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Zywa Nov 20
Wishing to live
in the city without
its burden, above

the chimneys, cleanly
swinging in grandma's chair
in front of the bay window

seeing the dormant mouths
of the pocked roofs
wake up without

having to smell their poison
and then also breathe it
out of solidarity with everyone

who has to live fast
in the stone world
where everything is hard
"Room in Brooklyn" (1932, Edward Hopper)

Collection "NightWatch"
“Here’s the contract,

sign the line
with your codes
don’t forget the
shared collateral

Keep it clean

there’s a spot
between the Eyes
where the feeds
can’t see

Make it petty

grab the dirt
and his wallet
we’ll call it
‘botched robbery’

He was ****

tried to show
what we said
at the 'Yard
last summer”

… I forgot the wallet.
for The Convo Couch
It’s one of those days where we’re polite
but we want to gather handfuls of ****
and **** it at the faces
of those who’ve known no sadness,
other than the dappy misery they’ve caused
to those, potential relations,
they told they loved.

I try to deny a bitterness
when I check every lock each night
including on my bins,
that each of us is the same
from birth
but the score of this whole game
starts on different tees.

See, we know.
Zywa Oct 2020
The court is reserved

for the nobles and the cat –

who is a Lady.
“Makura no Sōshi” (“The Pillow Book”, 1002, Sei Shōnagon)

Collection "Shelter"
Zywa Sep 2020
We still pretend

we have it well arranged
with parliaments, judges and
a constitution of our ideals
but the farmers have stayed

and we are their servants
who grow capital, harvest
and squeeze it to many zeros
in the backyard of the slaughter

We want full barns
for the winter, but we have to
pay dearly for it to the farmers
who write the plans

with rings of self-confidence
on their clean hands
in the high state-rooms
of the front building on the avenue
Collection “Mosaic virus”
Inibehe Okon Jul 2020
Recently I was reminiscing on my past and I discovered that I may not have known God personally as my saviour, but I understood the principle of "Writing your own destiny/The power of your words and imaginations ", or maybe I thought I did  
For those who studied in Nigeria, in junior high school we had a subject called 'Business studies' , and one course in it was learning how to read and write SHORTHAND.
I was really terrible in that stuff, so much so that, all I thought of was how I was going to pass that subject in the last junior certificate exams (JSCE).
On the day of our exam, I turned to the page where we were required to translate in English, a passage written in shorthand. There and then, I knew I had no idea of anything, but I can't leave my paper blank. NO WAY.
JUST FOLLOW ME.. you'll know what i wrote  
Same thing happened in university. An impromptu test was given of which I was not prepared for.
Another challenge of not writing anything stood before me again.
I simply remembered my secondary school days and to be honest, this is what I wrote( I may not remember word for word, but I'll give a brief summary of the intro)..
"Dear examiner, do you know that Jesus loves you? If you dont, allow me to use this medium to tell you so, since I have no idea of the answer to your question."
So on and so forth...I made sure I shared the little I knew on God's love
Yea.. I think in the one of my JSCE, I remember adding this line    
' I know this paper will be marked in minna, so if you are a Muslim don't penalize me for talking about my God on this exam answer sheet '. Funny right   ?
I wasnt born again then, however I was by the time same repeated itself in university.
Now guess what!! Surprisingly, I didn't fail these courses. I got an overall B in business studies and a 6/10 in that course in university (I Have a colleague who can testify to this )
I don’t think I understood why I did so in Junior high, but since I got a good result, I thought of it the moment I was faced with same cross road at university (PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS O).
NOW I CLEARLY DO!!. What worked there was the PRINCIPLE OF IMAGINATIONS/SPOKEN WORDS, in the bid to writing your own destiny.
Never ever give into failure-- NEVER.
Failure is only a thing of the mind. If you allow the thought consume you, in no time, your life will become a living reality of your thoughts and words
Whenever you are at the crossroad and failure seems to be starring at you right in the face, choose life, choose success, choose anything but failure-- and ACT IT
You may call my experience luck, but I want to believe that it was this principle that worked for me- I believed what I did was going to get me in the clear, and sincerely speaking it did (Mark 11:23)
I choose success
I choose prosperity
I choose victory
I choose affluence
I choose any and every good thing God can give, because I will never settle for anything LESS
true life
Dominique Feb 2020
If we ate the rich
We could build playhouses from their bones
Paint fairytales onto marrow
Watch our children dig pixie dust from the grooves
Charleston to their windchime laughter

If we ate the rich
We could pave roads with their teeth
Crushed into twinkling mosaics
Speed in glee down the polished calcium roads
Walk on blooms of gold and lilac at sunset

If we ate the rich
Their skin could line our altars
Or catch the heat slipping through our walls
To warm our hearts or frozen feet
Whichever love was needed most

If we ate the rich
And cleaned our teeth for ligaments
And spat out the fatty gristle
And when all that remained of the last billionaire
Were just an eyesocket and some coins

We could sit back,
Minds and bellies full to the brim,
Fragmented bourgeoisie burps ringing, melodious,
And laugh at those who claimed, in the old days,

"You can't eat money".
eat the rich :)
To Whom it May Concern,

My blood begins to burn
and I’m compelled to spurn
the current plans to turn
our mascot to a worm.

The members from my firm
cannot stay taciturn
when our alumni learn
that strangers overturned
the past we had governed
because they’re all stubborn,
seeking to be modern
and spread, exploit and churn
their folly and their germs.

I urge you to discern
the consequence you’ll earn
unless you can confirm
our legacy long-term.
We will not adjourn
until it’s reaffirmed
that history is stern
and keeps our old pattern.

If you do not concur
and submit to our terms,
then surely you will yearn
for courtesy interns
as funding will downturn
and we will watch you squirm
like spiders in an urn
at the point of no return.

Sincerely, Dr. Kern
monorhyme about the influences of funding on schools' decision making

for peace in solidarity.
SøułSurvivør Jan 2020
Star Strangled Banner

O, Hussain can you see
Through your lies & your blight
While so proudly you sail
Through your elitist scheming
Your broad swipes & slight scars
You think you've the right
You with madness so etched
In your brain which is bleeding.
In your den, yes, your lair
Black birds nest in your hair
'Neath that roof of low height
Such duplicity there.
O, Hussain can you see
All the bones there, the graves?
In the land of Pe-lo-si...

... and the home of her SLAVES.
Some people of Arabic origin are lying to us.
But many are actually FOR US! I abhor the liars. This take on the time-honored song is not written in a effort to insult the PEOPLE of the Middle East. But the ELITES and their LIES!! Please read this entire commentary:

Iran and many of these countries like Syria have been used and abused by the elite. I'm not saying I'm any expert on the Middle East, nor am I saying my opinion matters.... But let me just say, these countries have been abused, they've been rapped of their resources, they've been forced to live in a war torn region. Many of your normal people that live in those countries, like America, they like President Trump. You are dealing with elite strongholds. These terrorist groups, who have run some of these countries, were specifically created through block op/clandestine operations to destabilize these countries, cause war and fighting and to create elite/cabal strongholds. You have age old principalities at play. You have a physical as well as a spiritual battle going on. You have two interlocking realms that are being dealt with, both in the physical and spiritual world. The elite placed their pawns in power, to take over the oil in those countries and what were they using that oil for? Human trafficking/terrorism and to fund their operations...... Trump isn't stealing their oil, he's confiscating it in order to remove the financial flow for the cabal/intelligence agencies. It will be given back when the regimes are cleaned out and the right people are brought into leadership. President Trump is giving the people of Iran the ability to take back their country, to live in peace and freedom. WW3 was the cabal's plan, but it isn't Trump's plan. WW3 was the Pentagon/DOD plan, but it isn't Trump's plan. And frankly it's not God's plan. The wars have been orchastated by the elite, that's how they operate. Trump's not playing that *******. Trump is taking down the elite/Intelligence operations in these countries.... The pawns of the very elite.

Earthquakes near nuclear facilities are blowing up underground bases and systems. The Nuclear industry is NOT innocent in this.... They had their hands in child trafficking and worse. You have interlocking realms above us and blow us, that connect to our physical realm.... These things are being delt with.

Anything the media tells you is either a lie, or propaganda. The people of Iran are celebrating. They're baking cakes and cookies and passing themout to people on the streets. They like Trump! The people yelling death to America are paid. They're also the ones killing peaceful protesters. They aren't the Iranian people.

And I'll tell you something, the people in the Middle East fighting for their freedom, from the elite have *****. They have fire.... Compared to the #snowflakes in the US.

Trump is taking down the elite system in the Middle East. Don't you get it?
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