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louis rams Sep 2020
The spirit within

It would be quite a sin if I didn’t speak of the spirit within
This is my webpage called ‘the spirit within”
We all have that spirit waiting to be free and it’s
Within you and me.
Some may do it thru the preaching of words
So that their voices could be heard.
Others may do it through their gift of sound
And sing it to everyone that’s around.
Some may do it just like me - through
The words of poetry.
Some may do it while they pray and tell
The LORD what they have to say, and ask
His guidance from above to protect all the ones they love.

This is “ the spirit within “ so open the doors and let it in.
Many of us keep it locked up inside  looking for a place
For it to hide.
Afraid to speak thinking of what people may say
And laughing at them from day to day.
If we do not speak then no one will ever know
of  ‘The spirit within” AND that my friend is a crying sin.
© L . RAMS 090520
release your inhibitions
louis rams Sep 2020
(in The News) Human Trafficking And Slavery

something that should have gone out
with the dark ages 'still rages'.

human trafficking and slavery for the almighty dollar
and no one to hear the screams and hollers.

young children being forced into prostitution
and not one country with a solution.
parents selling their children to get out of debt
just to make ends meet
a problem which they can not defeat.

yet we classify ourselves as humane?
now that's a crying shame.

if your mother or father was sold as a slave
is that the road that you would pave?

they steal the most precious things
from these boys and girls.
their innocence and their childhood
and turn around and say it's good!

these people say that it's too late
and of no use, to try to stop this
worldwide abuse.

maybe it's time for noahs ark
to reappear, and instill in their hearts
the almightys fear.

but the LORD had done this once before
and we had found another door.
so i guess the solution is not
just for the LORD to decide.

but for all of humanity to see
that this destruction has exceeded their realities.

the LORD has to soften our hearts
and weaken our minds
in the hopes that we will find
all the values we left behind.

louis rams Sep 2020
My heart is no longer soft and red but has become cold and dead
It was trampled like the blades of grass and just as without water
It did not last ,It became dry, withered and died.

No longer did the sun shine down upon it covered with
Dark heavy clouds - that’s all that was around , and yet
One blade of grass stood as tall as can be waiting for
The sunshine to set it free.
Yet there was something that I never knew - could
The clouds disappear and let the sun shine through ?

Could that blade of grass regenerate life to all the rest
And is it strong enough to pass the test.
Unlike the rest of the field that had turned brown
This one blade stood it s ground.
Will it survive ? Who is to say !
It may come back another day.
© L . RAMS 090120
louis rams Sep 2020
To feel the sun s rays upon my face
To know that I am in his grace.
To see the stars come out at night
So he could keep us within his sight.
To see the trees, the grass, the flowers in bloom
And knowing they will end much too soon.
The mountains, the valleys, the rivers, the streams
And everything in between.
Waterfalls, ponds, lakes and such - everything
Within our touch.
Birds of the air, animals of the ground
All of GOD S creatures can be found.
This is the breath of life of which I speak
All created in less than a week.
Look at the moon coming out at night
And the universe in plain sight .
Enjoy the five senses that he has given
And make your life so worth  living.
© L . RAMS 090120
louis rams Nov 2015
to all my music lover friends and poets
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louis rams Oct 2015
Heavens gates were opened wide as they waited for them to arrive
The wings were waiting fluffed up and ready as the line
Moved quick and steady.
When at the gate they did reach and waited for that heavenly speech
SAINT PETER there in all his glory telling everyone CHRIST S story/
That they are there because of him and their wings they did win.

Departed souls as far as the eyes could see all happy as can be.
Inside the gates was family - waiting for relatives patiently.
The greeting process is hard to describe as their lights blind your eyes.
It looks like millions of fireflies lighting up the entire sky
They say all the souls lit up - creating the brightness of the sun
And the color of the moon are the souls which will enter soon.
There‘s a reunion going on in the heavens above
Where friends and family are showing their love.
,No more tears , no more pains , mo more bigotry,  cause we‘re all the same
All the heaven will rejoice when they hear the LORD S voice
So there is no need to shed a tear , for we are all under GODS care..
© L . RAMS 100515
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