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Merlie T Oct 2020
I remember these early times
The first
Downtown in the cold
Lights out.
Adults living like heathens
Teens on the streets
My inspiration
The freedom which comes
from taps on bricks
cold air to put
you right back in your body
It was freedom nonetheless
Growing up in Eugene as young teens we would frequent the downtown bus station where scores of transient teens would congregate to talk of life, meaning, use drugs and debate existence after childhoods of parental neglect.
Nicholas Kurtz Aug 2015
The river runs it runs with greed
The fast cash of the lucky
Makes it's way to sea

And poison floats with this poison greed
The will of millions, cry out silently

Because they have no idea
about this poison greed
Poisoning our cities

The doctor tells the single mother
To eat an apple everyday
Which only supplement her daily

And baby was born just few pounds light
The tired mother relieved
Baby swaddled in a sheet
Of polybrominate

But all ends were it began
The conspirers of greed
Don't have to loose a thing
The toxic poisonous sludge doesn't run through their garden greens
Or is it all the mercury?

East of the railroad tracks
The man smoking crack
Behind a tree
Now breathing PCB's
From car exhaust and factory
Poor ****** breathes

And the lucky on lookers equipped to
Notice such a thing or anything
Watch in disbelief
They should all find relief, the poison is fair
It flows through everybody, everywhere

For nothing makes the people sing
Like a mix ethanol and manganese

Spin round and round and sing
This is called brainwashing
Drink your mix of ethanol and manganese
Watch your team throw the polyethylene
Trickle down, trickle
Your loosing the cells right from your brain
While a doctor writes you a prescription to go insane

After years of manganese and PCB's
Jimmy B is lost in the sea of toxins
But mom knows best
He's a hyper brat
Takes him to the doctor to get him
Doctor gives Jimmy a prescription
The devil's speed

Jimmy was focused
Jimmy didn't bother
Jimmys brain a couple grams lighter

The doctor intrigued gets a free meal
To switch Jimmy's speed
Four more Jimmies
Doctor can vacation expenses paid
By the sea

Jimmy keeps on taking his pills
Then over night
Jimmy hits his first pipe
Now that's some ******* good speed

And the story goes
Without relief
The government we know
Deligates neurological slavery
If you value life
You should value the mind
Nicholas Kurtz Jul 2014
Good things happen
To those
Who are
And good things seem too happen for me
Nicholas Kurtz Jul 2014
The ocean current
With each crests' crash
Flows from me
A part of me

A symbiotic tide
A rise
And fall
Inside of me

Breathes from me
And takes away
Anxious energy

Have you ever been somewhere
Where alone you feel
As if something,
Is taking care of you

No physical essence
Just well being
Feeling of nurturing

And in that glimpse of eternity

Something knows you,
Loves you

And like you
Is Free
Nicholas Kurtz Jul 2014
No one to talk too
My mouth is sore from being shut
My brain spinning with thought
I'd talk to the stars,
Even they didn't show up

The desert skies of royal hazey colors
New grounds for me
For others discovered

Through long plight before me
Spirits endlessly struggling

To bask
Under the hazey royal indigo
Desert skies

Enlightened wolves
Darkness despise
A free flow poem :)
Nicholas Kurtz Jul 2014
I met a gypsy couple the other day
In the park of course
They were a lovely, beautiful mess
Trucked in right from Santa Cruz

They loved lots
Only four days
Her car stuck in some lot

I laughed a bit
I had to admit
I too
Knew the feeling
Being stranded

I gladly changed their tune
Convinced them tomorrow
Come noon
They'd notice a chance of attitude

Another chance at eternity
A moment devine
And poetic as the last

There's no such thing as time?

We're all actors in a grand tragedy

Lost gypsy couple and believers of
Tiny miracles


Appreciating the tiny moments
Of eternity
An un edited story
The surrounding give me plenty of these
Tiny Moments of eternity
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