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As lick and
**** the AK
As if it where your
I hope you
Come up
And alive ready for my mouth and
Cuff me to your
Run your tounge al over
My body
Stop at my *****
Lick around it
And then in it
As you rip my ******* off
Stand over me
Grab and mess
My hair up
As you shove
Your hardness
In my mouth *** and
**** me sweetly
Put on a saw
I will ware nothing
More then
A thong as we
Watch and **** eachother
Slowly and sweetly
Bring out that naughtiest
In me
What I want for Eid is
Nothing material
But yet something ******
I want to rub my chest
Against your back
Kiss your neck
As I stroke you
And grab your ***
Poetic T Sep 20
If you masturbated a hedgehog,
which ***** would you
                make stiff first..

And how many schlongs
                      could you handle at once..

Wow thats deep....
Poetic T Aug 31
Hanging off my limp branch,
             tucked away in there

soft shell..

      These nuts only ever


               no nut crackers here .
Poetic T Aug 31
Sticky pips coated,
    Groping this Apple

No biting only licking

     Teasing her with

My tongue..
Poetic T Jul 4
******* with sandpaper,

                         smoothing the wood...
life is about smoothing out the bumps and some times that can mean pain for life to be pleasurable.
Poetic T Jul 3
She wore a tiara
           of pearls

        dripping from
her forehead.

As one fell on her tongue,
   She licked  her lips..

Tastes like love...
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