Ma Cherie 9h

Share in what you have
right now,
an give what you can give
share a meal today -
with love
and help another

Life is full of bounty,
seek for all to taste -
of deep seeded -
inner worth,
take another's hand now,
on our lovely journey
of the timeless
an ever- changing mystic Earth.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Ma Cherie 1d

Life is but a puzzle
an it doesn't always fit,
sometimes you will fly
or flutter off an flit,
or sink down really low,
In a godforsaken pit

Wasn't done an it saved sorry
Ma Cherie 2d

Scars conveyed on thin skin,
from cuts made down soooo deep,
an memories will change us, true,
if we let them flow an seep,

Don't hide out alone with pain,
or let it come around an creep,
things will be different,
a promise I can keep,

So stay positive.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Frame of mind
Ma Cherie 2d

I work from dawn to dark,
I'm up to crack the eggs,
I cook until its late,
on weary aching legs,

I should just sit - relax,
but it seems-
I don't know how,
I just keep on going,
until my feet are saying owwww!

Ma Cherie © 2017

Humor? Ugh...doc says stay of 'em haha ;/
Ma Cherie 4d

Love me like a snowflake,
unique an always rare,
touch my skin and need me,
an show me how you care,

Pull my chest into you,
say you want me near,
tell me that you love me,
so sweetly in my ear,

Run your hands down my back,
caressing ancient yin,
you are my sweet young yang,
it cannot be a sin,

You touch me with your hands,
but deeper with your soul,
your young an sexy spirit,
ignite a burning coal,

I feel you every moment,
always awaiting your arrival,
please come back here to love me,
I need you for survival.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Can't have new guy probably I  guess maybe I got burned you think that I would listen or by now I mighta learned but he's perfect in every way - he feels the same -but our situations are not ideal too complicated... ;/ love you poet's
Ma Cherie Apr 19

Burning bodies,
an heated up-
loving nights,
I think of you an I ache,
to take me to the highest heights,

I want you more each time
you brush
your hand -
sweetly past my waist,
it isn't nearly enough though
I really really want to taste,

Another moment like the ones
we've had,
the craving for you-
I can't take,
I wish to love you now,
an again in the morning
when we will wake,

Nice sex an that's for sure,
but also love is what I hope we make.

New guy....maybe... very confusing.
Ma Cherie Apr 17

Close your eyes to see my face,
an touch my skin in hot embrace,
reaching out to touch my lips,
you touch me deep,
an move my hips
please run your hands,
back through my hair,
let's do some things
I'd never dare,
make me want you -
that's so nice,
but ask me baby
an don't think twice.

Ma Cherie © 2017

Smokin hot guy to me anyway but idk if he's ever gonna get it! He maybe just a tease this time -not cool! ;/ Lol trying to get back here to do some poetry hope you're all doing well! Moving turned to choas. ;/ ugh!
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