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Brown eyes
Brown on so many faces

But if eyes are the window
Straight to the soul
And every soul is unique
Then nobody's eyes are common

Honey on leather
Sat in the sun on a sunday
Right after noon
Sticky smile

Rich in the shade
Of a tree that has seen all
Full of life
And secrets
A bit cool and damp
And yet inviting

Leaves fallen and dry
Crunching and sharp
Drifting and floating
And landing softly

Glass bottle eyes
Shining and clear
A little see through
But bright and childish
Like rose colored glasses
But better

Textured and wooden
Rough and intuitive
See right through you
And hold you tight

So many browns
Dismissed and unseen
By people who don't take time
To look and really see
And absorb

Brown eyes
Brown windows
Looking in on every type of soul
Waiting to be written about
By someone who is looking
Where do I begin!?
Bohemian Rhapsody
Yellow Brick Road
Angelina Jordan loves
SanGutier Angelina
adores Courtney Hadwin
River deep,
Mountain high dancing feet!
Pretty Little Things,
America got talent!
James Brown's;
fantastic dancer skill.
Barry White lover boy!
Elvis M, Frank Sinatra's
sad song "My Way."
Marcelito Pomoy man-girl voice!
Lewis Amstrong,
"What A Wonderful World"
Dancing Monkey
John Lennon Imagine!
C-hamRk-rocks too
I'm loving them all.
Wish you had seen this
true inner singing dancing
Quee-bee-me within
for drone inner you love.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights
I've become dance and song to re-live
I got these passionate dancing
singing soul
right under my shy skin.
I know you do too.
Thanks for visiting.
Safana Sep 12
A white flower
wearing an eyeglass,
her eyelash rolled
Like calla lily,
her bright beautiful
sciera looks glassy
like, brown iris and
chocolate pupil rouned,
Stood up
her face
Brighten the Android
phone is softly touching,
when Funda closed the
shop door, she turn
her face to me
and she said
a beautiful flower
If those young men had looked like me,
how diff'rent everything would be.
There'd be no blood or teardrops shed.
Had they been white, they'd not be dead.

If Mike Brown had been Michael White,
he surely would have been alright.
"Don't shoot!" would not need to be said.
Had he been white, he'd not be dead.

From Ferguson to East L.A.,
we hear the stories every day.
"Protect and Serve" til streets run red.
Had they been white, they'd not be dead.

Call it racial immunity,
where skin-tone is impunity.
Don't let yourself be so misled-
had they been white, they'd not be dead.

As more and more young ones are slain,
and protests are met with disdain,
you may debate what I have said,
but were they white, they'd not be dead.
Wrote this when Mike Brown was killed in Ferguson. I'm sad that it maintains relevance today.
Cox Aug 10
I love your brown eyes, they’re Autumn living within a soul.
A walking soul that see’s the beauty of life through their own perspective.
I can only imagine that they would see the world golden.
Cassy Aug 6
It is friday night and I am looking at a boy with brown eyes,
Two colourful orbs, whispering soft lullabies,
They swirl with fallen leaves and hidden ember
Keeping me warm on this cold night of November.

We are kissing and kissing in each shade and hue,
Tonight I can’t feel sorrow, for once i’m not feeling blue,
Instead, colors fill my night while our heart are dancing.
I am a kaleidoscope that will never stop spinning.

I had addictions which all appeared in colors,
Hands stained with red, purple knuckles that are sore,
Black holes in my head as I drank pink strawberry shots,
But also the absence of tints and the white of my thoughts.

This time, though, the thing that is flooding my brain
Is not the yellow of the granules soothing the pain,
Nor is it the pale gray of the smoke of a cigarette,
But the brown of your eyes I could never forget.

Don’t you dare stare away. Please don’t look down.
Tonight I am looking for hope and hope has the color brown.
Poetoftheway Jul 25
brown skin farmer girl (this changeling poem)


we are I’ve decided

alike and unlike.

I know, an epiphany.

we are both brown skinned,

the sun has wrested my skin

buried it in dark loamy,

soiled brown side by side,

now alike.

your hair is long(er)

now, mine too.

a cascading mountain ranging,

edging south from your Columbia,

to my  Columbia

over my ears, down my neck,

which like yours, dreams knightly

of being loved by endless kisses,

a prince(ss) charmant


we could not be

more different,

than how god us designed.

but here’s the rub,

people change,

they dream of becoming,

reinventing the original design,

and this explains

not the why, but the how,

how this poet came to write

this changeling poem


and you think we could not be more different and
more alike, and you would be rightly correct.
LightToBurn Jul 3
The earth in which tired
city feet desire to rest on.
Plushly thick forests,
be lost and never found,
coating yourself in saturated
autumn leaves that
reflect the pulsing warmth
in the golden sun.

Your sticky honey,
rich and sweet pools in mason jars,
tempting to silver spoon scoop and
spur morning teas.
Or the mocha
in newly brewed coffee,
the bold and the cream
swirling inside your crystal *****.
If; I could I ask god a question?
I would definitely seek,
Why does my skin matter?
And, not myself belief.
My soul on least
Pedestrian of society’s ladder,
Black or brown
#onlyskin matter;
Deciding my fate
Black: bad guy with guns
Brown: not enough to be human
White: that’s all matter
Fairer skin; which everyone envy and believe
Soul: a mighty myth
To be social savvy;
But, did it save?
Another one died
#GeorgeFlyod R.I.P

Who set theses standards?
Every skin matter inspite of its colour,
Hail the flag of equal belief,
Skin is just colour
Not, character you wore
God graced us better;
Be a human for once.
Really sorry, we have come to this.
your skin in not your identity, its just how god made you?
and when such act is done , it's just a foul play in human nature, hindering what is meant to be human? so please dont discriminate.
every life matters not skin
Don't fight each others bad sides
Fight the bad sides together
We need to stand together and fight together.
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