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Àŧùl Aug 2021
Beyond sacred geometry,
Hides a dark secret.

A secret of stolen symbols,
And stolen concepts.
My HP Poem #1939
©Atul Kaushal
Chad Young Feb 2021
What is quantifiable are the symbols. What isn't quantifiable are the zones between the symbols, unless there are many symbols present that form spaces.
There are partial symbols, i.e. a gesture of an animal is present but not the form of the animal.
Reality stays more abstract with partial symbology.
What is known about the symbol gives reality meaning.
Speaking of visions as symbols separates the meaning from the visual experience.
The person who doesn't see the symbol as the reality has not been exposed to reality which is somewhat hard to ascertain.
When, in dreams for example, there are just collages of things, it is hard to say that it is more than a collage. But if I recognize symbology, it allows me to see every part of the picture.
Symbols are more for the artist than the scientist who simply wants to verify what happens in reality. While transcendent of verification of meaning is reality "filler", yet it attains to meaning only if it is seen as symbol.
The filler is more abstract because logic only exists here if we consciously give something meaning. Otherwise a huff of a dog, for example, is merely a passing image.
Since concrete objects already have existential meaning, they cannot constitute as filler.
Visions, because they only partially exist, calls into question existence itself.
In filler reality, it becomes participatory as to giving reality meaning or just enjoying the visions.
What separates this filler world from normal mind is that meaning is no longer the key to reality.
Simply experiencing the visuals explain reality in an easy way.
Meaning almost ruins the mode of experience.
laying in contemplation
SA Szumloz Apr 2020
Green walls, purple bed sheets
Symbols of personal peace
A white desk, a bookshelf
Things that define myself
Curling mousse, a ***** hairbrush
Possessions that make me blush
My bedroom is my sanctuary
A place that blocks off the scary
Monsters in my life.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
Duet, Minor Key
by Michael R. Burch

Without the drama of cymbals
or the fanfare and snares of drums,
I present my case
stripped of its fine veneer:
Behold, thy instrument.

Play, for the night is long.

Keywords/Tags: Duet, minor, key, cymbals, symbols, drums, fanfare, snares, instrument, play, ***, night, long, strip, ****, naked
MsRobota Feb 2020
Soft brittle days
distorted symbols and colors and noise
grieving music
I just don't fit in

Maybe it's something
i'm missing
that I will never have

maybe I wasn't made for
sunny days
maybe I was made for
laughter in the rain
maybe I was made for
bright pink umbrellas
maybe I was made for
bright red rain boots
maybe I was made for
bright yellow rain coats
maybe I was made for
gray days

Maybe it's something
i'm missing
that I will never have

Delightful frustrating week
every hour is Monday
I changed my hair
because I was tired of all the darkness
but could you draw the blinds?
the sun shines too bright
and I'm tired
yellow soul Oct 2019
three flowers in my vase
They all stand there in their place
One is white
One is red
And the last one is blue
When the sun touch my flowers
I see them dance
It’s from the sun they get their powers
But today I notice there’s a change
My blue flower seems sad
It has bent it’s back
The red one appears to be mad
it’s ready to attack
And my white flower is gone
I lost it yesterday by mistake
In the moment I lost it i thought it was fun
Oh dear lord what have I done

Two flowers in my vase
They both stand there in their place
One is red
And one is blue
When the sun touches my flowers
I see them dance
It’s from the sun they get their powers
But today I notice there’s a change
My blue flower has bloomed
Now it’s even more blue
My red flower is doomed
It’s color is gone, I swear it’s true
It is dead
It didn’t get a chance to live
I never had it with me in bed
Well they say love isn’t fun
But oh lord what have I done

One flower in my vase
It stands in it's place
One is blue
The sun can’t touch my flower
It’s the last one I’ve got
Without the two others it has all the power
This feeling isn’t what I thought
The blue flower is me
And I am the blue flower
But I let nobody see
Up I have build a tower
It has no door, window nor Stairs
I will never let you in
You killed my flowers
Now I’m blue
White flower - my  innocence
Red flower - love, lust, passion,
Blue - sadness, loneliness, depression
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