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Sofia Jun 8
You can’t spare a laugh
when I need one
to make me feel
that much better.

Spare a laugh
For me
When I need you
To lift me up
Into the clouds
Just for a second.
I only pray
You keep your promise
To never leave
My broken soul
I know its hard
I know i'm not easy to love
But say with me
Until our pictures are old
And there fraying at the edges
After all that was your promise
You swore you would stay with me
Even when its hard
Because the sadness from you
Abandoning me is a sadness
I could never recover from
my abandonment issues are so strong i only hope you hold me close
SquidInk Nov 2020
here i sit
watching you make new friends
whether or not they're good for you
i sit here watching you make one bad decision after another
but i don't say much in fear of upsetting you
in fear of drifting farther away from you
in fear of you going off and informing people of my worrying
here i sit
watching you tell people things that weren't yours to tell
watching you drift farther away from your innocence
farther away from your true relationships
farther away from me
here i sit
while you yell at me
while you tell me to not worry
while you tell me you "love me"
while you tell me that you will be okay
while you cry to me
while you vent to me
while you tell me you don't care
while you laugh at me for caring
while you tell me you hate him
but then tell me you miss him
while you tell me that i need to care once i say im done caring
here i sit
crying because of how much pain this is causing me
crying because i can't do anything
crying because you are fine with this
crying because you are fine with them
crying because im tired of feeling this way
crying because what happened to always?
what happened to
ill never leave you
ill always love you
i would never do that
just one more
trust me
i would never lie to you
im sorry
i should've listened to you
you're my only true best friend
you're my person
here i sit
exhausted from the mental pain
being forced into feeling numb because im tired of feeling
missing what we had
what we should've still had now
what you tell me we still have
but we both know that we don't
im tired of the pain
SquidInk Nov 2020
im scared
im scared that one day our long embraces will evolve to just a faint smile
im scared that one day we will merely wave when we see each other
im scared that one day we wont even wave
we might just glance at each other
not so long ago, we spent every waking minute together
not so long ago, i laid in your bed and laughed all night with you
not so long ago, we dreaded for the time i had to go home
not so long ago, we told everything to each other
not so long ago, we always had something to talk about
not so long ago, we would go on long walks just because
not so long ago, we would sneak off at 2 AM to watch the stars
not so long ago, we laid on my shed roof in the middle of the night
just to watch the sky and talk
not so long ago, we laid on your kitchen floor rolling in laughter
not so long ago, we cried in each others arms
not so long ago, we composed hilarious songs in your room just to belt them out so that your dad would hear how dumb we were
not so long ago, we laid together and watched the fault in our stars
not so long ago we say
but it seems so long ago
it seems like a distant memory
remembering you
Kewayne Wadley Mar 2020
I remember the taste of your lips.
I searched in panic
Trying to remember the last place
I put you.
Turning my pockets inside out
Conscious of the last time you were here
on my lips
Consciously knowing that I need you now.
It's been twenty-five minutes already
& I am craving the way you lick my lips.
I am in awe, your body pressed between my fingers.
My lips swallowed by your tongue.
I stand in silence.
Punished yet unpunished
The taste of your lips swirling against my lips
Patting my pockets then looking up
To see you've been in front of me the whole time.
Whether several seconds or several lifetimes
I am in constant protest.
If I were to lose you, consciously knowing that I need you now
Unconsciously knowing how much is left in you.
I stand in silence punished yet unpunished
Giving my lips to you
Until one of us parts
Jaxey Sep 2019
That's the difference
between myself and autumn
I can't let you go
the trees make it look so easy
Lela May 2019
You are the light of my life
My morning sun and my evening moon
I want to reach you and stay by your side
Too bad you’re just “not in the mood”
Too bad “you have better things to do”
Because the only thing I do
is think of you

I dream
of you thinking about me too
Sometimes we want to be cared about by the wrong person
Bethany M P Apr 2019
You lead me on and gave me a dream,
Full of fantasy’s the pleasure has been redeemed,
I looked into your soul it was beautiful and bright,
You truly loved me cuz you never gave up not a day or night,
I let you in now deeper than ever before,
Something broke free and inside I could now explore,
I want to kiss you and get high off your love,
My pleasures are now sparked high and above,
Push in and pull me close,
Give me your love so I can overdose,
Touch my body everywhere,
Glide those fingers even down to there,
Kiss down my neck to my ******* as you please,
Now I’ll let my tongue and lips explore you and I know where to tease,
You’re my fire and I’m your flame,
At this moment not a soul was tame,
Breathe on my neck and pull me to your chest,
And up inside something pressed,
The movement was right,
And the pleasure took flight,
You and me were up all night..
Sonia Dec 2018
I miss the days....
When all I had to do
Was scream your name
And I would know that
You would be there
In less than a second
Because you would never leave my side

I miss the days...
When all I had to do
Was say I had a nightmare
And I would use that as an excuse
To cuddle with you
In bed

Those days are gone
And now I have to wait
For you to show up
You tell me that
I'm old enough to face my fears

I don't think
You realize
That I'm growing up
And I need you the most
Because I'm facing
Everything I'm introduced to
Sometimes, you don't want to grow up
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