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Thomas Mackie Jan 20
Fangs are sprouting from my skull,
you cannot stop what must be done.
Bound indoors with curtains drawn,
until moon takes the place of sun.

Needle sharp teeth puncture your skin,
the transformation has begun.
I whisper something in your ear,
your human form and gender, none.

When coven blood out-thickens water,
we have just started all the fun.
Vampires have to stick together,
no mother, father, daughter, son.
This poem is meant to create a parallel between the transgender experience and that of a vampire. The duality between two different transformations both fueled by puncture wounds, as well as the pattern that happens after you come out. Once one person in a community is out of the closet, oftentimes others follow because they feel safer to do so. This is not a critique of my community. Trans folks are not monsters. However, sometimes we are ostracized and treated as if we were. I think I'd be proud to be a vampire, too.
Anne J Dec 2018
Chattering yet still
Frozen and wrapped by venom
Decayed by sharp fangs
I'm a junior in HS, but I take a senior class. One of the seniors recently got a tattoo of a snake, said snake's end tail erasing around a skull. The tattoo quickly made me in a mood for a haiku. I shall end my period on haikus for now on this eery 3 stanzas
lilheathen Jun 2018
I look at this blank page
And I just write
I don't think about
What comes to mind
I'm able to find
A silver line
Among the black clouds
That try their best
To block out
The Light
It gets you through
The night
Hg Jun 2018
i fear my spider hands
and the words
they spin to webs

they twist and twine
injecting rhymes
in every word that’s said

they type and type
and type biting venom
from in my head

i stay awake all night
writing till sunrise
stabs my bed

i feel arachnophobic
of these fangs
that can’t be fed

but everytime you grip them
you squash them
till their dead

with you holding my hands
I drop my pens and
my distress

with you holding my hands
my spider eyes can
get some rest
Meera Mar 2018
The affection that you showed
Was a bait to trap me
Behind your angelic face
Were fangs I couldn’t see
You broke my heart ant ripped my soul
Until there was nothing left in me
******* in bondages
I tried but couldn’t flee
The temptation to be loved made me fall for a devil
The devil that were you
And by the time I emerged from your ****
I was all black and blue
You stood there smiling
Watching me while I bled
Now I’ll make you pay
For every single tear I shed
Go run away from me
But I gonna chase you down
You’ll lie there repenting for your sins
While I’ll straighten my crown
Cat Lynn Feb 2018
Look into my eyes...
I promise you this adorableness is a disguise

Look at me...
I'm small, thin, fragile, and weary

You could call it fur, what surrounds my face...
A brown thin curtain covers me, a soft lace

My eyes will fool you
A cat with two different colored jewels, this trait goes to few

Yes... I have many traits
That makes you think of me as a kitten... but just wait

But you must be warned
I may look like an easy catch to hold and cuddle, but many skins have been torn.

You may only see cute soft gentle paws
But remember... This Kitten Has Claws...
An adorable kitten sneeze will trick your minds
Into thinking there is nothing strong nor hard inside

A comforting purr may sweep you off your feet
But I will speak through the cursing of a hiss, my fangs have a fleet

I thirst to fight, to take on the battle with other warriors by my side
I refuse to simply let the wind sway my whiskers and tail away from this tense tide

My Commander... Tell me to take my place... I'll use my weapons for you...
My fangs to speak your truth, my claws to protect those who can't. I wish to do more...more for you...

Cat Lynn ///
Sunday, 2/18/18
Seema Nov 2017
The sharp fangs on my side
Trying hard trying to hide
I feel my jaws gone bit wide
The voices in the dark lied
So, does that mean I died?
But how come I don't feel any pain
My hands no longer in chains
Blood? Whose blood is on the floor?
Scattered all over, who opened the door?
My neck!! It's bitten, Oh No!!
What do I do, where do I go?
Aaaah!! the sun burns my skin
My head is rushing with a spin
My eyes!! What's wrong with my eyes?
And who were those guys?
Now my stomach hurts bad
My rage is increasing, I'm getting mad
My thirst kicking in my fangs
I need blood, I need to find those gangs
But the sun is a killer, I have to wait
Till nightfall and then setup a bait
To quench my hunger and thirst
My heart is dark, all I think is blood
Laying in a distance dead bodies flood
A new era, a new being, immortal
That's what this heart thinks
Just red everywhere, everyone drinks
Human race declining drastically
We are the new race practically
I feel a light in me still glows
I am not a complete vamp, that shows
What has this place become?
From where have they come?
Will the human race survive?
Will there be anyone alive?
I hide myself from everyone you see
I am a monster and you are my key...

Dark rainy weather, what more can I think off, besides a cup of black coffee and a fictional write.
Viseract Oct 2016
A whisper of green,
A show of scale
Flickering tongue,
And whiplash tail

A facade fixed upon your face
Oh how you blend in with us, human race
The one thing that really gives you away
Is the toxins running through my veins
Now now, I know your venom, for I kissed it from your very lips... don't try to deny the truth. You would take me back only for the satisfaction of finishing the job
Stanley Wilkin Jul 2016
Beneath the water lived a nymph, beautiful as
A flower, if you like woman with petals
Growing from out of their face
And lips adorned with myriad metals
Moving silently with infinite grace.

Fishermen who caught her, in alarm
Tossed her back with dismayed cries
Fearful that she would do them harm
When she exposed her fangs, darting from her eyes,
Forked tongues from each palm.

But apart from all that, she was a delightful creature
As proud as a catwalk model
Sexuality impressed into each feature
Death in each cuddle,
Poison injected from each freshly opening suture.

At the sea’s dark bottom lived the nymph
Devouring fish raw, terrifying sharks and barracuda,
Dining on shellfish and prawns for lunch;
Darting amongst Angel Fish and eels, a hungry aficionada,
Tearing into shreds what she could not crunch.

Gentle with her own kind until coition
Was complete, when if hungry she devoured
Her temporary mate without undue consideration,
No please or thank you. Feeling duly empowered
By her actions, as confirmed by her explosive, acrid indigestion.

No longer young, her children dead,
She glides through the water from China to France
A preposterous seaweed hat upon her head
And in several places, impaling her scaly flesh a serrated coral branch.
Her sartorial taste filling even the sharks with fin-quaking dread.

The last of the kind. The others are (literally) toast.
Protected by animal charities here and abroad
She gladly subsists on ambitious swimmers who venture far from the coast
All she can now catch or afford.
A capricious tyrant until the last, when, victim of a fisherman’s boast

She was hoist up like iniquitous cod
Out of the sea, paraded on the deck while she struggled for breath.
Shot at. Abused. Poked and speared with a steel tipped rod,
Dragged into the harbour, pummelled close to death.
Screaming out, as she in unexpected agony died: “I thought, I truly thought, I was god!”
No one understands her
                                           she is young

She is cloud and free
                                    greets all with a smile
saying ,"Kisses my friend"

She lays ***** in thought
                                             with hands so cold
that cut like knives

Fangs in vein
                       as she ***** the breath
out of your world
                               with oleander kisses
Oleander is a toxic plant .
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