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Silence Screamz Dec 2015
No spoken word

No written note
You come at me, now
Saddened I wrote

Not in a moment of time

Not in my dream
You come at me, now
Alone do I scream

Not a second goes by

Not a minute to spare
You come at me, now
Your heart does not care

Now do you cry

Now do you wonder
You come at me, now
I sit alone and I ponder

I don't know why

I don't know the game
You come at me, now
Guilt or no shame
After 27 years my sister has finally contact with the family without giving any reasons for her leaving or not even sending a letter or a phone call
Silence Screamz Jan 2017
The funeral for this decorated soldier was a somber one.

A mother, dressed in all black, sat there with painful tears streaming down her reddened cheek and a father sat beside her in disbelief, his left arm laid across her shoulders, as he tried to comfort her.

A lost comrade taken by an enemy's bullet.

A lost brother taken by an enemy's bullet.

Our lost son taken by an enemy's bullet.

My heart had stopped briefly from each of the twenty one shots that rang out in the distance. Each shot danced echoes off my eardrums and the painful ache in my heart never seamed to stop.

His fellow comrades stood watch over his flag draped casket. Honoring him will a sharp, military salute just as Taps sounded from the bugler's horn.

The ripples of each note that was played sparked memories in my head of yesterday years and days gone.

The date was October 28, 1989. Our bundle of joy was born. It was 2:30 in the afternoon and the sun began to shine.

We became parents.

Time would never stop though.  Growing faster than the weeds in our own front yard. We learned to cherish each passing second and moment.

Through the terrible twos to the teenage years and finally out of the house... wow what happened?

We became older parents.

Then it changed. A proud moment. But a changing moment none the less.

Our son raised his right hand and he swore to defend the country against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  

His unit got deployed to a foreign country, shortly there after and we were still extremely proud.

On one chilly October, Saturday afternoon, two weeks before his 25th birthday, our lives would be  changed by one knock on our door. The dull sound of the rapping on our door is forever engraved into my head.

We knew what it meant and we both fell to our knees and wept.

The military chaplain spoke to us in a most peaceful tone, the following words, "On behalf of a grateful nation, I am sorry to inform you that your son was killed in action by an enemy's bullet"

The air became still and calm laid over us all.

At that  moment his casket was lowered into the ground and a folded flag was placed in our trembling hands.

Through the grayish clouds, one steady beam of sunlight came to rest on top of that folded flag and the time read 2:30 in the afternoon.
I was military honor guard my last three years in the military and those moments are forever embedded inside of me
Silence Screamz Apr 2015
You are my heart and soul
You are my simple breath that keeps me grounded
for a special someone
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Blasphemous rumors
spread so thin,
create false hopes
and temptation within.

Infectious blisters
bursting with ****.
Scraping the bubble,
Tension is must.

Finding the lies,
that give us no hope.
Stand very tall,
cut down that rope.

Breathing again,
feeling alive.
No downward spiral,
not going to die.

I write with my pen,
sometimes I just do it.
Writing my muse,
Just call me a poet.
Silence Screamz Jul 2018
Broken lines on subway walls, twisted dolls, and high noon cat calls
This is the way I see life
It is a micosm of our failed society,
with a beaten down view on stained glass, shattered on the empty church floor begging us to pray over a God that we can't see or touch.
Kneeling in front of the wooden church pews, with two bruised knees yelling out in pain our convictions into some sort of religious echo chamber of  somber and remorse
So, you want us to believe in what is real or what is not!!!
What is this so called life you speak of?
It sounds like a messed up Shakespeare tragedy
A sad tragedy that surrounds every living soul like some God forsaken circus freak dressed up ******* in a clown suit
A souless tragedy that beats down the door of our hearts then shreds it into tiny pieces, only to leave it on the ***** kitchen table to rot in front of us
Yes, that so called life
Its hard to imagine what I have seen
what I touched, or what I have felt inside
I cannot explain it in simple words, it's complicated
It's more bad than good, destitute and diluted, forgotten and then deleted
It has all become a tragic piece of me
Why? Because I live it every single day, every single minute, every single second and every single breathe
So, let that sink in. Just tragic in a way, tragically distorted mindless thoughts trapped in each one of us.
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
You slid down the rail,
you tripped on the step
Busted your head,
oh, what a mess.

No lights on,
your eyes are red.
People surround,
You're almost dead.

Strapped to the board,
they take you away.
Accidents happen.
You are finally awake.
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Looking at the world
through acidic eyes.
Thunderstorm kisses,
pouring through dark skies.

Bands of rage and temper,
feelings all caged in.
Powder keg explosives,
blowing up again.

Black and blue circles,
hid under the cloth.
Red drips from my nose,
broken at all cost

Ripped down at the seams,
by every human thread.
Abandoned and afraid,
wishing I was dead.
Silence Screamz Aug 2016
The stars are like little pills
at the bottom of my cup.
With jagged edges and deadly powder,
I swallow each one slowly..
They fade down deep into the abyss

Eight ounces of the clear gasoline,
on the edge of the glass, rest the lonely lime,
I tilted up the high ball
and chased the stars into the abyss

The piercing tip of the syringe sinks into my bulging vein, tourniquet tightened, ready to push the plunger.
Mix the poison with my blood as
this addiction has adored me into the abyss
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
I talk to myself, a lot of times I could use my own advice.
Silence Screamz Jul 2015
I found myself alone
No sound of soul to touch
I only hear whispers

Whispers passed by my ear
Bone chilled to the core
Like finger nails against the chalkboard

Erase what I can not see
But leave my soul
For I am scared
Looking around you and being scared
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Life's not a puzzle
Take off my muzzle

It's not aligned
Don't keep me confined

It's not a game
Don't push the blame
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Black soon white,
Here now then,
Appearing so deeply
that evil grin

Soulless blank face,
with a hard piercing gaze,
I am grinding deeper
inside of this maze

No solitude, no fortune
no looking back
Where do I turn
I have no more track

A sliver of hope
or dash of my dream,
falling in ashes
In coma I scream

Trapped in emotion,
No escape that I see
drowning in sorrow,
Make me believe

Twisted thoughts of illusion
hold on to the last
I melting away
No future no past
When I am alone at times and just think of why I am here!!
Silence Screamz Apr 2015
In the vacuum of a broken heart
I am blood rushed and torn apart

Crimson tears roll down my cheek,
Wounded, torn, for I am weak

Trapped in a place of hate and deceit,
closed my eyes and covered in sheet

I am no more but my soul will remain
Never forgiven, you are so vain
Abused by the angry hands of another
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
For you to think about

Always write what you feel
the pen, the paper and the steel

Feelings rapture on the page
Engraved forever, feel your rage

So let it flow angsty teen
Set it stone, always clean
Ty Laina
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Reverse the question.
Question the reverse.
The answers might surprise you.

Answer the question.
Question the answer.
The problem is never solved.

Solve the problem.
Problem the solved.
Impossible possibilities.
Silence Screamz Sep 2015
Sorry fellow poets, I haven't been on in awhile. My sister just passed away on Sept. 07. It has been a very hard time. No words can describe how I am feeling about her loss. She was only 55
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Mend my heart
Stir it with emotion
Gone to the soul
Black as the ocean
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Crying asylum,
swallows me whole.
White coats surrounds me,
taking control.

Forcible pills,
from lady insane.
Swallow them down,
or wrenching in pain.

Rooms smell of *****
and ***** and such.
Banging your head,
it drives you just nuts.

There's Sam in the corner
counting the bugs,
Alice walks around
giving false hugs.

Look, standing there,
Mike's tearing his face.
Sue's so surine,
screaming in space.

Lights go dim
bed time is bout.
Voices are silenced,
cuz the needles came out.

Strapped to my bed,
I am piercing the dark.
Orderly walks by,
sharp as a lark.

Lying all quiet,
alone and not proud.
A squeal from the speaker,
quite vocal and loud.

Scurry in the hallway,
drinking from his cup.
"Dr. Smith to the Psych Ward!!!"
"Hurry, the patient woke up!!"
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
A wretched demon invaded my soul,
wanted his **** and feeling quite bold
Flying above and stalking his prey,
darkening the skies with his wings of grey

Beckoning calls and thunderstorms roars,
getting much closer,  looking for more.
His site is unholy, that unwieldy beast,
A fire breathing dragon ready to feast.

My sword at the ready with shield in hand,
Hell was coming fast, not by a chance.
He came for blood, but missed a mile.
Next time around, I just looked and smiled.

Two mores passes by feet did he miss
my sword struck him swiftly with
fifteen hits
He crashed in the trees, feeling beset
The dragon went down with my sword in his chest.

I respected the beast for his hard valiant fight.
Standing up tall, I felt like a knight.
His attack was for not, I do not know why.
He wanted his **** but he is the one that died
Respect the demon and you shall overcome him
Silence Screamz Jul 2016
"You are awesomesauce", I said to her.
She just smiled and said "Awww, Thank you!!"

(Then she slapped me, sarcasm inserted quietly)

She is awesomesauce in my book of poetry.
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Poetry, the true breakfast of champions.
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Single cell
Caressed by another
Come together

Born to the world
Take it's first breathe
Crying out loud

Open your eyes
Feel the warmth
Held gently
Silence Screamz Oct 2015
Seething through the broken night
Shush the moment brought to light

The whispers heard by crying sound
as footprints cross the solemn ground

Gates passed through to Bachelor's Grove
Eyes of cold and constant flows

She haunts your thoughts and every step
Shivering spine with goose bumps left

Ghostly figures at night time stray
Orbs on  film can't look away

Look right through the fields of stone
Aged with time and weathered tone

Shoulders tapped with haunted thought
The air was empty, your mind is caught

Turned around with no one there
Hallow's Eve with more to scare

Visions of past and Chicago's dead
Rise on up through blackened thread

Screams of terror and morbid sins
Stopped in tracks, they're gone again

Reach the gate of rusted steel
Fallen down on deadly keel

Out of the depths of the spirit's trove
Passed through the gates of Bachelor's Grove
a little Halloween themed piece about Bachelor's Grove cemetery in Chicago, a really haunting experience
Silence Screamz Mar 2017
Calm down, walking down
Twisted stairs, I fall down
I see the sky as pale as my skin
with convolutions and drowned out confusions.
Acid rain drops fall on me like a water torture device pounding nervously on the side of my porous  head.

I got soaked up in the neighborhood with the angry sinners and no-good winners, beaten up by the losers, users and the black and blue bruisers
These angry streets bullied me into submission and called back promises it couldn't keep
Now it is time to stop walking backwards
Silence Screamz Feb 2015
False walls hide true words
They concede to a twisted view
and demented end game
Receiving threats from a person hiding behind the cloak of social media
Silence Screamz Apr 2015
The innocence that we leave behind is stolen by evil and devilish hands
Evil and devilsh hands that strewn through the velvet ash of the lost, fallen and helpless
The lost, fallen and helpless souls left without a spirit to guide them
The spirit that haunts our own existence, taken back by the innocence of being
Spirit guided souls but lost
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Look into bended tree,
see it's twisted rings of life.

Forgotten is the rot that lies deep inside,
hidden away from the forest green.

One hundred years of internal misery,
draining it's thirst for survival, living amongst the giants.

Shrouded by it's brown and blackened bark,
branches left barren, broken by the wind.

Gouged to the core by the blades of cowards,
never to fall silent like the others.

The big oak is dying by every passing second,
no sapling or seed to carry on it's sacred name.

Crashed swiftly down to it's ash tinted grave,
one final gasp of life, ripping it's roots from the earth.

Buried by the shade of it's brethren trees,
she lies peacefully of the forest floor.
Silence Screamz Jul 2016
Your words are like bombs spitting verbal shrapnel into the limbs of the world
Severing the artery of the weak and nimble as you sit and smile while you toked on your Black and Mild

Your words castrate our brains from our souls, leaving us with empty thoughts and ideas
We are left with nothing but envy, pity and remorse as you sit and smile while you toked on your Black and Mild

Your words are my fuel that ignite the flames of bitter sorrow and my kind heart
I will survive the onslaught of desire and fear as you sit and smile while you toked on your Black and Mild

Your words no longer hurt me, scorn me or scare me, they don't own me anymore
My weapon is my pen, my power are my words
So go ahead, sit and smile while you toked on your Black and Mild

I will extinguish the flame
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Sew me shut
Talk no more
Black thread, Red string
Silence Screamz Mar 2015
Wounded boards of cardboard dreams
Smelt in cities and lucid screams

Rusty nail driven in blasted souls
Wake me up and make us crawl

Bound by the ties of constant sorrow
The daylight ends, there is no tomorrow
Dreams built in my head by simple and complex thoughts
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Life is cruel and unkind
Boiled over with wasted time
Count the hands of moments lost,
tick by seconds, minutes tossed

Temperature rises and hits the mark
A hundred degrees turns too stark
Bed of sand and heat wave sear
Weigh it down with constant fear

Mercury rises an internal kind
Cuts right through a melted mind
Turn it off, burn the fool
Anger mounts then its cool
inside my head when anger mounts
Silence Screamz Dec 2014
Reach the world
in the gleam of light
From the pitch black cave
to super bright

Open your eyes
to the great big blue
Smiling faces
and demons too

Shining sun
then darkened gloom
Pouring rain
seals it's doom

Growing older
from months to years
Waste away in
blood stained tears

Cruel but simple
damaged this place
Surrounded by sorrow
craving our space

Death bed ridden
withered with hate
Eyes were blinded
by substance and stain

Into the box,
I lay perfectly still
We destroyed the world,
now swallow the pill
Born into a perfect world then it turns as we destroy this planet with hate and remorse
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Open the bottle
Tilt the flow
Down the poison
Easy it goes

Blurred out vision
No straight line
Tilt it back
Feeling fine

Fourth drink down
One more pill
Stomach turns
Crazy ill

Half the bottle
Can not stand
Force it more
Hear the band

Head is spinning
Up on top
Fingers numb
Have to stop

No more ***
I want it more
Body craving
I am a *****
On my fifth drink  .. had to write
Silence Screamz Mar 2017
Why do you have to take my only need?
Do I have to bleed down the river
for you to not see?
My corridors are filled with pain covered walls
and shock induced traumas.
Drowned emotions in cast iron tubs,
rust through my life
at the bottom of the ocean
I know not but temptation and contemplation,
it only bounces around inside
like a drug store explosion.

We start to walk down the
mirrored lined hallways the wrong way
I mean our eyes glare off
each other the wrong way.
I mean, "what in the **** am I trying to say?
You just don't get it, do you?
I mean, it goes right through you,
I think I may have a rusty
***** loose or maybe you do.

Your agony runs through my veins,
conversing memories, explaining nurseries and
even a midnight summer's *******.
So let me explain this to you,
in layman's terms,
the ****** broke a long
time ago..
but you seemed to have missed
your period and the point.
I know I am not only one,
I know about all the others.
I mean.
You bounced around those guy's  mattresses
like you are on some gymnastic's trampoline.
Then come home late at night
like a ninja, like I wouldn't even see.

I am not a blind man walking around with a stick,
the true sinister gaze you gave me
is like sinister maze inside my brain.
But I solved this 300 piece puzzle
that you left on the nook
and I didn't even have to open the book.
I think it is time
to close this unbridged chapter in my life
with no unadulterated bookmarks
and bounce around to the end
where I know the words
which will make me a whole lot happier
and much more content
The final chapter
Silence Screamz Feb 2015
I live in this box of pain
Nothing to see or feel
Embraced by sanctity,
driven by sorrow

Enclosed inside
by life's uncertainties
Taken out of society
by guilt and solitude

You say I am broken,
battered and confused
but it is you,
the normals of mankind

You do not set the rules
of what is right or wrong
You do not tell me
I am the idiot one

For you
are not the ruler of lives
For you
do not control my thoughts

For you
will not get inside me
For you
are not a human being

My pain does not
come from any one thing
It is a multitude
of uncontrollable events

Events that
impact my life not yours
Unseized pressure
from the unconscious world

Pressure that places
the horror of the world in front of us all
Placed there by you
and society's real crazies

This box of pain
will not control me
I will open it
and be stronger than you
Looking out into this crazy world and seeing who is the real crazy ones
Silence Screamz Jun 2016
You lifted my celestial body from my inner dark to the deepest heart
You once crossed the path of modern feelings trapped by desire and loneliness

I have forever thought of our past
Dried up with nothing left
But the memories will not go away
and all hope has said its final goodbye

I lay with the burdens that cover me,
as they will not take over my soul
But I still see them in the stars and the sky,
Hope, love, fear and pain, they are all here

The drops of sorrow that runs down my cheek were replaced by wonders
I wondered why
I wondered when
I wondered how
Why, when and how did these feelings leave me?
The answer was I don't know

I.  You. Dried up and gone
No longer together
Seconds and minutes vanished
like the hours and days
They are just whispers in the winds of time
forever crushed

Shifting my thoughts of constant sorrow
I dreamt of nothing anymore
I see nothing anymore
I feel nothing anymore
Break me up into pieces
and scattered me into the air
Internal break up, when the soul detaches from your body, we fall apart
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Wonder past fallen thought
No curse of words with figbts I fought
So break my mind in tattered dreams
Altered states of liquid screams
I am currently a wreck mentally... Seriously going to break down
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
We are all broken a little
Life is never that simple

From one simple  breathe of life
our tragedy is but strife

To the last breathe we breath
sleeping now is such reprieve
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Feed the broken monster
with the strangled mind
Replace the rusted screws
and tighten from behind

**** the broken monster
deep inside of me
Twisted rotten moment
no longer can I see
The monster inside of me peeks its head out at times
Silence Screamz Feb 2016
I hear your words through the confusion of the bubblegum jungle
Exploding and annoying syllables layered helplessly on the walls of graffiti infused concrete trees

The Rush St. preachers wailing sounds
of the end of world
"The apocalypse is coming, GOD be with y..."
Abruptly interrupted by another city ant walking by..
"Go to hell, you *******!!"
The preacher whispers to himself
"May God have mercy on his soul, Amen"

White City elites with turned up noses
on their Michigan Ave stroll
"Snobs" central passing by the homeless
as they whisper for change
sitting next to their leaky cardboard mansions

******* clad ladies of night
selling their *** to married men,
to whom are seeking to expel their worries
between the legs of the fallen
"Take that harder, harder"
Echoes of moans from the alley way
Cash for a minute of pleasure and gone

This bubblegum jungle will chew you up and spit you out
It doesn't seek retribution
It's only seeks hunger
Feeding off the weak and nimble
Leaving your bones on the bent and deserted sidewalks of the White City
cruel world
Silence Screamz Nov 2015
Gloomy skies line the beaches
Treacherous waves battering the landing crafts
Young soldiers getting sick sea in the swells
But their fate is written in front of them

Omaha, Normandy, Gold, Juno and Sword Beach
The day, June 6, 1944

Bullets flying over their heads
Whizzing by in deafening silence
One soldier is killed, then the next one
They hit the beach hard

Operation Overlord is in full swing
156,000 soldiers invade the sands
Duty, devotion and determination
Hell is about to be unleashed

Machine gun nests attack
Mowing down the enemy that invade them
Strike them with hot metal bullets
into blood soaked seas

The smell of war is everywhere
and time slowed to a ticking second hand
Fellow soldiers killed in front of you
No time to think but you have to move on

**** the enemy, **** the enemy
The beaches turn crimson with the fallen
Can not turn back
The chaos surrounds you with a deadly grip

Six days of heavy fighting to unite the beach front
10,000 wounded, over 4,000 dead
Sacrifices of so many
on the day the bullets hit the beach
June 6, 1944 D-Day Remember on this Veteran's Day
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
I remember the first day,  I walked into class,
At seven years old saying "This will be a blast!"

The classroom was full, the bell did ring
Lessons being taught, so it begins

Recess starts, the teams are split
Standing alone, the last one picked

Slowly it starts, as laughter and fun
but deep inside, I am seeing no sun

The nicknames had started, not laughing inside
but what did I do, starting to cry

Never belonging or being accepted
being myself, I felt dissected

From 2nd to 3rd and up into 8th grade
the bullies got worse, fearing into fade

Freshman to Senior, I thought I was stronger
Hitting my point, it started to boil over

It was one little word that threw me over the edge
Couldn't take it no more, all that was said

I stood up to the bully, on that great day,
all was released, feeling no shame

But it doesn't stop there, the torment goes on
At night, I dont sleep, I just sing a song

That song never ends, forever on that round
it never skips a beat, listen to the sound

Decades goes on, never forgetting the names
What has happened to me? Am I going insane?

These are the first names that tortured my young soul
Always in my mind, but never letting go

So Danny, Robert, Terry and Andy
You are not very special or very well dandy!

Oh Michael and Chuck and Bill, I remember
stand up to call, hell is your number

Chris, Steven, and even Brad
Life's but a mystery,  so why are you so sad

I tried to forgive you deep in my heart
Why did you bully me? TEARING MY WORLD APART!!
This one is dedicated to every victim of bullying around the world. Its not right. Together we are strong. Please share as much as possible as my gift to those without a voice!
Silence Screamz Sep 2016
I was getting excited.
Waiting nervously, in my little boys mind.
I stood there patiently, a wee bit nervous but patiently.
My knees were starting to shake
My heart beat faster with each step I took
I was getting closer to my ultimate dream

This eight year old boy's dream to ride by myself, on the bumper cars at the county fair.

Every young boy remembers that moment
The moment when we can put the pedal to the metal and see the sparks fly from ceiling of the metal structure, as we slam recklessly into the next car and our heads bounce off the padded steering wheel...oh yes that feeling

The intensity inside me grew by every sinking flash of time.
The Kodak moment I was waiting for
You know that time..that hip hip yoorah moment of finally being independent

I was on the rise to manhood...or so I thought

The line moved as about as slow as molasses in the winter
Ten people in front of me now six

Four two

I was next...yes, yes, yes ..I finally reached the threshold of my manlihood

The grisly looking ride operator stared at me with bewilderment and confusion

Now is the time that he unlocks that chain...that barrier that holds back my freedom
The rusted links swaying back and forth.

Then err of calm set over me...the time is now
I am about to become a man..
"Stand tall" ..I said to myself

I stood tall on my tip toes, straining ever so slightly, to reach the top of that painted red line just above the cartoon elephant's finger.

That moment, frozen in time!!

The world went blank as the only thing I heard was that grisly, mean looking ride operator say:

"Sorry kid, you are not tall enough to ride this ride, maybe next year."

My cotton candy fell to the ground
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Deviant sound
penetrates my bone.
Inside the box,
hardened to stone.

Pounding and scraping,
six feet down.
Buried alive,
Silent and sound.

Dirt on the box,
softens my screams,
fight to the death,
don't want to leave.

Counting my time,
seconds don't last.
I am about to die,
My pain is the past.
Silence Screamz Jul 2015
Burned down feelings
in shadows of my home
Past childhood memories
wretched and be sown

Flames seared the walls
horrors still in mind
Many trails of tears
beaten and unkind

Smoke induced the senses
demons knocked me down
Left in traps and symptoms
Listen without a sound
My childhood home burned down and a day before my birthday, 5 days ago. Many nightmares beside me in that house.
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Trapped in my cocoon,
hanging from the tree.
Soon to escape,
time to break free

What will I see?
Is the world dark?
Long is the day,
but it's looking pretty stark.

Now is my time,
it finally opens up.
I want to go back in
and close this thing shut.
A butterfly's first glimpse of the world
Silence Screamz Mar 2017
Why can I not just leave?
Throwing back bottles of alabaster promises
and sinister ill reprieves.
Caught up in a net of conjugal visits
of past murders, one way drifters, pathetic liars and ***** little thieves.
I am enamored by the poison that
is preached by your careless mind
and heartless sting.
Behind these bars trapped like an animal,
I am all caged up and so please set me free.
Why can't you just walk away ?
instead throwing your insults, your fists
and your sorry *** two faced pleas.

I have become rusty stained, completely drained,
and drop dead vaned.
Gray padded walls enclosed, thrown back hard
with these silly blue pills of
the mentally insaned.
You abused me, bruised me, used me,
and fused me, even God can't
take away my heart felt pain.
Now, stop trying to drive me home
on your *******
mental, abusive, *******, *******
son of *****, crazy train

Can you hear that now?
I believe it is starting to downpour rain.
and I'll say it again to your face many more times
"You are so ******* vain!!"

You think you are better than I am,
with your big, bad, masculine look.
Well here is today's news flash for ya,
Mr. "I Think I Know It All"
Oh and one more thing,
Just saying, For Realz,
You are all just one big mouth
with a lot of
"Blah, blah, blah
Curse, Curse, Curse"
So you can just go back
to your mommy's house
on the other side town
and steal from her poor, meager purse

I will not be silenced by your idle, childish threats,
your *****, abrasive words no longer scare me
nor will they break down my outer or inner bricks.
My life is not your gambling table,
your poker table,  or your dinner table,
I am no longer willing take on
that deadly life risk.
I will unveil the real mask
of your cruel, ugly world,
so no other can feel the real pain
of your broken, nimble fists.
Grew up in an abusive household with 6 sisters, hated it
Silence Screamz Sep 2016
Can we live to dream the impossible dream?

Where temperance and virtue have meaning,.

Where character stands for something stronger than the blank faces we tend to hide behind

Where words are powerful and are not some desolate idea of constant torture toward others

Where lives are not destroyed by bullets but prosper with kindness and love

Where we help the healing wounds of others instead of cutting the scar deeper

Where the colors of our skin are not seen but the whole person is viewed from the inside

Where we don't burn our cities to the ground when our leaders can't even shake hands and their evil grins continue to bounce off the wall

Where we breathe the same air without ******* in the toxic fumes that continue to choke us to death

Where we see through the same lens without them foggy up because of the destruction of the world

Can we live to dream the impossible dream or is the impossible dream impossible to dream when we continue to live?
Silence Screamz Mar 2017
Can we talk?

She said "Sure, give me a minute"

Wait a few seconds, that minute turned to ten,
Now one hour later,
She was ready to begin?

"What do you want to talk about?"
she yelled from
across the room.

Silence, I was sleeping.
But just then, she was about to hear the boom

She came at me like a wartime poet,
dropping bombs on my head like
I didn't even know it,
Ripped holes in my shirt
and I couldn't even sew it.
She busted rhymes in my mind
even CeLo couldn't own it.
Words flying so fast,
I coulda swore they were stolen.
She moved one step closer
and boom, I was falling.

Each time my mouth opened
I couldn't even answer,
Each word that I stut t t tered was
like lyrical cancer.
I ran around the room like
a Soul Train dancer.
Side stepping her questions
like I was her little **** prancer.
"*******, *****"
my words just got a little fancier.

"Who do you think you are,
are you done spitting it yet??"
You began this little battle,
but I'll be the one finishing it.
My words are louder than gunshots
Cuz, I'll be the one killing it.
I'll just turn my *** around
Cuz you'd be the
one kissing it.
This is only the beginning,
and I'm not finished dishing it


She just broke in with a loud
So you can get on outta here with those wasted lyrics,
stupid rap, and busted rhymes.
This is my house, boy,
and you ain't living off this welfare dime.
Now, go cheat with some other hoes
and sip on their Boone's Farm strawberry wine.
Oh and one more thing, you might
want to call 9-1-1,

Cuz I am about to commit
****** on your *** and a misdemeanor crime.

See you were nothing to me
but my little, poor "boy toy"
and when I say "little" wasn't
very much of joy joy.
The only time I got real excited and wet
was when you were walking out
my front door, door.
So, now carry your sorry ***
on over to your ex's house
cuz she was the real effin' *****, *****.

Oh, that 65" flat screen is mine, so is that X-Box,
touch one more ******* thing in here or I'll
double tap your ***
with the pair of my triple chromed 9mm hollow point custom made Hello Kitty Glocks.
Your time is up,
so say good bye once and for all
count it 1, 2, 3 or I'll punch your ******* clock.
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Silence may be golden,
but I am going to
Can you hear me now?
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