ryn 6h

           ­         and everything in between.

                    and secrets that don't come clean.

                    and smiles beaming keen.

                    Deep thoughts,
                    and the dark places we've been.

                    carel­ess hugs
                    and ready shoulders to lean.

                    Reckless stabs,
                    impulsive jabs
                    and caustic words we don't mean.

                    count­ing blessings
                    and hope we can glean.

        ­            and everything in between.

HelloPoetry Blessed us all , no matter where we live.
I am truly Blessed by each and everyone alike here.
There are so many here on this here site that I am thankful for.
Sally Bayan, Mike Hauser, Iamdaisie, Olivia Kent, Wendy Ronshausen,Brandon Nagley, Earl Jane, Rachel Sia Jane Lloyd, Lydia Monet,Neil Aranda, Mark Cleavenger, Ann Marie Johnson, Melanie Wilson-Herring, Mike Essig,  Bong Paz Its Gonna Make Sense.
PrttyBrd, Vicki Bashor, Kripi Mehra, Willyam Pax, Poetess Bhumi, Kelly Rose.
Elizabeth Burnettge, Toni Pugh, Paul Champman, David Lewis Paget.
Ryn, Sean Scibbles, Aurelia, Kim Johanna Baker,Yasaman Johari.
Lady RF,Crazy Diamond Kristy, Weeping Willow, Alyssa Underwood.
MydstopiA,adhi das, South by southwest, Petal, soulsurvivor.
reformdancerecover,Ashly Kocher, Mack, Travler, Randolph Wilson.
Plus many more whom are very special indeed whom did not make this poem love you all in Christ.

ryn 4d


    are like
        in the sand.

         They tell...
          In so many
         where you
         came from.

        How far
       you've walked.
       How lightly
       you've trodden.
        And how hard
         you've dug
          your toes
            in deep.

           don't get
           washed away
            so easily
             by the tide.


ryn 6d

Asleep in ice,
hardened by the winds of winter

Only to awaken
and thaw with the rise of spring

Harnessing the sun
and frolic in the rays of summer

Bedtime is soon near,
as the leaves start browning

ryn Apr 19

       +         +

   +           ma-            
king d-
istress call-
          s in silent night      •     +
       +      kindling signals in   the          +
  dark•flames   casting  need-
ed light•requ-     esting aid, lo-
+          oud and stark         •embers red-            
den mad and          angry•glowi-
ng and thirst-        ing for more•
thrusting wood in this dem-
on's belly•fuelling large
its crackling roar•

imploring  passing
vessels     •to save      all that
   is dire            •see me          stripped
  of all                      mettle•                 as i pit
    my h-                           opes in                      this here


ryn Apr 17

Kiss me asleep
with your obsidian lips.

Protect my ears
from the cacophony nights would bring.

Fill the void
between heartbeats that skip.

Take me into the lull,
and into the siren song that you sing.

ryn Apr 16

This feeling I can't describe...

It's jarring emptiness
though I'm bloated full.
It's like a puncture,
though there's no stake.
It's overwhelming heaviness,
though there's no load.
Like a scab that won't heal,
though there's no wound.
It's confusion...
though, my mind's a blank.
It's me reaching out,
though there's nothing to tell.

This feeling I can't describe...
A curse to which there are no words.
A burden that I foresee spilling
over several dawns.

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