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Jupiter Aug 31
we were bestfriends instantly,
it took me just seconds to choose you,
and only a minute to realize,
id do anything to never lose you.

from our first conversation,
right up to our very last,
i loved you every second,
but our love is in the past.

ill never forget your secrets,
or how wed lay together to rest,
i wont forget your hugs,
or how wed share our every waking breath.

its very tragic how you left me,
you promised you never leave,
but now you live so freely,
and i cant remember how to breathe.

i forgive you for breaking my trust,
for breaking my heart and my soul too,
i guess now its time to move on,
but oh babe, how i miss you.
kat victoria Aug 24
huffed you’re fumes
sang the blues
ran through a light blue twilight
i lose cause i always choose
your misery over a good night
lifeless in the body of 20 year old
the sun is rising but my bones are cold
i wilted like a rose
    at your toes  
dexter Aug 23
Over and over going under
Left my body again
Underneath another sweaty dude I don't even like.
It helps to fill the void.
The blind leading the ****
Clinging to an unobtainable freedom and love
Untold desires
Tragedies, fires burning the valleys in my rib cage
Control taken
My token of power stolen
Use me, use it against me
Cryptic, insidious, vicious, and rancid.
Poetic T Jul 4
******* with sandpaper,

                         smoothing the wood...
life is about smoothing out the bumps and some times that can mean pain for life to be pleasurable.
M C May 9
Who couldn't love a cactus?
To whom would the returned invitation to cuddle be addressed?

My points of pain are a fractal regressed.
My existence is clear
although I am muddled.
I dream of mud, huddled.
How can I know that which is not expressed?

Dragged through the desert a stressed wanderer arrives gritted, worn.
I call in a hush.
Spittle on the lips;
they throw themselves on spines, torn.
Water from the body washes over dry cells, lush.
My embrace is for the bold, a test.

I rejuvenate.
Straight from the heart is so fresh.
Betthia Mae Apr 29
I never thought
the words you’d say
would be someone else’s

your smiles, lies
open ended promises,
love turned disguises,
heartache and prizes.

last words said too late.
new ones said so early.

i’m beginning to think
your love for me was
just you in a hurry—

destination: her.
me, nothing but her seat warmer.
i’ve come to the realization that someone I held so special in my heart did not hold me with that same weight. it’s only been a month but he’s quickly moved on while I sit and watch and wished that it was me in the pictures, with him. ain’t love cruel.
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