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Ak Sep 26
Your smile is venomous,
a deadly poison
It infiltrated through my skin
Deep into my veins
Your venom mixed with my blood
Now, even my blood is dark

It's consuming me inch by inch
Nerves are burning,
Skin is charring,
Veins have tightened
I felt pleasure, not pain.

I am high,
Intoxicated but I am thrilled,
Thrilled by the pain it gives
I am waning,
But oh!
It's very seductive
Bite me more,
I am thirsty....
I don't even know your name,
But I think I know something of
The state of your soul,
My Dear Poet Friend...

For, we're all stricken with
The same disease

A poisonous venom
Which courses,
This very moment,
Through all our veins

A disease for which I have found
But One Cure


And I must warn you,
My Dear Poet Friend,
Not to look so long
Into your own heart

For, there you will only find
The disease

Jon Thenes Sep 12

leave no rock unthrown
pummel out base energy
and breath yourself down



the workday complete
pastimes can become primal
predators compete



leave no throne upturned
collapse the authority
prior to it’s role as...
Forbidden  Passion
These feelings drag me,
they drag me
Towards you.
Violent force, 
A game you play
that traps me....
I am easy prey
I  vehemently agree
And open myself to you
There is no border that separates us,
no physical limit to stop me,
where you go ....
my mind follows ,
although my body is imprisoned
my heart is a fugitive,
runs away, always runs away
from you to you
My body and soul are yours.
Just crave your intense venum
that keeps coming back
Like a bad lingering smell
Intense Venum.....
That keeps coming back
Intense Venum....
I desperately know
that in the end
I will just perish
And you will just laugh
I drank poison
of hate and resentment tonight.

I wonder whether my eyes
will be tumid tomorrow
of all the tears that were shed
and glow with malevolence
or wouldn't event want to lift an eyelid.

I wonder whether my
tongue will spew the vile remaining
or it wouldn't even utter a word.

I wonder whether my muscles will
fulminate with the energy of hate
or it would be too heavy to get off
bed tomorrow.

I wonder if my mind will be raging
tomorrow or would've drowned and
been dissolved by the venom coursing through me.

I wonder as I slip into sleep.
storm siren Jun 23
"It's the only color I call home, because where the flora is green, life will always be seen." By K.A.S.

The storm ebbs,
Always at the very edge,
Teetering off the very ledge.
The storm flows,
But it just never moves,
It just never goes.

I remember when your words dressed me so proudly.
I remember when your eyes said love so loudly.

But I guess I was right,
Because every sunshine day ends in a cold dead night.

You never knew what I meant
When I swore every breath of yours was heaven sent.

But I guess I was always wrong,
Because we just sat in silence,
Forgetting all our words,
And forgetting all our songs.

But I still love you from the highest sight,
I still love you to the dimmest light.
I still love you every day,
I still love you every night.

But if a time should come
Where our future is unclear,
Know that I love you always,
I'll always be waiting right here.

I think
You might think
That maybe I didn't feel when our ship began to sink.

I think you didn't notice
The break in my heart,
And in all my other parts.
Because you turned away
When I started to decay.

I don't know if you'll ever tell me
Where we were led astray,
But I know, now,
Nothing green can stay.

Yeah. Nothing green can stay.
clever Jun 15
i want to roll my eyes so hard
that someone who likes to gamble
as much as you could
use them as game dice.
i hope you like snake eyes

                                      x x
                                    x x x
                                 x x x x x                        
   ­        ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Never can it move::::like thunder or lightning
it goes slow, but sure:::::treading its own path
brave, strong and patient:::in facing its ordeals
they don't want to sting:::unless when needed
they want to be left alone::::but, alert:::::::ready
to protect and defend itself:::::with less action
when trapped or driven up a dead end:::::it is
more composed::::::it knows when to explode
:::a scorpion, can quickly paralyze its victim:::
::::::::::::::::::::with its own venom::::::::::::::::::::::::;
:::::::::::::::::­::::::::::::::::it is said,::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::;;
human beings have innate venoms or weapons
i don't know if i have one:::or what it could do
i only know, i can hardly harm anyone::::::::but
like any other creature::;;:::i will defend myself
::::::;;;;;;:when my safety is compromised::::::::;;
      :::::::::::::::::::: i am a scorpio ::::::::::::::::::::
          ::::::::::::::::what about you?:::::::::::::
               what could be your venom?
                    ­ :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
                                x x x x x
                                    x x x
                                     x x


© Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
October 23, 2017
(just an old poem, guys...
just scribbling, while at the backyard, watching crawlers fighting)
Jaede Bayala Apr 12
if you bite it and you die, its poisonous
i show you love
love & compassion that you need that
i think you need.
& you **** it in you
but what do i get?

if it bites you and you die, its venomous
i let you in.
the front doors were rusty but you helped me
fix them. little did
I know, that
one you
were inside you’d
break down every
wall i had.
Q Apr 8
the eyeholes are leaking again
syrupy soul juice on the outside
when it really should be locked in
hurry, wipe it away
drip it from your fingers
extracted venom on a bad day

it’s a one-way road
irreversibly changed once exposed
permanently evaporated with time
no longer enslaved to flow
no way to know if it was important
can’t scoop it back in, you know
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