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Kristin 3d
Great, Merciful Destroyer,
your mercy is abundant, overflowing in your devastation
as the dross is cleared

The time of great surrender is here
It is today, now
And, like a lover, I yearn to surrender
I yearn to let go

In your magnificence,
only the raw, unvarnished, pulsating, living truth remains
All else is dross  
All else is no-thing
All else is glimmer, not gold

Great Merciful Destroyer,
please give me the courage to witness
the destruction that creates
that fire that cleanses
the truth that liberates
she said:
don’t forget!
milk, oil, flowers
our offerings, our worship.
my hands are broken
but still you kiss each finger.
I remember
milk for kheer,
oil for the lamp,
flowers for Shiva.
to me these are nothing.
in your eyes the world sleeps
can I sleep in them, too?


वह कही:
मत भूलना!
दूध, तेल, फूल
हमारा प्रसाद, हमारी पूजा
मेरे हाथ टूट गए हैं
लेकिन अभी भी तुम एक एक उंगली चुंबन।
मुझे याद है
खीर के लिए दूध,
दीपक के लिए तेल,
शिव के लिए फूल।
मेरे लिए ये कुछ भी नहीं हैं।
तुम्हारी आँखों में दुनिया सो रही
मैं उन में सो सकते हैं भी ?


ও বলল:
ভুলে যাবেন না!
দুধ, তেল, ফুল
আমাদের নৈবেদ্য, আমাদের পূজা।
আমার হাত ভেঙে গেছে
তবুও আপনি প্রতিটি আঙুল চুমু।
মনে আছে
খিরের জন্য দুধ,
বাতি জন্য তেল,
শিবের জন্য ফুল।
আমার কাছে এগুলি কিছুই নয়।
তোমার চোখে পৃথিবী ঘুমায়
আমি কি তাদের মধ্যে ঘুমাতে পারি?
Sometimes I like to create poems to practice my languages...perhaps they aren't strong, but I'm looking at using simple images and words to create meaning. Started with Hindi -> Bengali and then translated back to English.
Rama Krsna May 31
inside that inner cave
shines an effulgent flame,
complexioned like camphor
bearing a crescent moon
he’s pure as white jasmine
sole terminator
of the veil of illusion
cast by the lilting tunes of
that captivating flutist

© 2020
Rama Krsna May 17
starting now,
our parallel paths
meet next
not on wretched earth

at the end of time
in the ocean of milk
silly schedules or errands
need no heeding

this will be
another four billion years!

shedding tears of blood
i weave a garland of skulls
each skull
sadly yours...

as your sculpted body
bound by endless karma
makes its way
to the funeral pyres
before starting
another soulless existence

in the soul filled
where all lives end,
is where mine begins.....

as i wait there
with a bowl in hand,
wearing only the sky
as my garment,
adorned with
a garland of skulls,
begging for nothing
except your soul

© 2020
Smashaans:  large cremation grounds where numerous bodies are burnt after death
PiLomus Feb 20
You are and you are not,
From infinity to a single dot,
From stillness to passion,
A night to commemorate your compassion.
Few lines on the occasion of Shivaratri- meaning the night of Shiva.
CK Baker Nov 2019
the red wine stops fermenting
a young man turns to gray
the voice of truth and promise
leads one and all astray

we follow with a notion
of what may be ahead
that voice of truth and promise
has risen from the dead
Tyler Roberts Aug 2019
The tears flow and I need hope.
The trees grow and the bees know
There's a buzzing in my head
That just don't leave me alone.
I have Belief; still I feel Grief.
And I just can't seem
To write anything
That isn't about

Then again,
There is no me;
So, I know
Everything I dream
And create
Speaks of Faith
As I speak to Fate.

And I say,
What is my purpose?
Why do You tell me I'm worth it
When all I can do
Is to feel worthless?

Your Love;
I don't deserve it.
My Love;
I'll choose to serve it
On a plate made of cake,
So that you can eat it too.

All I do
Is pray to the Sky;
I, know there is no me;
Only You-
Together, we

I and I.

I just hope to find
Peace of mind
Within your Ten Thousand Eyes
As I look to the Sky
And I pray that I
Can stop talking about me
And speak of You.

Together, we

I and I.

I found Hope in my devotion
As I go through the motions
Of this constant river
Of emotions.

I don't want to be me;
Together, can we

I and I?

May these words find
Your Ten Thousand Eyes,
All the Stars in the Skies
Oh, Lord Divine.
My Dear Lord Shiva;

There is no me;

I and I.
Shiv Pratap Pal Aug 2019
T­his poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled "शिव लीला" published in pratilipi on (June. 2018) Can be read through the link ==>>

His neck has entirely turned blue due to Kalkoot, This is just a Leela of Shiva
He has taken everyone's pain and sorrow for the betterment of the world

He is the keeper of all the three loka's and also called as Trilokinath
He hold the holy Ganga in his locks, but do not drinks a drop from it

He sits on the yellow Tiger skin mat and keeps meditating for years to come
He satiates hunger by Datura and Madaar and drinks Bhang to quench thirst

He has a marvellous third eye through which all the three lokas are visible
Sitting in the Mahayoga posture, He keeps on concentrating and meditating

Brahma and Vishnu also bows before him with respect and feels blessed
Such a beautiful holy Leela of Shiva.  Nothing else but Shiva's holy Leela


Kalkoot(Line 1): A poison generated due to Samudra Manthan ( The Churning of the Ocean by Devtas[Gods] and Asuras[Demons] )
Leela(Line 1): "Divine Play" (Just a pastime)
Shiva(Line 1): A God (The Destroyer) in Hindu Mythology

Loka(Line 3): Three three different worlds/realms. Swargaloka, the land of gods; Mrityuloka, the middle kingdom of men; and Pataloka, home of the Asuras, the fallen gods, and demons.
Trilokinath(Line 3): The Lord of the Three world/realms.

Ganga (Line 4): The Holy river whose flow and speed is controlled by the locks (Jatas - The thick hair strands) of Lord Shiiva

Datura and Madaar (Line 6): Poisonous plants (Datura stramonium and Calotropis gigantean)
Bhang (Line 6): Poisonous plants (Cannabis Plant)
Mahayoga (Line 8): Also called as Mahamudra – The Great Gesture (a posture for meditating)
The World is not real its Maya. Its the Divine Play of God
Shiv Pratap Pal Aug 2019
T­his poem is self translated version of my Hindi language poem titled "शिव स्वरूपं" published in pratilipi on (Dec. 2017) Can be read through the link ==>>

That face of Lord Shiva is most beautiful in which he holds Ganga in his hairs
The Moon feels blessed by beautifying the head of Shiva as a glittering crown

The Serpants also became jewellery by themselves and decorated his blue neck
Shiva holds the trident on one hand and plays the Damroo from the other one

He has seated himself on a mat of Tiger Skin and rubbed pyre ash on his body
He has left elephant and the horses and decided to travel on an old Bull Nandi

By such an amazing face form, he is always ready for the welfare of devotees
The cruel and wicked have always been afraid of his eldritch face and form.


Shiva (See Line 1): A God (The Destroyer) in Hindu Mythology
Ganga (See Line 1): The Holy river whose flow and speed is controlled by the coiled hairs (Jatas) of Lord Shiiva
Damroo(See Line 4): A sort of musical instrument ( Pellet Drum )
Nandi((See Line 6)): A bull in Indian mythology who is the vehicle of Lord Shiva
The Mesmerizing Face of God Shiva
Rama Krsna Jul 2019
for whom
total abstinence or extreme indulgence
six of one, half a dozen of the other.....
sempiternally steeped in perfect equanimity,
effulgent as the primal flare
my crescent bearing jewel
who’s pure as jasmine

© 2019
arunachala:  the sacred mountain where liberation from the cycle of birth and death is easily attained
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