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Man Jun 2023
Another night,
Where I feel completely alone
Surrounded by people I care about.
What's the point?
Love coming at the price
Of self-sacrifice,
Break my body
Take control,
But what do you know?
Tess M Nov 2019
can I like just
go in a forest
and fall
without people
hearing me
or will they
invade me
ClawedBeauty101 Feb 2019
It's incredible, if not amazing...
How you can feel so surrounded by the people that enclose you
But still feel empty and alone...
Elizabeth Zenk Sep 2018
At a concert full of people
All gathered for the same reason
I still manage to find a way
to become lonely
The chants and whistles can’t
Tune out the screams
of my shattered mind.
fika Mar 2018
How i dream to be surrounded
by the mist of mystery
Kewayne Wadley Feb 2018
She was a mystery.
She gave me her heart to understand the type of music she listened to.
Her playlist was filled with trap beats before it became fashionable.
The rattling of empty trunks.
The rattling of sticker covered tags.
This is how I saw myself before she gave me a pair of headphones. I asked her for more.
Not liking the way track six ended.
Track 7 and 8 captivated my heart.
Keeping it all to myself.
She fooled me.
Her playlist composed of the same beat over and over.
9 tracks with something added.
Another taken away.
Overtime it would become all that I listened to.
Her influence over two rocks shaken in a can.
My heart.
Beginning to nod my head and cut the volume to the max.
I played it at work. I listened to it in the car.
A natural disaster to those that I passed.
The rattling of my trunk almost non-existent.
A more crisp sound coming from the speakers.
It was Summer.
Before I heard her playlist in the hands of someone else.
She placed her heart inside of the music knowing I'd stumble across it first.
Unsure if I'd ever find her love.
To participate in the aggression of her love.
The originality of all that she was.
I listened in silence with the headphones she gave.
To be surrounded by everything I love all at once
Colm Aug 2017
Old buildings weather youthful storms
And trees bear more children than we’ll ever know

Humanity is not a curse
But a whisper down an empty hall

No shadow lies without intent
Or climbs beyond a human’s back

And though we bend and break with age
We are born again just to take it back

How needlessly we weave between
The bitter roots, the grass and trees

Sit at the base of life content
And remember all which you’ve seen

Because we leave our better trees
To depart the earth into the soil  

And though we hope to forever stand
No building will ever endure

No, in the end
We all will break and fall again
Crashing down. In due time. Regardless of certain things.
Jellyfish Aug 2017
You're at your lonliest when you have people beside you.
Marcus Belcher Jul 2016
Gripping the clouds
To fly upon their wings
Heaven's delight
Every time it sings

Tell me father
Tell me now
Show me the way
Show me how

To educate
To show them the light
Teach them when to bend
Advise them when to fight

We demand change
While staying the same
Want the power to fight?
Pick a different flame
A reflection of the times
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