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Ylzm Apr 26
Weirdly wonderful caterpillars,
liquefy, transform, and reborn;
Wonderfully beautiful butterflies,
Who taught you how to do that?

Mother Nature, the mother of gaps;
Magical hand hides ignorance,
Misdirects from real question:
Why do we even ask at all?

Curiosity satiated we move on,
Forgetting blindness unremoved.
For if sighted, a new tongue to learn,
Mother Nature, the new alphabet.
Ylzm Apr 2
As words in a strange tongue
So symbols in wisdom;
Not any sounds are words
Nor stories, parables;
But angelic tongues do speak
Even as donkeys are wise.
You crave and yet resist those things; that take you from what's good, 'till something better takes another other and seems again anew
How often times the image thought supreme to it's ideal
Tryin to change one to form another "other" that seems again anew
Are you another one of my symbols?
Is this another one of my images?
Archetypes they tell me and I'm somewhere in between
Anne Mar 1
there's this part of me
which I left
you walked away.
the young & shiny me.
somedays i still
feel lost
but i'm
my best.  
//        \
\        //
\     //
| o  |
| o  |
| o  |
a tree symbolizing growth, but you see it's not perfect because I still don't see myself as the best version yet.
TEnocho Oct 2018
Could we lay side by side in silence like the letters carved on wood by lovers.
Can we for a moment be lines drawn, symbols of a moment once shared.

Short n sweet. I just want to lay with you
D Letwixt Oct 2018
Sands and seashells as white as moonlit night
And water tugging slightly at the small boats
Trembling in the wake

“Far across the silvery sea”
Those little waves whisper to me
“From ocean dark and brooding blue, cross horizons bleeding red
is a land where the mists travel languidly through
and dangerous things betwixt the paths you tread.”

“There is a city that some say glows in the night
Whose towers ***** to glorious height
Domes and great structures stand below
Upon white stones, blue moonlight does glow.”

“If you swim out during the brooding storm
And torrential city make, with towers of black swirling wake
The sea will take and change your form
You will enter the depth and the depth will enter you
And sea imbued, you emerge anew.”

“On the second day, and the crest of red rising light
When Phoenix fly against the night
You will be ****** from water by the fiery wing
And to a new land take you as Phoenix songs it softly sings.”

“There you will encounter the dangers and things of strange delight
And the white walls of Elyse, whose light is cast upon the height.”
Ola Gia Sep 2018
As the sun shut its eyes on the world,
Something began to stir
A cough, a splutter, the stretching of ink limbs.
Their time to wake had come

Two intertwined dragons sat upon the arm,
leaning against their tribal plait
They resented their role, they hated their duty
Their meaning was forgotten

Kiwi turned to his English counterpart,
took a deep inhale of his pipe before starting...
"They force us to stay, Brother,
Why do they need us so?."

English observed Kiwi, a grim look of realization upon his jaw
He flicked his red tail and flew around the arm
Returning in a matter of seconds.
A constant in a constant change.

A united thought came to both,
they remembered the true reason why they were there
"We are a symbol. A memory. A focus.
They will always evolve, but we stay.”

With that memory in their mind,
they sat and watched the sun rise again
Knowing it would come, knowing it would go
Knowing they will always stay the same.
vbdulrhman Sep 2018
i like symbols
i love symbols
i do symbols
i write symbols
im a symbol
Paul Butters Jul 2018
Who needs words
When you can simply go ???
Or !!!
This poem will not make me any £££
Or even $$$
But I don’t give a *.
I just love writing 100%
& don’t *
a d
About £££££.

I <3 to experiment with poetry and language,
Stretching those *
*** let’s have a good LOL
And even ROFL.
Let’s play the %s
And send my spell-check
Into a red frenzy.

Any ???s ?
You !!!s at this
And I’ve only scratched the ~~~~~
There may be ####, #### more to come.
I <3 my Qwerty keyboard
With it’s !”£$%^&()_+ at the top.
The more I look the more I see.
@ last I’m free
From the Grammar ****.
=ly free from the tyranny of the word.

But worry not my lovely words
For I will always go <<<< to you
In spite of looking >>>>>>>
At all times.
The *

Paul Butters

© PB 28\7\2018.
!!! PS I haven't bolded anything to no idea why some is bolded above. And **** shows as * or blank somehow.
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