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I remember the taste of your lips.
I searched in panic
Trying to remember the last place
I put you.
Turning my pockets inside out
Conscious of the last time you were here
on my lips
Consciously knowing that I need you now.
It's been twenty-five minutes already
& I am craving the way you lick my lips.
I am in awe, your body pressed between my fingers.
My lips swallowed by your tongue.
I stand in silence.
Punished yet unpunished
The taste of your lips swirling against my lips
Patting my pockets then looking up
To see you've been in front of me the whole time.
Whether several seconds or several lifetimes
I am in constant protest.
If I were to lose you, consciously knowing that I need you now
Unconsciously knowing how much is left in you.
I stand in silence punished yet unpunished
Giving my lips to you
Until one of us parts
Jaxey Sep 2019
That's the difference
between myself and autumn
I can't let you go
the trees make it look so easy
I update my playlist at night
With songs that remind me of you
Tunes that sway me to sleep
Cause you're not here to
Your arms are missing
But I got more sheets
Now I'm held tight
The fan blows to replace your steady breathing
The soft exhales on my neck
I have my pillow a little higher
To fit your arm underneath
I've got your body
Now all I need is a sound
Something to be the heart that isn't here
I can almost feel you
But I can't feel your love
So I'm updating my playlist
It's the only way I'll sleep
I was a liability,
A wrecked one,
Even before you.
Carrying my hurt alone
Was oh so painful.
But the moment I met you,
You took away the weight
Like magic in your soul,
A baptism in your eyes.
You helped me heal the pain,
You gave me the love I never got.
You wrapped my wounds
And kissed my scars
But then you became one
When I realized I couldn't have you.
You filled the gap I've had all my life
Just an innocent friend
But I loved you more than that.
And the life you gave me
That you thought was healing me
Starting killing me.
I love you too much to ever let you know
That I crave your presence
But you're my vice
So I call you up
And let you think you helped
(It did)
(I needed you)
Even though it's followed by ***** and blades.
Now this childhood pain
That left me scarred and broken
Is ripped wide open
From every anticipation that came true.
It was never gone
Just hidden under the love I thought I could have.
Now this love
Is more painful than death itself
But I can't let you know
Every time I called you when I wanted to die
And you held me so tight
Desperately trying to heal the child inside of me
I left wanting death even more
Because all I ever needed was you.
But I can never have you.
Can I still call you?
I don't feel so well right now.
Lela May 2019
You are the light of my life
My morning sun and my evening moon
I want to reach you and stay by your side
Too bad you’re just “not in the mood”
Too bad “you have better things to do”
Because the only thing I do
is think of you

I dream
of you thinking about me too
Sometimes we want to be cared about by the wrong person
Bethany M P Apr 2019
You lead me on and gave me a dream,
Full of fantasy’s the pleasure has been redeemed,
I looked into your soul it was beautiful and bright,
You truly loved me cuz you never gave up not a day or night,
I let you in now deeper than ever before,
Something broke free and inside I could now explore,
I want to kiss you and get high off your love,
My pleasures are now sparked high and above,
Push in and pull me close,
Give me your love so I can overdose,
Touch my body everywhere,
Glide those fingers even down to there,
Kiss down my neck to my ******* as you please,
Now I’ll let my tongue and lips explore you and I know where to tease,
You’re my fire and I’m your flame,
At this moment not a soul was tame,
Breathe on my neck and pull me to your chest,
And up inside something pressed,
The movement was right,
And the pleasure took flight,
You and me were up all night..
143 Mar 2019
This place is a hell hole
I never realized what my sisters were talking about when I was little and we’d come here but now it all makes sense
But some how, it’s worse
It’s like I’m a stranger, cut off from most
Usually when I felt this way I’d go and sit by my grandma and hug her neck
But now, she’s gone and I’m stuck being alone
I found myself, a lot, in crowded rooms standing by myself these past couple of days
My knees shaking and my legs weak just looking for my Gammy
Looking for her, to hug her neck and hold her hand
She always helped me get through these awkward reunions of people I weren’t too comfortable with
But now she’s not here anymore, making me realized how **** this town is and how I can’t fully function without her.
I know this is **** but it’s how I’m feeling. I just want to go home and eat some actual food, and be with people who will make me happy.
Sonia Dec 2018
I miss the days....
When all I had to do
Was scream your name
And I would know that
You would be there
In less than a second
Because you would never leave my side

I miss the days...
When all I had to do
Was say I had a nightmare
And I would use that as an excuse
To cuddle with you
In bed

Those days are gone
And now I have to wait
For you to show up
You tell me that
I'm old enough to face my fears

I don't think
You realize
That I'm growing up
And I need you the most
Because I'm facing
Everything I'm introduced to
Sometimes, you don't want to grow up
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