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jeannery Apr 14
everything used to be so fun
amazing, memorable, and lovely
when everything mattered
when i mattered, only me, to you

through those times we were laughing
i was there, fixing problems with you
the universe turned up side down
i found you craving for something
that isn't around anymore

how could that be troubled by the past
why am i not enough
why not me
when i was always around every day
i hated writing feelings for a long time because it hurts me going back to that memory lane but i feel vulnerable right now. this ***** but you cannot judge someone else's poem and so am i
Shofi Ahmed Mar 17
The splendiferous rose
in picturesque shape and colour
aren't all its beauty treasure trove.

But how a rose is a rose
the flower by the thorns
next on the lane adjacent
to the utterly opposite heck
the very uneven grotesque!
Hlengiwe Sep 2019
Seeking fame
In the wrong lane
Results in shame
Making you insane
Julie Grenness Sep 2019
When I had a much younger face,
I traveled to a far off place,
To a site where I fell in love,
Riverside, patch of Heaven above,
There we sat and fished a'while,
Memory lane can bring us smiles,
Golden dawn on a riverside,
Under hills where eagles glide,
Spring blooms of wildflowers,
Where we passed those happy hours,
Riverside to fish a'while,
Yes, memory lane can make us smile!
Feedback welcome.
Verse 1:

You are history
But you still
Have a piece
Of me

And I
Can't let you fall a-
Part with half
Of my

Stop! and
Take a look around
This is not
A land-
-ing ground

So go
And take anoth-
Er start be
-Fore you
Break your



Things are not
How they appear
This will soon all

You will not
Like the end
Baby this is all



It's the easy
Way to a fast

But it's all
Lies inside

So take the fast
Lane from this

It's all lies

It's all

It's all

Verse 2:

When will you
What they've done
To close your eyes

Babe it's time
To face the truth
That standing right
In front of you

I know it might
Hurt at first
But if you don't
It will get worse

And you don't want
To get in more
Than what you had
Bargained for


Verse 3
I know you
Feel like
You're in

But you'll soon
See that
It's all

Written as a
Costa Rica
Where I strugged
With daily
Suicidal ideation
Just found it today in my emails from forever ago!
.can i keep you?,
once you asked
(though trying to refrain).

i answered yes,
you gave your love,
but took it back again.

can i keep you?,
asked again,
here'd be my answer, true:
(really angry)

can you keep me?,
yes, you can,
i've left my heart with you...
July 22, 1997
Helene Marie Feb 2019
how come i'm always tired
when i want so badly to be awake

how come time seems to move slower
when i feel like i'm going so fast

so fast...
s o   fast. . .
s  o     f a s t  .  .  .

everything is moving too fast
my mind, my heart, my body

i look in the mirror and i wonder
what's happening up there

up there...
u p  there. . .
u  p   t h e r e .  .  .

my head, it's racing,
too many miles per minute

it's racing, too slow, too fast, too slow, too fast
and i just want to hit the brakes
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