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W Oct 2019
It's dark
It's cold
It's smells like death
Dirt I suppose
And here I lay
Curious as can be , to venture forth
It Looks like my destiny
A light shines and I break this seed
But now im old
My energy depletes
Ah but I see
The last thing I see...
It's green...

Now the leaf to the branch to the
Rest of the tree..
The question here now is
Does the top leaf who shines and
See all that can be seen..

Does he or she remembers
That it started from me..
I mean seed?
Give it a shot I guess
Seán Mac Falls Jul 2018
Its form was made for sky,
Reaching into hung heavens.

In the amniotic soils are blood
Veins of bone becoming root.

At the earths breaking is light
Green within the sprouts barking.

To the golden sun on its journey,
The trunks ring into skies praying.

More leaves do come as everlasted
Springs in new revolutions of years.

All the twined branches are knotted
As they grasp the blue firmaments.

And scriptures of heavens proclaim,
Here be journaled leaves, life seeding.
Gee Jun 2018
Contrasting to the roots of the tree,
Search for water,
For food,
Similarities to humans in need.
Give water to both these living inspirations.
Cné May 2017
In my most desperate need
seek out a bush by a tree
rewarded with a rash on my rear end
relieving, with a squat, by poison ivy

No thank you, I will take a chance
in hopes of saving my ***
and hold it until I just can't
and avoiding a nasty rash
even if it means ....
I will possibly *** my pants

Temporal Fugue
*** the least of your worries
as your bladder will expand
making you make decisions
not all that good, or planned

So make your place
and keep your wits
bear, what you can stand
drop your drawers and hold your ****
and ***, as god, demands
Yes, these are very important issue to discuss among friends! **** seriously, it's not funny. # sarcasm
Phoenix Bekkedal Apr 2017
The tree
By my birth
Stood strong
To compensate
For my weakness

The tree
Stood stronger
For I was the tallest
In my class and my head

The tree
I loved never
Never fell nor waned
At the sight of the moon
Nor lightning streaming down

This tree
Stems out my
Hefty brooding lungs
Stems out my
Every ambition
Grows from my
Red blood and
How I hum with
Unbelievable strength
Out your window
Beckoning you to listen to
The tree in me
The tree in me is an old oak with scars on its branches of young lovers carving their ambitions into my skin.
In my vicinity there is
A garden  so green
Winters and
All do agree

A walking track
Joggers track
Yoga corner
A gymming area along the track
Everyone seems to be enjoying

Early morning enthusiasts
Late bloomers all love the place

A  poetry recital Corner
An occasional artist
Capturing the beauty of the place

Conversations of the Elderly
Reliving memories from
Back in the day

The children in the play area
Going Merry-go-round
And sliding , happy and gay

A canopy of trees
Sheltering the track

Come Summers
The trees bearing  flowers in bloom
Purple orange pink
Most special of All
A yellow so Mellow
(Indian Laburnum)
Leaving no trace of green
Cascading in delicate blooms

A granite  seat placed
A feeling so divine
A favourite of mine !!
Sitting quietly under a tree
Brings immense peace and tranquility.
I call mine , 'The Bodhi Tree'
Scarlet Niamh Apr 2017
You pulled me close and I smelled leather,
the scent of rain clinging and weaving
through you like ivy. Your breath rustled
like the trees we climbed together, laughing
and carefree. My eyes were as blue as the dead
sea and yours only looked at me. We
sat in those branches, warm and safe.

Sometimes in the dark the smell of morning
dew and fresh leather hits me and I feel
a melancholy too intense to understand.
I hear your breath next to me. My eyes
used to be as blue as the dead sea, yours
are a distant memory. Now I sit in these
branches, cold and alone, wondering
when you will come home to me.
~~ Ah, the shivers of loneliness along my arms. ~~
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