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39.7k · Feb 2016
Hungry Hungry
Some of us are really hungry hungry hippos
But I'm a ***** ***** hippo
Sometimes I'm both
All these haters call me gay as an insult
Because they want me to like ***** because that's what they are.
Gay guys will never bother me, they're just human beings.
Many of them are terrific ones at that.
I like long titles for poems now, it's wildly fun. I'm a straight ally and i laugh my **** off that people think calling me gay is going to make me mad.
19.1k · Nov 2014
Vanilla Cake
It's an urgent emergency
We're out of Vanilla Cake
16.2k · Nov 2014
Better or Equal
They say women can't fight
Can't write good poetry
Can't create good paintings
Can't play sports
Can't work good jobs
Or do what a man does
I think they're afraid
Afraid that women might be better than them or equal in skill
Silly sexists
The world is changing
Changing for the better
I think women can influence history and the world like men can.
15.1k · Dec 2014
Calm Down
Calm Down
You have a full life to live
14.0k · Dec 2015
Lion's Den
I want this to go as smooth as writing from a ballpoint pen, girl let me be the Lion in your Lion's Den
13.9k · Nov 2015
Colored Water
You're supposed to only have water in my school
But soda is water too with a color
So what's the hassle?
11.9k · Jul 2015
Surgery Without Knowledge
If I'm the Doctor,you're the nurse
This surgery couldn't get any worse
Until I find out I'm not a Doctor- or a Miracle worker.
You're so close from pulling the red right out of me
Now you made it blue
Like the artificial coloring dyes
I really can't say goodbye
9.6k · Oct 2015
Man proposes,
Women proposes
Both proposes at the same time unexpectedly
Wait, what?
Talk about hysterical
I wonder if that's ever happened before.
Like gold that washed from a shore
Thoughts racing back and forth galore
The excitement has overtakened me
My imagination might not take any more
Get me a pen
This has got to be on paper.
I'm a poet but i'm also curious.
A very wild and funny concept.
9.5k · Oct 2015
Age Of Unity
A Muslim boy with a clock
Is seen as a terrorist with a glock
Maybe i'm right, maybe i'm wrong
But if he were White, Asian, Hispanic or even Pacific Islander
Nobody would of suspected anything.
When are we going to stop fearing an entire race for only a portion radical and illogical ways of treating others?
I don't tolerate people who behead others if they don't agree with their religion
I don't agree with the repressive governments that control everyone and stone them for minor misdemeanors
There are good men out there fighting this evil that has plagued their homelands
I'm all for ending terrorism of all kinds
But let's stop terrorism of innocents too
Sure, i'm afraid of what the radicals will do to their own people, my people and the rest of the world
But i'll be dammed if i treated somebody from the Middle East like a monster when i don't even know who they are
If it wasn't for a Middle Eastern girl
The Syrians girls wouldn't have an improved education
If it wasn't for a Middle Eastern man fending off the Taliban and risking his entire village to keep Marcus Littrell alive
He would of been KIA a long time ago.
What about the ones who fought and died for America?
Nobody ever mentions them
The media wants me to hate them all, but i laugh and shake my head
Warped minds trying to warp others
I only see the ones who want to do us harm, and the ones who want to live peacefully and away from a life of hell
Brothers and sisters, just a different culture and skin color
I'm sorry if America seems racist or hateful, but i'm proud to be the one who throws those two words in the trash
Because i'm not afraid to speak my mind
And i welcome everyone here
America is everyone's home.
If only the Soviet Union never invaded Afghanistan
If only the people were not scared
To be free like America.
Unity for all,
Religious differences and Cultures alike.
I hope one day a Muslim man or Woman can walk down an American street without being labeled as a terrorist.
I hope one day these repressive governments fall into the hands of democracy
And we start the Age of Unity again.
I went all out on this one. I wanted to speak my views on this and i believe that the Muslim people and Arabian people deserve the same amount of freedom as we have. I feel so bad for that poor boy.
8.6k · Dec 2015
Naughty Trance (Explicit)
Let's be naughty this Christmas

Santa stopped buying us gifts years ago

I'd rather live in your trance

Instead of watching repetition dance

I can give you the best gift of all-

my heart

And maybe some physical education

*You won't forget.
8.2k · Nov 2015
No Emotions
A man who doesn't feel any emotions
So he doesn't destroy another person with emotions.
8.0k · Nov 2015
Stone Cold Boredom
Stone cold boredom
Is a cocoon that you desperately want to be set free from.

Stone cold boredom
Gets in the way too much.

Stone cold boredom
Finds way too many ways to include itself

Stone cold boredom
Gets rougher and rougher by the minute

How do we expect to get rid of it?
7.6k · Dec 2015
Simple Man (Complex Woman)
Simple man
Complex woman
One hell of a ride
One hell of a bond
Indescribable lyrics to every song
they shared.
7.5k · Sep 2015
Dead Grass
Too many boys made you feel like the grass in Texas
You should be loved for what's inside your head and heart.
6.8k · May 2016
Morning Sunrise
Don't worry, girl
I'm not going to cheat
You will be my morning sunrise
You will make my air pressure rise
You'll alleviate the worst weight that strains my soul
You'll be the grass to a knoll
You pierced me like paint from a paintball pistol
Don't you worry about a thing
You can be my favorite thing
Since Sour Patch Kids and Baseball
6.8k · Oct 2015
Distracted Driving
When i'm driving
And i see a nice-looking girl
I become conflicted
No wonder accident rates are so high!
I better pay attention to the road and not her gorgeous existence next time
6.6k · Jan 2015
Don't do secret admirer letters
You'll get rejected faster than a criminal applying for a job
It was a sincere deed that made me feel like I was one after I got a reaction
Some lessons hurt deep
Real life experience. I hate valentines day because im stupid. Not being negative but I was stupid.
6.3k · Oct 2015
Football Stadium
I opened a football stadium called life
And put goals on both sides
Take the draft and be ready for the ride
Probably not my best poem, but another quick one that came to me. I like it.
6.2k · Sep 2015
Preventing Suicides
One prevented suicide
Two prevented suicides
Three prevented suicides
Four prevented suicides
This list will go on.
That's the only medals i need, but i don't ask for that type of fame
Just the thought of saving someone
Is enough for me.
6.0k · Nov 2015
Treating Your Needs
I'm like a Doctor

I'll take your immense displeasure away

I have no certification but

I'm here to treat your needs

Even the naughty ones
6.0k · Dec 2015
Some of my predictions come true and i got to say i have a keen eye of probability-even though i'm bad at math.

Walk up to her and say that you predict you and her going on a date next Friday night and hopefully that will work.

Guys need new ways to be romantic, so we can keep our game up. No bad pickup-lines or ****** diction. Just pure prestineness within confident ties.
5.9k · Nov 2014
They want to hear poems about love
Because it rings a good melody in their ears and their heart
Tears of joy in all
Hence the symbolism of the turtle dove
5.2k · Jul 2015
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman has two meanings- the superhero in DC comics
Or the one you keep scaring away cause you're looking at her too much
Snap out of it
5.1k · Dec 2014
Need Feminism
We need feminism
Because nobody puts a baby in the corner and forces it to leave it's creator
Or have Santa's Elves only make half of the toys
It may seem decent but it's all a ploy
A life is worth being equally enjoyed
Regardless of what gender you are
Staying at home was so last century
Let's show the world how amazing women are
Equality for all
5.1k · Apr 2016
Salt Lake
Salt Lake City
Without the Salt
Just emptiness because they told me I couldn't have sugar
But that's one of my favorites
Why would I go without it?
I think people love to tell others
What to do
It empowers them strategically
It makes me wonder
What really is there for them to make such an act
5.0k · Dec 2015
Charity Vision
I'm broke
Because i keep donating money
What am i going to buy that's important this holiday with a few extra dollars?
I'm going to give it to someone who needs all the help they can get
I'm putting my dreams of charity into reality
Welcome to my vision of America.
4.9k · Nov 2015
Holler Days
Happy Holidays

and happy make her holler days

Spreading the holiday cheer

By being naughty this year

That's what Santa feared the most.
Lol i had to. Too funny.
I like to be annoying
Only when it's sweet as the sugar plums
I'm relentlessly hard-headed
But i take immense pride with that
No doubt in my mind
Not a single doubting fragment
I'm a magnet
That never stops it's force
When it comes to my passion for you
4.4k · Jun 2016
Stay Strong Tonight
I just saved a life tonight
But my work is never done
Stay strong for me
You might not know me but i care
Please don't hurt yourself tonight
I want you to win this
4.4k · Jan 2015
Being the Academy Sports discount punching bag was so yesterday
I love it when you say I'm not good enough
Because I didn't pay you to be my personal coach
It gives me so much depth in my existence
When so many people who barely knew me tried to slow down the inevitable win
4.4k · Mar 2016
Enjoying Being Single
I greatly enjoy being single.
I dare you to change my mind with your actions and character
It's a declaration with a small signature
Except i'm not rebelling from a king
I'm letting you know it's me
Shake my world up, babe.
***** Cinderella
You’re way cooler than she is
Let me put on those sparkling shoes for you
You've worked hard enough as it is
Not everyone works as hard as an independent woman
The other guys should take notes
You wrote them all down on Stick-e notes
And smacked their foreheads with your written words
Isn't that what most people want to do to some people?
She doesn't play any games
She just gets the job done
Independent women are the best. Society doesn't control them.
4.2k · Nov 2015
Like a football player to the player with the football
I tackle the world's problems hands on.
To stop the yards allowed from going up
Hopefully to win at the end.
Baby do you like moons?
Cause you’re out of this world, brightly intelligent!
New twist to an old pick-up line
She said no guys
So who’s going to be the next cutie in line?
All these kids are homeless with dead parents from all these ignorant wars, the ghetto, tragedy and famine and you're complaining about how you hate your parents that are there for you?
What in blue blazes has gotten into you?
People who are good to you
Should never be rejected
I'm sorry, but i cannot accept those words as a fact
Because they're filth painted with temporary coat
Am i supposed to be impressed?
Because i'm not
You did far worse than that
My parents couldn't do everything for me, but it wasn't due to the lack of wanting
It was the lack of everything that prevented them from doing so.
I want to tell the homeless help is on the way
I will be your guide today
But they forgot the language of caring
Due to all their previous mistreatment from other souls
They now almost forgot how to feel
I'm not going to put them on a reel
To give them bait so i could just throw them back into the river
I'm understanding of your pain
And i want something to guarantee you constant gain
Because they deserve it the most
I want to cry every time i see them digging for food out of the garbage can
But i need to stay in my poker face
And stay strong
But i'm not sure it might be for long..
I had to write this.
3.8k · Nov 2015
Making A Hard Decision
A man has to make decisions
He never wanted to make
The hardest thing is facing reality
When you know you must make the decision
But everything is in the way
What do you do?
You must be a man and make the decision.
Life was never meant to be easy,it will always be rough at times.
I'm not the best at coping, but i will learn to be better
It won't get easier from here.
Tonight has been very hard for me. I must be a Man and do what i know must be done even when i don't like it. On top of graduating etc etc. It's been very hard.
I'm a casual, lenient soul
But when it comes to my words
I mean them with a heavy heart
I'm looking for a good time but its not what you think
I'm looking for someone to turn these boring drags into something worth holding onto.
A memory lane that goes too long to develop it all on camera.
If you're OCD,
You're going to hate this poem.

Because it's not what you're used to
and it can be infuriating

I know where i'm going and i'm laughing in enjoyment.
I wish i could take some comedians out of sheer unemployment
And take damaged soldiers out of deployment
But you know that drill already
We're just trying to keep the Earth's rotation steady
But i'm up for going steady
If that's what you want

We're all about want
I'm all about yours
Trying to coordinate each constellation
Is like arguing with a woman
You won't  get the result you were looking for
It's beautiful in the tension
And it has it's suspension
But it's infinite
Meaning it will go on forever
So just try not to.

I never liked arguing
I know i won't later on
Your passion and support is all i need
That's what i look for the most
Someone who doesn't see me as some sort of ghost
Or lifeless party host
But someone that means the air they breathe
I get tired of my mistakes
But to know someone will try to help me prevent them

Is what i like
There has been a couple of people who tried
But i pushed them off the deep end
And i'm terribly sorry for that
Zero fault on you and all for me
I say that with a smile
Because it feels good to be honest with myself

You think it would be a brain-dead thing to master
But it only seems that way
I know from experience
Trust me, I've been there.

My trails go in multiple angles
Just like my nature
But if you're crazy enough to stick around
You'll get a warm welcome
You'll know how to feel special
If you never have before, i'll be the first to show you

I mean every word
With full fledged honesty
I wouldn't say useless, empty words
That's inept and not worth it.

If you're confident in yourself
Girl, you should work it
I heavily value strong traits such as that
You're going to turn all my bumps in my chest flat
And make me enamored just like that
The flick of the switch
No more wishing i would with other male persons.
To get a chance
That's why most men do a celebration dance

Consistently catching me in a trance
I got more lovely words than France
Okay, maybe not
But the ambition doesn't vanish
I'll still try
To keep you mine

Time is precious
So are you
If Time was a woman she would be in disgust
That it's not her in your shoes
You brought your sparkly ones?
Just making all the check marks, are you?

Champions aren't limited to sports
I can assure you.
3.5k · Apr 2016
Out Of Breath
I only want to be out of breath
When we're getting intimate
I want to run out of breath
Just for you
I've learned to realize that i'm a human that deserves what everything else has
And if anyone says the opposite
They're indefinitely inapposite
I play my own notes to this piece
Say hello to my little niece
Following my footsteps
They did what i told them
And they blossomed like flowers with hearts.
3.4k · Nov 2015
Under Your Bed
You hear scary growling under your bed?
It's not the Boogeyman, just the neighbor's German Shepard that wants dog treats.
And maybe a steak bone to go with it. Medium rare would be preferred
3.4k · Apr 2016
Heap Of Failures
Heap of failures
Resorted into something much too massive to play out
A catch from third base that became an error
Ending a King's reign of terror
Without a trace
3.3k · Apr 2016
Crappy Haiku #7
I'm deep in
The bowels of your
Vulnerable soul
I'd rather keep running this imaginary marathon going
Because the pulse just keeps getting stronger
And i don't get this feeling often
So i'd rather keep up with you until the moments notice
Forget about the tropes that keep us on the rope
I gave the Television all the soap it wanted
Now it's running it's operas
And i'm running the marathon
For something
For something i'm unsure of
For someone?
Whatever it is, it's better than Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
TV rots your brain
I favor going against the grain
No offense guys
But keeping up in Marathons is much healthier
The water companies will thank you
Why should they not?
Thanks for not letting me rot
Whatever it is
Whoever you are
I'd keep up with you.
Weirdest poem I've ever written. Good.
3.0k · Dec 2015
Teenagers want to hear a lecture that means something
Anything related to their fading fate will do
Just not the mundane trials of life.
Anything but the irrelevant.
This is where the attitude comes from.
3.0k · Nov 2015
Inept Subjects
Humanity argues over the most inept subjects
I'm convinced that we like to converse in circles
And try to tell ourselves we're advancing when we're still arguing over the most irrelevant things to ever grace the earth.
So many people fight over pointless things lol
3.0k · Nov 2015
Warm In The Nest
It's so warm in this nest, I don't want to depart
It's splintering cold out there.
2.9k · Mar 2016
Early Bloom
You bloom in my heart like early Bluebonnets during winter
Removing all my splinters
That were still left from the beginning
I'm not even bleeding
I'm just pinned with feeling
Don't stop this fishing pole from reeling
Cause I'm believing
That you're more than the first moment

A florecer en mi corazón como primeros Bluebonnets durante el invierno
La eliminación de todos mis astillas
Que aún quedaban desde el principio
Ni siquiera estoy sangrando
Sólo estoy inmovilizó con sentimiento
No deje de esta caña de pescar desde el devanado
Porque yo estoy creyendo
Eso es más que el primer momento
2.9k · Nov 2015
Truly Shine
Tears because it happened
Not because it's over
You have to be the happiest part of the rainbow
To truly shine
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