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Umi 1h
Isn't making sense over so little irrational ?
Then again, with the constant change of life is there such a thing as being completely, or even partly rational to begin with ?
Perhaps not, all what is thought of it are social standards which in themselves differ from each culture in each country in a small world,
Those unlikely to advance are left in darkness all by themselves,
Rotting within the terror of their mind, shunned by interaction,
With the simple wish to be considered normal, to feel the way most of their many encounters of human beings do every single day,
As a result, they may further distance themselves and define each other as an inhuman, resented by life, losing the last light of hope,
Such is a cycle of despair, a downward spiral of lost emotions,
What does it take to enjoy just one more day, one more moment,
Before quitting it all the same, leaving without trace,
After all a demon like me has no place
In this beautiful world.

~ Umi
Umi 7h
The big seven vessels,
Whom struck fear within their foes,
Scrapped without notice

~ Umi
A shame they didn't turn them into museum ships...
Umi 4d
Living without experiencing failiure or pain
Leads to a life of no accomplishment,
Is this battle over, or did it just begin ?
Frankly, one has to keep fighting internally,
The things yet to be experienced are widespread,
Like the stars in the sky, the large sahara desert,
Pay heed to your fragile hearts,
Otherwise you'll end up one day,
As a hollow figure given consciousness,
Unable to further advance,
An image of nothingness.

~ Umi
Umi Jan 13
For better or worse this track has come to halt,
Searching far and wide of the of this promising light,
The joy and pleasure it brought, the happiness and warmth,
Cannot be recovered, are lost due time, lost due carelessness,
Impossible requests without reward, a day that never ends,
Nothing but a realisation, of the highest and the lowest point,
There is nowhere farther to go, no rising for something new,
The welcoming darkness expands the path, far beyond the ledge,
Shameful steps, tap delicately towards the inevitable edge,
A returning life, with nothing but a body ever lost,
One selfish wish amongst many to overstep the border of nightmares,
What can be gained, is bound to be lost somewhere in time,
Misery and pain, carried by short moments of bliss and happiness,
Are to be forever left in darkness with those unfortunate souls,
Whom see no light or belief in the future ahead,
Despite that, isn't living terrifyingly beautiful ?

~ Umi
Umi Jan 5
I will disappear,
When the night strikes once again,
And spirit away.

~ Umi
Umi Dec 2018
Under the drifting clouds, even though the ages may fade,
With this unchanging life I can keep shining for you,
Who am I shining for, what may be my real purpose ?
Leaving these questions unanswered, the river of time drags me into its consuming pull, slowly swallowing me as a whole,
My conpanions were dreamers who were seeking the same future,
But time did tell, they fell one by one, only their will remains,
And so the figure of hatred, whom had failed such a noble task and cause, creeps around the night, resented by life itself
Sound melts into silence as the world around me already has lost its lovely colour, as the beautiful flowers wither, no stars glitter,
These selected words were taken from a paradise I'd lost sight of,
I've been given the great freedom, to sink now ever so brilliantly,
When everything ends, I ask you to hear out my request,
Please, forget me.

Yours Truly; Umi
Umi Dec 2018
Running out of Ideas,
My soul yells at me to keep writing,
And so I follow its command into the depths of nihilism,
Into the depths of the meaningless, nothingness
My pen follows a gentle touch led by my tired hand,
Tired eyes gaze at the paper destined to be read by noone,
So I question myself, what is the cause to still keep going ?
The truest form of writing is for one's self after all,
But sharing made them worthwhile furthermore,
Now I have no one to share with, no one to bore,
When the last leafs were falling, my creativity bid farewell,
Now there is no meaning to the stories of wisdom I try to tell,
But, at least one spark still lightens my lonesome way,
If but one soul can take inspiration from this madness,
From the lonely thoughts of my being, cast into reality,
Then I shall listen to my dying heart and stop moving this pen,
With the last breath I take.

~ Umi
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