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Zaza Jan 17
I never needed you
to be
the perfect man for me

I just wanted you
to be
For Me
Zaza Jan 17
Dear father,

I still remember the last time I saw you

It's funny, because you looked just the same as you always did
Like someone
Who was never really mine.

Like a stranger in disguise
Who's reality only exists
When I close my eyes and fantasize about you being in my life

But I guess
When you heard you should live your life without
You mistook that for my name

And I wonder if you will ever understand the pain
Of knowing someone only when you imagine them
Or loving someone who thought
Never talk to strangers
Was a lesson best learnt by example

But they say actions speak louder than words
And you became so consumed by your own self worth to really give a **** about who you hurt

So you became the expert
At manipulating words
Like turning
I love yous into sorrys
Tomorrows into yesterdays
Until it was safe to say I couldn't count on you

Dear father,

Because of you
I constantly found myself falling in love with things that could never love me back

I became infatuated with sandcastle and snowflakes

Addicted to temporary moments
Addicted to broken

Thought if I learnt to fix things
Then somehow
I might find the manuscript
To piecing the shattered part of my being whole again

Because of you
I spent years trying to cover this skin that you left me with
Tried decorating these scars
With tattooed hopes
To remind myself
That sometimes
Some things
Were made to last forever

Because of you,
For years I avoided looking into the mirror
Because I never truly knew
If you could love someone
You only ever met in passing

You see
I mistook your ***** for water
I never realised I was internally drowning in your poison
I thought I needed you to stay afloat

It took me a long time to realise
That ***** was just your way of relieving yourself from blame

You became a box full of things
I packed away the day you left
But I've stopped trying to hold on to your burden

So I've taken out my smile
And I'll wear it with pride

And Dear father,
Did you know
That if you repeat a word enough times
Then eventually the word will start to lose it's meaning?

And I've stopped wishing I was still young enough to understand
What the word father meant

And now no know
That if I ever see you again
Then you will look just the same as you always did

Like someone
who doesn't deserve to be mine
This is a spoken word piece I wrote for my father who disappeared like a **** in the wind. One I struggled to write. Full of things I've always wanted to say to him. One I am yet to read to him and now no longer feel the need to.
Zaza Jan 17
My lipstick
Stains his addictive tip

His intoxicating bliss
Caresses my lips
Suppressing that itch
Only addicts know
When they crave their fix

I'm addicted to his
Bad habits
He's my nicotine trip

So I chain smoke him every time I need a fix
Zaza Jan 16
My lips
Will have you speaking in tongues

When you French kiss me in my Frenchies

I see you're hooked on my every word

Drenched in my sweet accent

Let me pineapples kisses quench your thirst
Zaza Jan 16
You left love notes inside me
And turned my screams
into your greatest symphony
Zaza Jan 16
Why can't we just be honest?

We speak words to masquerade those thoughts that lay deep within our conscience
Our lips
So full of unspoken secrets
That we bite our tongues
As though it's embedded in our blood
To always speak with extreme caution.

So verbally we try masking those emotions
Of those internal scars
Those wounds left open
Trying desperately
To act without distorting
Our perfected skin
Whilst internally
We are broken

So everyday we try to shift the focus
So focused on portraying an imagery so golden
It blinds our eyes
To the reality we are holding
So deep within our souls
For fear of us exposing

But our truth lies
So cleverly disguised by those simplest of hellos
And I'm doing just fines

We are too scared to say what we truly feel inside
Because we fear the rejection from those judgemental eyes
Do we falsify our minds

I guess that an easier pill to swallow
Than the one that embodies our pride

So we place blame on others
To upease our pain
Whilst we paint pictures of happiness
With the water colours of our tear stains
Trying desperately to hide our 50shades of grey
We just stand there drowning in the mind games we play

But how can we convince our shadows that we are truly worth following
When every time we are asked to speak the truth
We just hold it all in
And stand there choking.
Zaza Jan 16
He called me beautiful,
And I wanted to reply

Is not a word for the mosaic girl
Made up of broken hearts
And badly tattooed promises

It's not a word for the girl who breaks mirrors
Just so her reflection can resemble something closer to what she feels inside

It's not a word for the girl with tired hands
Burdened with scorch marks
From old flames she tried so hard to hold on to

Or who drowns herself
In shots of whiskey
Because it is the closest she will get to reaching the bottom of something

Is for the girl
With love stained lips
And happy ever after perfectly glittered over the shadows of her eyes

It is for the girl
Who only feels joy whenever she cried

I wanted to reply
Beautiful is for the girl
Who devours that sweet word
You only meant with your eyes

That word
You only said as you scanned my thighs
And wondered how deep
Into this skin
You could dive

How deep you could skinny dip in wet bedsheets
Without acknowledging the beautiful woman that's drowning  inside

I wanted to tell him that beautiful was a lie

I wanted to tell him
That the word
Felt like an old itchy jumper
Seemingly warming
But masquerading a body so raw
From trying to scratch away the finger prints of past lovers

Who would camouflage their lies
By parading beautiful colours
Just so they could chameleons their way into my covers

I wanted to tell him
That beautiful
Did not exist in my bed

It doesn't keep me warm
or kiss me goodnight
It doesn't visit me in the morning when I look in the mirror
And beautiful does not stare me in the eyes

I wanted to tell him that
doesn't mean **** when it is only meant for the night

I smiled at him and replied

I wonder if you would still call me beautiful if you were blind?

— The End —