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Nilia Loh Apr 2021
To depend we when;
Safe doing feel thoughts and can purpose.
Vulnerable trust what honest encourages;
Safe when fulfils family feeling.
Other depend.
a dada poem I did for a school project! This dada poem focuses on trust in family settings
Rebecca Mar 2021
Al's been my friend since I was in the seventh grade.
I remember meeting him and instantly feeling his gravitational pull.  
Instantly becoming friends that were inseparable.
He was the only one there for me through the rough and happy moments.
From reckless teenage days all the way to long college nights.
Sadly, things took a turn and our friendship has become a dependency.
I need Al to fall asleep.
To go to class.
To function.
How do I tell O'le Al that this friendship has to end?
O'le Alcohol... I'm sorry.. this friendship has to come to an end...
I think it's time we both go our separate ways.
She is all I will ever need.
My bruises and fractures have never healed as fast.
In her presence
her stare.

My flaws and my faults
Feeling all so far behind me.
The acts of wrath I committed
washed away in her gaze.

The gauze she wraps around my wrists
Like soft silk in her touch.
Everything I knew that I was
fades away from me like an unsound dream.

She patches up my worries and fears
With sweet nothings and her smile
That never fading smile.
She is all I will ever need.

What could I do when she is gone?
When I curb to the weight
Of being saved again and again
Without her.

She crumbles slowly everyday
I can see it.
There is no room in this world
To be kind.

I fall back into my old habits
The momentary peace in my life
is always disrupted
Whenever she walks out of my apartment door.

women amirite
Natalie Dec 2020
How can a person heal and hurt at the same time?
You shatter me to my core and make me pick up my pieces,
Yet he can heal all my past traumas as day ceases.

Mister, you hold my heart with your hand..
But when you let go,
The red mess grows colder than winter lands.

Down this river, i row;
Don’t lie to my, ill surly know.
Were opposites such as day and night,
But when you came, I finally saw light
I never knew how dependent I could be. This poem represents the emotions very well.
EntityRightHand Oct 2020
I only feel fine when I'm with him
And when hes gone
I don't exist
梅香 Oct 2020
maybe we held each other too close
which made us now too loose.

maybe we became too dependent,
that made us now feel indifferent.

we can pretend this is easy,
but how long will we both feel weary?
mel Jun 2020
Although I trudge only in my youth,
And as time bounds to its seasons of Black,
Father regards to me as if still swaddled in blanket,
Pacifier in hand,
Though I have grown with the willows that tower Mother’s mind.

Whilst, I may falter,
And not display equivalent par
Countered to the scholars neighboring,
Flame, nonetheless, expands in the depths of my soul.

For, albeit, I may seem young,
And many, even those who have failed to exchange a word,
See myself as a willing delinquent,
I still stand with the willows
Seeking everlasting satisfaction.
I found an old poem that I never got around to posting
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