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Honey brown, smoother than wine.
Loosens me as I start to unwind.
Straight to my head, get out of bed,
I’m never down with honey brown.

Honey brown wants you to see
All the secrets deep inside me.
I lose my grip, words start to slip.
Forever a sound with honey brown.

One more night just with the lads.
Forgetting the life I once had.
The air is young, it hits my tongue,
Another round with honey brown.

Two more shots just for the road.
I’ll follow wherever the wind blows.
Clear autumn sky through blurry eyes.
Wander the town with honey brown.

Back again right at the start.
Dreading daylight I fall apart.
Reality rings, heartache it brings.
Please stay around my honey brown.
Irene J Sep 12
At the beginning it was nothing,
it meant nothing.
it was just a cold look,
from a man, who doesn't seem to like me.

But as time goes by,
I've learned,
it was more than a look.
there was something written in his eyes,
as I look deeper into his dark brown iris,
it was something he can never say,
but only he can feel.

But I saw it and he saw mine.
We never talk,
we just look at each other,
and just knew it what we meant for each other.
and it felt real.

even I have to stand far across him to see,
while he's in the arm of someone else.
well, this base on something I experience recently. So it kinda heartbreaking.
M Sep 4
I feel my heart flip
As I look into your eyes
They are soft and brown
Welcome to the dystopian town.
No sign of life anymore
The houses are red and the air is brown.

No monarch to rule with a crown.
You will find bodies lying near every door
Welcome to the dystopian town.

You are allowed to frown.
But there is no one alive to blame anymore
The houses are red and the air is brown.

You can try making your way to downtown.
But, there is nothing left worth going there for
Welcome to the dystopian town.

You will see more bodies with their faces down.
While inside you will feel broken, numb and sore
The houses are red and the air is brown.

The sky is dark grey and brown.
Hope is not an option anymore
Welcome to the dystopian town.
The houses are red and the air is brown.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2018.
All Rights Reserved
What do you think this poem is about? I leave this one to you. Happy reading!
JoeThePico Sep 2
When i look at your round face, smiling and happy,
I can't help but notice, curious and enchanted,
Two mysterious orbs, above your puffed cheeks.
And i see, as the poet says, your enigmatic soul.

I focus back on your actual visage, captivated.
I see within your iris what resembles a marvel,
A balance of gold and bright brown rays.
Around it is a black rim,
Only barrier against the pure white around.

Deep pools of dark-cinnamon, seizing in their beauty
The depth and heaviness of one thousand untold stories.
Together the sweetness of chocolate and the bitterness of coffee,
Glowing with humor and gaiety that never escape your sight.

Eyes rolling and laughing you make my heart melt.
And again you look at me, and i find myself off-track,
Once again i can dream, lost in the brown of your eyes.
Radi Sep 2
~to Dejaun~

I hate the dreadlocks in your hair
I hate the way you look at her I hate it when you stare.
I hate your long brown arms when you hold me
I hate the way you treat me like you own me
Most of it all I hate the way you claimed you missed me but dismissed me.
Laura Sep 1
It's dumb
How quickly
I get lost
In your eyes
Your shit brown eyes
Full of nuisance
And mayhem
That wrap me up
In a whole other world
And make me forget
About all other eyes

They're simple brown eyes
I don't know
What makes yours
So goddamn special
Or why your eyes
Have such a hold
Over me
Because they're just eyes

We both know that's a lie
Those shit brown eyes
With warm, sensual flecks
With terror and mischief
Are unlike any other set
Of brown eyes
Which is insane
To even think about
Because most people
In the world
Have brown eyes
But yours are the only
Brown eyes
That have a hold over me
The only brown eyes
That make me
Fall in love
Every fucking day

the deepest oceans are the darkest ones
miracle eyes outshine the sun
forsaken forever, my heart you won
oh, miracle eyes, mend love undone

Liyah Bella Aug 4
our relationship has died, yes i know
but i can't stop thinking of conversations we would have if you were here
I love you still
romantically i am not sure
but you will always been apart of my story
you will always be my first love
forever on my mind
i can't help but believe if you walked through the door right now i won't fall back in love with those brown eyes
Scarlett Jul 30
he takes another drink from the brown bottle
his eyes inflamed and angry
broken yellowed teeth and cigarette butts
an angry man
stained  t-shirts
Lingering nicotine
a hopeless man
he's hurt again
the war broke him
gunshots still echo
Dust so thick you cannot see
the divorce broke him
A shell of a man
A wild man
but I can see him
in the cracks on his porcelain skin
The alcohol no longer seems to be running from his mouth
Convulsions have stopped
I can see his light
being born again
sometimes to help someone heal you have to make them take the first step
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