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be-no-one Mar 2019
Morning light rises
yawning and stretching its way
above the skyline.
Stephen James Mar 2019
the new dawn rises
a glimpse of what is to come
her smile awakens
a haiku
Deepak K B May 2018
He rises from his bitter bed,
With thoughts of sadness in his head,
He idolises being dead.
Facing the day with never-ending dread.
The way, she did to me
Is the way I did to her
The way, where hearts broke
The way,
I will never return to

The way where
Sun used to long last
The days spent in the past
Still, when thy feeling arises
My day neither sets, nor rises
Poets frankly speaks about an injury he inflicted to his beloved to take revenge.
Lure Pot Oct 2017
The moon rises up to your face
And shine falls when you smile
Your silences like conversations
When you’re unfold with emotions,
You are happy with your dreams
Though they're many miles away.

The ocean slows down for you
And waves play with your mind
The spring gives you green days
Cause maybe you are loveable,
The moon rises up to your face
Your shine falls when you smile.

The flowers smell pretty in your courtyards
To make you sleep at night
The birdsongs wake you up happily
Every day in the morning,
The moon rises up to your face
Your shine falls when you smile.

The morning takes away your sleepiness
To make you ready for the day
The evening shadows make you blue
To give you a good night sleep,
The moon rises up to your face
And you shine when you smile.
Dr zik Jul 2017
Sun sets every eve
Sun rises every morn
Day splashes light in dark
Seeds peep out in a hurry
Birds tweet in joy-full song
Departure needs forgiveness
Arrival bows in the norm
O’ my Lord!
Bless me
My dear mother passed away on Monday, June 19, 2017. May Allah (God) bless her with Jannah. Amen!

Dr ZIK's Poetry
Mandi Drake Jul 2016
Rosé makes me romantic
I guess
Because it's pink
And it makes me tipsy
Like love should
I guess...
And it reminds me of
The wilting pink roses
On my coffee table
Cute love
I guess...
It becomes less than cute
I bought those flowers
For myself
Oh, by the way.
Solaces Oct 2015
So I follow you.
Like I have been for the past three nights.
Only this time you walk toward where I want to take you.
My sanctuary awaits your screams along side the others.
You seem to be oblivious of me.
My moment has arrived.
Not a soul watching but me.
When you turn the corner is when I will make the grab, the hook, the capture that quenches this thirsty urge!
As we turn the corner I find that you are no longer there!
I also find that I have been captured instead!
All along I was the one being followed!
I was the one being followed
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