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I can feel myself getting bad again, staying in bed constantly
Closing the curtains to leave my room almost completely dark
I feel the weight on my chest getting heavier
I stare at the messages I receive without replying
I simply don’t have the mental strength
I feel myself falling into that dark hole that I tried so hard to get out of
I need help
But I can’t see no one around
Just me, myself and I
And that’s not enough to last the night
Oh so family is supposed to always be there for you
Just not when sharing your feelings;it's not cool?
You can't confide in them with what you are dealing with
Got me feeling like a sith
That my feelings are too dark
Like I'm red kryptonite Clark
Leaving me to become real bitter
Like all the times i was verbally attacked by a "her"
I'm told to act my age
I'm only 30 I'm not a wise sage
It's pretty self explanatory. I pretty much shared too much with my cousins and was told to go see a therapist. I guess you can't ALWAYS count on family. I've learned my lesson.
Estelline Jul 20
Another lonely night
But I bet you’re feeling alright
It’s just me who lies awake
Watching as wishes
Are cast among the stars

I can see the fairies dance
It seems like such a peaceful place
Way up there in space
But like my dreams
It’s unreachable
I can only stand in awe
As I try to comprehend it all

Sometimes I’d like to think
They must know me too!
But just like you
they don’t
And there’s nothing I can do
They’ll fly on by
I’ll lie here and cry
Asking myself “why?”

Why does it have to be like this?
Why don’t you notice me
Can’t you see how much I need you?
Well maybe you do
I just wish you needed me too…
Eduardo Interior Apr 2020
I’ve seen such world,
A sight i would always cherish
Seeming end to life that begins,
And we leave with unfinished words

I haven’t flinch nor cried aloud
The blood and sweat of soul
Obligation Shall find unafraid
For we are tears in different shade

We have thoughts that hunt us
The mistakes with saddened memories
A discrete thought of failure and regret
Sleep settles it— when you were not to wake

The life i have lived to the stars
Thoughts can’t fathom into constellations
Beyond this place of grieving smiles
I have lived a life of no regrets
Michael Adams Dec 2019
I climbed a mountain, I hoped to know,
Over rocks and ice and snow,
I asked the sun in morning glow,
Where do the broken hearted go?

The Sun just laughed and moved away,
To brighten up another day.
So I took the fast way down below,
To where the broken hearted go.
Manogya Dec 2019
I went to a place,
I called it my home.
How was I supposed to know,
It would leave me all alone.

Depressed everyday,
They told me nothing.
The few good souls,
Would make it amazing.

The authority is *******,
It didn’t even look at me.
Wanted to make money,
Didn’t want to help my sanity.

I begged them to change,
They turned a blind eye.
Left a depressed kid,
Sad and very lied.
This poem is second in the series of Purple and narrates an experience from my school
Michael Adams Sep 2019
Darkness and light have become entangled in my mind.

Moments captured are quietly lost, nothing more than shadows that flirted with existence.
They were hope, then became a memory.....soon they will be gone.

My heart is to blame.

Under your brightness, it could not see that the shadows were being cast from one side.

It spoke out of turn.
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