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Jaede Bayala Apr 12
if you bite it and you die, its poisonous
i show you love
love & compassion that you need that
i think you need.
& you **** it in you
but what do i get?

if it bites you and you die, its venomous
i let you in.
the front doors were rusty but you helped me
fix them. little did
I know, that
one you
were inside you’d
break down every
wall i had.
Q Apr 8
the eyeholes are leaking again
syrupy soul juice on the outside
when it really should be locked in
hurry, wipe it away
drip it from your fingers
extracted venom on a bad day

it’s a one-way road
irreversibly changed once exposed
permanently evaporated with time
no longer enslaved to flow
no way to know if it was important
can’t scoop it back in, you know
Thorns Mar 13
Your teeth are sharp and poison filled
Your tongue is slit
Your eyes are still
As they stare back gleaming in the darkness
Waiting...for the ****
When you strike the shadows fall
They mourn of their death
Like the bodies they belonged to
Your venom even intoxicates my soul
Enabling my spirit
Killing off what's left of me
Your venom courses through my blood
Floods to my brain
Burning through my mind
Destroying my body
Until I'm yours
Until I crave your presents
Beg for your poison
Plead for your venom
Your filthy poison
Your venom
To be free from the demise
I destroy myself all together
And finally, I fall to a peaceful rest at your feet
Your venom conjured another innocent soul
What is your next disgustful need?
You sick creature
One day your venom will be the death of you
Sparrow Mar 7
I say,
if you have hate in your gut
Set it free
Make me the outlet
for I have the depths
of the sea
And the little drops
of venom
won't matter to me
A drop more, a drop less - all the same in the sea.
So unleash your negativity on me.
Keiya Tasire Mar 6
Yes, I forgave you and asked forgiveness
Twenty-four years and more ago.
Yet, you continued to despise.
Metamorphosing into an Unforgivable.
Hater. Destroyer of family.
You made sure it hurt me.
I don't like what you did.
It was ****. It was not called for.
I wanted peace. So I created it.

Here, this is yours.
It's your very own universe!
To create all the havoc you desire.
Way over there! Far from mine.
When your venom is spewed
And your heart is as light as the Dove's feathers
I will open my doors in peace.
Welcoming you in for herb tea
with a spot of honey and a few biscuits too.
Maybe, even some laughter and fun.
It is all up to you.

Remember to present yourself truly
Setting what you have twisted right.
I pray for you to develop courage
Needed to tell all that you have done.
Yet, I am not hopeful.
Won't you prove me wrong?
I hope so, dear sister. I hope so.
An unforgiving soul wreaked havoc in my world. The only answer I could find was to give her own universe to live in. While I found peace in mine.
Ana Laag Feb 5
You spit a venom,
Which warp her mind.
Drain her worth,
And left her in confusion.
You trapped her soul.
And break her wings.
Just so you can fly.
Poetic T Feb 2
I'm the venom
     Which corrodes

Your reflections.

But never the less.,

               You still look..  

Knowing that over time
          You'll erode

And become addicted
       To the venom of my voice.
Like a moth
Is attracted to light-
towards self destruction,
I'm attracted towards
an unknown reverie.
A venom has handicapped me
forever; venom of
contemplating nameless worries.
Alle Jan 13
her lips stretch
to show sharp fangs,
dripping with venom
her throat palpitates
as she lets out
a warning hiss;
she is a snake,
poisonous and deadly,
and i have been warned
time and time again
to stay far,
far away,
but as usual,
the allure of danger
calls to me
and i inch
closer and closer,
heart beating
faster and faster
— her body tenses,
prepared to strike —
but as usual,
i ignore everything in my
unlike other snakes
i have encountered,
this one has
the power to
strike back
ollie Jan 4
“it’s easy after the first step”
That’s what I text him back
And maybe part of me is lying
Trying to convince myself that it was easy that way
That every voice didn’t make me jump out of my own skin
Every noise
Because every step wasn’t easy
I wanted to run home
My feet dragged on in ways you wouldn’t understand
I slept behind a fence in the grass in the hopes I wouldn’t be found
It wasn’t easy
It wasn’t hard
But I still can’t walk along the highway alone
And sometimes the tears just overtake me before I know what’s coming
I can’t control it
But that fear never really leaves you
When I was twelve years old I tried running along the side of the road
And even though I couldn’t see it
One of my most clear memories of this morning was looking at the car wash a few miles from my house
And not actually seeing it
Just seeing a flood of black in my vision
The fear had overtaken me
My legs turned to jelly and I could feel myself stumble but I don’t remember standing
The wave in my eyesight threatened fainting
But it was easy after the first step
She asked me if I wanted a hot chocolate
I said no
But she made me give in
He wanted to handcuff me
The man in the police car who drove me home
But he wasn’t scary compared to my mother
Sometimes I laugh
She censored her cursing in front of him but not her threats
Falling against the wooden frame of our porch
“I am going to freaking **** you”
And I know if he wasn’t standing there that’s not what she would’ve said
Would’ve whipped me until I bled
It doesn’t matter if the kid lives as long as it knows you’re upset it tried to leave
At the time I’d meant it
“I’m sorry, mom”
But sometimes
It’s a whispering in my ear
That all I need to go again are my shoes and a **** of a determination
That I sure as **** was not ******* sorry
That I wanted someone to notice me so badly
That I mistook road signs for “Railroad Xing”
And tried to balance on the train tracks
Ducking when cars passed in the early hours of the morning
It was never easy
I want to do it again
Maybe to find a high
Maybe because I know nobody would care enough to find me
I want to feel something again
Everyone is off
Drugs and alcohol are really the criminals they told us as kids
And I’m just trying to remember the lyrics to every song I used sing
Because I’m out of people to sing them with
I just want to feel something again
And I don’t want to grow up
They suggested the name Oleander to me for a reason
Highly poisonous
And meaning inner strength
And if I’m going to live up to a name like that
I’ll need quite a lot of strength
And venom to make up for all the kind I’ve been hit with
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