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M May 13
the quick brown fox
jumped over the lazy dog
and spun a fancy tale
about the history of clichés

it beat a valiant bush
before burning a broken bridge
and kicking its own bucket
under six feet of foliage

now its dead like that horse it beat--
from counting chicks and party tricks
to counting sheep and hourly bleats
the fox is dead but oh was it quick!
ah yes
esoteric word paint of a pangram
I S A A C Apr 19
lizard on warm rocks
an artist in their paint-speckled smock
the wind carrying fallen flowers
jade eyes meet brown
chastity belt unbound
hours upon hours
spent in between the sheets
delicate, delectable, free
HeyitsAngel Sep 2022
Green eyes
I thought the color of eyes was just the color
Until I laid eyes on his
His green eyes
Became ordinary and beautiful
Oh his green eyes
The eyes that make me feel safe
The eyes that makes my heart feel warm
His eyes are not just eyes
His eyes are the most powerful
His eyes became my home
From thousands of miles away
His eyes as he looks at me through a screen
Manage to make me feel so special even with the distance
Oh the man with green eyes
The one that made my brown eyes become so much more
Since he looks into mine like I am the prettiest girl in the world
The man with green eyes that saved a brown-eyed girl like me
nicaila Nov 2021
She had seen a glowing screen that emitted queens
Whose skin haven't touched the sun's cheeks
But had bathed in the moon lit's creeks
It glowed and beamed like a seam with a sheen
So she loathed and loathed; hated how bronze she is
She sought remedies; burying her color in sleeves

Hear her, o deities; she's down on her knees
She had thrown about a millenium worth of pennies
Hear her, o deities; whisper secrets into her ears
Cast away her insecurities crystallizing into fears
Tell her, she need not strip her cinnamon hue
To trade for a porcelained debut
Tell her, she wore rust colored armor
Stronger and more radiant than Helios's summer
Tell her, a crown awaits in a far away throne
She can also be queen even in her earthly tones
Tell her, to embrace what she hates
For her honey dripped shade need not to be ashamed

My morena queen, snatching everybody's glance
Like a finely baked bread seen in a window in France
With hairlocks in the rhythm of romance
Like a finely chopped chocolate
Oozing with a bouquet of sweetness and a hint of fate
Oh how she wore beauty like a swan waltzing in a lake
Annie Oct 2021
big blue
big blue, two
two big blue to see
big blue sky
like crayon on canvas
crazy how big blue is
crazy how I have two blue
always drawn to
big brown
two big brown
drawn to brown like crayon
draws land
land under big blue
big sky
blue eyes
look for brown
land and
sea, too
crazy you
have brown
I have blue
we have two
you take blue crayon
I take brown
draw land on you and
you draw big
sky or sea
all over me
I am blue
brown is you
kissing crazy
cos now blue is brown
brown is blue
land has sea
sea makes sky
crazy crayons
blue brown eyes
you and
xavier thomas May 2021
To most-
I am looked upon as a slave servant
No matter how my soul may
carry these values as armor

My “Dark Skin”
symbolize “servant”
In to many unknown eyes.
That’s their way of thinking.
The old way.

Them against I
I against them

Sooner or later,
Old ways will vanish
& come to past
Leone Lamp May 2021
there's an awesome sound
dripping brown
drugged up
and laid down
by brothers from other mothers
in their new hope town
making up rifts
and ******* around
are you picking up
the sound that i found?
can u taste the waste?
keek up the pace?
of stroker ace?
or their country greats?
some worship god
some dance with satan
they're in betWeen
dichotomies breakin'
and you know they're makin'
pork roll, egg, cheese
and bacon!
and gravy fries
mutilated lips
and pure guava eyes
A tribute to one of my favorite bands, Ween. They've got a really vast catalog. Their early music is often described as "brown" which they define as "****** up in a good way"

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