Paul C Dec 2017
artificial, just like the pill bottle.

the world condenses, collapses into a pin-point right in front of my eyes
and into my paper or computer screen

thoughts racing at light speed
my mind trying to digest its own thoughts--
state of hyper-realism (Who am I again?)
an alternate dimension of higher thought
crash into an hour (or two) from now
and fall down
hard, into the present.
K Balachandran Apr 2017
lightening doodles
night and city lights dissolve,
more or less than than real?
Joko Curioso Jun 2016
You are the luckiest man on Earth.
To experience a love that surpasses both time and it's absolute space.


What a chance wasted on nothingness.
You have failed your fate. Dimensions have been altered.
So as the reality that your eyes have envisioned.

Not everyone has been given this opportunity.
To experience unending love in which came from the heavens.
To be in great affection with a goddess entrapped in time.

However, I have been left in great amazement.
For you have left a goddess begging on her knees.

Mind-boggled. Emotions overflowed. Tongue twisted.

Blessed by the wondrous abilities of a seraph.
I extend my hand to the goddess left dumbfounded.

As I help her get through.

*Through with you.
Mike Rollain Apr 2016
From the edge of our swollen solar system
Lingering just beyond our orbital reach
Is the faintest of calls

A pattern in space
Barely discerned

We reach for it
Blindly grasping
We seek its existence
We wish it to life

But it's dark where we lie
Our vision's obscured
And we're broken


And then through the cracks
Their yellow seeps into our atmosphere
Their symbiotic notes fill the air
Bathe our shoulders and fall
Into a reluctant ground
Where life begins
Lane Bohman Sep 2015
A moment frozen in time;
Sublime and reclining
Speckled clouds in the sky.

A moment to reflect on
My minds eye divining

My mood weaves the meadows
in which I do graze,

Breeze on my face,

The sound
of natures innocence resounding.

What is this place?
Why is it so hard to reach?
Still to my bones.
So aware
so aware of it all.

This altered conscious hears my groans.

**A warm, deep breath
for my soul,
resetting life's toll on me.
lol marijuana
Lane Bohman Sep 2015
Making my skin crawl.

Wander through the window pane,
and paint the way you want.

Wondering why walls wax and wane,
Breathing deep to call my name.

Vasodilation, to the numbing of my brain.
Silence Screamz Aug 2015
Wonder past fallen thought
No curse of words with figbts I fought
So break my mind in tattered dreams
Altered states of liquid screams
I am currently a wreck mentally... Seriously going to break down
Micah Dec 2014
I fall in love the way I fall asleep:
Slowly and then not at all!
William Keckler Nov 2014
If the tiles of talking
are replaced by something else,
say, lexical snowflakes,

where will our linear minds be?
It's not that we don't understand
weird, multifoliate simultaneities

in dreams, in anguish,
or in ecstasy. It's just
the rest of the dumb time

we stand there and pull
from our mouths a usual
piece of numb string.
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