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Odd Odyssey Poet Jun 2022
Kissing lips; the best taste to have,
Next to chocolate and coffee,
Close few friends; for Saturday hangouts,
Binge watching series when I'm all alone,
Reading a good book, anxious for the next chapter,
A long awaited Friday to kick back from work,
Bonus points if we're knocking off early that day,
Instagram memes, and poetry related posts,
A few brave selfies to show off a fresh cut,
Avoiding "I like your cut g" reactions. Perfect.

The smell of brand new clothes with the tag on,
Socks and sandals in the comfort at home,
The sun coming out of a blanket of clouds. Shinning.

A good or ***** joke to have you ear from ear smiling,
Loud music in my ears with bass, and good lyrics
Picking through playlists to a sombre mood and worship,
Pretty flowers amongst the random walks to nowhere,
A brand new journal, and ballpoint pen to match,
Especially the ones with good grip, and black ink,
Holiday trips to new places, people, and food,
Afternoon naps, sleeping in days, and up late gaming,
Anime lovers sharing folders of content watched. Great.

Bible devotions leaving questions and encouragement,
Sunday meals, filling me up with good food,
Seeing cute kids; making you yearn to have your own,
Somebody complimenting or saying thank you for your effort,
And having poetry, stories, art and expression to channel every
emotion and thought out into physical. Creativity is beauty!

Twenty seven of my top reasons to appreciate being alive.
Mrs Timetable Mar 2022


First two are fulfilled by the third
Nikkipopgun69 May 2021
Forever wanting to join the 27 club because I can’t stand the pain.
I catch feelings for people I shouldn’t  because I know I’ll never date them, Or marry them.
My hearts been broken too many times I don’t know how many more times I can do this.
Forever trying to help others, but when I need it  no one comes.
People showing their true colours on how they value you in their life.
Trying to learn my own worth even though I feel worthless.
Realising these people would just fake cry at your funeral and they couldn’t even take a minuet to ask you what you’re doing for your birthday.

One day I’ll just vanish off the face of the earth and they probably still wouldn’t text you.
You’ll soon realise what you’ve lost and you’ll have to learn to accept your
letters to basil Jul 2020
dear atlas,

it's okay to text
twice in a row.

just thought
you should know.

hey, it rhymed.

this one goes out to all of you, too. double texts are okay, paragraphs are okay, saying more than they respond with is okay.

these unsaid texting rules are just useless boundaries. if you want to talk to them, talk to them. especially in these times of social distancing.  

Blackenedfigs Apr 2020
I am forever
plagued by noisy yard work
when trying to sleep.

                                        Skipping class again
                                        because of anxiety
                                        I don't need more sleep.

                                                                         It is my birthday
                                                                         I am crying in the car
                                                                         27 looks real rough.
Riley Jan 2020
We met in a beautiful way,
But we didn't know that we're both cursed.

There's many things I wanted to say,
But the Separation came first.

At the beginning of the journey - Me,
At the very end - You.

We're both stuck, don't you see,
Our shadows are lurking, that's true.

So, pushing ourselves away,
We're both losing each other.

I will trust the Universe,
To break the Curse from one another.
Before my deoxyribonucleic code has been sent
To my mother by a male parent,
I was on his land of sand,
As barely apparent.


2. Then, I was finally sent
Into my female parent,
On another land,
Barely planned.

A couple of months went that I spent
In my mother's abdomen rent
On that green land,
Barely planned.

Then, my rentee went to that land,
Flying to the land of crescent
Where I was to be meant
For a big moment.


5. The event happened, the end of the rent,
Under the flag with the red crescent;
I was by a Jewish name penned,
On the fifth May after Lent.

Falling into my mother's hand,
Still without any dent,
Back, I was re-sent
To motherland.

On that land, red in discontent,
White until the Lent's end,
And green at Lent,
I had one parent.

I had no knowledge when he went,
But I was without a male parent,
With only two women, a grand-
And an abnormal parent.

His furious leaving left an advent
As my mother madwomaned
With a schizophrenic scent,
To madhouse "never" sent.

The balance keeping us under tent
Was our draconian grandparent
With an infinite financial grant
That let us live on that land.

For alms, we walked to granny frequent',
And I loved her as my parent
For that little attachment
I barely experienced.

The further notions I experienced:
I was sent and sent and sent;
Nursed, schooled, churched,
And kindergartened.

But even before my childhood could end,
I found myself hard to befriend;
Playing the play of a dement
With an unmatched brand.

A playful kid, maybe too vehement,
Among others, a crazy element,
I was, but inside silent,

I liked to observe others' comportment;
What was that I have been meant,
What made me outstand
Like an alien, mutant.

Step by step, I wished the end
Of flying dishes and plant'
At my domicile rent,
End of the torment.


17. I wished to vanish from the torment
Of social-antisocial banishment,
But I saw no escape slant,
Only in my poetic lament.

Though, before those sad lament,
I tried to see my life and mend
My heart with compliment,
Some failed love event.

Minutes, days, months and years went,
A lot of school skills that I learnt,
But the best one in my hand
Was the ability to pretend.

Even if I swam well in crosscurrent,
I wished to end, leave that land;
Searched by my male parent,
I planned to visit his land.

Then, my mother went to madhouse mend,
For what, I was by my university banned
To work that went well, but I meant
To start or end a life in sand.


22. So, as my twenty-first birthday present
Finally, I Africanly citizened
To know my descent
And the crescent.

Beyond the French and Arabic accent,
I manned myself on that land
Where I was landed and
It's not yet ended.

Changing the cross to crescent,
I could be happy and...
But people prevent
Every event.

I'd been married as I planned,
But my fam is an accident
As my birth in an extent,
In this actual land.

What to do, socially I try to pretend
That I am indeed an element,
But my DNA was meant
To disappointment.

(at present)

27. Seen these verses, it's abhorrent
As well as writing a lament,
But as a birthday present,
I wish a Happy - End.
My only birthday gift as usual, from me to myself.

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