ryn 1d
Clutching an anvil
close to my chest
as I struggle
to tread the water.

I’m sinking...
ryn 6d
Run the bow across the strings,
and play a tune.

Play my soundtrack.

Play it soft yet sharp
and wrenching.

Play it in the background.
Let the notes run in conflict,
depict agitation and foster
an increasing sense of foreboding.

Because I lay still this night
in perfect disharmony.
ryn 6d
Is this why
my eyes cry
and my heart
is set aflame?

Is this the reason
behind aching muscles
and weary joints?

Is this the cause
of my trembling digits
and crumbling esteem?

Or is it
just mere overthinking
and a sorry case
of overindulgence?
ryn Oct 3
I made a painting.
One of the future.

My brush was sure
my strokes, deliberate.

I had chosen colours loud
I had chosen them fearlessly.

Think I’ve completed my painting.
And I hate it.
ryn Oct 3
I wasn’t so afraid
of shadows that stalk.

Wish I wasn’t so afraid
of demons that talk.
ryn Oct 3
I stand here alone
With a head full of voices
Perfect imbalance
ryn Oct 3
Such anxiety that has me bound.
So tight I can’t breathe.

Dispel this fear that I’m nurturing.
These thoughts that have my lungs
in its taloned clutch.

Let not its grip tighten more.
Let not the flame be extinguished.
Let not the last dregs of my strength flee.

Grant me the courage to once again
triumph over the siege that has me...

All bent misshapen and twisted in knots.
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