Waiting for the storm
to lower its head and charge

In ozone incense of unstable air
Eons of ions ago
horned and heavy negatives
lock prey within vortical-eye
Angelic flutter of electrons struggling on--
in yellowish friction above...

“...Did I tell you?”

Love is lightning hotter than the sun!


resolving in the only way it can
a design that cannot save itself!

Clouds roar away--
For a minute-- I think that I will too
-- along with all these words and rain

“...and did I tell you...

how thunderstorms remind me
...of love...the way it should be

and the worship after?”

Published in the April 2017 edition of SWITCH magazine
Ma Cherie 19h

would you like to take a walk
through my gardens now with me?
with the loveliest of flower
and the tiniest of pea?

well come along my darling
now come along with me,
an let's go to the gardens
to see what we can see

I planted here some garlic
from the garlic bulbs I had
an the bok choy
well it bolted
and I lost it
that's too bad
but still
it had some flowers
so really not so sad,

smile now, ; )

see the tomatoes look so happy
lots to can, to cook an share
the cucumbers are plenty
see those guys are everywhere,

those here are purple eggplant
with soft delicate new flowers,
an the weather has been perfect
just so hot with scattered showers

the chocolate mint like poetry
WiLd and prolific
dead head all the marigolds
an boy they grow terrific,

in lovely burning oranges
and yellows
you can eat,
marigolds - nasturtiums
are really such a treat
and eating from my garden
well really can't be beat,

the kale is getting big,
and my peppers hot an mild
the pumpkins taking over
like an ivy envy wild

cosmos and green beans
were started from a seed,
radishes are too,
I snuck 'em in between,

basil and cilantro
rosemary and sage,
I could go on and on
and write another page

but really you should visit
and come to see it now
but thanks for reading this
though vicarious somehow

I'm still happy for to share
my life
and love today
I hope you know I care
an are soon
here on your way
even in grey skies
for the growing I will pray,

and I will be here waiting
tending gardens
come what may.

Ma Cherie © 2017

For my little nuggie Jesse ❤❤❤ love you all! Muah x -Ma

if I could fly to heaven
just to see you from above
I would watch you closely
and fall deeply
with you in love

to watch you in your daily
to see your secret smile
to watch you as you work
and just sit with you awhile

I would study your sweet eyes
and the creases on your face
the way you move your arms
ah yes,
to imagine that embrace

I'd close my eyes- inhale
just to know your sacred smell
I would whisper gently baby
an put on you
a lovely spell

I'd remember every sadness
through collusion and confusion
I would know your every gladness
every thought and grand illusion,

I would find it all endearing
as you captivate my heart
I would shoot an arrow
a hopeful loving dart

to let you know I am the one
that seeks out your true love
look to the stars tonight
to your heaven
up above

make a wish
just wish me there
I beg you see my star
I know you hear my voice
I do,
even if  from way afar

every thing aligns as it should
until the day I see you again
the love I've waited for my whole life my lover and my friend

I will wait beneath my Summer Moon
I wait for you
I  wait for thee
I will wait until I am no more
for your love
to set me finally free.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Yup just thinking about finding my soul's counterpart again sigh sweet dreams everyone love you ❤

I want to know
your tenderness
intelligent and so very sweet
I will love you heart and soul
I will,
to love you
such a beautiful new treat,

I want to run my hands
through your lovely lovely hair
and let you slow caress me
do things I'd never ever dare

like to kiss with no abandon
and love with out the worry
love you slow and sweet...oh,
an never will I hurry

I will hear you
I will listen
I will be your lovely one
I will be your shiny moon,
I will
and you my lovely shining sun

all the things we ever wanted
an relief when days are done

I've waited now forever
to find you is my goal
I have no other purpose
you are the half
that makes me whole
you are the other part
to my old and weary soul

please I beg you look above
to see my star tonight
I hope you see me now I do,
as I shine on you a light.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Idk...dreaming... Sigh

take me on a journey there
and tell me what you see
I see trees of falling bark around
and shores of golden sea

I will take you on a journey here
through the hills of my Vermont
where the crystal waters
run so clear
and my ancestors still haunt

I see mountains tall and proud shimmering in a blue
I see fields of rolling shade
and some sleeping kangaroo

I see moths- the rarest kinds
and these birds of many feather
I see mountains verdant green
and this gorgeous summer weather

I fly with noisy lorikeet
and swim in coral reef
and walk 'twixt ancient eucalypt
to view the sandy beach

I land with Peregrine Falcon
and I soar with red tail hawk
I drift in summer breezes here
and with the animals
I talk

I walk through shady leafy glens
and I tread the reddened Earth
while I listen as the lybirds sing
to state my futile worth

I dream of sweet tomorrow's near
in the clouds of purest white
I hike in ferny glens here too
and fly a homemade kite

I stand beneath the winter here
in the clearest skies above
and I trace the stars my future now
in hopes I find true love

I stand in brilliant honey rays
in days of solstice long
I sing to love ~ oh far away
that he too hear my song

and hear I do,
a song from you
that skipped across the stars
your day-
my night,
we must take flight
beyond the Sun,
the moon and stars

out to the Milky Way
I'll come along with you
our maiden flight
in love and light
to find a love that's true

David Hewitt & Ma Cherie
© July 2017

Hi y'all! Decided to collaborate again- David started the first verse a bit ago- life getting in both our way- I finally finished it tho. This is about two poets two dreamers - different worlds different realities different galaxies even? Both looking for their souls counterpart Always nice to write with David so sweet thoughtful, talented, kind, etc etc lol. Hope you all find something to love about it.  And anyone I've let down on doing a collaboration please let me know and I will try! I get scattered sometimes lol love you all- Muah x - Ma Cherie and David

I don't really want to leave
but it seems as if I must
my life is so uncertain here
an there is little I can trust

I only really know
that this is not for me
it seems I must pursue
my loving destiny,

I have heard you always
I hope you know me too
the one who frees me baby
already I love you

without knowing you in person
I love you this I know
I only need to find you
to let this flower grow.

Ma Cherie ©2017

no notes...sigh gnight sweet dreams poets

I know not of your hands
I know not of your name,
I know not of your face
but I have
known you
you are my soul's warm embrace

I have felt you
in their mindless empty touch
closer closer every time
an I need you
very very much,

I have yearned for the freeing
of your loving fingertips
the sanctuary of the warmest arms
and those perfect perfect lips
we can dance in my moon
as we move
bringing both us back,
as time just slips an slips,
before here
I knew you
back there

Ma Cherie © 2017

Still looking for my other half somewhere ; ) love you all
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