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Daa Rajab May 30
It might be said:

When there is the genuine sensation
Of tingling insides, wavering breaths
Then know that I have been moved,
Pulled away from my imagination
Because now, I see you.
I do get nervous at times.
Daa Rajab May 27
It might be said:

I feel an ache
After passing the verge of a break
And it left a mark.
It left a scar
That paved its path
Deep into my memory,
But it's just the past.
It really does ache.
I’ve seen such world,
A sight i would always cherish
Seeming end to life that begins,
And we leave with unfinished words

I haven’t flinch nor cried aloud
The blood and sweat of soul
Obligation Shall find unafraid
For we are tears in different shade

We have thoughts that hunt us
The mistakes with saddened memories
A discrete thought of failure and regret
Sleep settles it— when you were not to wake

The life i have lived to the stars
Thoughts can’t fathom into constellations
Beyond this place of grieving smiles
I have lived a life of no regrets
Daa Rajab Mar 27
It might be said:

Today, I watched the azure sky
As the crowd before me dispelled into their places,
Leaving no one in sight.
I pondered on the silence,
Realised how much I'd missed it,
How much I'd resist divulging in the seas of voices,
How much I appreciated the essence of sound.
I know it no more,
I've grown accustomed,
To watch.
The sky looks brighter,
As cotton for clouds hover within patches of clear cobalt.
But it's not the same.
This is a little different.
Michael Adams Dec 2019
I climbed a mountain, I hoped to know,
Over rocks and ice and snow,
I asked the sun in morning glow,
Where do the broken hearted go?

The Sun just laughed and moved away,
To brighten up another day.
So I took the fast way down below,
To where the broken hearted go.
Manogya Dec 2019
I went to a place,
I called it my home.
How was I supposed to know,
It would leave me all alone.

Depressed everyday,
They told me nothing.
The few good souls,
Would make it amazing.

The authority is *******,
It didn’t even look at me.
Wanted to make money,
Didn’t want to help my sanity.

I begged them to change,
They turned a blind eye.
Left a depressed kid,
Sad and very lied.
This poem is second in the series of Purple and narrates an experience from my school
Michael Adams Sep 2019
Darkness and light have become entangled in my mind.

Moments captured are quietly lost, nothing more than shadows that flirted with existence.
They were hope, then became a memory.....soon they will be gone.

My heart is to blame.

Under your brightness, it could not see that the shadows were being cast from one side.

It spoke out of turn.
jennifer delong Oct 2018
Within my soul I am lost
Weak for a need to comfort me
When I can't feel your presence
Your energy distant & cold
Within my soul , I am lost
Searching for the desire
I desire to be desired
Sadly no desire do I find
When you go you take away
you shatter parts of me
cutting & left bleeding
all over my soul
Within me , I need to hear
I need you to speak to me
any way you can
Within me , I need to know
I just need to know
© Jennifer Delong 10/14/18
Ren May 2018
I know who you really are.
You did not do anything for me.
You're not getting any good Karma.
I hope she doesn't get hurt.
You brought me in, when I was at my worst,
And then decided to desert me.
I thought I had a home.
I thought I was safe.
You Lied.
I told you my story.
And you didn't care.
Because I wouldn't be your call girl.
I won't
Ruin your life.
I'll let Karma
Do that.
Sydney Victoria Oct 2017
Silent, Solemn,
Breaking, Blinding, Barren
Wandering, Waning, Wondering, Wishing,
Battered, Broken, Bitter,
Suffocating, Sweltering,
No privacy but always alone
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