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**** THEM,
they never knew what they had.
She was right before them,
Did nothing but adore them,
But they were all just bored men.
Bored of themselves,
So they put it on her.
Cleared all her shelves,
And left her heart bare.
While acting like they all truly cared.
But while she was drowning
They sat and they stared.
She said she believed them,
When they said they'd be paired.
Love's what she believed in,
But life isn't fair.
So **** them for deceiving,
This beautiful girl,
Who now just feels broken,
In a dark empty world.
Unmotivated by society,
Bored of this sobriety.
Let's go eye to eye and see,
Every single side of me.
Because without some thorough inspection,  
Emotion goes by
without detection.
Forgive and forget,
All that you can.
For without you,
I feel like I'm ******.
A forgotten man,
In a desolate land.
Has only one want
And that's to be yours,
Within this life span.
  Jun 2015 Lunden Gabriel Lee
Sade LK
She ripped the stitches out of
Rotting skin and sinked in to
Seeping sin, dripping crimson
Crashing to the ground.
That same hole in the earth
With a cold to call home-
Not alone down there, she lets
The worms observe her every move.
Wriggling in dirt
Her thirst pulsed hard and black;
Can't take it back,
Too late to save that day
So let yourself unravel with the sutures
There's no future when you're dead.
Written sometime in October, 2013
You say I shouldn't try
because you're just too broken.
And that it's all not worth it
because you are just too tied to him.
You say you don't love me,
and so i must begin.
To either stay enslaved by my love,
or do as you say
and break free.
But what you may not see,
is you could be loosing
your chances with me.
I hope
that's not the way it has to be,
but we'll see what's perceived
and what I come to beleive.
But i just want you to know,
that you're the only girl I need.
**** this ****,
I don't even try to feel like this.
I just want that pretty boy to hit.
I hate his face,
his name is the worse.
He'll be wishing
he left our fight in a hearse.
I don't wanna be angry,
or ******.
But this kid,
just wants a date with my fist.
This jealously
just makes me ******* ill,
and in a duel for your love,
I would never kneel.
I'm sorry
this is the way I feel.
I just want you
more than anything else.
But you say,
I can't have you to myself.
So when your gone,
I write you things.
For that is what my emotion brings.
I'll fight for your love,
every single day.
Because right now,
there's no other way.
The most depressed
I've ever been,
I can't even seem to begin.
On how I never wanna smile
or grin.
**** this emotion!
I'd rather live in sin.
I'd rather take a life,
than feel all of this strife.
I want you for my own,
but you don't seem to care.
I want you
and you alone,
and the only burden you'll bare.
Is finding a way
to love me,
the way that I love you.
I wish you would wanna try,
instead of putting me through.
Nights alone
where I cry,
and you get someone new.
If I wanted
to have different souls
inside of my bed.
I would try
and fail,
to find this love,
in them instead.
For the love I have for you,
I've never felt before.
I really would have no one else,
my elf's who I adore.
I'd rather be dead,
than this deep in my head.
I hate
that I can only lay here
and dread.
The things that she does
when I'm not in her bed.
I can't ******* stand it,
I won't find relief.
But my love isn't a lie,
and I know from this grief.
I can't say a thing
to try to change her mind.
And maybe in time,
I'll never be fine.
The love that I long for,
that I want to be mine.
Is impossible to have,
so I'll stop wasting my time.
I should just fight for her heart
or give up my obsession.
I don't care about learning
any stupid ******* lessons.
I want to be yours
and you to be mine.
Beleive what I'm saying,
cause it's about time.
I don't wanna miss my chance,
or else I'll regret.
Having fallen
so hard for her,
without trying my best.
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