Harley Hucof Jun 6

(S)weet smile and bright eyes
(W)e said we'll wait but that was a lie
(A)nother night by my side and u crave it
(L)ets get naked i knw u wnt to taste it
(L)ife is short so is my patience
(O)nce i've said it it became my obssesion
(W)ill you be my wife?

(I) love you so much
(T)ime to admit what a mistake that was

Words Of Harfouchism.

When your wife won't suck it
Poetic T Jun 3

a button is flicked
managing to turn you on

do you see the light

this can be taken different ways just by the mood your in lol
Poetic T May 14

Her scent was ambrosia on his lips,
swimming within oceans
hearing the waters calling.

Waves gently lapped upon features.
As the ripples settled, he could taste
the essence of her, drowning in pleasure.

Poetic T May 9

April showers fall
dewdrops taste like sweet honey

thunders sighs erupt

Naughty but nice, picture says a 17 syllables :)
Alienpoet May 4

There is a monster in my toy box and he’s covered in purple fur.
His eyes are like slot machines and they whizz around and whir.
He makes me say silly things and he plays with our cat.
He hides the TV remote under the bathroom mat.
He comes out every night to read through all my books.
He tears the corners, he writes in them in crayon and just look...
When I try to catch him, he scurries far away.
Mummy and Daddy, I’m not naughty, I just have to say:
“It was the monster in my toy box, he’s naughty all the time.
You just never see him ‘cos he’s so clever with all his crimes!”

A children's poem

Because my marriage has become
When my wife steps out the door,
I get
Of course,
This implies
That my marriage
Is more like a relationship among siblings
Than a REAL relationship
Between Husband and Wife.
I hold on to my Sexless Marriage
To avoid financial acrimony.......
To keep people from getting hurt,
If you're trying to be a Good Jew, Muslim or Christian,
Let me tell you, Folks,
A Sexless Marriage
Is the Ultimate Sin.

Poetic T Mar 31

meal for a couple
moisture saturates damp lips
tastes do fulfil both

69 a meal for two :)
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