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Cné May 2017
In my most desperate need
seek out a bush by a tree
rewarded with a rash on my rear end
relieving, with a squat, by poison ivy

No thank you, I will take a chance
in hopes of saving my ***
and hold it until I just can't
and avoiding a nasty rash
even if it means ....
I will possibly *** my pants

Temporal Fugue
*** the least of your worries
as your bladder will expand
making you make decisions
not all that good, or planned

So make your place
and keep your wits
bear, what you can stand
drop your drawers and hold your ****
and ***, as god, demands
Yes, these are very important issue to discuss among friends! **** seriously, it's not funny. # sarcasm
ryn Oct 2014
tell me...

will tomorrow bring,
     all the things
i'm longing...
    stowed upon its elusive wings,
tirelessly beating
    and fighting
to show what's dangling
and hanging...
          ready for the picking...

such time so it could begin its need for unloading,
                                      and dropping,
its gleaming
on those who are deserving,
        in no way lacking
so they could be at the receiving
end of this pressurising,
                      of dwindling

carel­ess thoughts conceived only to
           my deranged ramblings...
incessant mutterings of a shattering

           bending backwards, almost breaking,
the chance of ever fully

hopin­g and praying
   for a sentence that's pending
dawn's approval...

   the rising
of the sun...
            ways for thriving
                  gates for soaring
                                                dreams, unlocking

the heightening
                     anxieties of grieving
                                                        ­ hearts.

constantly whispering
                               utterances, promising
good will, happiness
                              and titillating
                                                     ­ sanity.

we're thinking...
     the earth is spinning,
         the moon is setting,
     so the sun must be rising

             tell me,

                                *is it coming?
Shemika C Sep 2015
Hold me close and tell me everything is going to be okay. Tell me I'm beautiful in the most lowest and upbeat times. Sweet, gentle kisses pressed against me. Love me like no other. Minor arguments and more love. Let's talk things over and reminiscing about our past. Laughing at all the good times we've had and more to come. Let's pray together, relieving our stress, pain, and hurt. Let's just be best friends, where we tell each other secrets. Plan trips and build an empire. Be my king and I'll be your queen. Never worry about anyone else, because all their is, is just the two of us!
I never stop thinking of you,
you always fill up my head.
And not just with thoughts,
but inspiration instead.
This feeling you give,
is something I seek.
It's just so relieving,
anytime you speak.
I love how you sing,
about anything that moves you.
Leaving nothing out,
whether it maddens or soothes you.
Your soul just emits,
an intoxicant that calms me.
And when we touch,
this mood just embalms me.
It binds me tight,
locked in your sweet release.
Then time slows down,
til the silence has ceased.
But during that moment,
I've begun to beleive.
That your voice,
is really,
the only one I need.
Cné Jun 2017
Trying to find a place to ***
I went behind a big o'l tree
She saw me there
Completely bare
Then we became a WEE!!

Oh the deepest trouble, *****
Playing with girls, that sin
just ware these words
don't think her absurd
when she wondering says, "is it in?"

So glad for you, on getting some
while relieving yourself, on the run
Girls that sin
bored, did she ask, "Did you ***?
Or are you done?"

Sorry boys, just having fun!

Hey, welcome aboard
if you're feelin' bored
just give it a rub
but not a snub
that's how we scored

Y'all are so bad, yes it's true
just tell me when your through
pushing, pulling
tweaking, fulfilling
your hands now full, of goo

How could I be bored, with the likes of you two
in need of rubbing, please don't be blue
Make no mistake
I have what it takes
especially, for men well overdue

Talented and beautiful too
always pulling it through
it must be fate
it's always so great
getting a tugging, from you

Walking the streets before dawn
you looked and her light was on
you saw her fare
but didn't care
and wonder where your money's all gone

Poor Bill, he never did learn
he saved all the money he could earn
to pay a sweet lady
at place that was shady
and wonders why his ****** still burns

Bill never learned his lesson
the burn just grew, not lessened
he never went back
his ****** he lacks
no more ****** sessions

The ladies of the evening
sights beyond believing
the things they do
while making you
penniless, and leaving

A working girl, works it
with Johns, turning tricks
and f¥€king
can't blame her, for getting you sick

The doctor told her to take a break
her body one day, might break
all that cavorting
and oral contorting
she just really loved, her tube steaks

He told her to take a seat
when she really wanted a treat
she was feelin' dry
and wasn't shy
And so she went after his meat

Cruising the streets just chillin'
searchin' for a chick just millin'
She shook her ***
I couldn't pass
Oh, well, another shot of penicillin

Something's wrong with Suzy
something oozing, from her coozie
she scratches at an itch
her john's just call her a *****
that's the sum of it, laying down, with floozies

Suzy was rode hard, put up wet
with men on the street corner she met
Wiggling her ***
for just a little cash
***** status. she earned, you bet

Disclaimer: It just gets sicker from here...

Went to the bathroom to sit on the ***
I like to **** while I'm on the clock
There wasn't any paper
I used a finger scraper
I might better had used my sock

Now if there's one thing I know
being a clock, that's fast, and not slow
fingers be scraping
flecks are escaping
****, will under the fingernails, go

Cné to James
Please wash your hands before you eat
Be careful cruisin' down the street
or chillin'
with penicillin
I fear a terrible peril soon, you will meet!
Umi Mar 2018
The Chains of ones fate are undenyable, as life carries on,
Servants caught in a hell of rebirth without ever escaping,
A red thread which leads verily onto a destined pathway,
Decisions, the pen and the ink for ones book of destiny,
They may ruin the servant, or bring them great happiness,
May mislead, trick, ****** or even manipulate them without their conciousness or understanding of the weight they brought upon their poor little, yet precious bodies which carry on depression as if it was the weight of the world or far beyond that registered mass,
In a hole with seemingly no escape to it, trapped in misery,
Chains of suffocating pressure are keeping them in place,
Oh what a terrible fate it must be to be in this position,
Patience, hope and positivity are needed to see another ray of sunlight, shining beyond the scene of the darkened clouds above
Once this trial has been overcome they too will shine with newfound strengh, energy and relieving glee from within themselves,
So fight on, you precious souls, you are worth more than you might think or would even admit to yourselves, then shine
That would be, a great wish of mine

~ Umi
marla Nov 2017
It can make one
Rich without gold.
Youthful inspite of
Being old.
Inspired despite
Having tired.
Ablazed without
Having been dazed.
It is a beautiful language,
Both expressive and intense.
It's warmth assuages,
Relieving palpable stress.
Spare no expense
When making known
Your desires,
For there will always be
A poem there to
Light your fire.
A Beautiful Artform
summertime brings
high heat and humidity,
so much light you want to catch it all

in an air-conditioned room
then step into the street
to be smothered by the air

it's like  extra gravity
pulling my inner workings
closer to the ground

it's like dense smoke
relieving me of  my ability
to take  deep breaths

here i am complaining
a canadian complaining about our summer
i see it in others, mainly the elderly, but still
Britney Lyn Oct 2018
Inhale, exhale.
The smoke I blow from my lungs through my lips, drifting out in a cloud of you.
Lingering in the air, the taste of you on my lips.
A scheduled meeting with my addiction everyday at noon, 3, 5 , 6 and 9.
Filling a void inside of me, you consume all of me.
Relieving the stress of the world as I get high on your chemicals.
A simple yet intoxicating reaction you bring forth within me,
But no sooner you disappear from the air around me, leaving me empty.
I want to take all of you in, yet savor this moment, where I kiss you to my lips like before.
Adhering to your demands to just take more, take more.
A prisoner to the schedule you have etched into my brain, a liar to my family that I’ve quit you.
But the truth is my dear Nick, I never will, because you won’t let me forget you.
Homunculus Jan 7
Enraptured in
a fevered spasm,

Captured in the
mind's phantasm,

Swimming through
the ectoplasm,

Pouring from the
roaring chasm,

Hidden in the
soul's recess

A subtle, gentle,
warm caress

So jubilant, it  
doth redress,

The hindrances which
so suppress,

The progress of the
spirit's wellness,

Showing things which
words can't tell us,

Giving gifts, which
none can sell us,

Do you
hear the
bell that's
              from a

It resonates from
mammoth spheres,

In orbit, shedding
countless years,

Through aeons of

And boundless

We see how worlds
arise and cease,

We see how yearning
lays the fleece,

The wool over the eyes,
deceiving, cool

Dispassion's peace
relieving, our

Great webs
of pain and sorrow,

to light the morrow

For as all things
must come apart,

So suffering's,
great work of art,

is merely but
a transience,

receding slowly
in the dark.
Liam hopson Sep 2018


Carter Ginter Oct 2017
It's 3:09am
I'm im the library
Desperately trying to write a research paper:
'LGBT Familes'
How fitting.
Caffeine courses through my veins
Coffee overloads my bladder
I hate bathrooms.

When you have no gender
The simple act of relieving yourself becomes a chore
The heavy weight of that key decision
Chokes your lungs as you stand outside the doors
Two doors.
Not me.

The choice becomes simplified:
While I sometimes pass as a man
I often do not.
I can choose the men's bathroom
The consequence of which could end in physical violence
The same hate I explain through my essay.
The same fear that plagues my community.

The women's restroom is also an option
The consequences likely less dire than the former:
Heavy side eye and the potential of yelling.
A much safer choice.

Per usual, I walk into the women's room.
I take three strides inside.
Then I stop.

I've never used the men's room.
My fear of violent reactions has always won.
Yet at a time like this
How likely is it that someone is inside the men's room?

Now is my chance to face my fears.
Now I have a safe chance at peeing in peace.
In a bathroom potentially more suiting
Of my gender identity
So I turn around.
Let the door slam behind me.

Half a step into the men's room
The smell of rancid ***** hits my senses
Toilet paper liters the stalls
I have missed absolutely nothing in my years in the women's room

Women have nicer facilities
A significantly more advanced hand dryer
Air freshener
Men do not have these luxuries

Now I question,
Do men not take as good of care of their bathrooms as women do?
Do the workers intentionally prioritize women's sanitation?
What causes this undeniable divide?
Is the messiness of the men's room a result of their conscious decisions?
Or simply a response to societal expectation?

I think I'll stick to the women's room
While I add bathrooms to my compilation
Of more discrete gender inequality
I'm not a poet
the words I jot down have no particular purpose
"poetry", to me,  is supposed to be cathartic
only I know what my words make me feel
only I know what really goes on beyond the words I articulate
I feel in no way professional while writing poetry
I don't try
I just do

I'm not a poet
Poetry is my release
After I write, I can breathe.
I can think.
I can make sense of the feelings I wasn't sure I was even feeling before.
Like having a conversation with myself,
I'm the only person I can talk to.

No, I'm not a poet.
But I think that's okay.
Because it's my therapy instead
Lydia Oct 2018
I’m going to relapse tomorrow.
So I’m going to breathe in this moment where I am not in pain
I am going to touch and feel and understand right now
Because I can,
Right now, for the next few hours, I can be an entire human being

I’m going to relapse tomorrow
You’d think it’d be relieving to get a warning inscribed in your genetics,
Building patterns,
To “prepare”
But I cannot be prepared to open my eyes in the morning and see television static
To get out of bed and leave my arm behind
To fall off the leg that can’t hold my weight anymore

I’m going to relapse tomorrow
All I do is dread the pseudo-pain that creeps in when I can see again
You want to talk about fake?
Talk about nurses blowing veins
Talk about nightmares about hospital gowns
Talk about being afraid to ask for a seat on the subway because your illness isn’t real enough

I’m going to relapse tomorrow because that’s how this goes
This in and out like the ocean got angry again
Like I will never run marathons
You can’t run on a numb ankle
You can’t run on exhaustion and giving up
I can’t run on missed birthday parties

I’m going to relapse tomorrow, and I’m terrified
Because I’ve given up on my body before
Because the rest of the world can touch without pins and needles
The rest of the world runs on people can run constantly
I’ve been rusty since age seven,
I was built like an iphone
Meant to break and be thrown away so you’ll buy a new one

I know that I’m going to relapse tomorrow. I know, I know, I know,
I know.
This is the first time I have ever written about this because it I think that it is completely impossible for me to be okay with it. It refers to my chronic migraines that follow these very predictable patterns.

Please comment :)
My heart was broken---then frozen this year,
few words of solace did I hear;
Loneliness engulfed my mere existence,
feeling lost and trapped into resistance.

Releasing all my energy was not in play,
feeling sorrowful and angry every day;
Alone with thoughts of the distant past,
as tears ran slowly down my wounded face.

Then a new love suddenly came to me,
relieving all the pain which conquered me;
My heart gladly mended into place,
as serenity blessed me with its grace.

Yes, you freed my soul to find love again,
you chipped away at the bonds of chains;
And smiling now with the misty dawn,
I feel comfort and safety in your arms.
When you least expect it, love fills a void !
Relieving peace
Triggers memories of discord
Dreamlike wave
Stirred on by pain
Feeling hollow
An agony that swallows
Waking up in a new day
Will the hurt always be this way
Can I live without feeling guilt
Of a premonition that spilled

When basking in the early light,
and closing off all doors of night;
Thoughts generate a mighty grasp,
on wondrous imagery of the past.

Enriched by nature's sounds and sights,
we lie in evening's waning light;
The day has come and gone too fast,
and memories break away like glass.

To signify the worth of days,
and nights when angels are at play;
Eternal truth retains its power,
in honest souls from hour to hour.

And rising from a lily pond,
are moments chaste in earnest bond;
No longer lost in illusive rhymes,
reprieved from weariness of our minds.

Time moves along in harmony,
each beat commands a symphony;
Which signifies each valued life,
relieving hearts' intensive strife.

And standing at the water's edge,
self-esteem becomes our pledge;
To honor all that's gone before,
as we enter heaven's open door.
In faith perceived a chance to mourn,
and learn to love without the scorn;
Of hatred's voices through the years,
which claim the soul in haunting tears.

With peacefulness to rule our days,
we wander together through the maze;
Of tortured anguish that presents,
a force we need to guard against.

The seasons bear the fruits of love,
from heaven's Host who lives above;
In missives sent so loud and clear,
from angels which are flying near.

In stillness of the whitest light,
no longer torn apart by night;
Those ghastly hours melt like ice,
in solemn words relieving strife.

And so the echoed hearts arise,
to chant their wills to thus survive;
Despite the sadness of the past,
we hear the prayers arrive at last.
Devil in a mirror imposing voices in your head, causing harm.
Seeds of painful past take root within your dying heart.
Every step you take had lead you closer to the edge - edge of self inflicted doubts.
Insecurities like knifes cutting deeper causing scars.
All alone, walls are closing in as you collapse fighting fear.
Light of truth fading faster as you fall into darkness of your mind.
Chaos building, twisting every memory and thought.
Falling into rabbit’s hole, deeper faster with no way out.
Psychosis taking over, soul is dying losing hope.
Thoughts of red lines up and down your inner thighs relieving pain.
Causing you to contemplate red lines across your wrist to **** it all.
One loud scream as you face yourself.
Devil in a mirror disappears as you close your eyes.
Mind is blank as you take a breath.
Smile across your face as you silence painful thoughts.
Strength is rising, realizing warmth of light is always creeping in through the cracks.
People need to remember that no matter how bad things get there are cracks in everything that’s how the light gets in.
Michael John Nov 2018

but then i flicked it
off a nearby stick
and danced to some
on some skanky
of grey
and love
thus relieving
the boredom
and stress
paint and not
there oh therre
so i enjoyed
there and gods
smiled down..
Ma Cherie Oct 2016
The house is quiet, only my whisper is heard...

oh, I guess I'm such a nerd,
are you hanging on my every word?

OK good, come on, let's go,

Shadows drifting, so discreet,
fowl breath, a cut out sheet,
  hard to move these trembling feet
a waiting guest, for me to greet?
not a trick, I hope a treat!?!

Perhaps the reaper comes this way
he knows of this, a game I play?
waking Crowley, where he lay,

I grab ahold the banister,
and step around the stair valute,
the air grows dark and thick again,
as everything is put in mute,
until a bell, I pause to think,
perhaps a playing flute?

Prolly not & that's real cute,
or maybe
inquiries of  candied loot?

True that,

I wait to hear again, a ding,
the joy of laughter it will bring,
the songs again my heart will sing,

I grip the rail, I'm petrified
a ghostly ghoul,
me, has spied
I move away,
from where I hide,

Shhhhhh be quiet,

My legs are heavy,
I slowly stepped,
you escorted,
up I crept
tears I wish,
that I had wept,
I move my hand,
away are swept,
no way for me to leave, get out,
they'd never hear me scream & shout
trudging on with wary doubt,
I bite my lip,
I moan & pout,
in every step, as I grow brave,
climbing up, a darkened grave,
with every step, my soul to save,

Very dramatic poet,
emmmm thanks, read on,

I reach the top in my suspense,
ahead I say, in my defense,
sorry if you're feeling tense,

It's alright,

I open up the door ahead,
filling me & you with dread,
dragging knuckles, telluric bed,
I look, in horror, shrilling,
a glowing face, chilling,
peeking, must be the one,
that I,
... am seeking!

I chuckle at the sounds of creaking,
bones & boards beneath my feet
they tell,
so sneaking up?
you lived in hell?
so I give up
hey, where's the bell?

Oh hear it is, that's just swell,
I know right?
Thanks for finding it though,

Look out!?!

Jumping out, you give a start,
I feel it pump inside my heart,
looks as if I need black art,


Your not afraid?
you silly girl, let me give
another whirl
a bony hand, sweeps & swirls
tattered sheets they creep & twirl

You do your best
to discourage guests
I'm prepared for any scary test
Yes I'm different from the rest,
& by the way,
you mustn't know that I am blessed
I'm not leaving, you may have guessed

Some pumpkins happy
some are scary
the children here,
they shan't be wary
I am not, no I am nary
this may be a fateful twist
but by the gods I have been kissed
sorry but your aim, it missed

I know that I look a witch
as I move my nose & give a twitch
but my dear, I pulled a switch

I raise my hands, I curse your words
as spirits cry, my voice, is heard
I bind you here, your soul I gird,
I cast a spell, hogtie your feet
take a bite, it's really sweet
yes my dear please have a treat
do you mind, if I have a seat?

I call my spoon, my kettle stirring,
as he speaks,
the words are spurring,
I laugh aloud, as kitty's purring,
supernatural events, occurring,
as caldrons bubble, broomsticks fly,
& Frankenstein went walking by,
his Mummy gives a wistful sigh,

Your look of shock, a priceless one,
like someone just removed the sun,
I dare not say, a silly pun?

No it's very good,
Oh hey thanks friend,

As breaking glass of aged pane's
& your attempts to stop me,
all in vain,

In  rattlin' of my heavy chains
relieving bones,
from what they weigh
as my skeleton comes out to play
protecting children as you prey,
wave a wand, a hand & down I slay,

Too much?

No, go on...

The werewolf howling at the moon
growling baying, softly croons,
a clown I think might be a goon,
the wicked hour coming soon,
cackling witches laugh &  snicker
spirits run & candles flicker
demons plot, giggle...
... snicker,
rubbing hands,
they fight & bicker,


I must admit their kinda spooky
Some are cute and kinda kooky,
To me look like a bunch of groupies,

Ha ha, good one poet!
Oh, well thanks!

I give my stick another flick,
I guess I gotta few more tricks!?
as fires dance in flaming licks,

Ewwww, I like it...

Halloween no time for fools,
the banshee comes with gaurding ghoul,
we're taking him to scaring school

Oh very cool,
yeah I made some room,

You can ride with banshee there,
the one with all the crazy hair,
you'll be alright just don't stare,
It's not as if I just don't care,

Huh!?! Great,

The unwanted speaks,

Well my dear, I'd say we're even
but temporary guess I'm leavin'
and your magic I might believin
pretty good, you think you won
congrats again, it's been real fun
a spell like yours can be undone


Oh I see, you think my best?
wait a sec, I'll get undressed
something here I must confess

Most these monsters are my friends
on whom my back I can depend
do your thing, with time you spend

That's okay, you go ahead
I don't wanna end up dead
and now I see, an empty bed
& your face is just filled with dread
boy you're really turning red
must be all the ink I bled

Careful now,
is this just a story?
filled with rhymes,
& kinda gory,
finding out is mandatory,

Now I jump out,
- I just say BOO
I guess, you see-
the tricks on you!

Happy Halloween!

Great ending,

Awww thanks for the love,
yeah sure do love this time of year,
lotsa fun, this one,

Enjoy a candy,
& thanks for coming!

Cherie Nolan © 2016
Halloween, ooooo...
Spooky fun!?! Does it make any sense!
Oh I love monsters Inc, must be I remembered!
Michael John Sep 2018
here a sleight prayer to the gods of precipitation
for the garrulous little swallows in the agave
decorating like trifling bits of finery
whilst the sky waves and waves come crashing..

thanks be to the gun metal of gray
a cheery wave to the non existant horizon
hooray,for the cooled southerly breezes
while day cries our scorched and when

yesterday but the day before and now now..
the collection of sighed the changes so
say cool and the sweet perfumes..
the relieving rain rains down..

We curtseyed away and disinfected the air with our apologies

My Dad seethed;
opportunities lost of relieving the torment

It took hours
But we patched him back together
The only way we knew how..

With caution, and warmth shielding him.. bringing him home
I know I miss my Dad when I wish we could relive supporting him through his trauma. Love and miss you every day, I never say it, it's been 9 years in April and I'm still numb
Jellyfish storms touching tentacles to earth,
What molecules make God-
Carbon, mercury;
iridium pooling
Maybe in pencils, scratching at
Isotopes 1,3.
Sodium acetate drawing me.
And the metallurgy,
Periodic charts His polymer a higher Gravity
So what will God take from me;
Magnetizing ions holding atoms fast
Taste like Dreams.
I breathe, relieving particles for brief seas
hung with clouds, leaves
Maybe it's just His cough and it's
vibration, shaking light into sunrises
fired with hydrogen stars sliding
over Time until it resigns.
To Infinity
Unto Holy
Lou Gopal Feb 8
One, two, three, four...
The dream shakes you down to your core.
Eyes open, breath in breath out, jerky.
Panic attack, heart thumping, sweaty.
Reach out .. bottle, pills, water.
Feel the lorazepam flying through your veins.
It’s not the same, no not the same...

It takes a few minutes for the calming effect
to convince me it was just a nightmare.
The same dream I’ve had for two years.
It visits me regularly like an old friend, but not friendly.
I try to sleep, cloak myself with the dark of night
that blankets me like a layer of comfort, a soothing.
I exhale, feel my breath rush out, relieving my fright.
I imagine a creak on the stair, was it real ?
Panic rises again.
I’m alone.
He’s here !

If it weren’t for the drugs,
I'd scream until the windows shattered.'s  just the cat.
A dramatic symphony,
Echoes from billowing clouds above,
The marble sky glows with golden warmth,
At times even the orb is concealed,
Gusts of wind fly past,
Like driving a car with the windows down,
White flashes illuminate brief moments,
This marks the beginning.

As diamonds descend from above,
I turn upwards smiling,
The cold weather relieving a tropical heatwave,
The water replenishing parched soil,
The blessings replenishing parched souls.
Rick Dec 2018
He has dug deep wounds into the sockets of my eyes
And rang sounds so horrendous that my eardrums burst to escape
Vocal cords were vandalized, relieving my vulnerability to cry
Still, some senses remain so I reach out to feel your memorable shape.
My only fear feeds on what's left of my fading corpse
That your skin be burnt or your body damaged beyond fix
And all I'll have is my last remaining force
Then I shall recall you with my lips
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil
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