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She saved his name

In the dearest part of the

Places in her phone-book

As him

As the wall-paper

As the ringing tone

As the welcome message

As the shut-down message

As the reboot message

As the password

As the screen lock

As the screen saver

Because it was him.

She saved his name

In the tender-most spot of the

Tissues in her juvenile heart

As the billow of her night

As The pillar of her tired body

As the undergird for her weak shoulders

As The king of her threatened soul

As The man of her womanhood

As the human part missing in her nature

Because it was him.

She led herself wallow in the

Most turmoil of the whirlpool

in his social-sphere that came to her

Young academic world

For money

For sanity

For sanitation

For security

For preparedness

For social emergence

For the future calamity

And for self-completion

Because it was him

And he was available.

Married, settled and most available,

Available to all; the young, the adult and the aged

Available to men, bi-curious and women

Available to the poor, peasant and the owning,

Available to the unschooled, the so-so, and the knowing,

Available to the widows, the married and the divorced

Available to the immaculate, the citizens of red-street world

The Harem keepers, red-tent keepers and the ****’s protégée,

Available to the Arabs, Negroes, Asians, the black Jews, Chinese and the Albinos,

Available to the whites, Ab-origins, the lame, the bearded and ****-less women,

Available to the epileptic, the ghosts, the dead, and for the burial rituals of the Luo,

Available he was in extra version as a Libertino.

By Alexander Opicho

(From, Lodwar, Kenya)
It is only a big fool that marries from a matriarchal family
And a heavy-weight duffer marrying from the matriarchal clan
There is always a poisonous cobra, mamba and adder in the matriarchal
Beauty. Snaring like calypso to thrash the callow ridden odyssey in the lover
As it went for the stooges in Kenya blind to the colubrine station falling in love
With daughters, spinsters, wenches, damsels and brunetes of matriarchal heritage
They were swallowed by the inherent colubrine queen at the bottom of matriarchy
It swallowed them all, lawyers, warriors, merchants, politicians, beggars, billionaires,
Lordships of top-notch corporations, gurus of research, legends of foot-ball, din magnates
Negroes, Asians, Britons, Teutonic, Luos, Mulmbe men, Mijikenda and all that had money,
Their kinsmen and tribes now grieve in a song,
Chanting the song of loss in my mother tongue;
Sialile papa!sialile papa! Sicha esirove!
Sialile yaya!sialile yaya! Sicha esirove!
Wanangali wa wabaseve,Niiye wamulile!
Emenyele buli abira! yakhaba mukisumu!
Ese beve! ese beve! ese beve!ese beve!

By-Alexander Opicho
(From Lodwar, Kenya)
Bribing for Uthamaki survival,
Made Kenya a fortune’s fool,
Not only Kenya but those that gave
And received bribes of all sorts,
Job favour and money favour
To make Uthamaki an eternal kingdom,
They all chewed un-toothsome slices
Of the public fortune’s fools,

They were bribed by cars, money, jobs,
Lands, upmarket houses. And all the stuffs
Of bribery regalia, and then they went dumb,
On truth and facts of the day; them; Chiloba and
Chebukat, dumb they went holus-bolus in the manacle
Of the claws of Uthamaki and its jostle for eternity,
Like the victims of slaughter in Tolstoyan epics.
They hated the truth and fell in love with falsehood,
Feeding children of Kenya on the brutality of Gebelawi,
Faked elections and police brutality in the alley of Samantha,
She died seeing the club of a full geared anti-riot police, it was
All but power of the bribe in the vacuum of conscience,
The true desire of our ages, ages, ages, ages; desire for ages,
A bribe can ****, yes it killed Musando,
A bribe can ****, yes it killed Juma,
A bribe can ****, yes it killed Samantha Pendo,
A bribe can **** yes it killed Stephanie on the balcony,
The bribe kills brutally when taken in line of duty,
A job promotion to job security fight for Uthamaki,
It kills brutally when received in line of avarice;
More land, houses in Karen, swollen bank dove-cots,
Free lunch and air-ticket windows of the bribe,
That can ******* to death when siring Uthamaki,

A bribe kills reason, mires power of truth,
A bribe fetters love for truth but bigotry extolled,
It can sent you to Paris sprinting with the keys
To the server room stuffed in your pocket,
A bribe warps the mind of the giver and the taker,
It makes democracy look the platter on which
Was John’s head, I mean the Baptist,

Uthamaki nourishes itself on the power of crime,
Looting, corruption, ***** riches, prostitution, lawless
hawking, Cartels, land-stealing, insider contracting,
faked academic testimonies, employment by tribe,
gangstering like Mungikification of the youths, insider
tendering, and now computer-generated uthamaki
all but nothing less than power of the bribe,

legerity is full in the hands of Uthamaki,
to condemn the sit that loves the truth,
fairness and justice is the harmful light to the bat’s eye
of Uthamaki, Uthamaki and the truth are oil and water,
uthamaki and the truth are as a Muslim and pork
uthamaki and the truth are an Israeli and an Arab,
they are an anti-thesis, Kenya a battle-field. Uthamaki
the thesis of imperial selfishness, democratic truth
the poor child of Kenya on the guillotine made of bribe,

Uthamaki has the name an epiphany all over,
Hospitals, schools, roads, avenues, maternity homes
Colleges, toilets, airports, prisons, barracks beyond zero,
And so forth, they all bare the name Uthamaki,
Uthamaki where are your age-mates and prison mates
Imprisoned for parting in struggle for freedom, Uthamaki,
You have stolen Kenya’s history and slaughtered the owners
At the slaughter-stone of bribe, using the tribe as your Knife,
Jacob Ekirapa! who killed you?
Your body was found puddled,
In blood that oozed out behind your head,
In your car you slept humble as in life,
Gorged in a trench downslope Kanduyi,
You were smiling in death as you ever did in life
Mindless to the murderer’s lethal object that crushed
Your head from the nape, an early a shot to the realm of deads,

Your Life in Lodwar City was Godly and peaceful
Serving God via varsity teaching as service to mankind
You quarreled not but you ever oozed intellect,
The Turkana chicken that roosted in your hearth you never
Went foxy to un-feather, deep in purity, a godly conscience,
As colleagues and friends were on a pageant of amorous mighty,
In a rampage, chasing women, money and Tusker at costs possible
Within the range of snobbish freedom that Lodwar-heat allowed,
Then you beautifully pitched and harvested a job at home,

Only to work at home with vintage discipline,
Serving the County people, Bungoma of your birth,
Least in your ken that the owl is ogling at you
With the certain lust of death, it killed you whole-meal
As if it has never killed, as if it has never killed, as if...
Killing you was the apex of glory for those that fear a spark
Of talent, discipline, brilliance, ****** hygiene, generosity and
Technical competence in the nerves of a youth which you evinced,

Jacocb Ekirapa! Who killed you?  was it a man or a woman?
Did the Bukusu people **** you because you are son of a Teso?
Or the a Teso killed because you had a job and then becoming rich?
The accident theory was a smoke-screen, to throw us off-sleuth
You killer hides behind a stage managed crush of your new car,
God could have allowed dialogue between the dead and the living
For you to tell me the man who killed you, why he killed you and how,
You are a friend that death robbed me, leaving me in a lurch of full despair,
In this world that is full of gossipers, sadists, bigots, wrys, sardonics, waifs, saddos,
Thieves, stooges, copy-cats, tribalists, self-congratulators, killers, egotistic egoists,
Making me now a neurotic listologist, but all in all, your death hit me hard below my belt,
Like the lunch treat of full Tilapia and Ugali you often did to me in the Oasis of Lodwar town,

Life on earth is a precursor of death, and death a harbinger of eternity
An obvious quoith for the arrow of your soul, truly, amid the 24 elders of heaven,
An obvious station of your un-blemished soul, Godly defiance to the folly of your killers,
Stupid, imbecile, idiotic, buffoonish black Africans that killed you, their own Sun, educated son
They **** a milch-cow that saves them from kwashiorkor, marasmus and poverty, a black man is comfortable in despair of poverty where voodoo looms, but not in a clime where young-men are schooled, clean, educated, employed and rich-a promise of tomorrow,
They killed you but forgive them, they also killed Ken Saro Wiwa, Stephen Adongosi, Steve Biko, Martin Luther King, Jacob Juma, John Kituyi, Meshack Yebeyi, Dr. Masinde of Kanduyi-thence, they are like that, they **** their own solutions only to fall back into mire of poverty-these black idiots,
By Alexander Opicho
(From Lodwar, Kenya)
This poem is written in memory of my intellectual friend, Jacob Okisegere Ekirapa, he was killed in August 2015 by being bitten to death and left in his own car in the road-side gorge at Kanduyi, along Nairobi –Kampala road, his killers have never been known, but work-mates and tribesmen from Teso community, Bungoma County are the key suspects
She is a daughter of mild madness,
Visiting the humble who’re vulnerable,
To grip of kleptomania and depressive manic,
Like Shakespeare and Fyodor in the lands yonder,
But often once in a while of the blue lunar,
Not caring the social class or material status,
She boldly loves those wallowing in the pauper’s mire,
For they have nothing but time to court her to bed,
Bed her down with patience and request for a turn,
In lovely contrast to the bed room dilemma,
She mocks the rich for boredom in the huge tummy,
They stuff her up with un-called for luxuries,
And they deny her love in freedom to behave poorly,
Her deep-hearted secret, bed-fellowing the poorly,
For the sweet gift is in the time they give to her,
Like a decade of Odysseus turmoil with calypso,
And Pope’s time with art in his torture by wants,
To sing the short knowledge is dangerous,
On a shallow sip of the pyrene spring,
In the classical charm in the  essay of man,
A strain that only visit the neurotics,
Juba you are ******-red!
Like noon-back of the red sea,
As if Tinka and Nuer we know,
Is complexion-ly red?
But no, they are all dark,
Under weight of melanin,
Only that your guns yell deaths,
And fluvial rivulets of blood,
Afloat are fear-ridden refugees,
From a slaughter of your nation
To which you **** not,
As if you have a spare-part,
No, guns in Juba must down be
For us to talk and talk
By not listening to the echoes
Of our clans, tribes and races,
Only for our ears to ***** high
In dear audience to the agony,
In the voices of the widows,
Orphans and the starved ones
That had their trust and love
Once endowed into you
The state of Sudan in Juba,
… Nice,
In Paris,
He plotted
In his heart,
A sure menagerie
Of snakes without reserve,
But on a poor diet of piety,
So he designed and executed brutal deaths
To them all of no harm, ill-will or any know,
But he killed, killed by grinding them,
Do no size but smithereens of human flesh,
In no guest for mend of awry state,
A state without a nation
In cute passion of hate
Unto all of us that fearlessly say
Man must in freedom live.
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