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  Jan 11 J
I sip away my sorrows
by drowning them in the heat of my tea
and pay better attention to the nice warm feeling of it sinking to the bottom of my stomach
rather than think about the stranger that wouldn't look away
  Jan 11 J
Don't fall in love
with the life that you live.
Sit idly by and stare.
Let the static ferment.
While your ironclad wall stands tall.
Mark the days down in chalk
until the the lead burnt dust
makes acquaintance with your chin.
The suicidal ideation is high tonight.
J Jan 4
I may be a smoker
but I still think of the fruit
when I hear cherry
  Dec 2020 J
Faizel Farzee
This letter I write to you, with my heart turned to stone
Empty this cave of sorrow, without your guiding light
This empty dark abyss, no longer feels like a home
Your voicemail on repeat, craving your voice
Bereft of choice, I scream at my phone

I love you! You the air that I breathe
Your name sweetened my life
Now a suffocating vice ,  I choke when I speak
Our love severed, by our bond it bleeds
From the broken promises it seeps
Cuts left wounds deep, left defeated and weak
Trying to remove the knife you stabbed me with
Tears me to tears when I feel

I thought our love was unique

You lifted the veil from my eyes
Happiness I no longer see
Replacing your love with hate
So I can finally be set free

This final letter, the beginning of peace
Breathe, I wipe my saddened tears
Erased from my scars, as I click delete
pain the cause of tears to rain
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