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Philomena Apr 1
I can see your smile
It's nothing new
Its a smile I've seen a million times before
And I know I will see it a million times again
It's a smile that haunts my dreams
And frequents nightmares
It makes my skin crawl
And my heart race
It's sweet like a summers kiss
And sour as a dead rose
Its warm like fire
Yet cold as grooms feet
And i'd like to think one day I'll wipe that grin off your face
But for now it haunts me
Always Ally Sep 2018
Somewhere in the willows
You hear it through the walls
Starts as a whisper
But then it soon calls

Make your way to
The adventure that awaits
You are the key
That opens the gates

Troubles and trickery
A daring little spell
Bring your wits about you
Hope it goes well

Witches are brewing
Skeletons will dance
Vampires are preying
You'll be put in a trance

Haunted are the willows
Who call out your name
Answer to them
You must finish the game
a myriad
dice with
death that
she expose
gnaw to
friends and
catch flu
with symptoms
of abuse
then the
healing of
this inertia
in times
like these
that she
was nigh
Em MacKenzie Jun 2018
Shake; don't stir, run through the pattern,
I was always Jupiter but they all prefer Saturn,
it's got a ring while I'm all explosions,
that's just the thing with these silly emotions.
In outer space the stars are your only friend,
and you're feeling out of place but these days that seems like a trend.
When the moon seems too far away,
the sun will come soon but it will never stay.

Xannie's my favourite girl,
she's got me spinning in this crazy world,
so I add some blue to the swirl,
with the red it makes purple pearl.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
So I jot some shots to my list.
I can only dream of that peaceful bliss,
and the ancient years of which I miss.

Shake; don't stir, follow the lead,
you see flowers occur but I only see a ****,
toxic it grows until all it consumes,
everyday she mows but I think it needs fumes.
Down in the dirt where soil holds the leaves,
I buried the hurt but a heart still grieves,
and when the moon is covered with sheets of grey,
the sun will come soon but it will never stay.

Xannie's my favourite love,
she fits my heart tight like a glove,
and when it comes to push or shove,
she's all that I've been thinking of.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
"If this can even be considering living."
I'm waking up to a dark abyss,
it's taken all and now it's giving.

The thoughts in my head,
buried under the dirt,
those words left unsaid,
the ones that cause hurt.
But tomorrow might not come,
this whole thing could be done,
and I've bit my lip since I was young,
I'd hate to also bite my tongue.

Xannie's my favourite girl,
she's got me spinning in this hazy world,
warming my body until I curl,
now all routine is a deadly burl.
My thoughts say "I don't want to live like this."
"Maybe I don't even want to live at all."
Every single second I just reminisce
of the days before I hit that wall.

Who would've ever thought
that during those teenage years,
I believed each day I fought
against loneliness and my fears.
But youth was just a brawl
adulthood is a ****** war,
back then I really had it all
but resented that I didn't have more.
This realization has caused madness,
and irony has a thick glaze,
'cause the youth that I wasted in sadness
was really the "good ol' days."
Elinor May 2018
you summon tears
from the bowls of my pain
in unexpected places
at unexpected times
because it's your face
it  h a u n t s  me
Your face will always be my favourite
Poetic T May 2018
The goddess of nature,
            she was there for every
            last heart beat stilled.

            Droplet spilt upon
                     mother earth,
              feeding an unquenchable  thirst.

Collecting every last breath,
                   she never possessed,
                   there last exhaling breath.

But the warrior of the
                 grass lands she gave respect.
                 Never was one perfection of creation.

Woven within the embrace
to bring order to a chaos  
                            that haunts the tall grass.
Floating in the
sea of salty tears
I find myself crying,
myself wearing,
through the endless
journey of gone
Blood and bones made
at every corner of this ship
across this mischievous town
Why do I keep floating,
when I can sink within
the clotting of my pain?
We still travel
as we kept to unravel
things that were
always empty
We're like ghost ships;
leaving, disappearing
without any
trace nor marks
Firzaana Mohamed Apr 2017
It was March 2007,
   An exact decade
The land was barren
   My bare body laid
The air was in drought
   Helplessness rioted and raid
Humanity was in scarcity
   My debt soul sinfully paid
   For its innocence
He was inside me, collecting dues
I was nine, crying and loud
He was forty one, enjoying and proud.

My money ran out,
August 2011.

April 2017
Debts never truly forgotten,
It was after work Saturday when
My debts finally finished paying
A vase left him bleeding

No longer loud and helpless.

I decided that it was about time i opened with this childhood treachery. I've always been to scared to let go, to truly visit this earth as it's guest. See the thing is my entire life lived so far has made me feel captive. Captured in my own skin, the skin i blame for my vulnerability, but no more. I was without once, but not anymore. Remember, no one can ever break your soul without your consent. Fight it, fight your own mind, fight your own skin for it's own freedom. You wouldn't regret it I promise.
I hope you see me in your dreams
and I hope it ******* haunts you.
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