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A horror movie scene as the heroine escapes.
Everything is still besides her convalescing breath and the distant, chasing wind.
Not a noise is heard except the fall leave's rattle and the birch wood's moaning bark in the moonlight.
Her body slouches into the protection of a lone shed, and shrouds itself in the aroma of cut grass.
A tense brow relieves and tired eyes close, thankful to receive the momentary peace.

A possible misstep turns the wary peace on end with the jagged cut of broken leaves. The once relieved brow now concedes surprise as wild eyes are cast towards an opaque barricade.
Sly pieces of garden equipment leash a weathered jacket in place as she attempts to stand.
A cackle is heard, a shriek undone.
To spite the brittle wood, the formulaic jump-scare-skeleton-hand bursts through the shed's solicitous walls, set to declare the last of a weary soul as his own.
The wind catches up and spearheads any hole it can find.
It begins whistling around the dim room like a tornado elated to havoc behind a castle's walls.
The tree bark howls, the leaves, now delight.
We learn there is no reprieve for a begging champion.
The camera slowly backs out of the splintered hole, and pans over a silhouetted forest to face the waning moon.
The hero succumbs with muted screams to a gore far below and out of frame.

Our only closure, a black screen, with bright white letters, slowly scrolling up.

The end.
Just something I had fun writing, figured not posting it would be a waste despite it not being "poetry", just an experiment I guess. I feel like it would be good, in like, a high-school, short story competition. *****.
ok okay Jul 2018
The lull of a restless night relieves my senses
It's monotone silence maintains my breath
The cold night breeze enters through an open window
It whispers soft tunes and attempts to put me to sleep
The humming of an exhausted laptop helps me decompress
It distracts me from overthinking and blocks out my stress
As the night goes on it starts to rain
It comforts my senses and cleanses my pain
This time-worn house cracks and creaks
It talks of troubled times and how it came to be
This place I call home proves i’m never alone
And it's always there to support me
3rd poem. Enjoy :)
Ashley Chapman Sep 2017
In pubs with bar flies.
Kronenburg, Becks, Carling, Stella Artois and Fosters,
Dancing in our blood,
Utterly inured; we are endured by all:
The solipsism most profound.

And when Johnnie, Jack and Jameson join,
The sentimental and the morbid
Are conjoined.

And ****!
In the custody of beer halls,
The shadows that draw, fade,
And calls – e’en Death’s! -- are put on hold!
No time; instead, before the last, another pint.

For in this hallowed inn,
Drinking what’s in the glass,
And espousing the glow within,
Cares regress.

No woes,
Or loaded psyches,
For when the pressure builds,
The best: a jet of yellow bliss,
Relieves the pain,
On Armitage Shanks' porcelain.
Quinn's is pub in Camden. Armitage Shanks a ****** & toilet manufacturer.
Katie Apr 19
After all the things
He spent with me… I was
Never a note — a flower — only
A brief connecting flight.
I am not the type
Clinging to security — yet —
What once were fingers
On delicate hand, are
Crooked — Clawing.
Howbeit his snake coiled,
Relents its wring. And slow release…
Relieves my grief.
For so long I wanted to be water
An element that soothes and saves
For I was born of fire
Wild, destructive and difficult to tame

I tried to dull my flames
In order to gain some control
Though the spark deep inside me
Wanted freedom to console

The hatred I held inside
I couldn't accept my role
I wanted to be everything I wasn't
The ocean, the rain, the winter's cold

How can I run free
When all I'll ever do is destroy
The fire that burns in me
Is a passion I can no longer avoid

I finally embrace my element
As it is in my nature
I want to be free to be myself
I've never felt more sure

For so long I longed to be water
An element that subdues and relieves
But I was born of fire
With a warmth that burns so passionately

I am a candle that provides you light
I am the fire that warms you whole
I brighten your darkest night
I thaw the coldest hearts and souls
It was during the Dangan days that I started losing everything, I had it all
and now there's nothing. When you're on top there's nowhere to go,
Better jump off than descend slow. Sometimes I wish I'd dived
right in; seeking these chemicals
to (k)no(w) satisfaction,
It's 'cause memory's not happening.

I need something that's intangible,
I fear it's gone away.
All the junkiesque rituals in the underworld
couldn't conjurer that place;
Only the apparition remains.
But I'll stay, because I found a poison; and it tastes good.

Now I'm a dope-dealing fiend,
And you know what?
I kinda like it. At the moment I feel like evil suits me,
If I had a vicious heart then I truly I could be
but I haven't got that in me. I just act and it relieves me.
Playing the drug-baron when I'm tired of the stick-monkey.
I'm doing it cause, just cause;
There's nothing left for me.
Nassif Younes Mar 2016
Another day and up goes
Another indoor ski *****
Another indoor hunting range
And another underwater golf club
All built on the backs of Blistered Men
In the blistering sun
Who hydrate on warm water by day
And wash in ***** water by night
As towers cut holes in the sky
Through which the heavens rain down
Their radioactive rays.

At dusk, the Imam ****
Who wears on all ten fingers
Rings bearing ten different precious stones
Waves his winking hand
At the ******* Cop
Who smiles back showing his teeth
Cunningly freckled with golden flakes
While a voice from the nearest mosque hangs over them
And says something
About morality.

In the middle of the desert
In the highest room
Of the tallest hotel
Sits The Perfumed Prince
Enjoying his favourite meal -
Lobster with pieces of fillet steak
Clutched in the pincers
And both eyes gouged out
And the sockets fitted with white truffles.
The waiter holds his breath before returning with the bill
And the Prince tips one of The Blistered Men
With a rare shellfish
Which he does not know how to eat
Without getting poisoned.
After his meal, The Perfumed Prince
Relieves himself in a solid gold toilet
Which makes his ***** look like fresh water
Whilst his pet falcon innocently crunches the carcass of a baby rat
In the other room.

On New Year's Eve
As the baking sun had set
And sweated out into a stinking humid haze
The sixty-three storey Downtown hotel caught ablaze
Because - reports say -
The owner tried to squeeze into it
A sixth star.
The Imam **** of Many Rings
Suggested postponing the scheduled firework display next door
And charging people to watch the fire.
The Gold-Flaked ******* Cop
Argued this was impractical
And insisted the show go on
As it would omit the sound of people screaming
Something about priorities.

The fire was contained
And the firework show a success.
The Perfumed Prince flew in the next day
And resolved that the burning hotel was structurally flawed
And should have been
"If we're going to have an inferno,"
He said,
"It had better be the best inferno this world has ever seen."
And so he set The Blistered Men to work
On wobbly scaffolding
In the blistering sun.

The women have been blocked out of this story
Much like they are in the streets

But in other news
Somebody, somewhere
Has just resolved
To eat less red meat.
helps treat bronchitis                   
aroma makes one alert                       
relieves stress, spearmint

Lightens the tension,
Relieves the pain
Brightens the spirits,
Heightens the desires,
Power of rain,
Restores the life,
In purest form,
Abundance of greens,
Purity sublimes.
Soaking in rain,
Love the rain drops,
Drowning the face,
Walk with nature,
Energises the soul,
Beauty of nature,
Paints the sketch,
With brushes of freshness,
Blossoms the life,
With colors unlimited,

Sparkle In Wisdom.
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Before I die please tell me how you do all this ,
How are you carrying me? how you kept a stupid me sharing extreme bliss,
How you do all of this ; being polite and kissing with your prayers,
Knowing that may be it won't give you what you deserve and end up devastated with a sharp spear ,
That spear dipped in poison of pain,
And sorrow along with only threatening thunder but no soothening rain,
The rain which relieves the painful emotions,
Which are highly toxic and in extreme end up with potions ,
It's not just a big heart which take all hurt inside ,
And just pushing endless Love outside,
Even if I annoy you; tease you or push you off the ease and stab you from inside ,
You don't manage you just put them aside ,
Put it in the trash can and wrap me with care and made yourself so polite ,
Is it really possible to do without no reason at all,
Or there is something like a big treasure at the end of this fall?
I mean really is there any big worth behind all of this?
Or just it's only you and only just board me up in your boat; oh no not a boat it's a ship ,
Ship carrying every thing which can make things more than ease,
Counting from a little help upto a endless number of beautiful moments with ,
Are you a human? do you really exist?
I have numerous of questions for you; will you stay in contact forever ?
And if you don't I don't have a problem but I wish for you God must give you happiness in a big basket everyday and a person to love you every second.
Every time I've been a stupid making mistakes thousand of times.
relieves depression                
makes brain sharp and function well
heart tonic, nutmeg
she easily feels
trapped quickly
after a while
in the same house
streets shops parks
at the same time
swarmed pubs parks
make her feel
isolatedly closed-in
as she was young
the vanity filled with girls
with hairspray, lipstick
she just stood there
half part of a world
outside her books
disconnecting back to today
when television resembles
confusing thoughts
haunt for decisions
nervousness relieves
as travelling antes up
yet seeming the only
solution contrary to wishes
of closeness to the
same people if you
think back a long time
when comfortable with the world.
James LR Sep 2018
These curtains hewn of sunlight stains
Forever banish thoughts of rain;
And then beneath the golden light,
Fear and folly flee from sight.
A phantom wind -conviction bright-
Relieves my heart of rage and spite.
Leftover grief of yesterday
Is filled with hope and fades away.
What are your "curtains"?
Andrew Aug 2018
And then the synthesizer made a come back
And then a supernova. And then anxiety.
Cam over.
I’m out in the desert, studying the meaning
Of rain in the human brain. I’m learning
More about myself that is. How the blood
Talks. How the shade relieves itself.
I’m offering you sunsets. Roots set.
The lonely land and sky
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CharlesC Dec 2018
the experience that relieves
the desire encasing our
search for an answer..
this relaxation is a taste
of the freedom of knowing
for an instant
our real Self..

is not
another thought
or conception
but the noticing that
there is a fire
in which the desire
is no more
and a luminous Joy
arises and claims
MarieAnna Mar 26
I used to cry in the rain once. It was a perfectly natural excuse to bathe my sorrows in ambient moisture and hide them in plain sight.

His universe is thundering down in tiny fragments. Reality falls abruptly from different directions. If lucky one drop will scratch beneath the surface.

Every tear drop burns and he winces. Invisibly crying a waterfall. Paradoxically questioned for deception and secrets.

Behind his strong exterior of tungsten. How long can he walk down a lone road with no sense of direction of purpose? Deluding himself he is indestructible. Detrimental.

It was closer to grief than pain, synonymous to those who refuse to differentiate but equally exhausting to others who recall. Like a fleeting moment of recognition.

The crooked and decrepit house moans in agony when tears of the sky flood its weak foundation.

Every memory he possessed became submerged in an instant. Ignorance is bliss.

Recollections of lost instances flooded him in that second. Rendering his once shared worldview crooked.

Lapses in time lost while under guise or being illusory. Remnants of his soul now in dilapidation.  

Why, and how, can I relate? What personified hurt I share with that which I hope relieves it? What kind of paradox allows me to smile in pain yet cry out of joy? Why has it been so hard to feel... anything?
- Subhojit Ghimire

Seven hours a complete waste,
In the classroom I sit,
Learning not and listening not,
In my dream world I get lost...

Nodding and dozing,
Off I go to sleep,
My eyes are open though,
I know those are,
But my mind, I'm not sure...

The sound of the bell,
Oh! So melodious it sounds,
The teacher exits and the panic relieves,
The joy after that has literally no bound...

Exams come and exams go,
The result day is what we fear,
The harsh scolding an the words promising,
To us, all those are just so dear...

Books are our sleeping pills,
And game period- the energy giver,
Teachers teach us how to believe,
But friends make us a believer...

Doing assignment is a mere procrastination,
The burden that we'll never forget,
Give us a month's time, give us a week's leave,
We'll have the work still undone...

Those were the days, those were the times,
I will always frame in mind,
Saying goodbye would not pain much,
If we promise to stay in touch...
"Dear heart, how do you feel?"

Many times,
you still haunts me in my dreams,
maybe that was the closest I’d ever get to seeing you.

your absence randomly gives me stabs of pain.

But light slapped me,
"Dear heart, how do you really feel?"
Realization came & hits me hard

The real thing is
I'm done painting some false reality of words I wish you said.
I'm no longer trying because I’m tired of hearing you’re busy.
Those days, do you know how hurt it felt to stared at your phone hoping it would ring as you promised to call only it didn’t? your job is always more important.
I wish you know how hard I tried to stay committed to you from 10000 km apart.
How my faith would be tested
again & again,
but I decided to holding on to what we had
I was 110% yours.
You're always too late & never there.
My soul relieves it's over
because I cannot bear the insecurities, doubts, uncertainty.
I can finally let go of the pain I've got used to.
I'm happier this way.
I will not allow me to be victimized by the nostalgia.
The past was never meant to be resurrected.


But still,
I hope you got flashbacks of me
when you drown yourself on work;
the one thing you think more important than me;
your escape from the crazy things around you,
yes, keep running
clock is ticking, quick
work harder be busy
you don't deserved to be this stress bae
those sadness you keep hiding has turned you become a monster
******* and irrationally mad

It's so you
Your pain has turns into numbness
then the numbness turns to rage
then the rage turns to silence

And when you switch off the computer,
the pain will creeping up
inside your heart remains  dark and dingy,
take a piece of me with you in your heart along the way.
120619 | 11:39 AM  demam & sakit kepala dari berapa hari kemarin moga-moga bukan dengue fever ya. Sulung - Kunto Aji playing on background.
WendyStarry Eyes Dec 2018
Thank you Father God
For placing me where I need to be
Though my paths in life
Through my eyes
I perceive not to be easy

I conveniently put your purpose
In the back of my mind
Then when times hit hard I realize
Knowing your purpose is
What relieves stress
Suddenly, I remember to pray
I become no longer blind
True purpose falls back into line

I feel your Spirit within me
Peace in my soul, home once again
My mind goes where
You need me to be
To the Center
Your Son
Who gave His life
To set sinners free
Thank You, Father & Amen

— The End —