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A poet or not
Others judge
Her death
Lit a light inside
Healing the soul
Vomitting venom
Drinking nectar
Call poems
Or otherwise
A poet or not
Others decide!
Ayodeji Oje Aug 23
Groping in the dark
when there is light?
When light beams,
darkness takes off.
Kiss the beaming life
And you'll find your breath.
Jasmine Reid Aug 9
let me drip venom in your mouth,
poison your lungs, corrupt your thoughts,
break your limbs,

let me drown you under the waves of desire,
love me with your wrists bound,
pretend this is a dream

and learn your lesson now
Maria Mitea Aug 7
One sunny afternoon                                        
I set my tent in the jungle,
and broke every rule walking alone to find a sip of fresh water.     
I studied everything I could about big creatures that live in the jungle. I was convinced that there are no lions and hyenas, ...
when all of a sadden I could not step on the ground.      
Paralyzing pain was numbing my right leg.
I was bitten by a venomous creature.
I immediately knew that I’ll die
The fear helped me deepen my breath, with no hope for survival ...
Big creatures have been given power, while minuscule one have been gifted with venom and poison to protect themselves.

Never underestimate a minuscule creature, ...
Life teachings come to us in many ways.

There is more and more knowledge, but never more learning.

Learning comes trough direct experience.

In the jungle I learned a big deal about the so called small creatures ... My experience though me that there are no small creatures...
Sipping daydreams, guzzling emptiness
Poison licks its carcinogenic tongue
Stains the buds that long for sweet
Sweet they taste
Forced sugar and sprinkled honey
Sweetness is sweet
The tongue tastes malice. And venom
Smooth toxicity glass half empty
Infected throat, glass half full
But always the glass empty’s
Self replenishment
Sage May 21
And I know you don't care.
You just know how to transform love into venom.
You whip me with your insanity.
You give me of my own medicine.
An unrequited love with oneself. Life manifests a person to tell you that the rejection you feel is for yourself.
LWZ Apr 1
Why do I bother with the anticipation of love (lust).

No escaping the pain. One way or the other.
Roulette at its finest.

The love for family burns holes in my heart.
Romantic love burns like cigarettes on the flesh.
Searing the skin right before your eyes.

Sometimes you can smell your smoldering ignited flesh.

Other times in sneaks up behind and the ******* leaves you paralyzed.

Insidiously leaving venom in your veins.
The pain may never disipate.
You promised
It was just anger
But again it happened
Echoes of which
Still haunts
And cycle formed
Darkness being
A soothing bond
At times of terror logs
You forgotten
Yourself in a cyclone
That spits me out
If I’m once again
Drawn to the centre
Remind me
How foolish I was
To believe your promises
A venom bond
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