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who me Nov 6
the day has come
my reflection no longer shines, it only exists
it clouds up the object it covers
i still look in your eyes
searching for the answers
the ones i used to find so easily
but now i have trouble
discerning what you want me to see
understanding the things i see when i look in your eyes
i no longer see hope or fear
i no longer see anything
i no longer find clarity in my reflection
especially when it's in your eyes
you no longer want me "also"
reprise to something i wrote around a year ago
who me Nov 6
you ask if it's okay
if it's wrong, if i'm fine

i say it's alright
and again i'm too kind

so you speak his name
of the new love you'll find

because you've moved on
left your feelings behind

you say you still care
"also"...you remind

but our hearts are still broken
our lives still entwined
because the girl whom i love no longer loves just me. because there is a boy far away who can give her things i can't. i wish him luck and hope she ends up happier.
DAF Oct 1
i said nobodys gonna hurt you baby
as she stabbed my beating heart
Surrounded by those you care about most only to feel incredibly alone in the midst of it all
Take a bite of the magic food and feel your body relax
Feel your mind fuse with the THC that is now in use
You are the you that you always wanted to be and all it took was a little hit of ****
Take a puff and feel the smoke bite at your lungs
As you inhale what you consider to be sweet freedom you exhale the blissful self medication of narcotic release
You 'll laugh and join in a crowd to feel alive.
Now ask yourself this
Are you proud
Proud of how you have to use smoke clouds to enjoy the beautiful world around you
the thing I hate to be the most
now look at me
The person I want to be is gone
Now all I want to feel is the chemical melodies of the song that is my high
I want to tell those I love goodbye and not feel guilty that I want to die
Tell them that when I get high I feel as close to death as ever
Tell them to let me be
tell them I set myself free.
Made this when I was really upset because I started smoking ****, got over it though...
Phi Kenzie Aug 20


You got me.

What now



What a



You showed me
Ya hurt me
hope it helps
Phi Kenzie Aug 17
Do not eat
two full dill pickles
soaked in Franks Red Hot Sauce
with an eight and a half ounce bag
of Flaming Hot Cheetos
also dipped in hot sauce
without expecting repercussions
Oof ouch
Flame Aug 12
we talked again these past few days
I then fell again in your ****** ways
I can't wait for everything to begin
As I lay in bed again

As I walk in corners of our school
I saw you with your friends sitting on a tool
You were laughing at what she said
I was shocked, My heart just bled

You saw me approaching you
"hey we we're just talking about you"
I smiled and pretend it was okay
Until she rolled her eyes and smirked in my way

As I lay in bed again tonight
I watched as the stars shine so bright
I cannot help but to agree
that we are not meant to be
this is for the one who broke my heart.
Jester Andre Jul 26
I clenched my fist and gritted my teeth as I gulped;
My head tilted upwards and stared at the sky filled with the
blue color that reminds me of your eyes filled with
wonders, trying not to look directly into the windows of your
I did all these not to suppress my anger, but something even more
But no matter what I do, everything is not under my
control and will
never be
For these tears still streamed down my cheeks filled with deep sorrow and melancholy;
Yes, it's hard;
It's making me bleed so much that I feel like I'm dying yet still continuing to
It's far more arduous than any predicament that I have encountered in my whole existence;
Yet I still have to do it;
For I cannot continue any longer to hurt you by offering you my heart, my dear;
As you continue to heal and purify all my sins
While all I ever do is
your soul and drag you in the the deepest and darkest abyss that I call
Darling, I am now setting you free and breaking the chains that
you from ascending into the
limitless sky where you truly
belong, so flap you wings
and fly to your
One day you’ll look back.
And on that day
You’ll regret everything you’ve ever
Said or done
To me.
You’ll regret being the man
That broke my heart
Harder than I thought possible.
Maybe I didn’t think it was possible,
Because out of all the stories I’ve ever read,
It was always the boy who broke the girl.
Not the dad.
my dad is an *******
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