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Poetic T Sep 16
A squirrel offered me
              a *******.

But just fondled my
            Nuts the whole time ..
When you watch your girly figure or your very manly vigor
There can be no ifs, ands or buts
For the snack that you should favor and the flavor you should savor
Should be a healthy little handful of nuts

Nuts are very handy and so much better than candy
Filled with good protein and fiber
A few grams of healthy fat, if you can just imagine that
So even your physician would prescriber (Poetic License Taken)

So when your stomach tells you, and appetite compels you
To enjoy a light and healthy repast
Remember nuts are crunchy and satisfy your munchies
And won’t add any inches to your ... bottom (Poetic License and Cleanliness Taken!)

© Victor Fuhrman
Bhill Mar 19
Angel Moroni watches over his fold
He holds on to a horn said to be made of gold
He stands on top waiting the moment to arrive
When it finally comes the horn takes a dive

The earth was tired and decided to shake
The Angel looked down during what was a quake
What he saw was surprising and actually quite weird
All the people were gathering things it appeard

Why do they need all that paper in rolls
Why do they need all those bottles, who knows
The horn was broken when it hit the earth
It was bent in half, now what's it worth

Someone grabbed it right up and ran like the wind
He was chased and caught as this was a sin
He would have liked to play that horn
He held it so long and now he must mourn

What to do, what to do, is all he could think
The world has gone nuts and he needs a drink...

Brian Hill - 2020 # 79
In today's climate, this I found to be extremely well-timed and very funny. I hope most of you agree.
Tiger Ayres Feb 2
I don't know how I feel
Am I cold or alone?
And I don't know how I should feel
Am I doing this right?
My emotions don't make sense
Am I supposed to feel like this?
And it's driving me nuts

I was a happy boy
When my innocence was free
But then life hit me in the face
And I just didn't feel like me
A girl broke my heart
My family expect much
Mum and Dad are at war
And talking only deepens cuts

So yes, I don't know how I feel
And I don't how I should feel
My emotions don't make sense
And it's driving me nuts
And there's no but to this end
No turn around happy stanza
Because all I know is how to not feel happy
And it's driving me nuts
Poetress2 Apr 2019
Squirrels gather nuts,
to prepare for the Winter.
They plan very well.
when fair
swings with
Chevrolets so
children rush
there when
some peanuts
are fired
when nights
begun barbs
that Randall's
humor still
in stride
when a
plause would
take center
stage with
gossip y'all
Sean Jan 2019
Her Hole open
Accepting it's destruction

Could climb inside
After my eruption

Hole looks like
A dark dungeon

No more nut
After this busting

Debbie Brindley Nov 2018
Woke up last Sunday
Vision slightly impaired
was my eye playing tricks
thought it was nothing to be feared
But my eye did not correct
Straight lines wonky
Vision blurred
My head feeling slightly giddy
a little nuts
It was absurd
4 days in
off to the optometrist
I went to see
Not Retinal Detachment
But Macular Degeneration
My first thought
"oh ?#$@ me"
So off to the hospital  
It was so hard not to flee
My eye ball was numbed sanitised
injected into
So hopefully
It will be fine
Because if it doesn't work I'll end up legally blind
If your eyes ever play up go have them checked.
Had to write this with my left eye closed.
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