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shamori Jan 7
Walking Running sun down...Yes I'm Pursuing

Turn around Lock Eyes...I knew it

Drag me by my soul...Whisper in my ear

Tell me what's real
shamori Jan 7
I have something to tell you but I don’t think it’s important to you

What is it?

I’m thinking of leaving this place.

Why wouldn’t that be important news to me?

I don’t think you want me here much longer.

I don’t. But who else will I take from?

So you need me?


Thank you.
Madison Nov 2018
I can feel your being
Slowly becoming entangled in mine
Like the roots of an oak
Stretching its limbs deep down
Into the earth's soil
The oak cannot survive
Without the soil
You have become my soil

and that terrifies me.
i am terrified.
Cassidy Jackson Sep 2018
i isolate myself in my room and keep the lights turned low
the love i create within myself dissipates every time i breathe
you are only a figment of my imagination
my mind is the only solace even though she screams at me
i fall in love in seconds but i don't know what love is
the little girl i am knows nothing about this world
i can't live on my own
independence has never been taught to me
the only way i can stabilize is if i drown myself in concrete
who i am is not known
and who i am not is alone
rose Jun 2018
What a lovely little lie to live
I bent the bitter truth just a bit
Sorry but I
Try not to rock the boat
My life is dependent on
I hate lying but sometimes it's necessary
Äŧül Apr 2016
Not only like a real guardian,
But more dedicated than a real father,
A dutiful lover is always,
Thinking of new ways,
Happier can be his lover.

I thought as one for her too, but,
As she was sick of my mature advice,
She ditched me for someone else,
In my eyes tears swell but fail to fall.

Yes, I have moved on.
My HP Poem #1058
©Atul Kaushal
Anonymous Mar 2018
I hate my codependency.
I wish I could throw my world into the ocean.
And let the sand warm me, let my own heat warm me.
These figures of my life,
I trick my mind into thinking they are the air, the water,
The reasoning.
I wish my maturity would complete.
So I could be content with myself as the sun and the land.
I want to conquer my own terrains and build my own ships.
Not sit waiting at the dock for a crew that will never come.
I act like a wolf in sheep's clothing
I have a big bark
I act strong
I say how I will never let anyone walk all over me and the louder the voice my opinions, the more stronger and confident I am
But it is all an act.
Once I let people into my life, I let them use me
I never speak up for myself and stand up
I cry every night because I am unhappy with myself
I am a sheep in wolf's clothing.
Noah Feb 2018
when the image in the mirror is not familiar.
when your sleeves are long because
you're terrified if you look that your arms
simply won't be attached to your hands.

when the world looks like a bad abstract
painting and when the paint starts running.
when the frame isn't straight or even a shape
and no lines are quite straight.

when words go sdrawkcab and your
mouth refuses to cooperate with the shapes
required and the sounds come out warped.

when you seem closer and more caring
because I am capital F ****** and
the love swirls in with the pity.

when the world is wrong and not even
can make it right.
This poem is about my experience with severe disassociation and dependency on things and people, but interpret it as you please.
I need you in the moment
when I tell my friends I want to die
and they don’t even care
let alone even notice that I’m there

I need you in the moment
when I cry in the middle of the night
and I don’t remember why
let alone why it hurts so much

I need you in the moment
when I take the little courage that I have
and stand up, only for them to dismiss me
let alone change

I need you in the moment
when I show my cuts on display to the world
and the only thing anyone gives is judgement
let alone SAVE ME

I need you in the moment
when everyone else survives
and leaves you to rot in the darkness
let alone comfort me

I need you in the moment
when I realize I’m manipulative
and that this is all my fault
because I’m the problem
in my life
that sabotages my every move
and needs to LEAVE

Because I need you
in that moment
that you’re not there
because you were never anywhere
Let alone here
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