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Lily May 6
You are a sun-kissed lane,
The type of lane that I skip along,
Not worrying about
What's behind me nor what's ahead.
You are a sun-kissed lane,
The type of lane that heroes
Start adventures on,
Going off into the great unknown with
Nothing but a sack and a
Best friend.
You are a sun-kissed lane,
And I will not let anyone rip your flowers
Or trample your caterpillars
Because you are my sun-kissed lane
And I will not let anything happen to you.
You are my safe haven.
Helene Marie Feb 1
how come i'm always tired
when i want so badly to be awake

how come time seems to move slower
when i feel like i'm going so fast

so fast...
s o   fast. . .
s  o     f a s t  .  .  .

everything is moving too fast
my mind, my heart, my body

i look in the mirror and i wonder
what's happening up there

up there...
u p  there. . .
u  p   t h e r e .  .  .

my head, it's racing,
too many miles per minute

it's racing, too slow, too fast, too slow, too fast
and i just want to hit the brakes
Johnny walker Jan 19
Tripping down memory  lane with you holding hands like we used to
Stopping to kiss In the
park as we did then walked you back home
and propossed to
Throwing your arms around you said yes I do making me the happiest
man In the
It's now a year since you passed away so whenever
I feel myself slipping
I go tripping down memory lane again with you to revisit the places where we once did
A  kiss again In the park
as there we once did relive my beautiful momeries of
In my heart there you always be will be my pretty wife
A trip down memory lane a year passed since she died but that were I go when feeling to live again beautiful memories of Helen
A trip down memory yesterday so I to go
It's was to time and
place that I only know
a place In my mind Is
to there I did
To place back In my
youth, days where once
as a child I did play
In what seemed to me like endless sunny
Running and laughing through fields of green
that led to the wood
where Mother did take me for Sunday after dinner
Memories that still lay so
fresh In my mind back to
a place and a time that only I know It was there
I played as a child In what seemed to me like endless sunny
Trip down memory lane back to my childhood days of what
to me seemed always sunny
In this pretty,
But little city
People won't praise you for being witty.

If I have a chance
To experience romance,
I know I've changed
For fate has prearranged.

Walking down this lane
Helps me realize I forgot the pain.
Of my past
So it passes me so fast

Look back down that alley
I know I want you to be my finale
This is to my unknown lover.
Will you discover
Me this summer?

In this pretty,
But little city
Where people won't praise us for being witty.
Gwenth Simoy Feb 2018
Down the memory lane,
I saw myself yearning
and heeding to create
an art that would drive
countless people to sane.

Yet now,
seeing my vivid reflection
in front of the windowpane,
I just simply wanna be,
the art itself.

An image of clarity,
hidden beneath the *****
beauty of vagueness.
I wanna be art people would really yearn to comprehend.
Sid Oct 2017
I'd never have to understand that we were born into equal sized roadways-
another unwritten rule suspended in the air
amongst the somewhat unnecessary details we'd 'forgotten'
to mention over the past few years.
But that was okay right?
I mean you'd found your direction
and accelerated ahead of me;
thinking you'd see the world differently from there?
Sure, your perspective involved hues that I was blind to but
I'd found this gem within the shadows of all these cars
(Shh! Don't let them know you're catching up!
This highway was ruled by colours,
not words.)
You just couldn't stay within your own lane-
oblivion muddled with reality
blurred my blindspot
so I advise you to swerve out of my way
unless you want to get hit
(accidentally on purpose.)
You'd always remark that I could handle the wheel,
ever so sweetly,
but this
is what you implied?
I knew it was all too much,
trying to balance everything
(Shh! My plate was too full,
each nutriment colliding with another-
the chocolate syrup painted ice cream
enveloped half my dish,
intruding the space against her wish.)
You always seemed to have the cleanest looking plate,
however you continuously allowed me to spill over
onto the rim of your
pristine porcelain, as if
you enjoyed
watching me overflow,
You never did anything about it,
never cleaned the dishes,
simply watching as various delicacies drew fantasies
of you.
Though those weren't even
to my fantasies.
You dream of candy floss nests and gumdrop buttons
whereas I dream of freshly cut watermelons and berries
(please do the dishes
or leave.)

// riding shotgun was the sweetest thing
you said we'd done
right before I floored the brake
and more than sugar
went flying out the window. //
stay in your own lane.
Druzzayne Rika Oct 2017
I'd like to disappear once again
let people wonder in vain
give a reason to be someone's pain
that is how I was trained.
I'd like to take the blame
with feeling no shame
burn in the fiery angry flame
try me to make me tame
but effect won't be the same.
I'm far gone to be sane
my path is not on that lane.
july hearne Oct 2017
five of them rode in the car,
the boyfriend, the girlfriend
the friend of the boyfriend,
the friend of the girlfriend
and the friend of the girlfriend's friend

the car pulled over to the side of road
in front of the high school's school yard
across the street from an apartment complex

the friend of the girlfriend's friend got out of the car,
crossed the street
and knocked on the door of one of the apartments
she might have rang the doorbell,

either way, the door was answered
by the sixth person,
***, teenage, and racist
wore a lot of make-up and had referred to the girlfriend
as little brown girl everytime he had talked to the girlfriend's friend
on the phone, at school, after school
"little brown girl"
he kept on calling her that
said he could never be friends with "little brown girl"

"too brown"
he said

if he didn't already have his make-up on
when he answered the door
then he was putting it on
while the girlfriend waited in the car
with the boyfriend, the boyfriend's friend
and the girlfriend's friend

when the boyfriend, the girlfriend,
and the boyfriend's friend got out of the car
and hid behind the bushes on the sides of the highschool
the friend of the girlfriend's friend walked him out
to the front of the highschool
and the boyfriend, girlfriend, and boyfriend's friend
all ran out from behind the bushes

he certainly had all his make-up on then,

the friend of the girlfriend's friend ran
and the girlfriend's friend waited in the car
lying down in the backseat

there were some screams as she put her fingers to her ears
screams she happily forgot about later
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