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Khushi Batra Sep 9
The bloodied wound
Of patriarchy
Swings majestically
Round my neck,
Wavering my thoughts
Of what to be
And what not to be.

I look around
Viewing people fight
Misogyny and sexism.

For I try to do that too,
Until I fall once again into a muck,
Watching **** crimes
On a daily basis
Watching acid attack victims
On a daily basis.

For, some
Are too illiterate to know the meaning
Of the word, no.
For their egos are so small,
That they can’t handle rejection.

The bloodied wound
Of patriarchy
Hangs majestically
Round my whole body,
Begging me to tame it,
Oh dear lord,
There is ****** of womanhood
happening all around,
With people pointing to the length of our clothes,
To the pitch of our voices.
DG Jun 25
After thorough calculations there
are two possible outcomes of
arguing with my family:

Either one day the arguments will end patriarchy,
or one day the arguments will end me.
ignorance and world issues and poetry are messing with my mental health
"Make yourself small
become invisible
until you are needed
don't take up space
starve yourself so that we find you appealing
cover and smear away
at your blemishes"
is the unspoken rule

Our bodies are not pitstops
for ravenous men
this flesh
these limbs
this ***** is a gift
and can be taken away,
just as it can be given

When they want you
docile and unassuming
seen but not heard
climb through the bars
of the prison you built
to please others
and make something of yourself
for in you alone, lies the power.
Esther L. Krenzin
Pearson Bolt Jun 1
every white wedding is exactly the same.
kitschy mason-jar centerpiece displays,
thirsty flowers in ornate vases,
lace-trimmed tablecloths and country-pop
songs blaring from the stereo.

welcome to cookie-cutter suburbia,
copy-and-pasted from half-a-hundred
Pinterest boards depicting
indistinguishable scenes
of smiles stretched paper-thin
on spray-tan painted faces.

my tongue is a skipping record,
regurgitating the same vapid
conversation ad nauseam,
stutter-stepping through
an indistinct refrain:
“how’s school going for you?”
“oh, really? an English degree?”
“and just what do you plan
to do with that, exactly?”

bourgeois blather follows flagrant patterns.
drunk uncles splutter racist rants
at this posh reception, but i’ve been told—
no matter what—don’t stir the ***.
avoid any and all discussion
of the current president’s
child concentration camps,
the war on immigrants,
or the escalating tensions
with Venezuela and Iran.

i am sick
to my stomach
of self-indulgence:
watered-down punch bowls, patriarchal
vows to god and government. “i do,”
an endless ******* feedback loop
droning tediously until my ears bleed.
sing the same hymns over acoustic guitars
while vocals peak in microphones.
reread 1 Corinthians 13:13, beg your deity
to bless the BBQ pork and beans.

dance along to the Cupid Shuffle
and be sure
to always follow the rules:
birth, youth,
college, marriage,
work, death.
Sai Kurup May 19
The invisible scar
Of the patriarchy
Hangs over us
Masked by the shadows of tradition
Concealed within
Dazzling bursts of color
Billowing skirts
And spirited dancing

Hot acid flung
Scathing, searing, scalding
Because weak men
Cannot handle rejection

Wed the one you love
And bring shame
Upon the family
Honor killings
As if ruthless ******
Brings morality and dignity

And now #JusticeforAiman
Our only crime
Is being female
Yet fingers are still pointed
At us
At the length of our dresses
At the makeup on our faces
At the way we smiled

How long
Until we are finally fed up
With a society
That would rather
A dead child
Over a girl?
SJ Apr 23
I want to write about women the way I’ve always read about men. I want to write about women who are calculating and ambitious. I want to write about women who are smart and power-hungry. I want to write about women who are angry and bitter and full of rage. I don’t want them to be the villains. I want them to get to be flawed, to be the anti-hero, to be the grey in a sea of black and white. Let women be angry, let women be selfish, let women be greedy. Stop making us fill a neat little box in stories - women aren’t all either a perfect damsel, a beautiful heroine or an evil stepmother. Let us be.
Julia Apr 5
ima fixit man
i could drill your piehole with
all my skillsaw skills
“the reason women don’t work in construction is that they don’t want to.”
-a fascist
Summerbreeze Mar 17
We are told that we are free
To be the women we want
That we are independent
To be who we want to be

The textbooks tell me
It has been that way since 1960
We are on your level
The Glass has shattered from beneath your feet

But sometimes I  think that I am too much
When Im happy
“Too much smiling”
When I laugh
“Too much laughter”
When I joke
“Too risque”
“Too rude”
“Too lewd for a woman “

When I sit
I am told to sit cross legged
“There are men in the room”

When I wear what I want
I am told that I am showing too much skin
“Do not tempt your fellow brothers” they say

When I am under the covers
Seeking pleasure
The voice from the pulpit speaker echoes
“Those are for husband’s touch”
His hands
It’s sacred
“It was meant for his alone”

All these rules and regulations
For women to follow
We are said that we can walk now
In the light of liberation
But only under their shadow
truly I must admit that I am a bit rusty, but I decided to pick up my pen (my laptop, rather) and start writing what was on my mind.
Marissa Mar 10
i always wondered why women get “dolled up”
but men “suit up”
women put on layers of makeup and suffocate themselves wearing corsets
to become an object that a man will like to look at and use
but men clean up and dress professionally

it certainly says a lot about our society
the white woman’s 77 cents to the man’s dollar
and even less for the minority women

the media glorifies women of size 00
which is quite literally less than nothing
women are supposed to be so small
that they are less than zero

science tries to define a woman’s purpose as producing children and taking care of the home
but what about the women who are not fertile and live on the streets?

they will always ask a woman “how does she do it all?”
but when was the last time a man was asked the same question
when both of them have a job and a family to balance

men are not expected to assume the subordinate role
because society deems women to be inferior to men
when women continue to outscore men on the SATs and reading tests
but those men will be given the leadership positions the women rightfully deserve

the objectification
the classification
the learned gender roles
the discrimination
all empower the patriarchy

but we can dismantle it
one empowered woman at a time
CL McEachern Feb 16
Instead of a wedding ring,
Give me a collar
With a name tag
That states
Who this *****
Belongs to.
I'm not the biggest fan of weddings and all the other ******* that they include. Don't know if you can tell?
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