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louis rams Nov 2015
to all my music lover friends and poets
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louis rams Oct 2015
Heavens gates were opened wide as they waited for them to arrive
The wings were waiting fluffed up and ready as the line
Moved quick and steady.
When at the gate they did reach and waited for that heavenly speech
SAINT PETER there in all his glory telling everyone CHRIST S story/
That they are there because of him and their wings they did win.

Departed souls as far as the eyes could see all happy as can be.
Inside the gates was family - waiting for relatives patiently.
The greeting process is hard to describe as their lights blind your eyes.
It looks like millions of fireflies lighting up the entire sky
They say all the souls lit up - creating the brightness of the sun
And the color of the moon are the souls which will enter soon.
There‘s a reunion going on in the heavens above
Where friends and family are showing their love.
,No more tears , no more pains , mo more bigotry,  cause we‘re all the same
All the heaven will rejoice when they hear the LORD S voice
So there is no need to shed a tear , for we are all under GODS care..
© L . RAMS 100515
louis rams Sep 2015
I say this prayer and I’m leaving it for you
Because you know what I’m going through
I don’t ask for money or for fame
Just for health so that I may see
How to raise my family.

With good health I could make a living
And handouts will not have to be given.
So many of us with death related sicknesses both young and old
And when we go to the doctor is when we’re told.

It is a burden which is hard to bare - then with the family
This news we must share.
How do you tell a loved one that you have a certain amount of time to live
When in your heart you have so much yet to give.

So dear GOD this prayer goes out to you
Let us see what you will do.
We know that not all of us can be saved , some of us must go to our graves.
Because you have a job for us to do , and it can’t be done
Till we’re with you.
© L . RAMS 090315
louis rams Sep 2015
All you could see was the blood trickle down the devils sickle
As he laughs away at his new deaths today.
He knows there are many who will go astray
And with evil they love to play.

These are the ones who will lose their souls
Because in life they had no control.
Had they listened and looked around
GODS kingdom they would have found.

In the meantime the devil sits in his lair
Cause he knows he’ll get his share.
Some sins may look to be fun , but you’re under the devils gun.

He makes the world so enticing to where you want to explore
Never thinking that you’re opening up his door.
Although he may be a worthy opponent
GOD he could never defeat and will always be underneath GODS feet.
© L . RAMS 090215
louis rams Sep 2015
When  everything goes wrong and nothing goes right
And we no longer have the will to fight.
When hope is just a word , and your heart doesn’t
Want it to be heard.

When the bills are starting to pile , and you’ve
Been out of work for a while , and your health
Is taking its toll and you feel all alone.
When your friends are never there in your loneliness and despair.

This is when we must learn to cope and pray for guidance and hope. A simple prayer to GOD above to send down
His solutions and love.
Strange as it may sound I have found two -three key words
In my life. the father , the son , the holy ghost.
FAITH , HOPE , LOVE - both have been given to us from above.

So when you find yourself in despair , throw your problems
Up into the air cause stress will not take it away
So just kneel down and pray.
You’ve found your problems much too hard
Now its time to leave it to GOD.
© L . RAMS 090315
  Aug 2015 louis rams
Mike Essig
Dumbrowski was a 6 foot 5 giant
from some hell hole mining town
somewhere south of Pittsburgh.
All sinew and bulging muscle
he looked like a painting
of the perfect, invincible warrior.
Perhaps he heard the incoming
whistle of his private RPG.
He opened his arms as if
to welcome its deadly embrace.
I was circling low overhead
in the waiting medevac chopper.
The round took him directly in the chest.
Every part of him took off
in hilarious random directions.
Arms went east and west. Head skyward.
Legs and boots travelled south.
His entire thorax just vanished.
Blood, brains and skin
splattered everyone nearby.
Later we picked up the pieces
and bagged them for his ride home;
the torn shreds of a man who had been
human one minute and meat on the ground
just a few minutes later.
Invincibility is clearly relative.
RPG: rifle propelled grenade.
  Aug 2015 louis rams
Mike Essig
for all the names on that granite wall and many others...

I  Prelude

Vietnam broke my mind.
Now it runs like a cheap watch
always leaping about in time.
It pulls me backward into
strange visions of a world gone mad.
My life is time borrowed from corpses.
It is hard to lead your life
while you are stuck in another.
Time, the great healer,
only seems to make this worse.
Self-medication, legal meditation,
nothing seems strong enough
to stop the pounding of the rotors,
the screams of the men and the monkeys.
I have never been able to **** the demons
hidden in the tree lines of my mind.
Forty-three years later I'm still hiding
nauseous and naked in the napalmed jungle.
But my high mileage body clings to life:
the quest for immortality knows no shame.
Now I am a poet drunk on words,
stumbling over the illusion of art.
The more I know of language,
the less I understand life and loss.
And still the mortars rain down
in an eternal, inescapable monsoon.

II Place

Imagine a land that smells entirely of ****.
Only 70 miles wide in some places.
I flew above the abandoned bases of a war
that had been abandoned as well.
Places given up to the jungle
where 60,000 Americans died for nothing.
An implacable enemy that had fought
the Japanese and French before us
and had no doubt they would prevail.
A very beautiful place seen from the air
if no one was trying to eradicate you.
Skinny children, old women, many ******.
A place where real tigers might well
leap from ambush and eat you alive
and snakes so deadly that once bitten
you only got two steps before death.
Breathtaking sunsets and sunrises.
And the possibility of doom everywhere.
Rice paddies, mountains, triple canopy jungle.
Gorgeous beaches and an ocean laden
with sharks and sea snakes for company.
A place where death picked his teeth and smiled.

III Action

Stark terror is the mother of combat;
the rage of Peleus son Achilles
drives the soldier into the filed teeth
of impossibly horrible situations.
Not for America or the Stars and Stripes
but for the man next to you
whom you probably didn't even know.
Never ask why one man dies
and the one beside him lives on.
I shot an NVA regular from 20 feet
with a Colt Model 1911 45 automatic.
Got him exactly in the chest.
He looked very surprised to be dead.
I was surprised I didn't miss.
At An Loc a Huey 20 yards from mine
loaded with 18 hopeful human beings
took a rocket up the *** and
disintegrated into a debris cloud
of metal fragments and pink mist.
No bodies to be bothered with,
no pieces large enough to identify.
A CIA officer executing the wounded.
A tame **** torturing his countryman.
The exquisitely horrific moment when
you know you are falling, not flying.
The partner cut in half by a machine gun
five feet from where I stood.
Do not try to make any sense of this.
Fall back on the mantra: *don't mean nothing.

Cling to that and you may stay sane.
Apparently, God was busy for ten years
and never bothered to visit Vietnam.

IV Comrades

Forget that band of brothers *******,
we were more like a desperate rabble
with no one to count on but each other.
Sometimes a brother shares the blood
in your veins; sometimes you know him
by the blood that flows from his.
You scream, you curse, you try so hard
and he dies like a huge baby in your arms.
Vietnam was a club you could only join
by being there deep in the ****.
Now we are old men but our memberships
will never expire until we do.
And who will remember us then.

V Aftermath

Treated like lepers, we slunk home,
each to do the best he could.
Many died in the denouement of
drugs, alcohol, homelessness, suicide.
When I got home I wanted to be alone,
to be with people, lots of *****,
but only with no emotion attached,
an ocean of Jack Daniels, lines of coke,
mountains of ***, electro-shock therapy,
calm sleep without nightmares
and sometimes the comfort of a quick death.
Not much different than most I think.
Saigon fell. Don't mean ******* nothing.
Only some of us remember and want you to know
so you won't be fooled again.
Forget the past and it will bite you in the ***. Some stories demand to be told and heard. Like slavery, Vietnam will haunt America until it recognizes the great evil that was done. Evil can never be wished away.
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