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Cné Aug 2021
in an omnipresent haze
of cerulean blue
and vivacious velvet petals
where irises swim in lovely chaos
as I mutter several choice expletives
under my breath.
He burrows himself
deeper under my skin
stealing the breath from my lungs
rousing my beleaguered soul
awakening a feral need.
I relish this murky maze of desire
he elicits from me
and hungrily
await his return
It’s been a while since I’ve posted, be kind!
I’m just here to visit
Cné Nov 2020
slip your fingers
where longing rages
deep between
my undiscovered

Cné Oct 2020
With Trick or Treat a-loomin'
and the harvest moon a-gloom'n
and the ghosts and goblins loose upon the streets

You can bet your bottom dollar
that you'll hear a screech and holler
when you open up your door to give ‘em treats.

But beware of werewolves howlin'
and the zombies who are prowlin'
In the shadows in the corners of your mind.

For the scary cogitation
in your own imagination
is the one that you have mentally designed.

So...remember you'r not seeing
any supernat'ral being...
they're just costumes and some make up on the kids.

But be sure and take no chances
e're they start their spooky dances
Give them candy or the ghouls might flip their lids!

Happy Halloween my neighbors
on this night of ghostly labors....
And good luck.  You can't escape it if you could.

They'll arrive in cars and wagons...
dressed as witches, bats and dragons.
And they won't all be from your own neighborhood.

Cné Oct 2020
I am summer,
    and sunshine
        mixed with
the passion of
    autumn hurricane.
       I have the
             soul of a mermaid,
                 fierceness of a lioness,
                    heart of a hippie,
                  spirit of butterflies,
              and a mouth
           I can’t always control.
        I slay, I pray
    I dream
of possibilities
      and not the
                Call me crazy but
            I believe wishes
    come true with the
         click of my fingers
             and the flicker
               of my tongue.  
         I am bold;
a woman
       in control,
          unashamed as
                a sinful angel.
                        I am Libra.

Happy Birthday month to all my fellow Libra friends
Cné Oct 2020
shall i strip myself bare
letting those committed to jealousy
see the things in me
that were never there
though they won’t bother
to scratch beneath the surface  
to see i have purpose
in this icy netherworld
to live a life in love
so i let go of those  
who choose to
never see me
Cné Sep 2020
Romantics find her flawless
and the mystics find her wise.
The ancients found "The Huntress"
in her sharp and searching eyes.
Italians say "bela luna"
when they look at her and sigh.
The cavemen painted pictures
as they wondered at the sky.
The moon has many faces
and her light's a work of art...
And to the simple poet...
she is tonic for the heart.

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