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This post is concerning Tallenge recruiters/spotters/whatever. The whole thing is a scam unfortunately. Read this DA post if you are still uncertain
sleep away the sickness
sleep away the pain
sleep away your problems
and never be the same
sleep away the worry
sleep away the fear
sleep away the darkness
and always keep me near
tense, i lie dazedly upon her bed
she whispers and speaks soft into my ear
i hear naught but loving words from sweet lips
i hold her close as thoughts run through my head
the time is now, she takes all my fear
and stands before me, hands on bare hips

a catch in my breath, a skip in chest, thump thump
ecstasy, it be her name, her body its meaning
i'm wet clay in her grasp, asks "why do you roar?"
her answer is now, the bed doth bump bump
upon the wall, i grip it tight, stare 'pon ceiling
"oh my dear ive never felt this way before!"

blinded now to all but her, she looks at me
mesmerize, and i feel so calm, before the storm
mouth open in empty rawr, i cannot utter a single note
she pauses a moment, i plead, destroy me
til moonlight shines upon her furry form
sweet explosion! finally now, my roar within my throat.

my roar echoes from wall to wall, as do her cries
she wracks my form with passionate ******
the finale, memorable, we can't seem to stand...
we lay there, giving up after a few tries
neither move, content in each other's trust
our love knows no boundries, how grand.
another in the roaring series.... little less story to this one... If you haven't read my other one "Roaring? Nay just growl" you should totally go look at it
Lately I've been all alone
finding myself on my own
my headphones blaring Eminem and Evanescence
All that gloom in my room brings an essence
of sorrow to their eyes and the darker side
of my heart spreads with no place to hide
blackened by the truth of life
bloodied by the blade of my knife
truthful lyrics sting behind my eyes
as rhymes and beats shout lies
poetry dances around my head
some wishing that my heart was dead
but I cannot give in, the urge is too great
I cannot help but feel that this is now my fate.
Resigned to a world of bleak endeavors
passionless protests of never say nevers.
I promise to you, I won't be far.
Just look to the night sky, to the nearest star.
This is me, I am who I am..
Every day I give all I can..
I'm not a gangster, but I'm a fighter
both with my fists and as a writer
I am the dark poet.. quietly killing on the lyrical scale,  
Edgar Allan Poe-etic is my poison, injected and inhaled
willingly taken, slowly destroying me from the inside out
making my veins blaze within me so that my blood cells shout
my heart beat slows as the affliction eats away almost as if to say
to drop rhymes upon the beat, slowly symphonic, deathly harmonic
Or rather perhaps, along the lines of pure demonic.
Lyrically woven into my blood, I cannot help but bleed.
Music has shaped me into the man I am, seeing in depth what you could not believe
I've seen wondrous nightmares and beautiful wastelands, you couldn't possibly conceive
The wilderness heart beating in my chest has made me a beast of a writer
For even in the darkest of my days my writings are always lighter.
Doomsdays upon apocalypses, Dragons among faeries, each of these I've dreamed
I cannot begin to explain the sheer epicness of these things I have seen.
Lyrically woven into my blood, I cannot help but bleed.
Seventeen.. it all feels so different yet the same...
I remember all the friends and fires that came
And the ones that left, mistakes I made
I recant them here under stratospheric shade
Under dark of night and heavy rain
Restating thoughts of bliss and pain
I remember blood rains and dragon tails
Wolves, foxes, a tiger or two, my imagination never fails
Together with my brother I've carried it all
Through brainstorms and stories tall.
A late entry, i wrote this on my birthday and had it shoved in drafts for forever now
Its  a real life R&J; her and me
that's Romeo and Juliet don't you see?
minus the suicide of course, but true all the same
its fate and destiny that I blame
her as a Capulet, the majestic Juliet
I, the Montague, Romeo, no regret
Theres the suitor first, Paris who had his chance
This princess of a lifetime and he only offered one dance
no wonder she left him, the arrogant ***
did he really have a chance, that boy had no class.
I stole her heart with just a look, what's that say for me?
charmed i'm sure, but I'm just that **** lucky
to take her hand in just three days, lucky lucky me
she had my heart with a gesture, me happily
obliging to her every command
after all, I'm a gentleman
I have no time for swag
after all, yolo makes me gag
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