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J C Jun 2023
I expel smoke into the atmosphere
and think of all my ghosts this year.
I fumble the deck in search of fives
but still find the Jester half alive.
I stumble through old alleys
we used to go to, in search of songs.
But I do nothing right but fill valleys
with all of the right wrongs.
I absorb oaked *** into my veins
and felt hot tears in the rain.
All those moments — lost in time
the second you were no longer mine.
Do Ghosts of Spring Fever's Past Dream of Electric Sheep, a.k.a., I'm Not a Smoker

And, hey, Hello Poetry can actually publish poems now. Yay.
Amanda Kay Burke Jul 2022
Happiness so hard to reach
Now more than ever
Question that haunts my heavy heart
"Will I stay sad forever?"
I'm desperate for an answer
Sin Jan 2022
It's been a year
Since I touched you

I still remember
Your rough movements
The warmth of your skin
Soft moans that escapes my mouth
And pleasure that you brings

It's been a year
And it's still haunts me
Hamna Apr 2021
I am lost
In the wilderness of my youth
I fight
with every ounce of my might
To keep the dark forest of desires away from haunting me
I try to flee
To the right path, I see
but thorny branches of nightmarish trees grab me so maliciously
And reach my heart
To pour some venom
I sink
Into a shuddering oblivion
The soulless devil invites me to his enmity
I refuse
As I hearken the sanity
My Lord had provided me
And I cling to it like ivy
Indeed, My Lord helped me to seek Him
Before the devil and the sinful hankerings sought me
byron Johnson jr Oct 2020
Moving along in life looking at all the different stalls
I wonder how much it all costs
If I could ever have it all
What about one smile?
What about an extra mile?
What about a first love?
What about the longest hug?
I wonder if I will ever have enough
Everything is so expensive
I only have so little left
Will it really be worth it?
What if It was a waste?
Something I could never get back
I must spend it though
Every little bit must be accounted for in the end
This precious currency
Nothing attained with it can be returned
All sales are final
Let’s buy this one smile
Just one
Looks like it was upside down.
Michael A Duff Aug 2020
She torments my passed

From my memories somehow

Why does heartbreak last
One is harder to get over than any one memories cant be undone
Too quiet
Too dark
Too silent
Too far

Walls seemed to continuously cave in
I kept on hearing sounds nobody can
Then darkness came, fear started crawling under my skin
I badly want to scream for help yet I just can't

Anyone who listened to my story
They'll either listen or ignore me
Or even both probably
No one just takes me seriously

It's been giving me nightmares
Unbelievable fear of time is what I got
Knowing -ber months is coming may be other's time for celebrating
But it's months of nightmares and inevitable fear to me

Can't breathe
Can't laugh
Can't see the light
Please stop

I beg for someone to help me
Only one remained and believed me
Others left out of disgust or fear
One includes my parents, it saddens me

I need some ears to listen to me
Some open mind to believe what's happening to me
A person who knows what's it like to feel the fear I've been living
Someone I can truly talk to and give me understanding

But even so I already found that person by now
It still haunts me whenever I close my eyes
It's hard to live with it you know
Every now and then they'll pop into my thoughts and take away my happiness

It draws my tears out of my eyes
It gives me shivers down my spine
The fear I kept on feeling whenever I am confined
Not only in darkness but in my very mind

The riddle was not yet answered
This mystery is yet to be solved
And here I was waiting for its end
Hoping it would leave me alone and live my life again

But just how **** unlucky am I
No one seems to understand how I'm feeling
My parents would always avoid the topic if I ever start bringing it
I felt so betrayed and confined

I can't believe I see my own home as my prison
Yes we're all together yet I always feel alone
School was also not an exemption
Everything just felt so near but still so far like a different dimension

Laying on my bed
This very afternoon
Rain drops pouring down
Moments after 12 noon

Still so bright outside
Yet my room seemed so dark
Loneliness looming over
Happiness crushed like pieces of broken glass on the floor

Too quiet
Too dark
Too scared
Too silent

Please save me
My heart is begging
Please hear me
My mind is screaming..
Philomena Apr 2019
I can see your smile
It's nothing new
Its a smile I've seen a million times before
And I know I will see it a million times again
It's a smile that haunts my dreams
And frequents nightmares
It makes my skin crawl
And my heart race
It's sweet like a summers kiss
And sour as a dead rose
Its warm like fire
Yet cold as grooms feet
And i'd like to think one day I'll wipe that grin off your face
But for now it haunts me
Always Ally Sep 2018
Somewhere in the willows
You hear it through the walls
Starts as a whisper
But then it soon calls

Make your way to
The adventure that awaits
You are the key
That opens the gates

Troubles and trickery
A daring little spell
Bring your wits about you
Hope it goes well

Witches are brewing
Skeletons will dance
Vampires are preying
You'll be put in a trance

Haunted are the willows
Who call out your name
Answer to them
You must finish the game
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