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Trefild Oct 2019
gracious! stop not (stop not)
smoking hot looking, got my jaw dropped (beauty)
eyes fixed on her peach, she's hot, hot (hot)
putting my hand forth to grab that ****
she moved on from wining to fondling, she's eager
such a luscious body, keen to please her (body)
come & get banged, then *** & get thanked
give me a time that's mind-piercing, thrill me to pieces
the chick is so alluring
moving to unholy-a## music (dope)
but there's a bit of a mourning to it (morning)
awakened with a thought reading "***** being you"
[a wake and]
I'm a bit ashamed of my imagination, but I couldn't help it.
ZL Mar 2021
I would have you my way;
Soon or some lucky day.
I usually procrastinate,
But this charm is rarely late.

My heart was in a rush
As your cheeks turned blush
Your thighs grew moist...
So, I made the choice...

I caressed you slow,
You held me tight,
I'm forever in love,
With you and that night.
there are good souls in this world
shrouded in weathered skin
dry and cracked
with scowls hung upon their face
balancing on the scars of their brow
just as there are bad souls in this world
hiding under plush skin
their faces adorned with kind eyes and
cherry red lips made for kissing
or spitting with rage

picture a gorgeous brunette
with fair skin, bold eyebrows
and her hair in a subtle
yet nineteen-thirties style updo
wearing a red chiffon summer dress
the sun beats down on her
as she glistens with light perspiration
espresso in-hand cigarette in the other
her pale soft skin no match for
the thirty degree heat outside
of this café she nonchalantly finds herself
she is the epitome of carefree beauty

she kicked her lovers dog outside this morning
exiling him to a six hour long toilet break
after she "forgot" she had let him out
before leaving to go shopping
whilst her feller finished his shift
because the dog is old and smelly
and gets almost as much attention as her
she even saw his pensioner neighbour
struggling to take the bins out
as she walked to her car
and laughed rather than help
because she always
thought Mary was a no good Jew
she even called her Mrs. Goldstein
"Have a nice day Mrs. Goldstein."
but Mary's surname is Cohen

picture this beautiful girl a siren
leading good men astray
she can get any man she wants
and plucks only the finest
most succulent
I mean successful
and well put together men
from gardens of bachelors
maturing in the hardships of city life
she has plenty choice but she's fickle
you see, her man has to be almost perfect
for it to be as enjoyable as possible
to watch his life unravel and unfold
into everything he wanted it not to be

achievable only through toxic beauty
her joy is venom soaked insides
of lovers caught in a sultry web
of lies, ambition and ***
she loves a scandal
or a text sent to the wrong person
and she has everything to hide
but does nothing to do so
she gets by just fine
being beautiful and sickening  
and sickeningly beautiful
you know the sort
she is a bad, bad girl
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
As lick and
**** the AK
As if it where your
I hope you
Come up
And alive ready for my mouth and
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
Cuff me to your
Run your tounge al over
My body
Stop at my *****
Lick around it
And then in it
As you rip my ******* off
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
Stand over me
Grab and mess
My hair up
As you shove
Your hardness
In my mouth *** and
**** me sweetly
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
Put on a saw
I will ware nothing
More then
A thong as we
Watch and **** eachother
Slowly and sweetly
Bring out that naughtiest
In me
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
What I want for Eid is
Nothing material
But yet something ******
I want to rub my chest
Against your back
Kiss your neck
As I stroke you
And grab your ***
Poetic T Sep 2020
If you masturbated a hedgehog,
which ***** would you
                make stiff first..

And how many schlongs
                      could you handle at once..

Wow thats deep....
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