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It takes just one bullet
to take one name.
The innocent child that is taken away
without any guilt or any solemn shame.

Look, we are tired of seeing it.
Reliving it everyday on the TV news
or on our
social media page.
It's like the bully in the classroom that
doesnt stop being a bully.
It's like a bad dream that doesn't go away.
A requiem nightmare that we cannot wake up from.
Then we pray?

It takes just one bullet
to take one name.
The innocent dreams shattered
by these devilish little games.

When are we are going to say
Enough is Enough.
We are sick and tired of being sick and tired
of being sick and tired
Only to see it happen
another solemn day
and then we see another family attending
another funeral.
Then we pray?

It takes just one bullet
to take one name.
One life, one liberty, one personality
gone up in tempered flames.
The sunflowers are in full bloom as we see
scattered borders crossed over with bomb filled broken dreams

Now, stop and think
We may never hear the raindrops fall again, while the lost children lead us through the scorched fields with their soft spoken pleas

Their desperate sighs rise from across the airwaves left depleted in uncertain scriptures, the forces pull back and a shattered town breathes

The sunflowers are in full bloom surrounded by visions etched in our minds of destruction and death dissolved

Now, stop and think
Sitting on burned out rooftops, we see the tortured fog of war covering up the lifeless soldiers that tatter the streets below, no more bombs or sirens blaring
One confused soldier yells, "Why are we here?!!!"

The sunflowers are in full bloom negotiating through peaceful serenity, identities clashing with unrestrained intensity

Now, stop and think
Open your eyes in the time of a desperate calling, unite as one and let the sunflowers continue to grow wild and free
Where do I begin?
Driven into my thoughts like a rusty knife
cutting a razor edge into pantomime's voiceless line

I am speechless.
Silenced by the unknown and quiet to my soul.

It was a dream I couldn't wake up from.

A nightmare !!

Maybe it was the poison, screaming tortures, that flows inside of me, I just don't know anymore.

I stand stoic, like a statue in the park, frozen on the inside and out. I start to feel the moss grow on my bronze feet.

Anchored to the ground.
I couldn't move.

I am a ghost in departure drowning in  secluded feelings I can not explain.
I sit here in delusions
surrounded by burnt fuses,
and mindless conclusions.
I am taken back and wondering
through this trauma world.

I can't see through
my black and blue eyes,
I can only feel the blood
and the tears dripping down
my weathered face

Wrapping up the physical
and emotional wounds
that embrace my soul,
they do not heal,
They only keep me safe.

I live inside this trauma world
all by myself, alone.

Limping through these
struggles of life,
I tripped over those moments
I am trying to forget.
I relive those events
over and over again.
So make them go away.

I will continue to sit here
with these delusions,
mindless in my own trauma world
I start to disengage.
But when do I pull the fuse?
Silence Screamz Jun 2020
I am not who I am on the inside.
Thunder clouds and rain storms
contain me on the outside,
my raging vagus nerve is about to twitch
Do you see me anymore?

I'm sitting in a place
where my anxiety and depression
become balled up in a knot
and my own self-gratification dominates
the world around me.

I am right in front of you,
Can you help me?
My darkened shadow cast nightmares behind me
as if
as if nothing else matters at all.

Where am I to go?
Blinded in this sea of madness,
Sealed deep within
my unconscious mind.
I float helplessly
in an ocean of tragic dreams

I am not who I am on the inside,
sifting through these
empty tired days,
I have grown tired,
mentally strained,
physically drained
because I am the one to blame.
Silence Screamz Feb 2019
You left but I was not ready.
I try to be there but I was not steady.
I failed you.
Silence Screamz Dec 2018
Beat passed the abandoned houses and ranschackled shacks
Splinters on the floor, my toeless sock taps time with the rats

Do you hear their tiny feet dancing on the door mat?

The only pain I know is when I see  myself looking forward and then I look back

Back at the shadows on the wall,
this space is not meant for me at all.

I began crawling on my hands and knees, through the mud filled lies and suicidal cries, condemning you to
moments of frozen time.

But wait a minute. Is it all in my mind?
I dont know, hold on but now I feel fine.
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