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Faith May 18
Take me to the Leonardo and
Dance with me in the rain and
Come with me to Costco just for fun and
Read with me in a library with your hand in mine and
Drive me to the aquarium just for you to complain about the smell and tell me I look like the ugliest fish there

Bring me to the biggest puddle you saw today so I can jump in it and
Tell me when you’re going to run away to California so I can come with you and
Let me listen to the sound of your voice vibrating in your sternum while I lay on your chest, enjoying the tune of your heartbeat and
Bring me fireworks from your friend in Wyoming and
Take me to your place you go to think and
Send me every meme that makes you smile and
Sing your favorite song with me at the top of your lungs

Tell me of your fears and your guilt and your joy and
Tell me why you use a double bladed razor and your favorite color is yellow but sometimes green and which brother that scar above your eye came from and
Let me walk with you through your pain
And allow me pull you close when you feel like sobbing
Walk with me on rocky roads even though every instinct in you wants to run away
Let me be warm and be gentle and be healing when you need me to be

Trust me
to hold your needs
Trust me
to bandaid your battered heart
I am learning to respect a boundary and to hold true despite my shaken peace
Gemma Mar 12
You know it will burn,
but you bite it anyway,
because it tastes good.
Ouch, yum.
yann Mar 1
"i love you !" i say as i tear myself open
with how much i still think you don't love me back like i do
what a clown i make,
what a sad excuse for a friend
not to tell you i was so insecure about us,
that i'd rather cry on the way home than in your house.
i won't apologize for feeling,
but i'm sorry for lying.
yann Mar 1
coming to the realization that if i could let myself die slowly, i would,
was the worst christmas present i could give myself.
there comes a moment where you are so miserable that you can't even pity your own **** self,
self hate is so stupid,
so time consuming and egotistical,
and yet i cant stop it. i can't shut it up.
i am an ugly child, and i
don't remember how to live like an adult
when the world around me crumbles and cannot hold me up
yann Mar 1
i only love the kindness i give to you and i hate all the rest,
what do i offer the world day after day except the bitterness of someone who can't be bothered to live for real,
what good am i, for myself.
i don't know. i don't know and i'm tired of trying.
eden Feb 17
please don't leave
your absence is unbearably
hard to swallow
difficult to stomach
painful to digest
but you force me
to eat every bite
on the plate
filled with static
it tastes like blood
it is so confusing
shocking and metallic
stinging my tongue
and hurting
my throat

please baby
i don't want this
but you left
and so i have no choice
but to choke on this empty
this is not nourishment
this is poison
you fed me poison
every kiss
every laugh
every touch
that i will never have again
only serves to **** me further
my insides are torn and
my guts are bleeding
where the ****
did you go?

and why did you do it?
i would have never
let you hold me so tightly
if i had known
you were
giving me venom
if i had known
you only came to leave

i eat this loss for breakfast
every morning
Nylee Jan 16
You were the sun
Lately, all you do is
my skin.
Grey Poduska Dec 2020
You tasted like sandy sugar, I was never sure which granules would hurt to bite. The mixture of edible and inedible became your alibi, the reason you didn’t come home. “There just wasn’t enough sugar in the mix.” I wonder what baker believed you. What bread-kneading girl let you into her dough, let you rise and puff out, only to find the end result was more inedible than edible that day. I wonder when I stopped believing you. When I learned to pick apart each grain and test it in hopes of finding some hidden sweetness. There was never enough. Never any at all.
My dishes lost their flavor. I gave up on spices and sweeteners, on yeast in my baking, I let everything fall flat at your feet. I let you taste what it meant to love you. Bitterness flooded your tongue night after night, and yet you started coming home more often. Convinced somehow that would change things. That our teenage romance would outlast the centuries. You lost your sweetness and mine, well I’m not sure it was ever there to begin with.
Jupiter Aug 2020
we were bestfriends instantly,
it took me just seconds to choose you,
and only a minute to realize,
i’d do anything to never lose you.

from our first conversation,
right up to our very last,
i loved you every second,
but our love is in the past.

i’ll never forget your secrets,
or how we’d lay together to rest,
i won’t forget your hugs,
or how we’d share our every waking breath.

its very tragic how you left me,
you promised you’d never leave,
but now you live so freely,
and i cant remember how to breathe.

i forgive you for breaking my trust,
for breaking my heart and my soul too,
i guess now its time to move on,
but oh babe, how i miss you.
kat victoria Aug 2020
huffed you’re fumes
sang the blues
ran through a light blue twilight
i lose cause i always choose
your misery over a good night
lifeless in the body of 20 year old
the sun is rising but my bones are cold
i wilted like a rose
    at your toes  
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