Vyscern Oct 2016

A whisper of green,
A show of scale
Flickering tongue,
And whiplash tail

A facade fixed upon your face
Oh how you blend in with us, human race
The one thing that really gives you away
Is the toxins running through my veins

Now now, I know your venom, for I kissed it from your very lips... don't try to deny the truth. You would take me back only for the satisfaction of finishing the job
Stanley Wilkin Jul 2016

Beneath the water lived a nymph, beautiful as
A flower, if you like woman with petals
Growing from out of their face
And lips adorned with myriad metals
Moving silently with infinite grace.

Fishermen who caught her, in alarm
Tossed her back with dismayed cries
Fearful that she would do them harm
When she exposed her fangs, darting from her eyes,
Forked tongues from each palm.

But apart from all that, she was a delightful creature
As proud as a catwalk model
Sexuality impressed into each feature
Death in each cuddle,
Poison injected from each freshly opening suture.

At the sea’s dark bottom lived the nymph
Devouring fish raw, terrifying sharks and barracuda,
Dining on shellfish and prawns for lunch;
Darting amongst Angel Fish and eels, a hungry aficionada,
Tearing into shreds what she could not crunch.

Gentle with her own kind until coition
Was complete, when if hungry she devoured
Her temporary mate without undue consideration,
No please or thank you. Feeling duly empowered
By her actions, as confirmed by her explosive, acrid indigestion.

No longer young, her children dead,
She glides through the water from China to France
A preposterous seaweed hat upon her head
And in several places, impaling her scaly flesh a serrated coral branch.
Her sartorial taste filling even the sharks with fin-quaking dread.

The last of the kind. The others are (literally) toast.
Protected by animal charities here and abroad
She gladly subsists on ambitious swimmers who venture far from the coast
All she can now catch or afford.
A capricious tyrant until the last, when, victim of a fisherman’s boast

She was hoist up like iniquitous cod
Out of the sea, paraded on the deck while she struggled for breath.
Shot at. Abused. Poked and speared with a steel tipped rod,
Dragged into the harbour, pummelled close to death.
Screaming out, as she in unexpected agony died: “I thought, I truly thought, I was god!”

No one understands her
                                           she is young

She is cloud and free
                                    greets all with a smile
saying ,"Kisses my friend"

She lays naked in thought
                                             with hands so cold
that cut like knives

Fangs in vein
                       as she sucks the breath
out of your world
                               with oleander kisses

Oleander is a toxic plant .

Lying in her frigid bed of death
Her darkest desires will become yours
Draining you dry
Only for her pleasure

The pain excruciatingly sweet

Piercing eyes controlling your thoughts
As you worship her lustful ways
Craving to please her intimately

Your fingers aching to touch her alabaster skin

Loving hard throughout the night
Speaking in ancient tongues
Drawing power from your loins

Exhausting you in every way possible

Laughing at your weakness
Sitting upon your heaving chest
Satisfying her carnal needs

Whispering dark temptations

Heightening your endless desire
Teeth sinking into heated flesh
Much too weak to fight
As she brings you to your knees

You can’t help but love her

Every breath you take
Pledging your undying love
Her lips brushing against your mouth

Tasting the sweet honey nectar

You long to be her captive
Her midnight prisoner
As the night shadows consume you

You bask in her deathly embrace

Her skin shining in the moonlight
Pulling you to her supple breast
Feasting on your innocence

She is beyond all your reasoning

Digging your fingers into the bed sheets
Nails ripping across your wanting skin
Your moans are music to her ears

Calling you from your dream world

She watches while you sleep
Condemning your wayward soul
Forever living within your darkened heart

You are hers for the taking

Let my cold embrace surround you
as you bask in the heat of my poetic words
Let me guide you into sweet surrender
as you beg for a taste of my darkness

Such is the darkness, I have embraced within my flesh
as are the rhymes and passion, I will hold unto, my death
No finer thoughts or rhythms No ecstatic body rolls,
to bind unto tempo, bound, within, my soul.

I beg thee, kiss my poisoned lips
and taste my sweet sinful tongue
Press your self against my chest
Leaving me tender with your fiery mark

Some marks, cannot be seen, and so dwell within the mold
Your lips upon my soul, your love upon, my mind
I move as would a lover, your body, next to mine
Living in my spirit, my heart, forever...bind

Let your fingers trace my graceful curves
as we lay in our bed of blood and shame
Our eternal bodies entwined,like that of poisoned vines
To be saturated in deaths lustful bliss

Some bliss, is better left to gods, but so we will entwine
Your body to mine, my love, as is a finer wine
Our flesh, is but a memory, our souls, so combine
I take from you, yours my dear, and so, become, divine

Drink heartily from my silvered cup of sin
as you surrender to your midnight queen
Embrace your darker side, let our blood flow
Allow my darkness to sustain you, to comfort you

There is nothing darker, or so devoid my friend.
That a wound so much pretender, and within a darker mend.
No, I will not pretend, I will not succumb, I will not render a defend.
Your lips upon my tendered, no way to justify, the pleasure of my end...

This poem is a conversation between two vampire lovers. This is an older collaboration (with Sidd Grey) from another website. Thanks Sidd...

As the church tower clock struck midnight,
a subtle eeriness consumed the air
The forest trees swayed gracefully at the winds call,
like restless waves on a stormy sea
The wind let out a ghastly howl, echoing off the infernal graves.
The faint smell of honeysuckle still lingered in the air,
as a dark figure shifted in the murky shadows

Lukewarm lamplight played off alabaster skin,
lingering in the tombstone dust pressed into velvet lips
Nostrils flared to catch the scent of nectar on the night
Bare feet skimmed along the earth,
clouding beneath the nightgown that trailed along the yard

Waiting silently he watches his prey, taking in the moment
In one thrust his presence is upon her like that of a hungry beast
Caught in his seductive embrace, inescapable fear surges through her veins
Sweeping his gloved hand across her silky cheek, her breath quickens

She closes her eyes,
the pad of his thumb feels the skip of her pulse in her veins
Her hair tossed wild in the starving wind, he overcome with a terrible thirst,
a needling hunger shivering up along his spine
Frozen, helpless in his gaze, a rabbit in his snare,
he dips his head and lays his lips on the sweet spot in her neck

His body pressed to hers, inhaling the sweet scent of innocent blood
Running his icy fingers through her raven hair,
he whispers “now you belong to me”
Leaning further, paying homage to the one thing he must have,
the heavy throbbing of her rhythmic heartbeat enticing his every thought
Sliding his tongue across her throat searching, piercing her inviting flesh
and thieving the warm crimson stream of fluid that splashes upon his lips

She felt herself drifting,
a boat on an ocean turned silent and still with the tides
With each heartbeat, her body gave freely her lifeblood,
and her breath came shallow and thin
She tangled her fingers in his wiry hair
and found herself pulling him closer,
welcoming his stone embrace, his ravenous thirst

The sweet hum of her breath
sent shivers rocketing through his soul,
as if he had been lifted
by the mighty hands of the universe into a celestial euphoria
Deeper he went,
drawing out her very essence as she lay beneath him
Her body becoming limp yet light as a feather in his arms
He gently laid her upon the grave of a forgotten soul,
adoring the beauty of her now lifeless form

His blackened shadow shifted back to the murky shadows,
breathing in the honeysuckle once more
The graves and her body becoming a distant memory
As the church tower clock rang the one o'clock hour
His own ghastly howl echoed into the night

A vampire collaboration. TG....thanks girl I appreciate you lending me your talent.

You opens your eyes and try to focus
You can't feel your hands or feet
Your body is slowing freezing

You try to say a final prayer

Your tender lungs are dying
A noise in the distance
You look up and see her

A hooded figure coming towards you

She is as beautiful as a poised serpent
shrouded in the wailing dark
Her charcoal black eyes watching you
from the impassable shadows

The frigid winds whip fiercely about her

wrapping her form in an icy darkness
Standing boldly in her frayed velvet cloak
Her midnight hair whipping furiously in the wind
and her lips a dusty gray

You can feel her piercing eyes upon you

and your terrified heart skips a beat
as you feel it rising up into your throat
Yes, your bronzed muscular throat
Her eyes fixed upon the bulging vein
pulsating, full of warm sweet crimson life

It calls to her like beacon of light on a stormy night

You look to the sky
Not a star to be seen
Your frozen breath swirls in the air
like tiny snow crystals

Her raven circles above her head

diving into the forceful currents
of the frosty winter wind
calling out to the spirits of the dark ones

The trees branches bend like giant elastic arms
as the arctic chill passes through them
The ground underfoot frozen but trembling
The vibration resonating through you

This magnificent dark beauty

that haunts your every waking hour
this vixen that can make a good man bad
that can steal your very breath
that can make you love her until you bleed
that can make you want to suffer her bite

She wants only one thing and
has only one wish to fulfill
It's quite simple really
She must take your love and store it

like an unholy gem in her blackened heart

You weaken by the minute
and she gets down on her knees
hovering over you looking into your eyes

tilting her head

Biting her bottom lip, she exhales
and you watch the crystalline drops of her breath
dance in front of your dying eyes

You have no feeling in your arms and legs now

You can no longer move your body and she senses that
You see her tongue for only a moment
as she moistens her lips
and you think you see a trace of a slight grin

Your blood feels like icy ripping through your veins

but to this nightmare creature
It's life, the wine of the underworld gods
the reason for her utter existence
You crave her without question
You gaze into her eyes

and you feel like you have known her forever

She touches your freezing cheek
Her hand is like liquid fire to your skin
You try to speak but your vocal chords are frozen
Your lips are cracked and caked with frozen blood

You find yourself freely submitting to her without a word

Yes,there seems to be no need for words
You see her fangs but have no fear
Your desire for her blinds you to your surroundings

Your pain ceases
your minds calms
and your heart slows even more

You love her
You always have
and you realize

The glow of your tortured love has no shine
without the fine edge of her darkness
She leans down further and whispers

“Tomorrow at the rise of dawn, as you take your last moral breath
the sun will rise bitterly with not a light for your infernal soul
But sleep now and be silent.
I shall reside in the damp dark corners of your awareness
Have no fear my dark love
My crimson tears fall upon your pallid face and I am your death
the executioner's sword
and what lies after”...

C Cavierre Apr 2016

Then fear comes
with exaggeratedly elongated fangs
with gasping breathes and hungry growls in the background
Whose feverish savagery is snapping at my heels

the whole poem is broken into three separate posts, to enhance the reader's experience. they all have the same title
Pauline Russell Apr 2016

Let me sink my fangs into you
To stop me from turning blue
Let me get to what's within
What lies beneath your skin

Like a vampire
Your sweetness I need to acquire
Let me drink before I expire
Don't let me pass from this world and retire

With out the sweet taste of you upon my lips
In your hands cradle my hips
As slowly into me you slip
Exploding like a rocket ship

Welcome me like the dying light
I will not leave you felling contrite
I'll make everything just right
I can excite
I can delight
Meet me my dear at midnight
Under the bright moonlight

Take me to the stars
Let us zoom past mars
Grace my veins with your intoxication
You are my only fixation

Like a drug, a need
To your power I concede
I hear your call
I'm your victim after all

Sienna Luna Oct 2015

I am a cobra,
spiraling upwards.
Curling and slinking.
I am a cobra;
fangs dripping,
head dipping
and lower
and lower.
Until I break up
and tilt my
Forked tongue
slips out.
I hiss away
all my doubt.
Folding my lanky, tall body
to fit my lengthy  personality.
I am a cobra,
and I do a sultry dance.
I will not shake or dodge or prance.
I linger after every thought,
slip my way into the cold spongy grey tiled dance floor
until you cannot see me anymore.
I am a cobra,
you’d better watch out.
Sparkling white scales,
they shimmer softly in the moonlight.
A young
destroyer of worlds,
I take over the floor
and curl inwards,
then up,
then lift my floppy head
bristled all about.
I smile and sway,
then lick up the blood.
I am a cobra,
(so you’d better watch out).

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