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Nicole 9h
May I remove these hooks from my heart
Dislodge ice-hot metal from burning flesh

May the air rush through these wounds
A fresh breath, painful and promising

May I feel the emptiness in freefall
As the universe guides me into the unknown

May these holes built of loss and longing
Transform into refuge for peace and calm

I know that a life in chains isn't living
As I know letting go requires faith

May I find the courage to break away from painful familiarity
And to fall into the terrifying freedom of oblivion
Nicole 9h
I am transfixed
Held in place by chains of anxiety
I have gouged their hooks deep into my chest
As if their restraint could keep me safe
Believing the lies that they whisper
That beauty can still grow in a life without risk
But healing has taught me well
Not to trust sermons built from trauma
I can see this trap I've built myself into
And I ask the Universe to guide me through it
Nicole Sep 15
You are a kite
Cutting recklessky through the sky
Beautiful and mesmerizing
Trailed by flags of burning crimson

Transfixed from across the bar
Intrigued by your grace and aggression
I am entranced by the rhythm of your soul
Waiting patiently for your return

You are all encompassing
Belting out gorgeous notes of a song
I lean into you with a gentle confidence
As I try not to stare

You ask me to ride with you sometime
Which would be far into the future
It's like you want me to be in your life
But I remember that you're just drunk

My yearn to kiss you is visceral
As you talk I smell ***** on your breath
And while I won't kiss you while you're drunk
I fantasize the taste of your lips on mine

My body grazing yours is electric
Making all of my cells vibrate erratically
You hold me in intoxicated bliss
Like I'm drowning in your energy

Being with you floods my brain in dopamine
So I crave your attention like a drug
My brain buzzes when I think of you
But thoughts never feel like enough

I want you like I want a drink
So I know I should stay away
But I also know it'd be so worth it
To get high on you sometime
Nicole Aug 18
I've spent so long
Chasing after butterflies
Following the flutters
And rarely touching the ground
Mistaking the excitement of new
For the deepness of love
I've come and gone so many times
Feeling waves of lust wash over me
Partially "in" at any moment
With one foot always ready to step out
Letting the past drip away
As new feelings flood back in
In this new life I notice glimmers
The sparks of energy from before
Sunshine glinting off the water
The breeze echoing off butterfly wings
What once consumed me entirely
Now barely asks for pause

When I met you, the entire world stopped
When we kissed, the earth shifted beneath us
I fell in love with your soul as it danced with mine
That first day and every one after.

You are not the flutters, you are the life propelling them
You are not waves, but the moon commanding the sea
You are you and I am me and somehow
The Universe brought us together
I love you more than I've ever known
And I want to give you everything
My soul knows yours so intricately
And I'll love you for all of eternity
Nicole Aug 18
Years sprawl backwards
Across the baren hills behind me
From this distance I see more clearly
The tangled knots of pain I tied so tightly
Trying to lock away the burn of loss
Trying to hide the sting of caring
The intricate dance of ropes
Gently cascading together
The ache is all connected
All the hurt melded into one system
Across the landscape of my history
Too many years pretending I didn't care
So much time spent shielding my eyes
Filling the space with distractions and
Convincing myself that I had to do life alone
Abandoning myself and my people
Under the false pretense of self-sufficiency
I traded showing up with vulnerability
For empty space and loneliness
Feelings I could hide and fill instead
Of risking rejection from those I love
I've cut connections with a blade
So sharp and unnecessary
Instead of trying to hold and support them
Knotting the end like a clean cut
When there's nothing clean about loss
Ignoring the burn like I didn't care
Until years later I can't run from it anymore

Back home for the first real time in 10 years
There's nowhere left to hide
The ropeburn aches across my limbs
Leaving tattered patterns along my skin
Now I'm trying to live inside the fire instead
Not running or hiding from the truth anymore
If I want to grow beyond burns and flames
Then I have to feel through all the pain
I spent so long trying to regret nothing; I was wrong
Nicole May 15
I'm embarrassed on some level
To still hold on to our memories
Not because of you in any way
But because I'm the one who left

I'm usually good at reconnecting
But with you it's been so different
I like to be open with my emotions
But I'm afraid to be this vulnerable

I think about that night when
I didn't look back as we parted ways
You thought I didn't care at all
But I was terrified by how much I did

We tried gaming as friends
And you bought me Pitch Black
I didn't tell you how I felt back then
Because I thought I'd just hurt you again

When we broke up
I told you I needed to find myself
While it probably felt like a lie then
It turned out to be the truth

I always hoped in my heart that
We'd be together again one day
And as bad as that sounds
I knew I wasn't good enough yet

If I'd have married you then
Instead of killing this on impact
I'd have disintegrated us slowly
And I couldn't do that to you

I want to tell you about my growth
About the therapy and my sobriety
I want to show you how I've changed
But it all feels so selfish

Because the truth is that
I wasn't ready to show up in 2015
And even though it's been this long
I never stopped loving you

We don't even know each other anymore
But these feelings won't go away
I doubt you even think about it still
Or maybe I'm scared it's just me

I've been torn over this for years
Although I trust how I feel
I'm afraid of what you'd say
Because you deserve only the best

And even if it makes no sense
I'm still scared to let you down
Nicole Feb 23
They move through my head so
Its hard to keep up
But then a thought
Flying through the web of my mind
Gets caught
And sticks.


"Did I turn off the stove?"
If I didn't
If fire
Dead pets
If dead pets
Dead me
If dead me
Pain to those I love.


The thoughts hit a wall.
There is a moment of pause.
"Everything is ok, I always turn off the stove."




"But what if I didn't?"
It is back again
Clinging like a sticky-hand.
Until I notice
I'm doing it again.
And over
And over again.
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