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Twelve days of Christmas
Your true love should give to you
Twelve of their best traits
The Pear tree is going to have to be empty this year
For what is truly sincere
Excitement of items are so out of here
That something so special, so dear
Will be in
For the rest of times
Santa better skip this house
Because I'd hate for our time together to be interrupted
You have no idea how many times my heart has erupted
Out of endless joy
Being around you
Kissing under the Misled Toe is for amateurs
I want to go all out
Let me show you the kind of miraculous gift you are
By the strength of your vocals and intensity of your muscles
Instead of some poor attempt of materialism
I'll let my actions prove what the real focus of Christmas should be
Cheaters have a *** addiction to multiple women
Loyal men have a *** addiction to their wife
When I say I love you
I mean it
But I'll let my affection do the talking
Anywhere on the floor
Triggering your riptide to burst out
Now we're sitting in it
An ocean of love
Don't worry about the mess
I get so giddy seeing your physical reaction
All I want is for you to feel satisfied 24/7
It's what you deserve special girl
These boys will play with your emotions and make your heart hurt as you cry
But all I will do is make your legs cry
And give you those goosebumps
That you give me when you dont even try
I feel wholesome when I look at you
I don't need a reason why
You're my sunshine sky
This is not a lie.
A true test of a man's character
Is to see if he'll bother to stick around
When you impose no copulation before marriage
Many will shut the door
To never look back
Civility is something we often
Forget to possess
Some never choose to have it
I'm your Red Oak tree
Climb on top of me.
Don't wait until Halloween
To make her scream
Not from fear
But for more.
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