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Poetic T Feb 9
I graze on your fields,
eating the grass..

But I,m never thirsty
Johnny walker Jan 24
Helen was a Incredibly **** lady with just a
brief glance of her beautiful
she could take me to bed to make passionate love she could do all this with a glance from her
With a voice and laugh so
very wicked and naughty
oh what a turn on my beautiful lady Helen
I used think of her as a very **** and naughty nymph one of my fantasies was
she would go skipping around ******* dressed and teasing WOW what a fantasy
Incredible eyes my wife Helen and oh so voice naughty but nice
I want to show you
The other language of my love
Feel your touch upon my flesh
Hear the rhythm of your breaths
Plant love marks on your neck
Sway with you in the music of our cries
Engulf the heat as you enter my cave
Oh babe, look deeply into my eyes
When wind and thunders take charge
And your fullness just sets everything right
Move with you in sync
Like the raging seas leave and kiss the shore
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Ah! that naughty wink,
Could accomplish many things!
Or make one just sink!
Johnny walker Dec 2018
A beautiful summers day
caught the cooling breeze swiftly moving through the tree's whilst sat my pretty girl and me on a blanket
upon the
To kiss and cuddle that led to *******, and I still remember so well the thrill laid ***** together
In the open air
Remembering making love out In the open air with my girl afterwards laid ***** with her
felt a bit naughty but nice feeling
Donna Nov 2018
My pug is quite mad
He bites everyone’s ankles
He got some issues
:) love my pug but his so naughty x
Catch up soon busy weekend **
SomeOneElse Nov 2018
Your perfect breast
Your perfect thighs
Are simply candy to my eyes
Your perfect waist
Your perfect hips
Would taste so great upon my lips
Your perfect skin
And perfect hair
I just can't help but sit and stare
Your perfect lips
Your perfect eyes
Makes me give a loving sigh
Your perfect face
Your perfect smile
For you I'd go the extra mile
Your perfect wit
Your perfect charm
I want to hold you in my arms
For this and more
My morning star
I love you just the way you are
Written for a crush
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Always remember Helen
and I our first real ******
encounter tried to make
out at my mum and dads
house very little success
so we walked to woods at
the back my dads
Helen picked nice quite
place she sat a fallen tree
she had on a beautiful
summery dress Helen called
me over drew me In close
then started slowly to ***** me
till completely ***** remember
looking around frightened In case
we were being watched she
laid her soft hands on my
body I forgot about anyone
watching for I was In Heaven
Helen stood up I held and
kissed her and the rest Is
History as Is said, naughty
nice adventurous exciting
encounter In the wood that
day, never will I forget my
naughty nymph of the
Naughty but nice exciting adventurous encounter In the woods with my naughty nymph
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Whisper naughty but nice
and gently nibble her ear
would send Helens heart
all to a flutter With both
our hearts racing we
entered the pleasurable
joys of ******* to feel
the nakedness of her body
pressed against mine to
kiss her all over and to lay
there afterwards and see
my girl asleep In all her
To my girl In all her glory so beautiful
hope and I never lose my memories
Johnny walker Nov 2018
Helen had a real
naughty but nice
**** husky voice
and such wicked
Her eyes so bright
so much said In the
beautiful eyes of
Helen was not only
pretty, she had beauty
Inside a beauty that
came from deep
She had a heart of
gold fell In love with
her I was rewarded
so much
Helen had this incredible voice
could be so **** and what
wicked laugh but she so nice with It
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