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Zaza May 11
Have you ever wondered
How your name
Would sound
On the

Whilst my cat
Has yours
Zaza Apr 22
I thought I cleared every part of you from my mind

But when the sun sets
I see your silhouette
Everytime I close my eyes
Zaza Apr 14
When you left

You taught me
To only love men
who do not know of all the ways a heart can be shape shifted into broken
Zaza Apr 11
You always said
You would catch me if I fall

I wish I knew
Your arms were as fragile as your voice
Zaza Apr 8
You became my Saturday nights

That never turned into Sunday mornings
Zaza Apr 7
I just

Want to find a love
That leaves me with butterflies in my stomach

Instead of moths in my closet
Zaza Apr 7
I don't know what hurts more

Watching you walk away

Knowing that you can

Or knowing that you should
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