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Johnnyqu33r Jul 16
I want to bite you,
So that in a frenzy
I may **** the venom
From your skin


You could be crazy
And let it soak in
To travel your veins
Into your heart


The transformation
Could take hold
With eyes catching
Iridescent Rays


Like your smile
Or obsidian ring
Strands of hair
Voice cooing


Setting in quickly
You've bitten me
Somehow smitten
******* glee
Hamna Apr 13
I am lost
In the wilderness of my youth
I fight
with every ounce of my might
To keep the dark forest of desires away from haunting me
I try to flee
To the right path, I see
but thorny branches of nightmarish trees grab me so maliciously
And reach my heart
To pour some venom
I sink
Into a shuddering oblivion
The soulless devil invites me to his enmity
I refuse
As I hearken the sanity
My Lord had provided me
And I cling to it like ivy
Indeed, My Lord helped me to seek Him
Before the devil and the sinful hankerings sought me
Alicia Moore Jan 7
She carries bruises in her grasp,
Like a plague she cannot unclasp.

The bruises hurt as much as heartbreak;
A piercing bite        
from a              
Glasgow Girl G1 Dec 2020
My tongue gives so much pleasure with honey flavoured praise
She bears ripe fruit and drips with perfumed sap
If you merit her attention she’ll treat you with delight

Her touch is warm and tender
If she is cherished…


She’s tamed to speak with merit but there is no guarantee
She won’t spout bitter venom if you’ve wounded me

Men have tried to tame her with strength and brutal lust
They met with bitter poison

Killing lust forever…

Samara Nov 2020
Poison is a woman's weapon-
venomous like a snake.

It won't **** you
all at once
like the brute force of his hands.
Instead, it takes you slowly-
deteriorating your sense of self
making you wish for death.
Death that brings end to dying.

she has no moral qualms
when it comes to you and all your wrongs.
she only knows betrayal
and that's enough for her.
Naveen Malhotra Aug 2020
A poet or not
Others judge
Her death
Lit a light inside
Healing the soul
Vomitting venom
Drinking nectar
Call poems
Or otherwise
A poet or not
Others decide!
Ayodeji Oje Aug 2020
Groping in the dark
when there is light?
When light beams,
darkness takes off.
Kiss the beaming life
And you'll find your breath.
Jasmine Reid Aug 2020
let me drip venom in your mouth,
poison your lungs, corrupt your thoughts,
break your limbs,

let me drown you under the waves of desire,
love me with your wrists bound,
pretend this is a dream

and learn your lesson now
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