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Pavement blues
   infuse the few
   with aimless renews
      of fruitless views!

Pavement blues
   refuse the new
   with endless crews
      of wasted clues!

Pavement blues? true?
Don’t judge me

Based on the type of shoes I wear

Based on the texture of my hair

Based on what I look like

Don’t judge me

Because of my ****** orientation

Because of my taste in music

Because of my social life

Don’t judge me

Because you are NOT God

Because you are NOT me

Because you are NOThing

Don’t judge me

If I don’t judge you

If I don’t want to talk to you

If I don’t trust you

Don’t judge me

Because you are NOT

The one to be judging me.
No one is the same so don't judge me because I don't have what you have.
Nina Sep 26
We hug
We kiss
We cuddle
In bed

We were just friends
We made out
To him
We were having ***
To me
We were making love
I was his friends with benefits
But he was my lover
B D Caissie Sep 7
Across the water a house I’ve seen.
It’s stature consists of modest means.

Simple and weathered with limited space. Its view would leave a permanent grin on your face.

With a river at its doorstep and neighbours for trees.
Looks like a cure for suburban disease.

Surrounded by colours of yellow and green.
It’s the richest abode that I’ve ever seen...

Some people speak of living for the moment.
Having "carpe diem" as their slogan.
Their decree to want to take life day by day.
Hoping fate will lead the way, and things will always be okay.
Taking it easy; Life is a holiday to be enjoyed and  celebrated the right way.

Others say this is a hippie cliche.
That living day to day isn't living, its surviving.
It's not thriving, to truely live means striving.
Its realizing what you want most and trying.
About devising a plan to achieve all you aspire.
Gain the skills and knowledge you require.
To go higher, elevate and inspire, be someone others admire.
Stand with the fruits of labor in your hand that you have acquired and be proud for getting that which you desire.

Two ways to look at life I guess.
Value one view doesn't make the other less.
Assess what's important to you; pave your own road to success.
Some play the fame of life as checkers; others as chess.
Wanted to make it longer but felt it it the points I wanted to get accross
We are not all seen equal
Not when blacks are seen as evil
Not when Gender-queers
Are simply 'insecure'
Not when women need to watch what they wear
Because otherwise men don't have to care

What if the next black child that was harmed
Was your own?
What if the next transgender beaten
was you brother?
What if the next woman defiled
was you?

Then would your views change?
Hilla254 Jun 7
An idea like a virus
Is Highly contagious
An idea is resilient
Like a malignant tumor
An idea once perceived
Can not be erased
A simple idea
Can end up
Defining us
Or destroying
Who we are.

A simple revelation of a idea
Can change all our beliefs
A idea of an ideal world
Can alter the reality
We believe in.

A vague feeling of a hunch
A Fanciful notion
Of mental abstractions
In Pure essence
Crowned as an idea
Can falter our true self
YYC May 14
"I want to be happy."
"Content woman."
"have a rich husband."

every teen girl's dream,
when asked what the future holds;
what happened to unicorn fantasies,
and our hearts of gold?

now instead of golden hearts,
we want men with trust funds and charm.

turning a cold shoulder to our true selves,
yet complaining about rude names,
when called ****** who're only after wealth.

why do we do this to ourselves?
we're so capable,
yet we'd rather lean on,
somebody who mistreats us,
and doles out small amounts,
of love and care;
we try so terribly hard,
to grasp on,
onto that slippery piece of feeling,
and when it leaves,
we're put back into that pit of empty,
pitch black and dull,
until they come back when they want us,
but we're still left wanting for more.

so, please.
learn from the story of millions.
stories of girls,
with so much potential.
don't force yourself to be content,
when you can bargain for more,
only then,
can we step up the ladder,
to be even to those,
who jeered and mocked,
and took advantage,
of our kind hearts.

i have no idea what I'm doing. I'm not a feminist I swear, just tired of mistreatment. ^^
Kanishka May 12
There's always more to it than meets the eye.
Two flowers behind the fence house a million stories,
Insurmountable for all to tell by.
For some it's just two unnoticible flowers,
For some it's the cradle of spring,
For some it's imagery of prison,
For some it's lovers in their haven,
For some it's forbidden opportunities,
For some it's consequence of a strife,
For some it's an offering to a loved one,
For some it's just the cycle of life.
Darryl M May 8
I wonder why you brought your lips along,
Knowing too **** well what they’d do to me.
And I ain’t just talking about the ones on your face.

Every time I try to hate on you.
I just relapse.
I get withdrawal symptoms every time I leave your presence.

If cell cages can keep me away from you.
What can keep away this love?
What can keep away your love?
What can keep away my love?

If earthquakes can shape mountains,
What has shaped my heart to be inclined to yours?

Is it your picture that I love?
Is it your reflection on my mirror that I crave?
Is it your texts that I enjoy?
Is it your voice over the phone that I long for?
Is it your smiles that take me to wonderland?
Is it your choice of emoticons that I observe?

Your beauty, the answer.
Your beauty, the question.
The physical, soothes the waves of the tears.
The emotional, soothes the thunders of the heart.

Your beauty ain’t it all.
But your beauty is much.
Beauty doesn’t make you.
Beauty is you.
Beauty in my life, is decorated by you.
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