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In my everynight I go and sit outisde
To see my stars, my moonlight
With my three dogs I share thin air
I consume in my world with despair
I hated the sun
And city's bright lights
I prefer darkness
One of my few vices
Is to put time in waste
I am with Yuri, Dmitri and Horse
sure, blue eyes are beautiful
the waves of the ocean
the cloudless skies
of course, green eyes are exotic
the veins of leaves
the glimmer of emerald
but brown
oh, the brown
sweet cinnamon
earthy soil
when light hits
they turn into
a halo of gold
inspired by a post from tumblr
Ana Roe Nov 9
I could drown in your eyes
Pools of deep brown that remind me of earth
Holding a kindness that I am not worthy of receiving
I feel as if they could see right through me
Peer into my soul and see the secrets I've kept hidden
Ones that contain fragments of you
That I dare not say out loud
The color of mud,
they live underground.
Only coming up
when they want to be found.

Oh, woe is me,
a mere farmer,
that I produce
a product as **** as me.

It can't help its
oblong nature,
bland taste
or simple denature.

‘Tis but a spud
of different types,
colors, and shapes,
yet still manages to have a bud.

A simple starch,
that much is known,
but when added to things,
it brings in a life all its own.
grace snoddy Oct 22
when you had described your eyes as boring,
a dull and dark brown, almost appearing to be black,
i could have never disagreed more.

your eyes deep, dark, and daring at first.
sharing the same sable color as the fur of a great black bears,
seeming savage and unsafe,
were eyes i hesitated to trust.

but when the golden silk of the sun lays upon them,
a caramel colored explosion appears.
with significant streams of burnt sienna and sepia
flowing like fragile veins through the iris.

your eyes remind me of sunlight streaming through
bottles of whiskey.
they remind me of whispered woods in the afternoon
and copper immersed in summers honey-like glow.

i’ve fallen in love many times.
stared into the eyes of my so called
and found nothing within the deep pits of their pupils.
i found nothing in the mixtures of color that spiraled
from these dark parts of them.

but your eyes were so much more than eyes.
they were bedtime stories from childhood,
and they were the safety i had longed for.

to say that they are just boring
would be an insult.
to say they are just beautiful
would be an understatement.
She is raw like cacao
Carries a smell of cinnamon and honey
Natural brown eumelanin skin
Everyone judges not knowing what's within

Sweet like honey,
She cures any emptiness carried in a man
Mix her with sunshine
And she glows within

Beautiful big brown eyes
No one ever takes the time to notice her
People only falsely label her and lack realization
That she's the most beautiful and radiant brown skinned girl

Sweet like honey
Beautiful brown girl
Never lose your fire
Even when the sun may not shine, you'll still always blind them

- Henessy J. Beltre
a poem to remind all the eumelanin skinned girls, including myself, that true beauty is within. we should not have to change our appearances to fit in to society's meaning of beauty. (© Henessy J. Beltre - 10.11.2018)
Maya Oct 11
your eyes
are the ocean

salty tears
are its waves

bitter storms
are your temper

and lonely shipwrecks
are your rage.

my eyes
are a forest

feathered lashes
are its oaks

shady glades
are my sadness

and weary deer
are my hopes.
Blake Aug 17
Long wavy brown hair
Freckles against otherwise creamy smooth skin
Long eyelashes and dark brown puppy eyes
Loud laughter and big smiles
Confidence boosting and adventure inducing
Long summer nights filled with new experiences
Long talks about things that hurt
Longer talk about things that don’t
Fun and mischief laced into every step
Every heartbeat being worth it
Absolutely breathtakingly perfection
Everything I’ve ever wanted
And for a while
I’ve finally got it
And you make everything so extraordinary
She’s everything I’ve ever loved in people put into one crazy chaotic beautiful mess. And I loved every bit of her
Greg Jones Sep 20
Honey brown, smoother than wine.
Loosens me as I start to unwind.
Straight to my head, get out of bed,
I’m never down with honey brown.

Honey brown wants you to see
All the secrets deep inside me.
I lose my grip, words start to slip.
Forever a sound with honey brown.

One more night just with the lads.
Forgetting the life I once had.
The air is young, it hits my tongue,
Another round with honey brown.

Two more shots just for the road.
I’ll follow wherever the wind blows.
Clear autumn sky through blurry eyes.
Wander the town with honey brown.

Back again right at the start.
Dreading daylight I fall apart.
Reality rings, heartache it brings.
Please stay around my honey brown.
Irene J Sep 12
At the beginning it was nothing,
it meant nothing.
it was just a cold look,
from a man, who doesn't seem to like me.

But as time goes by,
I've learned,
it was more than a look.
there was something written in his eyes,
as I look deeper into his dark brown iris,
it was something he can never say,
but only he can feel.

But I saw it and he saw mine.
We never talk,
we just look at each other,
and just knew it what we meant for each other.
and it felt real.

even I have to stand far across him to see,
while he's in the arm of someone else.
well, this base on something I experience recently. So it kinda heartbreaking.
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