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Umi 5d
When the magic fades,
And the winds stop howling,
A question occurs with yourself growling,
As shooting stars have granted no more wishes,
What you believed to be true proved itself malicious,
When sound melts into beautiful, yet resentless stillness,
Worry not, just as you are, faith is transient,
Even if this world might not be heavensent,
Do your best, live your life with no regret,
You may be faithless, but please..
Do not lose the faith in yourself.

~ Umi
Welp, I tried
Umi Sep 25
Growing alongside plain grass,
They stand proud with leafs coming in three,
But you search for one with a different appearance, no ?
Does the four-leafed clover promise you luck ?
Or perhaps the illusion of riches and wealth ?
To be bedded with roses of comfort and luxury would be a dream,
Yet all they are is ordinary ****, casually growing in a field,
The luck you experience is but in yourself alone,
Such heartfelt fancy just couldn't come to be,
For the rarity your eye has grasped,
Has made you feel hope, but also Happiness,
And happiness, is true luck.

~ Umi
  Sep 14 Umi
Hywel Vaughan-Davies
through raindrop windows
another point of view
trickles into gravity's maw
Umi Sep 10
When fury burns up an empty heart,
All what is left are the ashes of a saddened truth,
You, after all still can't change the past.
On a tranquil sea far away,
These waves rekindle your memories,
Until, the woe has been washed away
From the shore.

~ Umi
Umi Sep 5
In your arms I feel the delicate heartbeat, assuring me you are alive,
All the sadness, all my pride, all my ego and all deception are radiated away, by your gentle touch, the sound of your breathing,
One day, I would like to give to you what you always return to me;
The purity of Love.
But, little old me seems to be too frightened, too delusional to accept the reality of the warmth you gift me with each and every moment I can share and enjoy along side you, hand in hand,
It is too much like a dream, to escape from all sorrow and heartache because of you, and what you have done to change me,
No song, no poem, no words and emotions would ever be capable to show you how much you mean to me, but at least I shall try!
So may I make a wish of selfishness today,
Stay with me, don't leave me,
You are the last light I'll see,
My dear, wonderful..
Tenshi ♡

~ Umi
Umi Aug 12
An expectation,
A simple wish, to hold on,
With the desire of a brighter tomorrow.

~ Umi
Umi Aug 12
An emotion so patient yet so sinnister, always awaiting a mere moment of weakness to strike you down and take you down with it,
Succeeding where nor hate and fear may ever reach,
Slowly, gently wrapping itself around ones mind, clouding their judgement, consuming, destroying and manipulating until no more willpower nor energy remains to resist the weight of this special hell,
Coldness, infinite distance, only to be reached by true love, yet fully in this accursed state, one may not understand "love" anymore,
Numbing misery with seemingly no end nor real beginning,
A feeling so aggressively taking its hold on its victim,
Yet so passively presenting it.
Just what is its intention ?
I give up, its hopeless.

~ Umi
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