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27.2k · Oct 2014
Scream of Silence
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Show me Silence and I will make it scream.
Enjoy my muse, because this is my dream
20.2k · Oct 2014
My Shoes
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Look into my atomic shadow.
In my purple and reds.

Drop in my subsonic dream.
In my orange and greens.

Walk in my sidewalk shoes.
In my midnight blacks.

Look at my shadows.
Drop in my dreams.
Walk in my shoes.

See my darkness.
14.9k · Oct 2014
Small Town Kills
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Small town people
Small town minds
Gossip turn sour
No secrets left behind

Small town girls
Small town boys
Turn off the lights
Lock up your toys

Small town crimes
Small town night
Light up the fires
Creeps into sight

Small town games
Small town sins
Newlywed murders
Takes it on the chin

Small town stories
Small town fairs
Drowning in the lake
Nobody cares
Based on my own small town I grew up in
14.7k · Sep 2014
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
When did it visit me?
I really don't know when.
It came out of nowhere,
I feel that it's a sin.

Naked in the shower,
washing up clean.
I felt this little lump,
scared and unforeseen.

Feeling all alone,
I looked up to the sky.
Fingers locked together,
I asked the Lord, "Why?"

Now, I lay in silence,
while the tumor grows inside.
Putting up these walls,
all I do is cry.

Months have gone by,
with the chemo and the draws.
The sickness took my *******,
now that's the final straw.

It's been six months now,
I struggled for my life.
I beat the **** cancer.
My mother is a breast cancer survivor. But I also wrote this for all the survivors and to the ones to whom that lost their battle with this disease!  PLEASE SHARE AND LET THIS TREND!!
11.4k · Sep 2014
The Swan from Cornwall
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
The Swan from Cornwall
Oh gracious on the pond,
Reached out it wings
while singing his song

Listen my friend
like the frets on a guitar
I'll play you a tune
so  distant so far

The words go like this,
So simple and pure
Ripples the effect
I have given the cure.

The banshee it screams
like sirens in the night,
the slow dive that surrounds
its about perfect flight

Oh swan you lifted me
from shadows of past,
No sin is untold
More stories to last

Gratitude and fortune
I wish you a fond
The Swan from Cornwall
Oh gracious on your pond
This is for a friend who got me back into writing.. with a few hidden messages
H. V. Swan
11.2k · Oct 2014
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Melancholy streets
fill my mind,
deranged moments
are easy to find.

On the corner
of hate and desire,
faith desserts me,
I am on the wire.

Bequeath my soul,
spread my wings.
Extinguish the fires,
finally I am free.
10.4k · Oct 2014
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Laying in the darkness

Pitch black surrounds

Can't wake up     I'm cold!!
10.2k · Oct 2014
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
If silence is a virtue, then why do some people have to push my virtue button and make me yell?

9.9k · Oct 2014
His Pen and His Poetry
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
He, who controls his pen and his poetry.
Controls the world.
For every poet,  male or female. .control this world.
9.8k · Mar 2015
Naked and Blind
Silence Screamz Mar 2015
Love rules the blind
Life rules the naked
8.9k · Nov 2014
War is such a Bitch
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
I heard the bullets scream
Smashed by the moment
Silence as the pin dropped
His head had hit the pavement

****** in the window
Blood spattered wall
Brother taken before me
Intrepid moment takes us all

Held his hand within mine
Closed his open eyes
Angered by the second
Said my final goodbyes

Bombing in the distance
Death cuts through the air
War is such a *****
and life isn't fair

Ribbons fill the trees
Markers field the green
Memories not forgotten
Brothers forever seen
Thinking of all veterans!!
8.6k · Mar 2015
Dark Shoes
Silence Screamz Mar 2015
I walk on broken glass
Barefoot and white dazed
Jagged shards dig my skin
Life is all hazed

I walk on silent streets
Fog filled and long sorrow
Chills curl my blood
Sickness is to follow

I walk on fearful dreams
Closed eyes and scare
Head buried in pillow
Weakness is my faire

I walk in worn out shoes
Bruised and battered story
Step inside my mind
Alone is my glory
Don't judge me if you haven't walked in my shoes
8.5k · Jul 2015
Devil's Speak
Silence Screamz Jul 2015
Red rain drizzles
Pierced my tongue with dispair
Devil's word in spoken tongue
8.3k · Oct 2014
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Pierce the veil or pierce the heart

Close the wound or let it bleed it out

Stand together or stand alone

Be strong or be afraid

Fight the war or raise the white flag

Lets be friends or just walk away

We make many choices in life... but do we make the right ones?
7.9k · Oct 2014
On the Edge
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
My knife cuts me.
I am scarred.
Drip crimson red,
my life is marred.

I was living in color.
Now black and gray.
Fading in violence.
What can I say?

Infected by silence,
deafening pain.
Injecting the needle,
deep in the vein.

Feeling the flow
and gripping the ****
Toes over the corner,
fall to my death.
Had to rewrite.. was half awake ..much better :)
7.7k · Nov 2014
Closet Trapped
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Closet trapped
Words on the wall
I see the world
End of it all

Crazy place
Everything defined
Meanings are haunted
Darkness  confined

Locked and afraid
Windows can't see
Crying my eyes out
Alone let me be
Feeling trapped with no place to go
7.4k · Aug 2015
Broken Monster
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Feed the broken monster
with the strangled mind
Replace the rusted screws
and tighten from behind

**** the broken monster
deep inside of me
Twisted rotten moment
no longer can I see
The monster inside of me peeks its head out at times
7.0k · Jan 2015
Cast iron pain
Silence Screamz Jan 2015
Technique of tortures
Cast iron pain
Crushing blow to the head
Insanity created picture
In the head of a killer
6.8k · Aug 2015
Social Media Disagree
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Words surge
Vulgarity stutters
What's that again?
OH!! You shuttered

Shut down voices
Disagree in thought
Stop in your tracks
Facts are not sought

Facebook, Twitter
Social media sites
Opinions are all quenched
Control is such a might

The Storm is coming
So I was told
Stand up strong
Always be bold
was banned from a site and a Facebook link because I voiced my opinion and questioned their facts, when my opinion didn't agree with the author's view, they cussed me out and name called me then they banned me without allowing me to rebuke what they posted about me
6.4k · Oct 2014
Why did you leave me today?
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
At twenty one thirty ,
and far away,
she made up her mind
and couldn't stay.

Her pain was too much,
for her to bare
I tried to reach out,
but she didn't care.

At just seventeen,
she had been through hell,
Could not escape
her molested cell.

Nowhere to go,
seeing darkness around,
No escape for this girl,
only hell bound.

I begged her to stay,
she said go away,
Why do you care?
I bowed down to pray.

She grabbed the blade,
going deeper every time,
Slashed her wrist,
I cried and I cried.

A thousand miles away,
I am now in somber.
Why did you leave me?
I will always remember.
A friend just did this.  I didn't have any of her family members numbers to contact them. I am in complete shock right now.
6.3k · Aug 2015
The Chair
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Temple in my mind
Simple tear in vain
Strap me in the chair
Intimidate the pain

Trip the ******* switch
Flickers come the light
My death is in the air
Murdered by your sight
Simple piece about an execution
6.0k · Oct 2014
Draw a Picture
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
I drew a picture,
so simple and clean.

I drew on it canvas,
so ugly and mean.

I drew with it crayon
with red and black.

I drew it with anger
with a knife in my back.

I drew from my mind
and things that you hid.

I drew from inside
and hole that you dig.

I drew a picture,
thought it was cute.

I drew it on canvas,
thought I killed you.
5.1k · Nov 2014
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Pull my strings
my puppet master
Lift my feet
and walk faster

Set the stage
make the scene
Raise the curtain
going to please

Music plays
Hit the spot
White light flash
Devious plot

Applause is heard
Silence beckons
All is reckoned

Made you smile
or made you cry
Drop my strings
The puppet died
4.9k · Sep 2014
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Encountered by chance,
seeking out the thrill,
Stepping over ideas,
swallowing the pill.

Piercing the hourglass,
the sands of time are sold.
No turning back,
there is a story to be told.
4.5k · Oct 2014
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Fury sets in.
Daggers sharpened.
Circles surrounds.

Pounding hearts fail.
Subliminal trips.
Scarred memories.

Twisted my soul.
Sinister evil.
Insidious triggers.
Sights are clean.

Minds ruined.
Lost runaway.
Blind alley.
Point of no return.

I see a cruel world through my view finder!!
4.4k · Jul 2018
A Tragic Piece of Me
Silence Screamz Jul 2018
Broken lines on subway walls, twisted dolls, and high noon cat calls
This is the way I see life
It is a micosm of our failed society,
with a beaten down view on stained glass, shattered on the empty church floor begging us to pray over a God that we can't see or touch.
Kneeling in front of the wooden church pews, with two bruised knees yelling out in pain our convictions into some sort of religious echo chamber of  somber and remorse
So, you want us to believe in what is real or what is not!!!
What is this so called life you speak of?
It sounds like a messed up Shakespeare tragedy
A sad tragedy that surrounds every living soul like some God forsaken circus freak dressed up ******* in a clown suit
A souless tragedy that beats down the door of our hearts then shreds it into tiny pieces, only to leave it on the ***** kitchen table to rot in front of us
Yes, that so called life
Its hard to imagine what I have seen
what I touched, or what I have felt inside
I cannot explain it in simple words, it's complicated
It's more bad than good, destitute and diluted, forgotten and then deleted
It has all become a tragic piece of me
Why? Because I live it every single day, every single minute, every single second and every single breathe
So, let that sink in. Just tragic in a way, tragically distorted mindless thoughts trapped in each one of us.
4.2k · Nov 2014
Freak Show Circus
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Put me in a freak show
What do you see?
Go to big top
Pay the ******* fee

Be amazed  
Do not fear
Cover your eyes
I am not here

Laugh at the clown
See the liar
Fall to the ground
Death by the wire

Fly in the air
Swallow the sword
Cut in half
Missed the board

Lobster boy
Bearded lady
Strongest man
Nothing too shady

Lights go down
Big top fell
Scream of ******
Gone to hell
4.0k · Sep 2014
Sad Clown
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Satirical sadness
said the face of the clown,
Under the big top
tears upside down

Twenty five years
of life on the road,
No smiles, no more
has taken its toll

The laughter is gone
and so its said
The show is but over,
So put it to rest

Sitting alone,
in front of the glass,
his reflection is broken
dropping down fast

Make-up streams down
his circus drawn face,
Sitting with no one
in his own solemn place

Dropping his pills,
with a liter of gin
fading so fast
and losing his grin

The big top has fallen,
the circus left town
Nobody cares
the sad clown is down.
3.7k · Oct 2014
Silence Screamz Oct 2014

Opening Act!!

My Life.


What was the punchline?

Because I didn't get the joke.

(Crowds laughs hysterically)
3.6k · Dec 2014
Silence Screamz Dec 2014
Gray is my mind
Black is my world
Fragile and careless
Fall on the concrete floor
Pieces abound
Shattered is my life
3.3k · Sep 2014
My Emotions
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Dehumanize the living soul,
casting out the black
Feverpitch rolls me up
cradled in a sack
3.2k · Sep 2014
Her Nightmare
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Quivering chills
Shadows stand over
Taking her breathes
Stay under the cover

Feeling the pressure,
the crucified call.
Lucifer sighs forward
"Bring me her soul!"

Surrounded by sirens,
dark bellowed knights,
Up on their horses
With fire piercing sights

Screaming for mercy,
Gripping the sheets,
Swords pierce her heart
Lord Lucifer shrieks!!
3.2k · Oct 2014
Accidents Happen
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
You slid down the rail,
you tripped on the step
Busted your head,
oh, what a mess.

No lights on,
your eyes are red.
People surround,
You're almost dead.

Strapped to the board,
they take you away.
Accidents happen.
You are finally awake.
3.2k · Sep 2014
Ode to Jason Voorhees
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Where did it start but by one little cry,
one mother's love, one day she will die

Trees grace the land, the water at peace
Visually astounding, pleasant at ease

The lake was open for summer time fun
Camp Crystal Lake where it begun

A boy and his mother greeted each soul,
welcome my friends enjoy it all.

The torment started, it lasted all season,
they beheaded his mother for all the wrong reasons

Emboldened with fury, deep in the lake
drowned by cowards, feeling no shame

Each year they returned, hearing stories of the camp
the man in the mask, machete in hand

Not believing the myth, what shadows do lurk
no hearts will be pounding, only their blood will spurt

Pre-marital *** upstairs in the cabin
rolling blunts on couch, look out, he's coming

Naked in the shower, Alice did fall,
ice pick in hand, no scream or no crawl

Squeezing your eyes out or smashing your face
Ask all of the counselors at Camp Crystal Lake

One hundred and fifty more victims will fall
This is my place, you are not welcome at all

Mother, I love you, through all of the pain
Hide behind my mask, my machete does reign.
My favorite character for Halloween!! Jason, you are a god!! lol
3.1k · Mar 2015
Lustful Trip
Silence Screamz Mar 2015
A trip to sinful means,
I have traveled down insanity's path

A mist induced path of my ****** mind
drowned out by the mental inferior pictures of life

Pictures that are stuck in time,
A moment, a place, a breathe and a soul

A soul captured by a quick shutter and stolen
Taken from the filth of my ******* visions

My own visions of lust and desire, Stop it!!
This is my ****** up trip of unraveled morality
lust desires captured by the lens of time
3.1k · Oct 2014
Was it because
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Was it because,

   I wore black?
   I wore make up?
   I colored my hair blue?
   I listened to different music?
   I didn't play sports?
   I had few friends?
   I didn't say Hi to you?
   I didn't wave to you?
   I didn't go to prom?
   I didn't fit in with the norm?
   I was fat?
   I was skinny?
   I was gay?
   I was black?
   I was Asian?
   I was white?
   I wasn't as beautiful as you?
   I wasn't on the honor roll?

Or was it because
I was just being me?
Dedicated to everyone that has felt this way and to memory of Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend, Robert Maltby
3.1k · Jan 2015
Spider Kisses
Silence Screamz Jan 2015
Spider kisses
Poison drops
Web wrapped
Life stops

Inject the sting
Pierce the heart
Blackened soul
Ripped apart

Drain my life
Silken bound
Breath no more
Safe and sound
Captured by the one you love to deatb
3.0k · Sep 2014
Writer's High
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Don't kick off me this writer's high,
Take my pen, will  make me cry.

The paper's my quilt, where I write my muse,
Warming all souls which have taken their views

So let the ink dry, straight from quarry.
This writer gets high by telling his story.
3.0k · Oct 2014
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Reverse the question.
Question the reverse.
The answers might surprise you.

Answer the question.
Question the answer.
The problem is never solved.

Solve the problem.
Problem the solved.
Impossible possibilities.
Silence Screamz Jul 2015
We are crossed in the corner
Seeded by selfish thought

Mind wandered in the ticking of time
Bent by insidious temptations

Step over the invisible boundaries
Doomed by conscience demons

We sit alone, spot light challenged
Drained by numb sensed chills
3.0k · Dec 2014
I Die
Silence Screamz Dec 2014
I wonder at the times
I wonder in my dreams
I wonder where we are going?
I wonder why I scream

I hurry through the day
I hurry in the night
I hurry by the clouds
I hurry darkened sight

I look into my future
I look into my prime
I look into amazement
I look into my crime

I die a lonely life
I die quite alone
I die with one last tear
I die without a moan
Dying alone with not a care in the world
3.0k · Jul 2015
Graveyard Walk
Silence Screamz Jul 2015
Savory sense to ease my worry
Walked in the mist, mild with fury

Graveside scene, eerily silent
Souls of the dead speak out in violence

Mind numbed feelings, frozen with fear
Take the next step, not going near

Hair stands on end, weak at the knees
Black cat crossed, begging you please

Lay down and listen, whispers at night
Can't close my eyes, a moment I might

Rust broken gate, iron wrought ring
Shhh do you hear? The dead starts to sing
Walking through a graveyard, what do you hear?
2.9k · Dec 2014
Words of Life
Silence Screamz Dec 2014
Life's possessions

Life's bleeding

Life's unkindness

Life's doubtful
How unkind life can be?
2.9k · Mar 2016
Mindful Rest
Silence Screamz Mar 2016
..a poet's mind never rest.... except when it lies next to the heart that it protects
A poetic short
2.9k · Aug 2015
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Tilt my world upside down
Take me to the fair
Cotton candy almost gone
Clowns do not care

Put me on the wooden horse
Spin me round and round
Up, down, turn it off
Carousel, I am bound

Get me off this wounded ride
No more stop and go
Blurry vision sinking in
Say it isn't so

Tortured mind, black my heart
Cancel out this game
Carousel is not fun
Nothing left to blame
My life feels like a tortured carousel and I would like to get off sometime
2.8k · Sep 2014
Silence Screamz Sep 2014
Creeping in
Sleepless soul
Masking over
Forever told

Finding solace
Bending times
Saving grace
Tracing lines

Quantum leaps
Minds crossed
Time speaks
Words lost

Energy equals
MC squared
Theories proved
Many dared
2.7k · Oct 2014
Post Traumatic
Silence Screamz Oct 2014



P.T.S.D.  ..  A serious issue for veterans
I am a Gulf War Veteran  .. This is for my brothers in arms
2.7k · Nov 2014
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
Wondering down
the narrow hallway
Blank stares stolen
with nothing to say

Trying to exhaust
life's filthy emissions
Choking on
linear transmissions

Distance calling me
into deafening sound
Closing curtains
and water down
2.6k · Oct 2014
Just Me
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
I am different.
I am me.
Accept it or reject it.

I am not changing.
This is my life.

Turn off the TV, now.
It getting dark.
2.6k · Nov 2014
Somber Cry (10W)
Silence Screamz Nov 2014
I wonder why
I somber cry

Forget me, I'm forgotten
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