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Beckie Davies Dec 2020
i would write you a poem for every one of your lies
except there is not enough ink and not enough time
i would
if i could
but i cant
so i shan't
Alex Aug 2020
A red rose bloom on a winter night,
Grow from the frozen ground,
Covered in snow,
No one seems to believe it,
Even her and the impossibilities,
She refused to believe in,
She couldn't care a less,
Cause she knew winter let it all died,
And blizzard came in,
She doubts it will last,
And part of her wanting it will stay,
After the blizzard has gone,
The rose stays on icy mud,
Along with the new ones,
That had just risen from the ground,
Now she tries to see,
That life,
Is like a Red Rose On Winter,
Pinelle Bikouta Jul 2020
When the birds start to swim,
And the fish decide to fly,
When the owls start to hoot at the sun,
And when the sun comes out, the lions hide.

When the sky becomes the water hole,
And the rivers possess the clouds.
When our feet start to run on dry ocean floors
And we suddenly fall into sand and drown.

When serpents decide to kiss Eve's cheek,
And doves hiss temptations in the ear.
When vultures come to celebrate new life,
And eagles start to fly in fear.

When demons start to work in the day,
And angels do evil biddings at night.
When queens are no more, and dead kings don't decay.
When rights become wrongs and wrongs become life...

When blood becomes water,
And tears travel through veins,
When the pacifist seeks war,
And the ******* hates pain,

When eyes start to hear,
And ears give sight,
When arms are used to run,
And legs are used to fly,

When gravestones make loved ones smile
And a stab to the heart becomes a kiss
That is the only time you and I
Will have the courage to exist.
A piece on impossibilities, and an extension of the phrase "when pigs fly".
The moon is akin to you -- and I
I follow your brilliance through the night sky
You draw up my waist with your high tide
And the love we share has only one side

For you're a million miles away.
KateKarl Oct 2017
I chase fairies
I follow the flicker
I hunt for glimmers
Of hope for love

I chase fairies
I chase the dreams
The impossibility
Of you loving me

I chase dragons
Dreams too large
So dangerous
They will roast me alive

I chase flying horses
Cats with wings
Elves and sprites
All impossible to be had

I chase fairies.
I chase after you,
After your love.
It's not the same.

But impossible enough
For me to catch
I might as well search
For other myths as well.
If it gives anyone a little hope, I caught my impossible love in the end.
Ember Evanescent Oct 2014
You need to be brave enough
To hold my hand
Even though haven't been declawed
You need to be strong enough
To lift me
Even though I carry heavy burdens
You need to be kind enough
To hold me
Even though I'm made out of shards of broken glass
You need to be tough enough
To be near me forever
Even though I am burning fire
Because love is impossible
But if you will be
All these impossibilities
I'll be all your impossibilities

Please repost if you want ti be someone's impossible
Please comment I love to read interpretations of my poetry
Please repost if you want ti be someone's impossible
Please comment I love to read interpretations of my poetry
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Reverse the question.
Question the reverse.
The answers might surprise you.

Answer the question.
Question the answer.
The problem is never solved.

Solve the problem.
Problem the solved.
Impossible possibilities.

— The End —