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Poetic T Sep 24
What can I say I'm cheap,
I couldn't afford a 69 so I went
for the cheaper 59, 10% off.
                      Ye off the end result.

She was like tongue me deeper,
                    and she blew me.

Not like a vacuum hose,
more like blowing a birthday
                        candle out.

I'm moaning, she's coming.
Then a gust of wind in my face.

What can I say, she called me cheap!
And you get what you paid for,
I don't know why but my ***** are singed.....

To realistic for my liking that *******.
Tea Aug 21
When he's gone, I'm not well...
I wonder where is that protective shell?
I wonder where he is...
I wonder when will he ever read this?
I hope I will survive until he comes back...
I know it is my best friend that I lack...
Without him, I'll die...
Right now I want to cry...
But my tears may not flow...
I just can't let it happen right now...
It's hard to wait...
It is getting late...
But I can't stop thinking of my one friend...
I wonder when this eve will come to an end?

Probably at midnight...
I will give my sister a fright...
She will scream high...
As she thinks she's gonna die...
I will laugh very mercilessly...
Then she will cry helplessly...
And when I dissappear...
I am someone to fear...
For my stubbornness goes beyond death itself...
My evilness is in great wealth...
So beware...
I'm there...
When I wrote this rhyme I was rather bored and completely went off subject in the end. I decided to make it two separate rhymes.
LaFayette Aug 7
Your heart beat races
Nearly fast as mine
Experiments are fun
It’s time to see behind

Let’s lose the excess
Get back to being bare
Turn white into red
We make such a pair

Lay yourself across
Exposed to the air
Take a look at the floor
Wait for your share

I caress what you have
Then pull back slow
Gentle but firm
Here comes the blow

Be loud or be quiet
I hope that you like it
Now that you’re done
It’s my turn to try it
Felt naughty. Decided to write about it. Anyone with experience? How'd I do?
Johnny walker Jul 11
I who once married the love of my life Helen my beautiful wife I had known her from  
her school girl
but never once back In those days did I think this oh so pretty girl who would come down to my school to show herself
and tease us boys fighting each other for a better look
Helen was like a naughty nymph skipping about and teasing us
but I was the one to marry her years later to win the heart of this girl my naughty nymph who became my loving
Äŧül Jun 20
I bellowed into the mountainous valley, "LONG TIME – NO READ!"

Not expecting a reply, I turned away...

But it did echo faintly from f a r behind, "Long time – no write!"
A double-meaning poem if you have a naughty mind.
My HP Poem #1746
©Atul Kaushal
Darryl M May 8
How about we get messy tonight?
How about we wreck the place up?
Let’s talk ***** we’ll clean up later.
With your kinda dirt, I’d rather remain a ***.

The way you bend turns men into perverts.
Is it my ears or is your body calling for mine?
Winter snow, on the outside.
Summer warmth, inside you.

They say I never get the bigger picture.
Maybe with your pics, I’ll start getting it.
Dreams have been like the Saharan desert, dry.
If I had your pictures, they’d start getting wet.

Its late night loving,
Below your waist is my belonging.
Completed: 23rd April 2018 [21:42 PM]
Johnny walker Apr 25
I would see Helen when she was sixteen, when on the bus Into town I would her see her sat on her garden gate
looked so beautiful Helen was always very forward  the cheekiness of a schoolgirl but that just made her even
attractive Helen was very happy so full energy she also had a slender body but so shapely
even then I was falling love with her but I was too shy to ever ask her
being shy was a terrible curse to have and although we met and married many years later
I through being shy I felt I was robbed of   Helen was fit and well but
what I regret the most and It still hurts me that I never had her when she was truly at her
The hardest thing about life you can never say sorry I got this wrong can we do It again for you that one chance In life to get right, but
In truth, Helen never grow old
even at 42 years old when I married, Helen was like 16 years old so full of life I think naughty but nice nymph oh **** husky voice everybody commented
in very wicked laugh all of this and beautiful eyes could with his a quick glance could say
more than words ever could Helen could tease but she did It In such a nice way I was not
able to resist her not that I would have wanted to I call my days with Helen Day Of Heaven
My days with Helen were like the days of Heaven that what I felt to be with her
Sexus Obscura Mar 29
I wake to something in my throat
g / r / o / w / i / n / g
it is yearning, hunting, haunting
it moves deeper, to darker caves
it is in search of a final burial site
it wants permanence inside of me
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