell?”

From the horizon
A beacon dared *****
And focus his light


By the holler of his fowl
She welcomes the morning

Her body, set afire
By the flames of his *****

Lady Moon, swims
The black waters
Towards the sun
Roman Payne May 2019
She was free in her wildness.
She was a wanderess,
a drop of free water.
She belonged to no man,
and to no city.
This poem became the influence for the hit song "Hurricane" by Halsey; inspired Masaba Gupta (Indian fashion icon), and many others.
Vani Apr 2018
Shiva- the destroyer
The plethora of power
The synonym of destruction
He- who can never be defeated
The one who can demolish the world by mere opening of his third eye
Halahal- the most vicious poison rests in whose throat
Words are never enough to define whose eminence
The greatest manifestation of divine
The eternal and the auspicious
That shiva- the ultimate god
Is a mere corpse without ‘Shakti’

She gives strength to the ‘supreme being’
And they say women are weak.....
Shakti- the female or generative principle; wife of Siva; Meaning sacred force, power or energy, it represents the Hindu concept or personification of the divine feminine aspect, sometimes referred to as 'The Divine Mother'. Shakti represents the active, dynamic principles of feminine power. In Shaktism, Shakti is worshiped as the Supreme Being. However, in other Hindu traditions, Shakti embodies the active energy and power of male deities
Aaron LaLux Nov 2016
She left me,
dancing as she disappeared under the faded street lights,
I stood there,
watching shirtless as she faded in the street’s night,

I’m sensing a pattern,
one I desperately deserve,
I fall in love and hit the ground,
my heart landing on the curve,

I’m trying to become a better man,
I don’t want to feel cliche,
I don’t want to try and ******,
every girl that comes my way,

I love women,
and I respect them,
and if I respect them,
I should also respect their wishes,

it’s my responsibility,
just as much as it is hers,
to exercise self control,
especially when arousal occurs,

she is **** as the hottest a Goddess could ever be,
and sure,
I am ***** as the must turned on man could ever me,

but I am better than the physical desires that pulsate though my body,

I’m trying to become a better man,
I don’t want to feel cliche,
I don’t want to try and ******,
every girl that comes my way,

gave two massages just today,

the first one to a girl that has a boyfriend,
she told me she was sick of feeling objectified,
she just wanted some attention,
without being looked at like an object by every guy,

so I gave her a massage and even reached her inner thighs,

but I did not cross that thin lustful line,

I respect her too much,
to try and take advantage of her lowered defenses,
I will not be like almost every other man,
and try and get into almost every girls *******,

I love her so much more than ***,
and I crave moments alone where we can be intimate,
but I’m on another level elevated from the simple man,
I am in love the soul of the woman not just what’s inside her pants,

and so after the massage was done,
I put her clothes back on,
as respectfully as I’d taken them off,
and she thanked me with her blessing,

saying she’d see me tomorrow,
and that she appreciated me not trying to get in her pants,
and her grateful compliment was better than any ***,
well not any but still better than *** followed by abandonment,

and then she went,
and then I saw,
a girl that shared the same birthday was me,
who was/is an artist as well,

I invited her up to my room,
she initially was hesitant,
I told her I understood her skepticism,
she told me she was a feminist,

I told her my last girlfriend’s best friend was a lesbian,

soon enough though she was in my room where my massage commenced,

with her too I was controlled,
even though I took off her clothes,
and massaged most of her body thoroughly,
I avoided that red line that lies just before the danger zone,

coconut oil jasmine and ylang ylang,
helped smooth out all her tension,
and I told her if anything I was doing hurt her,
to please bring it to my attention,

I was just grateful,
to be able to be intimate,
with a girl who I found attractive,
and who may well have been my artistic equivalent,

an emotional exhibitionist both infinitely limitless and honestly uninhibited,

and so it went,
until we were lying in each others auras,
I guess sometimes you have to spend it all,
in order to attain the ultimate fortune,

to be able to share space and time with someone without any wanting,

one thing I can say is that moment felt like forever and a day in the best way,

though soon she was going,
I wanted to debate and ask her to stay,
but I promised not to protest if she was being honest,
so instead I helped her get her clothes back on her lengthy frame,

walked her down the well polished wooden stair case,
and to my hotel’s golden spiked front gate,
then I walked her down the long driveway,
to where the private road meets the main roadway,

and then she left me,
dancing as she disappeared under the faded street lights,
I stood there,
watching shirtless as she faded in the street’s night,

I’m sensing a pattern,
one I desperately deserve,
I fall in love and hit the ground,
my heart landing on the curve,

I’m trying to become a better man,
I don’t want to feel cliche,
I don’t want to try and ******,
every girl that comes my way…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆
Every poem I pen is a true story
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
∆ She Is ∆
Her head's in the clouds,
feet firmly planted on solid ground,
she's a walking paradox in all honestness,
she's light she's is sound she's as crazy as that sounds,

she's a real live wire,
an uncontrollable wild fire,
chaos in her refections she doesn't ask for directions,
as madness defeats the sadness in her eyes of sapphire...

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

Volume 1
The H Trilogy
I just published a new book.
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In Dedication
Allie Berry Jul 2016
She was strange.
She was terrifying.
She was beyond beauty.
Her strut so striking
her hips beat to the sound
of her own soul.
With orchids blooming
betwixt her legs and
opals glistening in her eyes,
Men only watch her from the side
hidden curiosity oozing from their lips.
She leaves footprints on their
minds like the face of
the moon.
Delicate and deep
But everlasting.
alice Jun 2014
She was like a humming bird:
soft, light fleeting-
the perfect escape artist.
Speaking in riddles
that keep you up at night.

Face changer and witch,
she draws you close, holds you so
and then lets go without warning.
You can only get so close,
before she turns her back.
Every time a bit closer,
every time more sting
from the rubber-band of goodbye.

Sinking down further into her sea
she washes over you,
drowning you in the intoxication
of her salt.
She melts in your mouth,
Pixie Stix style;
sweet, but gone
before you can really enjoy the taste.

You press rewind
on your memory:
looking, searching for any glimmer
of her, any flash,
anything to keep her close;
even for only a moment longer.

She wears a mask:
masquerade half-faced,
with feathers and glitter,
ribbons hanging from the left.
She's perfected
this porcelain-painted facade.
Under the disguise
she defies the conception
of beauty.
Thinking her virtue lies
in the mask.
She lies in the mask.

She fades in and out
like the morning fog
over the ocean.
Rushing in
and falling away
once the sun rays hit the water.
The crash enfolds her;
she lets it.

Skin and bone she bleeds
for everyone who ever hurt her,
taking the blade to the skin
she lets them all win.
Playing a loser's hand,
all chips in,
she gives herself over
as payment for who she is.

***** and unworthy;
painfully aware of
her chemical circumstance,
she runs from the torment.
Into a forest of lost time
remaining hidden,
she tries to die
but ever-still;
she remains.
Females are magic. Inspired by the magnificence and madness of the miracle that is, The Woman.

— The End —