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Arke Sep 2018
ten years ago, you sat next to me
propped against a wall on my bed
strumming each string
of my red electric guitar
tuning the cords, slowly, gently
too embarrassed to play a song
you were going to be a lawyer
I was going to be a journalist
we both had high hopes then

our usual food order was tater tots
with extra (extra!) sauce and
pad thai in a box which we'd swap
back and forth in between sips
of whiskey from your metal flask
sitting on the curb of the parking lot
late at night after everything closed
both exhausted from work

you brought me a cd in the hospital
I listened to it a hundred times
I know all the lyrics to every song on it
even a decade later
the music is still ours, you know
we gift each other mix tapes
you always include a song
by my favorite band (thank you)
I couldn't make you just one playlist
because all music reminds me of you

our conversations flow easy
we bounce back and forth
teasing, joking, talking openly
you always make me laugh
and I don't tell you this enough
but I love you and our friendship
even when we go months
without ever talking to each other
what we have is beautiful and
so important to me, I cherish it every day
You ever think about what you'd tell people before you die?
Arke Sep 2018
do you remember spending hours
in that old beat up car of yours
sharing fresh packs of gum
and old stories about love and loss
concerts we wouldn't see together
moments both shared and separate
and even now we laugh together
share a pint and share our scars
and I don't miss being that young
but when I look at you, I still see
the same person from a decade ago
and it's as though no time has passed
and we are both still teenagers
driving around way too late at night
you pressed your palm up against mine
comparing fingers and hands
I hoped you wouldn't see through
the red flush of my cheeks
so let's have one more pint
get sloppy drunk together
and compare the stars in our eyes
Madison Sep 2018
I worked so hard, not even drawn
Now all my work is far gone
It was beautiful like a butterfly
It just melted so bye bye
The fly I carved of butter is now gone
The Nazis took our electricity now everything is gone
Without the cold it melted away
Now my tools will just decay
A storm is brewing, we need more help
The Nazis make me want to yelp
The poem my bff wrote. What the poem is about is very sad, but for some odd reason I laugh when I read it. He even drew a little sad face of the back of the paper that the poem was on
Rizna M Rameez Jun 2018
You and I know very well, my ludicrous front yard
Maybe that's why you always are very very ******
Plus maybe it's also the fact that I am your best friend
That made your old fashioned brain go for a new trend
I know that whatever this is is making you go mad
Not the ballistic kind, just the craziness, makes us very glad
That on that golden day we met
And talked about things we haven't yet
Fully analysed, examined, evaluated
Or interpreted, investigated and completed
I know this thing sounds total *******
Utter gibberish and kinda tubbish
But it's from a real friend
You'll just have to comprehend
That there is something behind this script
That says that that superfluous uncalled for rift
Need not have happened, for it broke a chain
The result being a destructive reign
Of fate, of hope, of never ending loss
Begone, reborn, an off the cliff toss
And don't be angered, oh pretty please
That I've given this hamper, all in threes
And just say, 'Oh and thank you kindly,
But next time, please, don't do it snidely
                - Rizna M. Rameez (12 yrs)
                         June 2015
June 2015 - One of my first poems, a good bye poem to my BFFs. Which, by the way, I haven't given to them yet because I haven't seen them afterwards.
Meera Mar 2018
When I was trembling
You held me
When I was falling
You supported me
When I was crying
You wiped my tears
When I was scared
You shared my fears
When I was low
You held me high
When I was lying
Flat on ground
You raised me up
To the level of sky
You stood for me
When no one else did
You cuddled me
As if I were a kid
When nights were dark
And the days were tough
To strengthen me
Your support was enough
But I forgot you
When the days were brighter
My selfishness made
Our friendship lighter
I feel so sorry
For letting you go
I am such a hog
Still forgive me though

You are the one with the bigger heart
Now please come back and hug me again
I have had my share of misery
And no more I can handle this pain

I beg your forgiveness
I cry in repentance
Please return my friend
And end my sentence
Kyle Dal Santo Aug 2017
You can't have two best friends.
You can't have two best friends.
I don't know how else to say it.
It's basic physics, the law of the land.
Einstein would agree.
You can't have two best friends.
Which means, I've been fired.
Demoted, fired, busted down, left for dead.
Remember when we use to play Left For Dead?
You better not ******* play it with him.
You better play a new game, you traitor.
Brutus, Judas, Benedict Arnold.
You pancake, flip flopping *******.
You front and back stabber.
Do you tell everyone you met him on the first day of Kindergarten?
Bet he's the one you went to summer camp with.
Or jumped the fences at Blink 182 concerts.
You can't have two best friends.
Remember when you asked me to be the godfather?
Remember when you asked me to be the Best Man?
I do.
If our brotherhood wasn't dead already, it sure is now.
You Not-My-Brother-From-Another-Mother-Mother-******.
You buried it, not me, but really I don't blame you.
God knows what a burden I've been, always was.
Be nice to have a best friend right now, more than ever.
Must be nice to have a best friend.
Mine went with the more expensive brand.
Do me the courtesy of admitting you got bought out.
At least then I'd forgive some of it.
Tell me he's a better friend, I won't believe it.
You. Can't. Have. Two. Best. Friends. *******.
That ****'s in the bible, remember?
When we were in Catholic school from Kindergarten to High School together?
I guess not.
Jesus would not be happy with you.
You can blame me all you want.
I know you do, because I know you better than your real brothers.
Don't believe it? Challenge me, I dare you.
And if I ever get married?
You'd still be my Best Man.
There's no one else. You're still my best friend.
Even if I don't want you to be.
Even if I'm not yours anymore.
Kyle D.
Kelly Hogan Mar 2017
By the way, I'm
Feeling sad, alone, depressed, anxious,
Frantic, and seeking medication.
But you wouldn't know, you've
Forgotten me. Lost in your domestic bliss.
Friends get out of sync sometimes.
But I'm not blaming you.

Dead lover Nov 2016
You had a news to declare,
She had the same news,
Just with a different tone,
You had excitement, she had anger...

But she doesn't know,
Although, you know...

Forget about it
for some time,
You'll forget ...

She's your best friend,
She deserves,
She really deserves ....
And things happen...
You come before me, @bestie...
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