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Ali Ashraf Oct 2018
You lighted up my world like a spark for a while,
how unfortunate I was I thought the day has arrived.
I mistook you for sun that was me being naive,
you burned my world and said "I was just being polite".

© Ali Ashraf
Sam Kelly Jul 2018
The results are undeniable,
My fears are justifiable.
I know you mean no harm,
But I’m a sucker for your charm.
I mean, on paper, you’re ideal,
But I’m already losing what is real.
I’m tripping over words inside my head.
I don’t know what should be left unsaid.
Polite smiles are well and good
But I would scream if only I could.
I feel my demons scratch my tongue,
Trying to silence what I’ve become.
I’m running out of space inside my mind,
I just can’t be who I left behind.
I am honest and I am strong.
So why does that now feel so wrong?
And I know freedom isn’t free
But I’m begging you not to break me.
Lillian May Jul 2018
too strong she was.
dizzily on the edge.
Do not disturb the disheveled lady,
made cynical, tottering on the ledge.
"I can't manage tonight."
said poor miss polite and reasonable.
Aprajita Jul 2018
Don't be afraid of her carefree yet loud and scary laughs
Warn yourself and fear her
Gentle yet polite smiles
Sometimes it's good thing to be the one everyone is scared of, instead of being one scared of everyone

R Arora May 2018
"Please don't be so kind-",
In August I used to say,
"You'll spoil me wild",
Oh look, it's already May.
"All humans behave the same; selfishly",
I told you that's what I thought.
But for you, sheepishly,
Several angels on my shoulder I fought.

Now you know me well,
And you seem quite bored.
You are compelled,
To look at the next best name on the board.
I am forced to ponder
Are you bluffing now, man?
My thoughts wander,
Looks like your concern was only a sham.

Is being warm to people not a nice thing to do?
For me, you have been such a ******.
Perhaps like everyone else and you,
My selflessness should have been slimmer.
While this royally consumes me from within,
Now I am convinced that my kindness is a sin.
"No one is too busy in this world. It is all about priorities."
Sometimes we slip down someone's list of them.
Imran Islam Mar 2018
You're kind and respectful
you're sweet and beautiful
you're pious and honest
you're polite and modest.
You're cool and wonderful!

You've happy smiles and lovely eyes
you've an amazing look and face
you've a great heart and sweet voice
you've such a soft mind.
You're so cute and special!

You respect your parents
and respond to your friends
you love your family so much
and you're a gift of peace.
You care all about them!
depth deprived Mar 2018
You don't get to have layers or dimension.
No tension, just breathe.

Dimension is something you must earn,
But soon you will learn to be untouchable.

There is no form of violence or agression acceptable.
You have to be respectable. Don't even move.

The would-be layers blend into one muddled grey.
Who you are is long washed away, untouchable.

Some sincerity you may sneak, but come right back
When you can't take the heat. Look ahead.

Do what it takes to hold yourself together.
It will forever be easier to be untouchable.
CC Oct 2017
I'm a wreck
My life is a bad outfit worn in high school
The reunion should have a better theme
My insurance didn't cover the damages
When you left my heart in pieces
So I try my best to work as hard as I can
Niceness gets me nowhere but at least I'm rarely aggressive
I'm probably the nicest person
Nobody should notice the wreckage they drive by is actually my life
I'm for repair
Which is why I hide all these dents/scratches with that wax crayon they sell on TV
I call it shabby chic when someone points it out
I'm a wreck
Odious Wench Oct 2017
Your words
Are so over saturated
With sweetness
They are more like
Than Honey
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