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talking, talking, talking— radio silence
the space that nothingness fills is almost violent
yelling, yelling, yelling— something's working
uncovering ugly truths that have been lurking
crying, crying, crying— because it's broken
there is just too much that we let go unspoken
I see what your future holds, nothing new and nothing unknown. But you must swiftly act, or loose unwritten stories to the past. Your future is yours to unfold.
hey, hi, hello
—this is your life,
the view is vaguely familiar
out of the passenger seat window,
two years of autopilot
isn't generally recommended—
the mind can time travel or so it thinks
unannounced comings and goings,
quiet reintroductions occur daily
as to alarm no one of your departure
Can be read top down or bottom up

"Most people I know live their lives moving in a constant forward direction, the whole time looking backward" –How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe by Charles Yu
I make room
I make time
I make nothing but connection

You make reason
You make rhyme
I make nothing but exceptions

We make a fool out of me
and a hero out of you
So you are nothing but perfection

We make excuses
We make lies
But they are nothing but deceptions
Written Aug 2013, Titled May 2021
Eva Encarnacion Feb 2015
Don't you want to know?
Oh the places you’ll go!
Or would you rather wait
and wait and wait
till each faithful date?
To go unprepared
or with all the bewares?
Is the comfort worth the bore?
Sure knowing all might be a snore.
But is surprise worth the risk?
I see something about a kiss!
There is no need to fear
everything is here!
Just break the seal
to reveal your deal
Eva Encarnacion Feb 2015
Are said to live inside;
last I check, mine's dead.
Eva Encarnacion Feb 2015
Cold begins to numb your limbs
Frozen thoughts begin to infiltrate good days
"Are you warm?" ignites your lungs
But you learn to layer, the fluffy answers, expected sweaters

A foreign warmth flushes your face and it's game over
Preparation for the frost left you vulnerable to comfort
Shaking in your boots, reflect during the inhale
Because one you let it out, your last spark
Hangs in your face
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