ryn 10h

He voiced the words...

And the spell
fell clumsily from his lips -
and rather obtuse.

But when he finally speaks
with his heart...

Magic bursts forth
the enchantment

ryn 4d

We were unravelled
so we could see.

We were unbound
so we could feel.

We were untied
so we could flee.

We are undone
so we could heal.

ryn 5d

A hiatus I believed...
To be well deserved and timely.

For too long I've spilled
copious amounts
upon non-judgemental paper.

For too long I've relied much
on the soothe of the written word.

A hiatus I thought...
Was necessary for I,
strive to go crutchless.
I strive to stand on my own.

But my legs are not yet strong.
And my fingers are jonesing

because my heart still bleeds ink.

ryn Jun 19

The last autumn leaf had fallen.
A gust had taken it off its perch
and sent it earthbound.
It relished its slowed descent
only to be cradled by the bosom of the ground.

Then winter had been upon us.
Leaving us cold, desolate and empty.
Loneliness wielded a reckless brush
and had painted the backdrop
of our minds with vast whiteness
accentuated by the greys of uncertainty.

The leaf froze and crumbled to dust.
Just as we would have if not for
the mantra of hope.
Of which,
dreams might again spring forth.
Engulfing and taking us home.

We'd journey through scented spring -
soaking up the amber of days
and the fragrance of flowered fields.
We'd run our fingers over the tops of tall
dew-peppered grass.

We sing the same chorus
as we turn our heads towards
the suns of summer.
A haven where we believe all is hale
and the fires in our hearts
will once again be rekindled.

ryn Jun 15

Will you say something?
Just before I go...

Will you fill the void
that had silently metastasised?

Will you convey it
like you really mean it?

Will you allay my fears
that's been cleverly disguised?

ryn Jun 15

I know I've submitted to frailty.
I know I'm allowing where it takes me.

I'm heading to places
where my skin best fit.
I'm dreaming of places
where my bones don't grind to grit.

I know I've conceded to a state of mind.
I know I'm lost to a cause no one could find.

I'm hiking up hills and knolls
angled steep.
I'm drifting through waters
that run too deep.

I know I'm stuck to ideals - weathered and worn.
But I know I might be better...
in the morn.

Current earworm.

Tennis - In the Morning I'll Be Better

"Though our bodies have betrayed us
In a million different ways
In the morning, I’ll be
Oh, better, better, yeah"
ryn Jun 14

Dark clouds had swelled and usurped the sky.
Invisible prick of a pin and
the heavens burst into unrelenting sheets.

Walkers hastened and cowered under shelters.
Umbrellas opened over their heads
like a sudden sprout of colourful mushrooms.
Traffic slowed to the mismatched rhythm of heated engines and honking vehicles.

Such chaos...
Such beautiful chaos.

I watched from my seat as my bus got pelted mercilessly.
Copious amounts flowed from the roof forming cascades onto the face of windows.
My view was blurred and tail lights refracted.

Amidst such chaos,
I felt such calmness.

It was a moment that stretched limitless.
It was bliss.
It was peace I haven't felt in a long time.

I wish to be caught in such a moment again.

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